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CLEMSON -- Clemson assistant Rick Stockstill was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Friday. Coach Stockstill answered over 200 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that over 2 hours. We would like to thank Coach Stockstill for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.


Question: Name 5 redshirts, other than Kelvin Grant, that will make a big impact next year?

Answer: d fry, r fry, bennett, d coleman, g mcleod

Question: Coach-do you see Justin Miller getting any snaps on offense next year?

Answer: possible..not much

Question: Is Charlie as good as he has looked so far?

Answer: he's very talented.

Question: Does JJ McKelvey have a NFL shot? What does he need to work on?

Answer: Probably a free agent. Lack of speed is his biggest NFL weakness. He needs to work on getting in and out of cuts

Question: How is Rocoe's rehab going? Should we still expect him back next year?

Answer: Rehab is fine. I hope he is back next year.

Question: Good Morning Coach Stockstill-I wanted to know does coaches put newspaper clippings on players lockers for them to read?If so I think that you guys ought to tell our players the Maryland has been talking junk all week.And they think that they have already won this game against The CLEMSON TIGERS.Will you tell the guys for us that we are behind them and also you and all of our Coaches? Thanks Philip

Answer: Yo don't win the game in the newspaper. You win it between the lines. So they will go out and play hard tomorrow.

Question: do you coach any facet of the special teams?

Answer: No

Question: are there any rules re use of gloves by receivers?do you like them or no?

Answer: They have to be the color grey, no stickum. If the player likes them. I like them.

Question: i was told once by a college coach that recruiting is 80 per cent of a successful coaches job--do you agree?

Answer: I totally agree.

Question: In your opinion which is the best officiating crew in the ACC? I am not going to ask you who is the worst.

Answer: Can not comment on officials.

Question: Who has been the biggest surprise for you this year on the Offense and Defense?

Answer: offense - williamson defense - miller

Question: Coach Stock, Thank you for your dedication to our program, all the hard work, and the obvious love you have for Clemson. Your recruiting work has been unbelievable. My question is about Michael Collins: Do you see him making an immediate impact next year in our already loaded receiving corps? And will he have three years of eligibility with CU? I'm excited about his potential. Thanks!

Answer: I expect Micheal to contribute next year and he will have 3 years.

Question: Coach Stock, Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of Clemson. Please give us an idea what a typical day looks like for you during fb season and also during recruiting season.

Answer: Season - Get here at 6AM, Meet till Noon, Meet 1-2, Meet with players 2:30-3:30, Practice 4-6, Meet 6:30-8:00, Call recruits 8-10, Go home 10:30; Recruiting - Leave Sunday afternoon, come home Friday afternoon.

Question: Coach can you give us an idea of how many O/L we'd like to sign this year and why we've had trouble getting sufficient numbers in this area in the past?

Answer: 4-5, because you have to go out of state to get a lot of those kids and any time you go out of state it's harder to get them.

Question: Seeing as how recruiting is now more of a year around event, how much time during the season will the staff spend on evaluating and mailing high school juniors?

Answer: We recruit them just like a senior except you are not allowed to call them.

Question: Hey coach! As always, thanks for coming. Question: What do you think are the reasons for our poor play on special teams? Coaching, talent, both...?

Answer: Have gone against some really good players and they have made plays.

Question: Coach if you weren't in fb what would you be doing?

Answer: I'd have my car detail shop.

Question: Coack Stock - thanks for your continued love and hard work for Clemson University! Could you please talk about recruiting against Lou Holtz and staff. I know they are looking to have another great class this year. As a matter of fact, many people say this will be the 2nd year they have outrecruited us.

Answer: We'll see.

Question: Coach - It seems to me that Derrick Hamilton will have to adapt to catching balls over the middle and be fearless when doing so before we can talk about the next level with him. He has a lotof drops. Any comments?

Answer: His drops have come mostly because he has tried to run with the ball before he catches it. There is no question about his toughness or fearlessness about going over the middle. If he continues to work likes he has he will definately go to the next level.

Question: Coach Stockstill - What kind of defense will Maryland throw at your guys?

Answer: They will try to out number us in the running game and make us one dimenisonal.

Question: Coach Stock - do you like the purple or all orange?

Answer: Purple.

Question: Coach Stock, The QB change has to be tough on Willie after he waited so long for his shot. Is he truly handling things okay? What is his outlook for next season?

Answer: He is disappointed and that is what you want. Because he is such a competitor. He works hard every day in practice and prepares like he is the starter.

Question: No question. Just wanted to say Thanks for the effort that you, Burton and the other coaches are giving to get us where we need to be.

Answer: Thanks.

Question: Is it true we are only gonna take 4 OL in this class?

Answer: 4-5

Question: Coach did you consider CU when you were recruited? How did your brother end up at CU?

