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CLEMSON -- Former Clemson offensive lineman Will Merritt was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat Thursday afternoon. We appreciate Will's participation and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Chat Transcript:

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much will the OL be improved this year?

Answer: I would say about an 8, the reason, new young talent that is VERY hungry to win and the addition of Kyle Young to the coaching staff

Question: Other than yourself, who do you think would be a good replacement for Rodney?

Answer: Well, thank you first of all, and I would say that all of the guys who have been interviewed such as D Cameron, P Tuttle, and Ray Ray are all very good chioces- but I will say that I think it needs to go to a guy that can become a fan favorite and bridge that gap!

Question: Hi, Will. Do you see yourself back at Clemson someday as a coach or an adminstrator?

Answer: Administrator-No, Coach- I would always leave that door open because I love the game so much. I am anxious to see what Kyle Young has to say about it after his 1st year back. However, I ALWAYS want to stay involved with Clemson in some manner!

Question: Since you used to play on the offensive line, is there a lack of depth on the offensive line with "only" 13 scholarhip OLs for the Fall practice. What is an ideal number of scholarship OLs to have on roster? Thanks!

Answer: I would say 15 would be ideal, that gives you (in a perfect world) 3 @ each position. I would say that there was a BIG lack of depth last year, but I would not consider it a problem this year at all.

Question: Do you think our strength staff and/or coaches should allow the OL to focus less on long distance running during the offseason in exhange for more agility and speed work?

Answer: Yes- the best OLinemwn need to be able to do their job within a 10-12 yard span, not 80 yards down the field- leave that up to the skinny guys!

Question: Do you see anyway (NCAA loophole etc.) that Roscoe may be able to step on the field this year? or are we just going to have to wait?

Answer: Nope, not this year, trust me, the coaches @ CU have looked at every possible answer, It is looking like '04. But I will take him any time I can!

Question: will, out of the new olineman, who impresses you the most and how do you think the oline will perform this year. good luck with the job on the network by the way.

Answer: Do you know something I don't?!? JK..... Both Frys are extremely talented. I had Roman on my show last week and he is also very smart to boot. Chip Myrick has also gotten huge in the off season, look for him to make waves. Out of the recruits, I am most excited about Chris Capote- I watched film on him with Ron West, he is very agile to have the size he does

Question: Did we have purple jerseys while you were there and do you like the addition of purple?

Answer: Really didn't matter what we wore, for an OL, you were never going to look good in spandex! I like purple though, I think it adds a DIFFERENT touch. I have no idea if Fonz had gotten any more purple jerseys or not, I know they had a slew of 'em at one time!

Question: Will, how do we counter the recruiting advantage the coots have by declaring guys LD when they can`t get them in schoola ny other way? presception is that lou works harder to get marginal recruits in school

Answer: that is all about the ACC standars vs. the SEC standards and the use of prop 48s. That is a conference thing that CU has to battle!

Question: Have you ever played against a guy that had more of an affect on a single game than did Corey Moore in '99?

Answer: Funny you asked that, I was in a wedding this weekend with Streeter, Watts, Young, and Speck and that is what we talked about one night. To answer you, NO. That was one of those games in which he got a groove and we never broke him of it- I think that Julius Peppers had that capability, however, he never seemed to show up against us!

Question: Who is the best player you've ever gone against and what made him so good?

Answer: Julius Peppers, A.J. Henderson- BIG and Fast, you can't coach that- as far as Clemson goes- Lorenzo Brommell, Nick Eason, Kieth Adams

Question: If you could have played another position, what would it have been?

Answer: Tight End- I always had dreams of catching the ball!

Question: how can we use the fact that TB will remove marginal acadm players from the team to our advantage in recruiting?

Answer: TB is very committed to academics and parents know that when their kid is being recruited - most parents like that fact

Question: What do the players think of Swinney compared to Stockstill.

Answer: You have got to understand that Stock had been there a long time and had recruited ALL of these guys, therefore that was a hard leave for them, however, it did not take very long for the recievers as well as the rest of the team to fall in love with Swinney. He has done a GREAT job of demanding respect but forming bonds with them at the same time!

Question: Is it true that basketball players like Bill Harder used to get the football players' leftovers?

Answer: I have no idea what you are talking about, but that is all Bill deserves- JK........ Bill is a great friend of mine!!

Question: What was up with that shirt you had on at the UGA game? Do you not own an orange shirt?

Answer: What was I wearing ? I would be shocked of it wasn't ORANGE!

