Clemson linebacker commit plans to redshirt in 2019 after leg injury
Constantin hopes to play in a game by October

Clemson linebacker commit plans to redshirt in 2019 after leg injury

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Bryton Constantin plans to get on the field by his birthday.

Constantin, a 4-star 2019 linebacker commit out of Baton Rouge (LA) University Lab, tore his ACL and meniscus playing basketball in February and has been going through the early stages of rehabilitating his knee.

“It's going well. It's starting off kind of tough, but it's going well for the most part,” Constantin told TigerNet. “It started off kind of slow. I started rehab like four days after surgery, so fairly fast. I was on crutches for about a month because I tore my meniscus as well, so they had to wait for that to heal all of the way before I could start walking again. I started walking about two weeks ago, and I've been walking well ever since. I feel it a little bit and it kind of bothers me sometimes, but that's just how it's going to be. I have a whole new knee.”

Constantin said he understands he has to take it slow and that he plans to redshirt the 2019 season.

“Adrian Peterson came back in six months, but I'm no Adrian Peterson spending 10,000 dollars on rehab every week,” he said “If I played in August, there would be a really, really high risk of me getting hurt again. I've talked to the coaches, and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to take this year as a redshirt and not even really worry about getting on the field as much as I really wanted to. I would rather be safe than sorry because I'll still have four more years instead of having another year of rehab if I hurt myself again.”

A new NCAA rule allows players to participate in four games without using a year of eligibility, and Constantin said he hopes to make an appearance by his birthday.

“I should be 100-percent by my birthday, which is October 24. That's what I've talked to everybody about - to be 100-percent by October,” Constantin said. “I'll still participate over the summer in some of the stuff. I start jogging at the beginning of July. I get to Clemson June 23, so I'll start jogging somewhere around there. I'll be participating in about half of the practices because they don't want to put too much pressure on anything, but they still want to work me out. It's the little things like. I'll be held out of some things, but I'm shooting to be 100-percent for October, and hopefully, if we're blowing out some teams, I'll get in a few games. I talked to Coach Venables, and he's still looking forward to putting me in a few games this year.”

He will be more cautious when it comes to basketball, however.

“I know everything happens for a reason and I could've hurt my knee playing baseball or anything,” Constantin said. “I love basketball, and I grew up loving basketball, so whenever I get 100-percent, I'm not looking forward to stepping back on the basketball court, but if it comes to me, I might put up a few shots.”

What is he looking forward to the most about moving to Clemson in June?

“Not a lot of kids say this, but I'm looking forward to the change,” Constantin said. “I'm not looking forward to one individual thing, not football or food or anything like that. I'm looking forward to change. I've lived in Louisiana for 18 years and I've never been anywhere else for a long period like I'm about to be, so just change of everything - change of culture, change of environment, being on your own, holding yourself accountable, everything like that that's going to grow me into a man.”

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