Answer: They didn't recruit me. Jeff loved Clemson and wanted to get away form me so he didn't go to FSU.

Question: Coach, after seeing Airese get behind the Duke secondary so easily, I wonder why we don't run more fly patterns to him?

Answer: We did at North Carolina and a lot of times the coverage dictates the route and who you throw to.

Question: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us before tomorrow's game!

Answer: Thanks

Question: How are Grant, McCloud, and Collins coming along?

Answer: really good. Expect all three to be good players.

Question: Heard great things about D. Coleman. How is he doing?

Answer: Doing good.

Question: Will Cannon and Adams be able to contribute next year or will they need another year?

Answer: problably as backups because of what we have coming back.

Question: How many LBs are we looking to sign in this class?

Answer: 2

Question: how much does a bowl game help our recruiting?

Answer: It helps a ton.

Question: What are the biggest challenges in recruiting this year?

Answer: Always the same challenges. We just have to continue to work hard.

Question: Are there schools where the OC and recruiting coordinator are the same person?

Answer: No that I am aware of.

Question: How do coaching rumor affect recruiting.

Answer: At this time of year they don't. When it gets to January it could have an effect.

Question: What will the keys vs. South Carolina?

Answer: I don't think want to tell you Spur2001.

Question: Passes to the tight end have been few and far between. How much of that is due to Hall's shoulder and how much to the need to keep more OL in blocking schemes?

Answer: Between the two TEs they have probably 15 balls so that is not bad. Ben's shoulder is fine.

Question: Can you remember a game since Bowden arrived as big as this one coming up Saturday?

Answer: From coaches' standpoint every game is a big game.

Question: Who is the best recruiter you have to go against on a regular basis and the best you've ever known?

Answer: regular basis - fsu because of what they have to sell; best - brad scott

Question: What are Maryland's strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: strengths - can run on defense and physical; offense - control the ball with run and pass

Question: was is easier to recruit before all of these gurus got involved?

Answer: Less information was out before. Now the gurus are leaking information.

Question: How long does it takes for new players to get the importance of the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry?

Answer: The week before their first USC game.

Question: How many total can we sign?

Answer: 17-20

Question: How many scholorships do we have for the 2003 class right now?

Answer: 17-20

Question: Coach: Will Michael Collins participate in baskeball or just play FB?

Answer: Both but can't play basketball this year but he can practice with them.

Question: Without tipping anything off, do we still have something new in the playbook for Maryland?

Answer: Probably not.

Question: Coach, what is the toughest offensive position to coach and why?

Answer: OL and QB because they have to adjust to so many different fronts and coverages.

Question: What do you think of the star-ranking system used by recruiting "experts"?

Answer: Who said they were experts?

Question: Do you read, if so, what do you think of it?

Answer: No

Question: Do you have an interest in Greenville Tech?

Answer: No

Question: Coach: In recruiting OL, what criterion must a player meet to get your interest?

Answer: Size, Strength, Foot Quickness

Question: What's the word on throwback unis vs. USC this year?

Answer: Haven't heard.

Question: This is truly a serious question...can you hear the "Whooo Hooo" fans now do to Tiger Rag...and do you like it or think it is gay.

Answer: I don't hear it.

Question: Gator, Peach, Tangerine, or Tire bowl, which one would you like to coach in?

Answer: Tangerine

Question: Which defensive redshirts will make an impact next year?

Answer: Buddy Williams, Anthony Waters

Question: How do you feel about playing night games?

Answer: I don't like them.

Question: How many LBs would like to have on scholie at all times?

Answer: 7

Question: Do you often have to dispell rumors that recruits read on the internet?

Answer: Not a lot right now. But you have to be aware of them.

Question: Coach: Since Coach Bowden has arrived, how do you think our offense has changed?

Answer: Able to throw the ball more effectively

Question: what was the toughest defense weve faced this year,so far?

Answer: GA and NCSU

Question: I f I won the powerball and donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS, do you thin I could run down the Hill with the Team? I do have 4 years of eligibility left ...

Answer: Give me $100 and I'll get you up there.

Question: Coach... Cole Chason... how does his punting look in practice and why is he redshirting... is it because of his time to get off kicks, etc. Thanks!

Answer: Doing good. Redshirted because he was hurt in middle of two a days and never got healthy until 2 weeks ago.

Question: are we going after any big time db's and who do you see stepping up when mance leaves?

Answer: Yes we are. Fudge has played well this year.

Question: Why do we continue to use a tight formation when we get to the goal line instaed of spreading out the defense?

Answer: Because most defenses subsitute another DL and we bring in another big body to counteract that.

Question: Other than OL what are the teams biggest needs in recruiting?

Answer: A couple at every position.