Question: Do you think Kyle Young will become an assitant soon and would he be a good recruiter?

Answer: As far as becoming an assistant- I can't tell, depends on how much he likes coaching and if there is ever an opening- a good recruiter YES, he is way to easy to get along with not to be!

Question: Honestly what do you think our record will be 7-5 or better or what?

Answer: I would BLINDLY say 9-3, but after camp, I will know a whole lot more

Question: is ron west a players coach?

Answer: YES- you have to be in this day and age of college FB

Question: will our offensive line be much improved?

Answer: MUCH

Question: do you ever get tired of chic filet biscuits?

Answer: NEVER

Question: is coaching in your future? high school/college?

Answer: I got my first taste of coaching this past year on the JV level and loved it- but as a full-time job, I am not ready to make that committment- I have too much fun with my free time and my wife right now!

Question: Do you think TB is the right man for the job?

Answer: No Doubt in my mnd!

Question: does wren h.s.have any division 1 prospects?

Answer: not right now, but I think 1-2 years away with a couple of guys

Question: Will, with all the academic advanges at the disposal of Tiger student athletes, HOW in the world do any of them get in trobule gradewise?

Answer: laziness

Question: How many (if any) true freshmen OL will contribute this fall? Which ones?

Answer: 1 and that is a maybe

Question: How many Mac's cheeseburgers are too many?

Answer: If you eat more than 6 in one sitting, you run a small risk of getting sick- however it is SMALL- There is no other place in this world like MAC's- and I know food!

Question: Will: Just how bad off are we at linebacker? Any thoughts?

Answer: Not as bad as you might first think- we have some good young guys there, losing these last 2 didn't help, but I think Sampson will be back and that will fill some holes

Question: Do you believe that 5 years is long enough to make a program competitive in today's coaching environment?

Answer: I would say 5-7 due to the competition that is out there and right in our backdoor, but I think you must show improvement from year to year. There are some cases where you can win right away, but you can count those on one hand

Question: From what you have been hearing...what true frosh ol will have the biggest chance of contributing next year

Answer: Fry's and Bennett- All 3 made impacts in the spring

Question: Will, did you have a chance to make it out to any of the Tigers' Spring practices? Any quick thoughts on what you saw and who stood out?

Answer: Yes, I went to 2 practices. It is hard to go out there when you don't have to. They still yell at me- I thought our secondary lokked great and I thought our skilled guys on offense were as sharp as I have seen in a spring in a long time

Question: Putting the current offers for ACC expansion aside, what three clleges would YOU like to see added to the ACC if you could pull anyone out of another conference? Totally hypothetical....

Answer: Georgia, Miami, and Va Tech

Question: What is your preference for the Tigers offense... fast pace and no huddle, no huddle but ball control, huddle and ball control?

Answer: fast pace, no huddle- with a lot of quick game

Question: Will, do you think the Clemson Administration from top to bottom is as committed to football as the schools that we compete with

Answer: Yes- much more so now

Question: Will, what are your thoughts on the coaching staffs decision to run an I-formation offense compared to past teams under Bowden?

Answer: I think coach B is doing what is best for the players that he has, and I think he is maximizing his strengths- I form lets us use what awesome depth we have at Tailback and f-back, yet we can still sling it out of all of our current formations

Question: What are your impressions of Terry Don Phillips? Does he have us going in the right direction?

Answer: Yes- I think we have found something truly special in TDP. I only wish everybody knew how hard he really is working!

Question: In your opinion, is Clemson in trouble with the depth at QB after losing Willie Simmons to Florida A&M? Have you had a chance to see Chansi Stuckey or Will Proctor play yet? If so your thoughts on them. Thanks!

Answer: have not seen them play in games but only in the spring and I am very impressed with Stuckey. I cannot say a whole lot about Will. As far as losing Willie, sure it hurt, but I totally see his side of it- remember he is a competitor. Depth will only be an issue if Charlie gets hurt, (boy that was a brilliant statement huh!)- so start saving up your prayers!

Question: In your opinion, who's going to run the ball the most for the Tigers next season and who will be the main back-up at RB?

Answer: Yucef Kelly #1- Reggie Merriweather and Duane Coleman are neck and neck for the back-up role- the best problem on the team!!

Question: Thank you for being here today!

Answer: Thank you for having me- nothing makes me happier than chattin' with my Clemson family

Question: How optimistic/pessimistic do you feel about the upcoming season?

