Chat Transcript: Rick Stockstill

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Chat Transcript: Rick Stockstill

CLEMSON -- Clemson assistant Rick Stockstill was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Wednesday. Coach Stockstill answered over 200 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted over 2 hours. We would like to thank Coach Stockstill for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.


Question: What day do the Clemson coaches plan on taking in the Shrine practices?

Answer: Monday and Tuesday

Question: In your opinion, should the throw to DHam in the back of the endzone have been ruled a TD?

Answer: Most definately

Question: How much impact does winning the Carolina game have on recruiting?

Answer: It gives you a lot of momentum and positives to draw on.

Question: Coach, I know most head coaches go ahead and leave when they get a new HC job so they can get started with their new school. Is it the same for assistants? Do you expect TB to hire a replacement for RA before the bowl game if RA gets the HC job with UTC?

Answer: usually the same for assistants

Question: Will We ever see Jeff Francouer run down the hill?

Answer: doubtful

Question: Fans on the field: Yes or no in your opinion??

Answer: yes but we have to have some guidelines for safety reasons for players and coaches

Question: Do silent commitments really exist? If so, are they common? If so, what are the circumstances that are usually involved as to why? College Staff's request?) ?

Answer: yes and yes. Usually a kid will want to take a couple of trips to other schools.

Question: Disregarding particular quotas for position, how many 260 lb.+ football players (big uglies) would you like to see us sign in February?

Answer: probably 12

Question: Do you think Willie Simmons will be satisfied to remain at Clemson as backup to David Whitehurst?

Answer: Willie will continue to compete and fight to regain his position.

Question: What has been the most memorable game in your Clemson coaching career, and why?

Answer: 2000 SC game because of the way our kids came back and won the game.,

Question: In your opinion, is FSU in a downward spiral? Can we make up ground on them the next couple of years?

Answer: I don't think they are on a downward spiral. I just think they are like a lot of programs now where they just can't show up and win like they have in the past.

Question: I have heard that verbal commitments will often continue with trips to other schools to try to sway recruits their way. What do you do to combat this (or do you do anything)? Does the school cancel visits if we feel like we have no shot at getting the recruit?

Answer: usually you try to find out how strong he is committed. If you feel that is where you will go then you will back off but if you think he's not 100% then you will continue to recruit him.

Question: Rick, how much discussion of uniform color choices actually takes place among the coaching staff? How big of an issue is it actually?

Answer: none. Not that big of an issue. Coach Bowden lets the seniors decide.

Question: Are current players allowed a stipend to host a recruit on an official visit? If so, how much? Do recruits get a stipend?

Answer: $30 per day. Recruits do not get a stipend.

Question: Will any of our injured O-Linemen be back for next season?

Answer: Hopefully Nick Black and Brantley's eligiblity is done.

Question: Of the available possibilities, what's the consensus amont the team as to where they would like play in a bowl?

Answer: Tangerine

Question: Rick, thanks for your outstanding support of Clemson, we are very fortunate to have you! What do you think was the reason that we totally dominated the 4th quarter of the USC game?

Answer: Before that last drive with 6:30 left we challenged the offense to go them who the tougher team was. Our offense took it as a challenge and you know the results. I think we controlled the game as we were close in the first half of really putting it away if we could have converted a few plays.

Question: We very rarely pass when our QB is under center. Even though our offense has been effective, don't you think that is something we need to work on just to help keep the defenses honest?

Answer: yes to a point. We do throw from under center and vice versa. We have to be able to run the ball from both the shotgun and under center so teams can't gameplan you from that standpoint.

Question: Coach, thanks for all the hard work you put in for Clemson University. Glad you're on our staff.

Answer: Glad to be here.

Question: Do you think Justin Miller should have made first team all-ACC?

Answer: It's tough for a true freshman. Especially when he didn't start the first half of the year.

Question: Can you comment on how Grant and Collins have looked in practice

Answer: Both have done well.

Question: Does the staff name players of the week each week? If so, who won the award(s) for teh usc game?

