Chat Transcript: Rick Stockstill Part 2

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Chat Transcript Part 2:

Question: In your opinion, what is the likelihood that Roscoe will return next year?

Answer: Roscoe loves both football and baseball and wants to do both, so I think he'll return.

Question: Coach do you desire to be a NFL coach one day or stop at the Div I level?

Answer: No.

Question: Ok fair enough. Does USC have a compliance director and Mrs Holtz doesn't count?

Answer: Yes, they do.

Question: coach, do you think that kelly will get alot of playing time this year and how good do you think he can be?

Answer: I think he can be really good and I think he will get a lot of pt.

Question: Is there a bagman at other schools?

Answer: Not that I know of, do you?

Question: Give us a glimpse into the tallent of Will Proctor.

Answer: Passed for over 1500 yards this year and ran for 1200. He is very athletic and will be a good qb for us.

Question: Rick do you ever change the sideline play signals?

Answer: yes. every play has two to three different signals.

Question: Who is the toughest school to recruit against?

Answer: the schools that win consitently.

Question: Will the new facilities help to get better recruits?

Answer: yes.

Question: What is your favorite thing about Clemson?

Answer: the opportunity to coach at a school that has so much passion towards football.

Question: Will we be undefeated next year?

Answer: we will be on August 30.

Question: How confident are you that the young offensive line will pull together for and ealy challenge with Georgia?

Answer: they will be ready.

Question: Can you talk about the food you get from parents on recruiting trips? Which recruits had the best meals in home?

Answer: Wendy's, and Hooters.

Question: Coach, Any way you can get Darian Durant to Clemson?

Answer: ACC transfer rules are very tough.

Question: How did you become a expert schmoozer?

Answer: I played under coach Bobby Bowden and he was pretty good at it. And from then my mom took over.

Question: How did you like the fans' overwhelming reaction with the H-bowl's office?

Answer: It was great! Typical clemson fanatic fans.

Question: What would you be doing if you weren't a football coach?

Answer: I would either have my own car detailing shop or a lawn care service.

Question: Who do you think will be the biggest surprise in the ACC (Clemson not included)

Answer: Too early to tell.

Question: We get a chance to do big things right off the bat next year playing Ga in Athens. What will you do to try and keep Willie calm? Or will you just turn him loose?

Answer: Turn him loose. don't save or wait for anything.

Question: Do the players demonstrate special intensity before the game against USC?

Answer: Every game is important and they prepare the same for each game.

Question: Coach, How much attention do you pay to recruting analysts' opinions about a player?

Answer: None whatsoever.

Question: how much of an offensive game plan is done considering who the officiating crew is?

Answer: None.

Question: How is working with TB as your boss?

Answer: Coach is very good. He lets us coach and do our job. he is very honest and up front with you as a coach in all aspects of your job. It sounds like I'm just saying this, but he is really, really good.

Question: Is Terrance Huey a little undersized at 5-7 155 to play cornerback?

Answer: Unless he's covering a 5-8 receiver, he might be.

Question: How do you like the matchup of your well-coached receivers ;) and Georgia's inexperienced DBs?

Answer: I haven't looked much at Ga to give you and honest answer.

Question: Where should we put Todd McClinton to get the most out his size, speed, strength, & talent? Seems like such a waste to have him at TE when Hall & Bobby Willamson are so good.

Answer: On the field. Again, that will be a hc question.

Question: But coach, Phil Kornblutt claims fame to knowing players!

Answer: He says the same thing every year about kids. but that's just my opinion.

Question: Coach Stock, please talk about the expectations you have fir your WR corp this year. They won't be freshmen anymore!

Answer: My job is to make them better than what they can be. I expect a lot out of them.

Question: coach stock, who is the fastest player on the team.

Answer: Airese Currie, Tye Hill.

Question: Will you please remind all the coaches and players how much beating USC is enjoyable for the fans :) Let's start another 4 year winning streak :)

Answer: don't forget how enjoyable it is for the coaches also.

Question: Roscoe???? What do you think?

Answer: What do you mean?

Question: Coach, Biggest surprise of recruiting class?

Answer: To you Kelvin Grant, to me justin Miller.

Question: Stock, thanks for answering our questions... get home and get something to eat! unless you don't like your wife's cooking.... again, thanks.

Answer: She has some women coming over for a party tonight so keep asking these questions!

Question: Orange is the better color Coach

Answer: I like orange too.

Question: what do you think of the all Orange outfits?

Answer: Mix in a little purple.

Question: Coach does it bother you that your brother Jeff is so much better educated? Seriously what is he doing these days. Thanks.

Answer: He got a Clemson degree...when I was at FSU they just game them away, so I guess he is better educated. He's a salesman for a major corporation in Florida.

Question: coach--since you have been at clemson have you ever had 2 better back to back recruiting classes?

Answer: Probably not, but let's wait two years and then make that decision.

Question: LOL! We were starting to think you were getting paid by the question ;)

Answer: I am.

Question: Is Youngblood ready to go this year? Will he live up to all the hype that surrounded him after last Spring?

Answer: Yes.

Question: With Willie at QB will the offense be more like the one at Tulane?

Answer: I hope better.

Question: Coach - what are the most difficult visiting arenas you have played in as a player and coach?

Answer: Nebraska, Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Notre Dame as a player. As a coach, FSU.

Question: I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put in. That was especially evident in the improvement as a receiver we saw in Rod Gardner during his time at Clemson.