Answer: Very optimistic- I feel as if we have a ton of un-proven guys that are hungry to win!--Get them on a roll and it could be dangerous

Question: In your opinon, does Clemson lose out on many bluechip OL recruits because of or inability to get OLs drafted high in the NFL draft? What needs to be done in order to start getting more OLs in the NFL?

Answer: Development of OL is hard, that is why you don't see a lot of top draft picks used on them, however it only take s1 or 2 , and they start coming back. With TJ Watkins, Gary Byrd, and Derrick Brantly all in the league right now, that will be a great recruiting tool

Question: Do you miss playing for the Tigers?

Answer: I miss playing tremendously- I do not miss practice one bit, but I miss the games every single day

Question: Do you think the average fan understands just how devastating the loss of Brantley and Black were last year?

Answer: NOPE- DB was the best on the team and could shut down one entire side of a pass rush and Black was a very solid starter

Question: What do you think of Blackwell and Swinney?

Answer: I think they are perfect fits with their strengths being in recruiting- We have yet to see how valuable they are to this squad

Question: What positions do you see lacking depth?

Answer: LB

Question: Do you think Clemson mixes up the offensive formation more this year, or will we see more of the I-formation and much less of the 4-WR sets?

Answer: I see coach B mixing it up a good bit- He has too much talent in too many places

Question: As an OL, what did you think of "the drive" against South Carolina last year?

Answer: Classic- as an OL you LIVE for those moments and wish you could stop time!- I get chills thinking about it

Question: What do you consider our most probable record neest year in football?

Answer: 9-3

Question: What do you think of Coach Bowden?

Answer: kinda broad Q huh?- I think he is a Great coach- I think he demands perfection and sometimes that might come across the wrong way. I think he is a winner that will eventually win not only ACC titles but National ones as well. Not to mention a very solid Christian man with high morals- Kinda hard to find these days wouldn't you say

Question: Your thoughts on the possible ACC additions of Miami, Syracuse and Boston College?

Answer: I think it is Great- could not be happier about the possible match-ups with these guys- Solid move on the ACC's part

Question: Do you stay in touch with some of the players currently on the team?

Answer: Sure- I see them on a very regualar basis over at Mcfadden. I am much closer with the guys that I played with, but I am really starting to get to know the newer guys better

Question: What's your best memory of your playing days?

Answer: winning 4 out 5 against USC and the friendships- Alsthe fact that you were just part of something special and unique that no other school has

Question: How do we match up against UGA?

Answer: A lot better now that they have 17 player ineligible!

Question: What would be the best offensive line camp offered here in South Carolina that you would recommend?

Answer: would have to get back to you on that one- email me @ OPENINGDRIVE@WCCPFM.COM

Question: ACC expansion, done deal?

Answer: I say Yes-

Question: What can we expect out of Roman Fry?

Answer: A lot of mouth running, smack talking, but a guy that is willing to back it up and bite when it is his turn- I think we got a goodn' there

Question: Although it was never 100% because of all the rain and the late finish, what did the players think of the new playing surface last year?

Answer: Flat is better- esp, with the skill guys being as fast as they are- doesn't really effect OL that much

Question: Maybe a tough one... would you rather be in Death Valley on a fall Saturday for a Clemson football game or out in Vail, CO during the winter after a fresh snowfalls? Come on... this is harder than you think!

Answer: That's not fair- you know I am a sucker for those powder days in Co. I would still have to say Death Valley- I moved home didn't I?

Question: What's the latest on the West endzone building?

Answer: I am not sure to be honest with you!

Question: what happens if one or two OT's gets injured this year?

Answer: You make do- move a gaurd out there or beef up a back-up tight end

Question: Did you get a chance to evaluate our rs frosh class? Who do you look forward to seeing on the field?

Answer: not as much as I will in August- but I do like the new recievers and the new OL, boith will help

Question: In your opinion, is the Clemson football program currently on the rise, settling in the middle or dropping back compared to the other ACC schools?

Answer: I think every dog has his day, and I think Maryland, FSU, NC State are having theirs, but I think we are getting better and better each year, our day is just around the corner if you ask me- remember, we are still beating a lot of teams on a regular basis

Question: will ; do you think ron West has gotten a bad rap as a coach ?

Answer: Maybe, but I don'y know what people say a lot of times, I know that he knows more FB that 90% of the coaches I have been around in my career- When you play for RW, there is one thing you will be able to say- you WILL be prepared to play when Sat. roll around- than it is your job to do your job- not his

Question: What's a harder technique to learn in football, how to run block or how to pass block? Plus reasons why...