Answer: Yes. Defense - Eason, Offense- Whitehurst and OL

Question: The option on the goal line or other short yardage situations is something I've been wanting to see more of. Do you think it's something we'll use more in the future?

Answer: We've had it all yea. Used it at FSU. When you don't run the option very much you usually use it in short yardage or goalline situations. And then that depends on what defense you are facing.

Question: morning coach! Which game was most satisfying this year and why? Which the most disappointing?

Answer: SC, you know the reason. UVA most disappointing. Felt we were the better team.

Question: How is Ken Kellahan doing?

Answer: great. He is a great coach. A really hard worker and a good person. We are lucky to have him.

Question: Can you describe for us, with some specificity, what a typical recruiting visit is like? What questions do the parents/recruits typically ask? Are all recruits focused on a possible pro career? If so, how do you deflate expectations (let's face it, odds are slim he'll make it to the pros) while convincing him to come play for you?

Answer: Academic meetings, Facilities, Position Meetings, Head Coach Meeting, A lot of eating. Parents mostly concerned about academics. Players concerned with getting on the field. If they don't have expectations of going to the NFL then we are recruiting the wrong kid. You want everyone you recruit to have the goal of making it to the NFL.

Question: With the talent level FSU maintains year in and year out, are you surprised by their record this year? Was their schedule too brutal?

Answer: Think they just had inconsistent play at their QB. they always play a tough schedule.

Question: How can the Tommy Bowden Football camp benefit a Sophmore in high school?

Answer: Can get him exposed to Clemson at an early age where we can follow him.

Question: What is your favorite play in the playbook?

Answer: when the QB takes a knee at the end of the game to run out the clock.

Question: Thanks Rick for your hard work and for representing Clemson University.

Answer: Thank you.

Question: What accounts for the improved play of the OL vs a good USC front? Personnel? Did they gel at the right time?

Answer: They were challenged and Ron West did a good job preparing them.

Question: Under 7 minutes to play in the game with a 7 point lead and we get the ball and proceed to run the clock out by running the ball right into the teeth of the USC defense. How satisfying as a coach and recruiting coordinator is it knowing that what you are doing is working and that a lot of the guys on that defense on the other side of the field had the opportunity to wear orange and they are doing nothing to stand up and win the game for USC?

Answer: I was proud of our players. Only regret is the fullback didn't pop out like it did several years with Emory Smith.

Question: I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for Tiger football.

Answer: Thanks.

Question: Does the staff still recruit the Northeast? Years ago, many of our offensive linemen came from Pennsylvania and states near there.

Answer: We are now because of J Lovett's ties up there.

Question: Can you name some other college assistant coaches that have Clemson connections? We all know Chris Lancaster at Kentucky and Ricky Bustle; anyone else out there?

Answer: Les Herrin, Danny Pearman, Brandon Streeter

Question: How big is the impact of having more practices when you qualify for a bowl as opposed to ending the season early when you don't qualify?

Answer: It's an impact but not as much as you would think. Especially if we go to the Tangerine because that game is Dec 23. We have finals coming up so may only get a week of practice.

Question: Any change in how many we will sign, and what is that number?

Answer: 18-22

Question: Coach Stock thanks again for being here! Great game Saturday... how often are you on the road

Answer: Dec 1 thru Dec 21, Jan 10 thru Feb 1, Apr 15 thru May 15, 6 thursdays and fridays during the season.

Question: So how much of Langston Moore's woes were triple teaming, and how much was a fired up Tommy Sharpe?

Answer: We never triple team anyone. We double sometimes but it was mostly a fired up Tommy Sharpe.

Question: Clemson, UVA, ND, NC State, Wake, the ACC is becoming a very solid football conference. Your thoughts?

Answer: I think the ACC is underrated as a football conference.

Question: Coach how crucial was redshirting all but one of the last class... and how important has Justin Miller been to the team

Answer: It means you are starting to develop depth at all positions. I think all the redshirts will benefit greatly from this. Justin Miller has been a really good player.

Question: will baham and mccloud stay at wr?

Answer: Yes to both.

Question: Surprised that NCSU got the Gator before other ACC teams had finished their seasons?