Answer: Thanks but Rod deserves all the credit.

Question: Do you think in state recruits were predetermined fans of one school or another from ealy on and is this hard to combat in recruiting

Answer: I think kids know where they're going at an early stage.

Question: Coach, thanks for all your hard work recruiting. What is the part of that job you enjoy the most and why?

Answer: being around the players because they are full of life, energy and they help keep me young.

Question: What happened during the game against Carolina? Just a bad day for the team?

Answer: They beat us. That's all you can say.

Question: How much has recruiting changed since you were a prospect.

Answer: Drastically.

Question: What's your favorite kind of beer?

Answer: Bud Light.

Question: which WRs have the best hands :speed:moves?

Answer: Hands -- Youngblood and Crosby. Speed moves: Hamilton.

Question: Ginger or Mary Ann??

Answer: Heidi Klum

Question: Coach, I know it is early, but who is the biggest recruit from this state that Clemson would like to have for next years class?

Answer: Can't talk about that.

Question: Ever recruited foreign players?

Answer: No.

Question: Tougher conference - ACC or SEC?

Answer: ACC, no question.

Question: Coach, in your opinion what is the most difficult position to recruit in terms of talent evaluation right out of high school?

Answer: kicker. because they do something in hs that they won't do in college and that is use a tee.

Question: How do you see the Georgia/Clemson matchup in Athens?

Answer: very evenly matched.

Question: Coach, did you ever meet Burt Reynolds while you were at FSU?

Answer: yes. used to hang out with him after the games. and don't go there.

Question: Coach, if you weren't doing this for a living what would your dream job be?

Answer: own my car detail shop or lawn service.

Question: why don't we recruit greenwood as much as carolina? I played against hurley and all those guys and i know first hand how good they are.

Answer: we do.

Question: coach stock great job in recruiting as always,any chancey stuckey may play at WR?

Answer: he will start out at qb.

Question: How many recruits ask you about the booing that sometimes takes place in Death Valley?

Answer: none.

Question: What would you do if you ran into another school cheating for a player?

Answer: work harder.

Question: Will you ask TB to come here and chat?

Answer: no, but you can.

Question: What is your TigerNet handle?

Answer: I don't get on here and chat. I just read.

Question: what is the strangest thing you have ever seen on the recruting trail?

Answer: You wouldn't even imagine.

Question: Are recruits impressed with Death Valley when you guys take them to see it for the 1st time?

Answer: very impressed.

Question: how does Zimmerman compare with our others

Answer: he's right there with them.

Question: coach stock why can't we get in to greenwood Hs?

Answer: we can. we try. sometimes things just don't work out.

Question: How much of your time is spent on off-the-field player development?

Answer: i try to spend as much time with my players off the field as i do on the field.

Question: What do you think of the "woo-hoo

Answer: I'm in the lockerroom

Question: Coach, do you think any of our Monday morning armchair quarterbacking in here hinders recruiting? Do recruits come in and take a bad view?

Answer: I don't think so, but you never know when something affects a kid.

Question: What do you think of the woo-hoo during Tiger Rag?

Answer: lockerroom

Question: I almost passed out in the crowd when Rod made "The Catch". What was your reaction?

Answer: Seen that before.

Question: on zim ,i meant physically who is he most like

Answer: Rod but not as fast.

Question: Stock, sure did miss doing the box step ups with you this year.

Answer: don't be afraid to say your name.

Question: what are the top 3 qualities that make a coach a good/great coach?

Answer: consistency, compassion, character.

Question: coach....which player are you proudest about signing for Clemson? Why?

Answer: Probably Woody for what he represents both on and off the field and a lot of people said he couldn't do it.

Question: Britney SPears - fake or 100% real?

Answer: 100% REAL.

Question: Coach, you know Tommy C. don't pay by the hour, right?

Answer: yes.

Question: Sorry if you've already answered this, but which redshirt freshman could have a big impact this year?

Answer: Charles Bennett.

Question: Offensively, do we have a points per game goal for each game, or for the season?

Answer: One more than the opponent.

Question: Coach - I read a great article about B. Dawkins and his personal development in the Philly paper this year. Is it possible for some of our ex-players to come back and share their experiences with the kids today.

Answer: They are more than willing.

Question: Who is your closest friend on the coaching staff?

Answer: All of them.

Question: Coach, how important is it to the players to see a packed D. V. , and for you.?? EXCELLENT!! Job recruiting, hope you stay for a long time to come!!!

Answer: Very important.

Question: what do you think about Skip & Lou HOltz?

Answer: Not very often.

Question: You need any tix to Orlando Magic games or the Bay Hill Invitional?

Answer: Yes. how do I get them?

Question: Isn't it easy recruiting against USC?

Answer: No.

Question: Loudest college fb arena you have ever heard?

Answer: Death Valley vs. FSU 1999.

Question: Coach, I know that you have many suitors with respect to coaching jobs. I would encourage you to stay. I think there is a tremendous contingent that is growing and sees you as the next Head Coach at Clemson. Blake Smith

Answer: Thanks for your support.

Question: Coach, which of this coming season's seniors are likely to be pro prospects?

Answer: Nick Eason, Bryant McNeil, B Rambert, B Mance.

Question: I gotta go... Coach Stock, I wish I had had the opportunity to be a player so that you could be my mentor. You are a great person. Thank you for your contribution to Clemson

Answer: I would have loved to have coached you.... been great talking to everybody. Gotta go. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. GO TIGERS!

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