Answer: Run block I think- You have to learn the right formula for power and balance- tougher than it sounds- you get too far forward to topple over, you stand too far up, you get run over. Pass blocking is a lot like playing basketball, just staying in front of quicker guys is a challenge!

Question: will, much was made of the emphasis on the running game over the spring, this was not that apparent in the spring game as the defense seemed to win that battle, how do the olinemen you talk with feel they will do next year?

Answer: you will never see offensive domination in a Spring Game- it is designed that way- not to show anything- They feel as if they have a lot to prove which I would echo after that tangerine Bowl game!

Question: will ; how much motivation can be done by the coaches and how much has to be self ?

Answer: I say the coaches have got to get you prepared mentally and physically, but the emotion is on the players- you should not have to have a cheer leader

Question: Will, how's recruiting going s far? Seems like a lot of awesome talent available this year.

Answer: I am sorry, but I really cannot tell you right now- I just don't know

Question: Do you think Bowden will actually take over the play calling this year?

Answer: As much as he wants- he gets the biggest check..................JK

Question: How did the DBs other than Justin Miller look in Spring Ball?

Answer: Good- I like Hill over there

Question: Your thoughts on the ACC expansion proposal... Miami, Syracuse and Boston College.

Answer: I answered this one a little while ago- I love it!

Question: ChickFilA bisquits are like gut bombs. What do you chase them with? Maalox or ALkaSeltzer?

Answer: No man- you chase with another CFA bisquit!

Question: Are you happy with the three teams offered in ACC expansion plan... or would you rather see Virginia Tech be a part of the three teams added?

Answer: I would have liked to have seen V tech- just b/c of the FB match-up

Question: Who of the young LB's that redshirted can help us the most you think?

Answer: Nelson, Hill, also, not an LB but Gaines Adams is th real deal

Question: Who would you start at FS, Pugh or Monts?

Answer: I really don't know right now, prob monts though

Question: will ; what do you think of a 5 to play 5 rule, with no Rs ?

Answer: Love it! I am a big fan of that proposal

Question: How bad are our facilities and how much effect does that have on getting the players we need?

Answer: We are 7-8th in the conference when it comes to facilities. In my opinion, it plays as much a factor as anything- Guys want to go play somewhere they are treated good and with nice stuff- it is just fact now days

Question: What went wrong in Orlando (besides everything, LOL)?

Answer: You said it- can you say snowball!?!?!

Question: What are the odds USC gets an LOI by August??

Answer: LOI?

Question: will, after 4 years of the bowden reign we have seen little of the magic we expected based on his undefeated season at tulane, last year was especially embarrasing as we have watched maryland and possibly nc state and virginia leave our program behind while we struggle to put victories together against the likes of duke and wake forest - do you think this year we will see what we expected out of a bowden coached team in the first place?

Answer: !st place I can't say, but I do like this squad, also remember that these same teams that beat us, struggled hard against those schools as well. I will admit that the product has yet to reach potential or even expectation, but I like the futre a lot more this year than I did last, I promise you that!

Question: Who was a bigger hire for Clemson: Tommy Bowden otr Terry Don Philips?

Answer: I would not know how to begin to answer that, but I will say that I think they both came a very good times!

Question: In your opinion, what position on the FB team needs the most upgrading?

Answer: Well, you have to continue to work towards depth at the OL, but if you can stop the run up front, you can win

Question: West Endzone project. . . . good idea or bad idea? Seems like we can't sell the seats.

Answer: Awesome idea, it puts in a whole new class and back out front, W's will sell the seats

Question: Have you had an opprotunity to meet new Clemson basketball coach Oliver Purnell? If so what are your impressions?

Answer: Yes- I am very impressed, I think he has an uphill battle, but I love his fire and grit. I think CU landed something special with him

Question: Will- What do you think of our redoing Littlejohn and building the indoor track before even starting the West Endzone project? Are we nuts?

Answer: I don't make those calls- but it is hard to disagree- but that is coming from a born and bred FB player

Question: How did play-calling work when Rich Rod was here? Did he call everything himself?

Answer: Yes- From him to Stock , then from Stock to Streeter/Woody, then to us

Question: Do you see Ben Hall getting more opportunities to make catches over the middle this season? Glad to have him back next to our other great TE Williamson!