Answer: No. They didn't want a Maryland- West Virginia rematch. I think NCSU is deserving.

Question: What was Sharpe's grade for the SC game?

Answer: Everybody on the team graded out 100%.

Question: Has Dustin Frye completely recovered from his knee injury?

Answer: Yes

Question: Why haven't we played the kind of football all year that we played in the fourth quarter against USC? Other than competition...

Answer: We have at times during the season but not on a consistent level.

Question: Why is Virginia so much improved in so short a time? Is Groh's system that attractive to recruits?

Answer: The main reason is their QB has played well and they have got a good solid defense.

Question: McNeil, Eason and Mance left some big shoes to fill. Who will fill them next year?

Answer: we feel we have guys behind them that have played a lot this year and will step up.

Question: As the WR coach, did you ever ask to have Justin Miller with your group or did you know he was going to make an outstanding DB?

Answer: Never at WR. We always felt he was a natural corner.

Question: Historically the best offensive teams have dictated to the Defense what will happen. With our increasing amount of talent wouldn't it make sense for Clemson to do this also, instead of trying to figure out what the defense is doing in 15 seconds and react?

Answer: I thought we dictated to the defense pretty good last week. Also on that last drive we changed the play several times because of the way they were lined up so it works both ways.

Question: Coach- what causes a recruit that has verbally committed to drop a team cold and decide to not even visit?

Answer: A lot of times kids may make a decision early and then for whatever reason change their mind. And that is fine. It's just part of this business that you have to learn and understand and deal with. And then go find somebody else.

Question: Do we have any "hot" calls on offense to use when the opposition shows a late blitz?

Answer: Yes. We usually have a hot or quick receiver to get the ball to so we can avoid the sack.

Question: Rick, do you think the talent level at Maryland is better or just the coaching staff?

Answer: Both

Question: Coach- why didn't Jasmin play against Maryland. He seems like a very complete package with his blocking, running and catching skills. I hope we used the fb more as a receiver like we did at UNC, is that in the cards?

Answer: He was hurt and when he is healthy he is very good.

Question: Coach- are we after any big guys to play MLB?

Answer: We want speed.

Question: Are we going to try to do any building projects for football before next season or will the heritage building be started after next year?

Answer: I know they are moving fast.

Question: Hey coach, congrats on the great win. Any reason why did Ty Hill drop off the radar screen after his 100 yd game?

Answer: Maryland game got out of hand where we had to throw all the time. SC game Bernard and Yusef played very well but Tye is a factor and will have a great career.

Question: Coach, Do we have too many RBs on the team for next year with Kelly, Hill, Browning, Merriweather, Coleman, Jasmin and Harrell? Are we actualy recruiting more high school RBs for this class?

Answer: No and Yes

Question: How much will you guys use the new indoor track when it is finished and is that something we have been needing?

Answer: It is something we desparately need and most big time schools in the south have their own indoor practice facility.

Question: Do you think that Coach Bowden has changed his approach with the team since the NCSU game, it seems like the team has played with more intensity.

Answer: Coach Bowden has done a good job with this team since he has got here. and I think after the NCSU game he took it as a personal challenge to make sure the team was ready for Nov.

Question: We use the TE quite a bit to get first downs. Will we use the position in red zone situations next year?

Answer: We have 2 very good TEs and they need to be involved in the entire offense.

Question: It had to be very satisfying for you to see the media attribute our win over USC, in part, to the "superior recruiting classes" that Clemson got Bowden's first few years.

Answer: We take great pride and work very hard in our recruiting efforts.

Question: Coach- why was Curtis Baham moved to receiver and how is he doing there? How do you see being the two deep at free safety right now for next year?

Answer: Curtis moved to find a place for him to contribute. He is doing well.

Question: How's Coach Watts doing?

Answer: Coach Watts is doing great. He is one of my alltime favorites and again he will be a great coach and has very bright future ahead of him.

Question: Does the coaching staff currently have drawings of the newly proposed Heritage Center/West Endzone Project to show recruits?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are you required (by the NCAA) to report alleged recruiting violations of other schools?