Answer: I think the TE position will be used more than ever out of I-form. Wether it is Ben or Bobby, we all have to wait and see- that is a great battle for PT there

Question: What was the team's mood like this spring? Are they feeling a lot of pressure about the upcoming season?

Answer: I'm sure, but you really don't think about the pressure until the season rolls around, then it hits you

Question: Will- do we ever put players with weight problems on low carb diets?

Answer: I wouldn't know- I worked 5 years to put it on, now 2 to get it off- Talk about nightmare- No, not low carb- you cannot lift and get strong without carbs

Question: Any ideas on how Clemson improves their coverage special teams this season? We need a significant improvement in this phas of our game!

Answer: I agree, I know they have someone that will py more attention to that than last year, who gets that roll, ????

Question: Will, what is your opinion of internet chatroom "experts" who constantly bash players and coaches?

Answer: I hate it! Nobody wants to win more than players and coaches- I agree that everybody has their opinion and is entitled to it, but I believe it can be done with taste and class. Remamber these are 18-19 year old guys that are giving everything they got. Not to mention the coaches jobs that are ridin on them. I guess I feel as though criticsm can be given without the abuse of individuals. This is coming from a guy that could tell you some pretty harsh stories. But hey, coaches and players know what they are getting into when they get into it as player or as a coach, so there is always 2 sides to the coin!

Question: What can be done to avoid embarassing losses like NCSU and TT last year? I thought we just quit in those games.

Answer: I would not say quit, but when you get so far behind, you tend yo get desperate, and that can amke it look a whole lot worse

Question: How is Chip Myrick looking? How heavy is he and given his strength, is it enough?

Answer: he looks good- he about 280 i think, and he strength is really coming along- he will contribute this year

Question: I think our young DEs (Adams, Cannon, Foutain, etc) are the best kept secret on our team. What do you know on these guys?

Answer: Could not agree more- they will be very impressive!

Question: Are you glad to see the "halo" rule eliminated in college football? I won't hide it, I know I am!!!!

Answer: Stupid rule from the get go

Question: How has Brad Lee come along on OL?

Answer: Not real sure, he not one of the guys I have seen a lot of, but I will get to see him a ton in fall camp

Question: Is there a chance that Clemson could with T. Bowden what WVU did with B.Bowden, getting impatient and missing out on keeping a potential great coach?

Answer: I think very easily-

Question: You say TB will win ACC and NC - how long should it take?

Answer: Acc- soon Nc- I would say that you need to be fighting for those top BCS games within 3 years

Question: Who do you see being the back of the future after Kelly is gone?

Answer: Merriweather and Coleman- both are the real deal

Question: How would you compare this years O-line to the O-line your senior year?

Answer: prob more talented but just not very experienced- also, remember, TJ Kyle Akil and Me all played beside each other for 3 straight years. That helped a lot!

Question: What bowl are you expecting the Tigers to win this upcoming season?

Answer: hat is almost impossible to answer, but I think we should be looking for Gator or in that range- who knows what happens if you get on a roll after whipping UGA

Question: What's T. Bowden's biggest asset that will help Clemson get to the upperclass of college football again?

Answer: Desire to WIN and to have a first class program on the field and in the classroom

Question: Will, not looking for a biased opinion, but what did you see from the Offensive Line in the Spring and how do they compare to the O line that you played on

Answer: Kinda what i said a couple of Q's ago, our OL just cared a GREAT deal about our QB and RB's and we were mad when anything happened to them, I don't see that right now out of this group

Question: How many did you really eat at Krispy Kreme at thge ACC tourney? Piou

Answer: HONESTLY- 33, and I didn't even get a t-shirt

Question: Will what do I need to do to become a radio guy like you. It's always been my dream to do something like this maybe you could get in touch with me and give me some direction. Love your show and Go Tigers!

Answer: Thak you very much- I appreciate you listening- However you can be better than me.......Please don't though or I will be out of a JOB-- Email me @ OPENINGDRIVE@WCCPFM.COM

Question: Someone was telling me that you always got knocked around by the Clemson linebackers when you played, is that true?

Answer: Who you been talking to? You better get some new friends that tell the truth!!.........

Question: Why has USC been able to recruit OL?

Answer: I know very little about USC's recruiting tools, but they do have some good ones

Question: Thanks again for answering all these questions. I can't wait for the season to start!!!

Answer: me neither- and you are welcome, as I said before I loving talking with the Clemson Folks anytime!

Question: There is truly something in those mountains!

Answer: You got that right!

Question: How's your cousin Tripp doing. I'm an old roomate of his.

Answer: I'm sorry!

Question: Will, Do you think Clemson Baseball will host a regional?

Answer: I say no- but catch lightning in a bottle and you never know, they need to WIN bad!

Question: Come and visit anytime

Answer: Thanks we'll do

Question: NHL or NBA prediction?

Answer: Spurs hands down- NHL- Who's playing?............................JK

Question: Will, do you "lurk" in tigernet or TAC?

Answer: ???

Question: Who is your preseason #1 and what are you predicting Clemson to finish in the ACC and final record?

Answer: I think Maryland will be stout, CU 9-3 over all- finishing 3rd in the ACC- Just a guess taking into account the road schedule

Question: Will, I love your show and I hope that you will take Rodney's place beside Jim Phillips....Do you think Tommy Bowden will retire at Clemson?

Answer: Thank you very much- that means a lot to me and I hope I am sitting next to JP next year as well. Yes, I think TB wants to and will retire in Clemson- he really does love it here

Question: Do you still have that beer hat from your bachelor party at TTT? J/k

Answer: I have no idea what you are talking about

Question: Will, you watched the OL last year and this spring. Is the group on the field this spring better than the group that played most games last year? I'm trying to be optimistic but I can't put my finger on why we will be better. Was there a significant, visable jump in production from fall to spring? Thanks for your insight. You should know.

Answer: I think the addition of depth creates competition and that makes guys have work harder for their spot and that makes them all better. It is a funny thing but it happens that way!

Question: Will, what is the weakest link on the team this year. I see the O line stepping up myself.

Answer: I do too. I really do not see a glaring weakness- I know that sounds extremely opt., but I don't

Question: will, thanks for joining us. Did you interview for the color job, how did it go, and what's the latest on the search

Answer: Your welcome, and thanks for having me. Yes I interviewed 2 weeks ago and I am going to hear something real soon, I thought it went really well, but I am up against some great guys, so you can imagine how I feel!

Question: Is it true that USC uses strippers as recruiting tools?

Answer: Who knows what they use?!?!

Question: will you still here this jeremy

Answer: yup

Question: Do you play golf - golfer23 wants to take you on?

Answer: Bring it on- I play at Southern Oaks about once a week- I am always looking for a match-You did say just play right, not play well!

Question: Will. give us your thoughts on Nathan Bennett. Is he good enough to start on most ACC teams?

Answer: Yes- for sure- he might start this year for us!

Question: will i am coming home tommorrow and going to the race on sunday in charlotte actually probablly going to go up saturday - you going?

Answer: First one I have missed in 4 years, Family deal- I am JEALOUS

Question: Will, do you feel 2003 will be tougher, competition wise, in the ACC than last year?

Answer: NO

Question: so i guess you arent going to answer my questions - that is fine we aint friends no more

Answer: I just answered you- what are you talking about

Question: Will - how much did facilities play in your consideration of selecting a school?

Answer: Some- but very little, I was a TIGER from the get go- God just blessed me with an opportuntiy that I could have never imagined

Question: Will how much do you hate Marshall University?

Answer: 1-10 about a 12


Answer: no

Question: Will tell us about that Thursday fellow what was his last name Mitchell maybe?

Answer: I don't have that much time and can't type that fast

Question: Do we have enough good defensive players to be a factor in the ACC this season ?f

Answer: yes

Question: Have you ever seen a smaller guy (Tommy Sharpe) dominate abigger/talented guy (Langston Moore) as happened in the 02, CU/USC game?

Answer: No -it was one of the more impressive things I have ever seen!

Question: This may not have been in your time, but a CU student at the time said Rick Barnes didnt leave only for the money, but also because he was fooling around with another student. Any truth to that, or is it at least possible?

Answer: plead the 5th

Question: Opinion: Will the Tigers be able to stop this aberration of Wahoo wins this year?

Answer: They are strong- they will be force for sure- I think thay snuck up on some folks last year a little though

Question: Do any of the incoming freshman OL have a legitimate chance of being in the 2-deep?

Answer: Hard to tell until thay put the pads on with the upper class

Question: Regarding motivation - what % is Coach Bowden responsible for and what % should the leaders of the team be responsible? Who are the team leaders for 2003? Thanks!

Answer: I would say that the HC is responsible for a lot of motivation on the game, but true mativation has to come from within the team- Charlie, Youngblood, Kelly, Miller

Question: Will - What'

Answer: ?