Answer: No

Question: Has the coaching staff made a clear-cut decision on what type of QB you want to run this Tiger offense? We had the running QB in Dantlzer last year and the tall, pocket passer in Whitehurst this year. The underclassmen Stuckey and Proctor seem split in those roles also. What is your prefernece in the type of QB for this offense? Thanks!

Answer: A guy that can throw in the pocket but is mobile enough to move the pocket with sprint outs and bootlegs.

Question: Do you ever take vacations?

Answer: Yes after camp in the summer. we get about 3 weeks.

Question: Is DL Rod Whipple having trouble gaining weight?

Answer: Not trouble but a gradual process.

Question: Hopefully Nick Black and Brantley's eligiblity is done. Coach, what does that mean?

Answer: Hopefully Nick will be back for his last year. Brantley can't come back because his eligiblity is over.

Question: D. Fry, R Fry and N. Bennett. What are their projected positions on the OL next year?

Answer: R Fry - tackle; D Fry and N Bennett could be guard or tackle.

Question: Stock: Any gusses as to why the Cocks did not use Pinnock more in the game last weekend? I thought he looked pretty good...

Answer: Would have to ask their coaches but they didn't have the ball a whole bunch in the second half.

Question: null

Answer: null

Question: Who's faster, Duane Coleman or Yusef Kelly?

Answer: Haven't seen Coleman run because on scout team. I know what Yusef can do.

Question: After the big victory Sat. night and what seemed to be a good day visiting with recruits, were you totally exhausted or did you watch the late night replay of the game on ESPN?

Answer: I stayed up with my brother, my dad, Sara all night and enjoyed the victory.

Question: In the past, has our strength of schedule been used against us in recruiting? I think it was interesting this year that according to the BCS sources our schedule was one of the toughest in the country until we had to "schedule down" in the last game and it lowered our schedule strength to one of the top 20 toughest. Still, however, we had a much tougher schedule this year. Is that ever mentioned on the recruiting trail?

Answer: Not used against us because everyone knows the ACC has a lot of good teams in it.

Question: Stock, do you like deep-fried turkey?

Answer: Yes

Question: Who's our MLB of the future (after next year). Nelson, Waters, Hill, Dunham?

Answer: Leroy and Waters are outside guys. Nelson and Dunham will compete for it.

Question: What is Coach Herrin up to these days? Do you ever see him?

Answer: He is the DC at the Citadel. I talk to him everyday and don't see him much during the season but I will run into him on the recruiting trail. He is doing very good and I can't thank him enough for his friendship.

Question: Are current players allowed to call recruits?

Answer: No

Question: What do you attribute the blow-out losses to NC State and Maryland as well as the loss to a less talented UVA team this year? More importantly, what do we have to do to improve next year in the off season and in recruiting?

Answer: NCSU and Maryland just played better than we did that day. UVA we didn't get it done. We had chances and didn't convert.

Question: Coach- do any of y'all talk to William Devane over at CLark Central?

Answer: Yes

Question: Thank you for everything you do for the University and program!

Answer: Thank you.

Question: Talk about the emotions you go through wtching another senior class graduating and moving on in life. Thanks!

Answer: really going to miss those guys because you get so close to them in their four or five years they are here. You really develop a good friendship with them and you appreciate everything they have done for Clemson since they have been here.

Question: Coach, I know you probably can't be specific, but can you just give us a "Yes" or "No" on whether or not there will be any changes to the coaching staff after this year?

Answer: Yes if Coach Allison gets the UTC job.

Question: How is the underclassmen punter Chason doing in practice? We need to get him ready to play next season! Hopefully, he'll be a four-year star like Aaron Hunt!!!

Answer: Hurt early. Now doing better.

Question: Coach - Is Clemson going after any JUCOs?

Answer: yes

Question: Coach, what are the coaching staff's thoughts on NC State's bowl bidding the last two years, considering Clemson has gotten the shaft as a result?

Answer: I think this year they deserve it. Last year thought we did.

Question: Is Clemson the red headed step-child of the ACC commissioner's office? :-)

Answer: No

Question: Miami vs. Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl... who wins in your opinion?