Question: Will - What's your take on Chris Ard? Is he a legitimate recruiting analyst?

Answer: I have no idea who you are talking about

Question: Capote -- redshirt or not?

Answer: not

Question: Do you remember being called "Cheeseburger" in high school??

Answer: yup- agianst Palmetto- great story behind that- by the way it also ends up with me wearing the Stangs out in B-ball

Question: What do you hate the most about USC?

Answer: It's a rival, what more needs to be said- Good guys vs. Bad guys

Question: What's the difference between CU haing a great rather than good season - other than injuries...

Answer: Great skill play and a little bit of luck- If the D holds up - the W's will happen

Question: Other than Justin Miller & D Whitehurst, who are the toughest guys on the team?

Answer: I like Cliff Herrell- FB

Question: what do you think the chances of Mo Fountain, Kelvin Grant, and Charles Bennett getting pt or even starting

Answer: Great- they have to, the coaching staff is counting on all 3 to play

Question: Will If one area of the team has you nervious, which is it?

Answer: I guess the element of the unkown with the new HOGS- But I am not real worried about them to be honest

Question: Will Yusef be a force this season? -- heard he's gotten bigger.

Answer: For sure- He looks like an All-ACC RB- Lets hope he plays like it

Question: Will, no question, just wanted to thank you for your time at Clemson as a player. But, what are your thoughts (strength and weaknesses) of our OL?

Answer: Thank you very much, I enjoyed every minute of it- Strengths- VERY talented, but Weakness- Not tested yet

Question: Will, was Will Bouton the better football player between the two of you, he did play for the steelers?

Answer: Not even close- I would wear him out on a regular basis- Come on now really- Furman- They have not even scored on the Tigers!! By the way-Tried to play for the Steelers.........JK-- I Love the boy!

Question: Will, do you say 2 or 3 fights in the cadence count :-)

Answer: 3

Question: Will - Does your sister, Jenny, still drive like a maniac?

Answer: yes- although she has a little girl now- that slowed her down, but not by much!

Question: Will, did Rod push off

Answer: No way- Just look at the tape

Question: How will the I formation work out for the Tigers this coming season?

Answer: I think good- plays into our strengths on Off

Question: Will, What brand tractor do you like best?

Answer: You know that answer-- JD of course

Question: How big will it be to have a former CU player (Kyle) helping the OL?

Answer: Tremendous- Nobody knows the game better and nobody, but me, loves winning at CU more that KY

Question: Would Miller make a bigger contribution at free safety?

Answer: Yes- but the ability to shut down one side of the field is BIG for a D- coordinator

Question: Will, Do you know if Reuben (from American Idol) has any elegibility left?

Answer: I wish- sign him up

Question: Who was your favorite Tiger when you were growing up?

Answer: The fridge and Levon Kirkland

Question: Will, what's your prediciton for when the Dawgs come to the valley?

Answer: 23-14 Tigers

Question: Will, who do you think has the ability to surprise everyone this season

Answer: Kelvin Grant- Gaines Adams-Charlie Whitehurst- Airese Currie

Question: Easier for young lineman to run block or pass block?

Answer: Run

Question: Deere or New Holland?

Answer: DEERE

Question: Do you ever have anything negative to say about our Program?

Answer: NOPE- One time I thought I did, but I was just mistaken..............................JK

Question: Will why don't you answer any of my questions?

Answer: I don't even look, I just answer as they pop on my screen

Question: FSU drought end this year? Seminoles up or down in '03?

Answer: I say back up- I hope so

Question: Will if you could have played any school while you were at Clemson who would it have been?

Answer: Georgia

Question: How does the bond that the offensive linemen such as the Frys and Bennett relate to communication and success on the field? Did you and Kyle Young and the others have a similar bond?

Answer: No doubt- That is one of the biggest keys to ahve a good OL, let them play together for a long time. Kyle TJ and I had a special relationship on that FB field

Question: Whats your opinion on people who think Tommy is arrogant? Whats your favorite TB story?

Answer: I don't find him arrogant. I think he gets mis- understood, but you are always looking for flaws when the WINS are not rolling in. I think he is ver confident and sometimes that might come across the wrong way, but I am looking at it from a little different perspective!

Question: ACC expansion -- good or bad for us in the short run (next 5 yrs)?

Answer: good-all the way around

Question: No question. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer so many questions.

Answer: my pleasure

Question: Gamecocks just lost. How does that make you feel? I feel GREAT!

Answer: you got that right

Question: Tommy Bowden said they are appealing to the NCAA for Roscoe to play because of hardships. Is this possible?

Answer: yes

Question: Will, do you think Linell Dean from Wren has a chance to be D-1?

Answer: not sure- would have to get back to you on that

Question: Do you think Roscoe will return to football in 2004?

Answer: yes

Question: Will if you could have played golf, tennis, or basketball in college as well as football which would you have chosen?

Answer: golf- those boys live the good life!

Question: Have you ever played Rolly-bat?

Answer: no

Question: talk about backup QB's -- ready to step in for Charlie, if needed?

Answer: Chansi can get it done!

Question: Why do you think TTech beat Clemson so bad last year? Were they really that much better?

Answer: no they weren't, but they played above their heads and we palyed real poor. we got behind early and that made us do things we would normally not do- that makes it look ugly real quick

Question: Tell us about Gaines Adams

Answer: Awesome quickness- great enthusiam- and will be a starter and a star at CU

Question: Which No. Carolina team did you want to beat the most in your day?

Answer: Tar Heels

Question: Do you speak to many highschool coaches?

Answer: Not really- I don't really get into the recruiting process that much

Question: what is the thing our coaches look for when recruiting olinemen obviously there are a lot of big quick guys so what sets them apart?

Answer: balance- grades- work ethic- pass blocking

Question: I say TB will have more talent on the field this season since the Ford Teams. Agree?

Answer: Yes- talent is there for sure- keep 'em healthy and you got somethihng

Question: Will UNC be better, or is Buntings' ship sinking? They recruited well.

Answer: You have to be able to translate recruits into wins- he has yet to do that even though I think he will. I think he is a good FB coach

Question: What is the POTENTIAL of the OL?

Answer: A Lot- but that means very little until UGA rolls into the Valley

Question: In a head to head battle on the gridiron, who would win the battle btw. you and the other Will?

Answer: Not close- ME

Question: Will Jack Hines cost TB his job?

Answer: No assistant will ever cost a HC his job in my opinion

Question: Will, who is our best O linemen on this year's team?

Answer: Tommy Sharpe- He has tons of guts and fight

Question: Kat wants to know - boxers/briefs - ginger/mary anne?

Answer: boxers- ginger

Question: You against Fridge - who wins?

Answer: not even close- FRIDGE

Question: would u like to be the voice of the tigers someday?

Answer: Of course- but that is a dream- JP is the man and can be until he wants to step down

Question: Will - do you have a favorite game as a Tiger?

Answer: CU/ USC- 2000

Question: Will, where will the leadership on the OL come from this year?

Answer: Greg Walker Tommy Sharpe and Maybe some of the young bucks

Question: How's the progress with our facility upgrades?

Answer: slow from what i hear as far as the FB is concerned

Question: How was Jason's wedding...Did you love Philadelphia?????

Answer: Didn't get to go, my wife was in another wedding. I was in Chad Speck's this past weeken with Kyle Young, Brandon Streeter, Justin Watts

Question: What do players do during this time of the year? work out, etc.?

Answer: Work out and stay out of troubl also- this is the only time of the year that NCAA allows you to have a JOB

Question: As a player, did you prefer noon starts, mid-afternoon, or night games?

Answer: NOON

Question: We were told that the indoor track facility could be used for football. Now that we've give the money and they've built the thing, they say it cannot be. What's your thoughts?

Answer: I hope it can be- I think it would be a shame to build that big thing and not be able to practice in there on a rainy day- I can say that now that I am not aplayer anymore and don't pray for rain to cancel practice

Question: How much do facilities count with recruits?

Answer: A LOT- Top 5 on a recruits choice of school I would say

Question: Will, when you are in the booth next year please let some of the passion and bias come through much like Munson @ UGA...

Answer: You must know something I don't!

Question: Will, are you doing anything beside the ODrive?

Answer: Yes- I am working some for my father at Merritt Brothers Landscaping

Question: What do you usually order at Mac's?

Answer: 2 double cheesbugers, o-rings- and choc shake- and that ol sweet tea

Question: Will, how do you like our chances in the NCAA golf tourny next week?

Answer: i would say strong to quite strong- (meet the parents)-- They will roll-

Question: How does it feel when you run down the hill?

Answer: you can't put that into words. It is the greatest feeling on earth- nowhere

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