Answer: Miami

Question: Now that we have won the game with USC, a "recruiting analyst" out of Columbia says that this game has no impact on in-state recruiting. A lot of us have seen some recruiting updates since the game that seem to indicate otherwise. Can you offer an opinion of if the Clemson/USC game has much impact on in-state recruiting?

Answer: I still believe that a kid doesn't choose a school on who won the game but I believe that when he comes in to our locker room after we have won. and he can see the players and coaches hugging, dancing and get a feel for how close the team is as players and coaches that helps.

Question: Coach Stock... Kelvin Grant; Airese, Hamilton, and Youngblood - what is the biggest area each needs to improve?

Answer: Grant - consistency just doing it in the games; Airese - run after catch; Hamilton - taking his game up another notch; Youngblood - I think he has confidence now that his leg is healthy and just going out now and playing with no fear of it.

Question: Will ACC office see to it that us & GT are not sent out west for a bowl 2 years straight?

Answer: I have no control of that.

Question: Will Miller ever take the Champ Bailey route and do some WR along with corner?

Answer: Possible.

Question: what goes into selecting host for prospects visit?

Answer: Does he have a car to transport them around? Same positions, From same area, similiar personalities to name a few.

Question: Would you personally be in favor of moving the annual game against usc to the week of Thanksgiving?

Answer: No

Question: how helpful is andy johnston to the recruiting process ?

Answer: Invaluable whatever he is paid it is not nearly enough. he does a fantastic job in everything he does. Clemson is very lucky to have him on their team.

Question: you seem to especially successful in jacksonville area-are you from that area?

Answer: Fernandina Beach which is north of Jacksonville

Question: Coach, do you ever have too many commitments? What do you do in that case?

Answer: No

Question: What is our approach with recruiting JUCO talent? At what point, from a scholarship numbers standpoint, do you back away and what are the dangers of signing too many?

Answer: position needs. you don't want to overload your class with JUCOs because you only have them for two years and you will end up with your positional needs out of whack when they leave.

Question: Are you trying to answer our TigerNet questions more quickly than Mickey Plyer does??? Good job!!

Answer: yes because I can't type and it takes too long to answer some questions.

Question: Recruits always speak of what a great guy you are and how honest you are with them. It seems like guys that end up signing with other schools still feel as if they have a bond with you. The picture Crump took of you and Greg Jones after the FSU game is proof of that. Are there any guys out there today either still playing or out of the game that you feel close to even though you didn't sign them?

Answer: Yes, talked to Tommie Frazier at times.

Question: Coach, do you ever play NCAA 2003 College Football video games?

Answer: No don't know how.

Question: Coach, is it true that when plays work, the athletes are great and when they don't, the coaching stinks?

Answer: I give all the credit to the players. they are the ones that make it happen.

Question: Coach, how much has the lack of healthy OL limited the ability toget out talented tight ends involved in the passing game??

Answer: Not a whole lot. We have used the TE in all games except when we have been out of the game like NCSU, Maryland so really doesn't depend on the OL.

Question: Coach- some of the internet recruiting sites have quoted recruits as saying that after visiting us last week, they were shocked at how we actually did have needs at their positions. Do you face alot of negative recruiting and lies being spread by our "friends" down the road?

Answer: All is fair in love, war, and recruiting.

Question: Do you think any players who aren't playing very much might transfer now that the season is over?

Answer: No

Question: It seems one rule that is especially hated by the fans is the "halo" rule on punts. The punt returner already has the advantage of being able to call a 'fair catch'. Why must the defense give a punt returner a 2 yard head start? And does it adversely affect the defense to have to slow down and hold back so as not to hit the receiver to soon? As a coach, do you like the "halo" rule?

Answer: Yes I like it. Have you ever stood 40 yards from a ball and have 10 210lbs guys running full speed at you. It's a good rule.

Question: There was a buzz lately about possibly moving Miller to safety next fall. With Mance graduating, do we have the horses to do that?

Answer: Miller will stay at corner.

Question: Coach.... what does charles bennet weigh?

Answer: 240?

Question: How do you deal with other coaches telling people we are " loaded up" with wide receivers?

Answer: Went through it last year in recruitiing and it didn't work then. We lose 3 seniors at WR this year. So there is a need.

Question: Could Jamison (Brandon) move inside next year or will he stay with Leake at the strong side?

Answer: Possible.

Question: What's your opinion on the new field at Death Valley?

Answer: I like it.

Question: Do you know how much you're loved at Clemson?

Answer: Yes when we win.

Question: What flavor of Big League Chew do you chew on gameday?

Answer: I don't. I chew on fireballs.

Question: Who is the greatest high school player you've ever seen?

Answer: Trevor Pryce at his position because he could run so fast. So many good ones to pick one.

Question: When do you think Allison will here if he has the job, a week, a month?

Answer: Probably within a week.

Question: Who recruits the eastern part of North Carolina? With CJ looking solid, any chance for more folks over here?

Answer: O'Cain.

Question: Do "Recruiting Analyst" bother you during recruiting? Do they get in the way or maybe sway kids to other schools inadvertenly?

Answer: they don't effect me and I don't think they sway kids to other schools.

Question: Is it a violation of NCAA rules for an opposing team's coaches to visit with a recruit that's at the game? Ex. Would you be violating the rules if you chatted with recruit invited to the game by GT after the game in Atlanta next year?

Answer: Yes

Question: You saw Dion in his college prime - does Justin have Dion's "stuff?"

Answer: not as much wiggle and change of direction but similar in a lot of other areas.

Question: how many WR,s will you sign? are you looking for speed guys?

Answer: Probably 2 and always want speed.

Question: Some fans are frustrated with so many late night games. Do they really halp recruiting? Do you have a personal preference on gametimes? Must be nice to live close to CU!

Answer: They don't help recruiting because it's hard for parents to let their kid drive home at 2 in the morning. I prefer 12:00 games. On the other hand the exposure you get nationally only helps recruiting.

Question: Was Ben Hall slowed down by any kind of injuries late in the year or were opposing defenses just taking away what we were trying to do with him? Any reason for his lack of production late in the year?

Answer: He was hurt at one point during the season.

Question: Coach, sorry I am late. Son just came up in the West. Do you ever run with Tommy and Andy?

Answer: No.

Question: How are the young qb's in ther program progressing. Who would be the #3 qb right now if we ever had to go that deep.

Answer: they are doing good. Hopefully we can perserve their redshirt years.

Question: How many game tapes of the opponent do coaches typically watch?

Answer: Of teams that have similiar offenses. We wouldn't watch Air force against SC because our offenses are so different.

Question: Does new field cater to speed? Seems like a faster track than before.

Answer: yes it does.

Question: Please do not post this in the chat. I asked you the question with the hypothetical scenario about you talking to recruits after the GT game in Atlanta. I personally watched the Maryland coaches schmooze Marion Dukes after our game. Coaches Solazzo, Seamonson, and Blackney were the main ones. It may be something worth looking into.

Answer: I didn't see it but it is against NCAA rules for the visiting team coaches to talk to recruits.

Question: In your opinion, is there too much bitterness and hatred involved in the Clemson-Carolina game? Is there any way to tone it down?

Answer: I don' think so.

Question: Coach how long do you have to spend around recruits before you can tell if they are likely to sign with CU?

Answer: Each kid is different but you can get a pretty good feel.

Question: Are you trying to beat Mickey Plyler's record for the longest time in tiger chat?

Answer: Brent is waiting at home for me to play football with him. And Mickey really doesn't have anything to do besides playing on the computer so i don't I'll beat his record. So with that all Clemson people have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family.

Question: Hope you tigers "Get you some" Turkey over Thanksgiving....You certainlly got you some Gamecock last week. Thanks for being such a great motivator for Clemson!

Answer: Yes we got us some and I appreciate your support and love for the Tigers.

Question: Who's going to score the first TD tomorrow...Woody or Rod?

Answer: Rod will catch a TD pass then Woody will return the kickoff for a TD

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