Question: What about Woodly Tellfort, the Junior College OL? Can you comment on him or JUCO OL in general?

Answer: Can't comment on recruits.

Question: Will Whipple see any PT at DE next season or will he need more time to bulk up?

Answer: Playing on special teams now. Still needs to get bigger.

Question: In your opinion, what are the keys to a Clemson victory against Maryland

Answer: Give up no big plays on defense. Be solid in the kicking game. We must be successful on first down and stay out of long yardage situations and of course protect the ball.

Question: Hey Coach Stock,Thanks for the hard work you do for Clemson University.Why doesn't Kyle Browning get much playing time?

Answer: He's doing really good. He's just got 3 guys ahead of him that are doing well also.

Question: How has this team changed since the Georgia game?

Answer: Not as deep on OL.

Question: Coach what is the capital of North Dakota? and thanks for being here today.

Answer: Nice question. I have no idea.

Question: Coach: how do we decide which players we will recruit? Specifically to pursue a particular QB?

Answer: Recruit by position needs and then whoever are the best players at those positions.

Question: Coach- do you think winning three out of four agains N Carolina schools and crushing UNC will help us make headway up there in recruiting?

Answer: Can't hurt. We are trying to recruit NC hard.

Question: Coach, has the removal fo the crown made much difference in our passing game? Overall hows the surface for the wr cust etc.

Answer: Maybe a little. the big difference it's a faster surface and has a better drainage system than before. Not much effect with WRs' cuts.

Question: Hi Coach What are we doing about the OL protecting thr QB

Answer: We gave up one sack against UNC so they are working very hard.

Question: Does the fact the Florida and FSU have struggled this year have any impact on recruiting in the state of Florida?

Answer: No they are not struggling that bad and it's tough to get them to leave the state. Don't forget about Miami

Question: Coach: Eric Young, OL or DL?

Answer: Can't comment on recruits.

Question: With Charlie at the reign now are the recievers more comfortable

Answer: They are comfortable with whoever is at QB

Question: Taking into account he improves each year, is it safe to say Justin Miller will be the best DB to ever play at Clemson?

Answer: Have to make that decision after he's done it for 3 more years.

Question: Coach,Are we healty going into this game tomorrow night?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are the gurus leading to us asking more kids to keep their commitments "silent?"

Answer: At times you would rather have a silent commitment early then that way your competition doesn't who to point the gun at.

Question: who knows more---Mickey Plyler or Phil Kornblut? which do you go to for advice?

Answer: i don't take advice from either.

Question: Do you think message boards with negative posts about recruits and players affect recruiting?

Answer: Not directly but any time there is negative talk about anything I think it has some effect.

Question: Coach is there any thought that the new bb recruit from Va signed the other day would play fb too or is that to be determined?

Answer: Ask Larry.

Question: How big are Myrick and Jetton now? Whipple and C. Bennett?

Answer: Myrick - 260ish; Whipple - 205; Bennett - 250

Question: Still waiting for that lifetime contract?

Answer: Yes

Question: Coach: Does the team have a procedure it follows before offering a player? For example does more than one coach need to see he him play?

Answer: recruiting coach must approve him, position coach approve him. At times we may get the O or D coordinator involved. Coach Bowden has the ulitmate vote of approval or denial. Usually use him when it's a tie.

Question: I know you're busy but do read tigernet ocassionally to see what is in the rumor mill?t

Answer: Usually on thursday when things slow down a little.

Question: Have you talked to Reggie Herring lately?

Answer: this morning.

Question: What is your dream job?

Answer: To be a head coach on the D1 level.

Question: Which walkon that is currently playing is most likely to get a scholarship?

Answer: Sharpe

Question: Does Coach O'Cain work with the punters since he punted at CU?

Answer: No

Question: Coach: You DO realize that you're about to be swamped with $100 bills, right?

Answer: I meant $1000 not $100

Question: Coach: why have we gone away from the hurry up - "no-huddle" approach to the offense?

Answer: Defenses have caught up with that style.

Question: Are we a stronger team because of the loss to NC State or the wins of Duke and UNC?

Answer: No we just played better against Duke and UNC than against State.

Question: Coach: Considering MD's dangerous return guy, will our strategy be to kick it out of bounds?

Answer: we are aware of him.

Question: Stock, what's the health of Keith Kelly and Chad Jasmin?

Answer: Keith 100% Chad still a little knicked

Question: Your preference on offense, third down and two or third down and five?

Answer: 3rd and two

Question: How much of ourofense is taking what the D gives and how much is our exploiting the D's weakness? Does that philosophy vary?

Answer: We have a gameplan to try to try to exploit their weaknesses but at same time you can't be hard headed and force something so you have to take what they give you.

Question: Hey coach. Who are your Heisman favorites? Chris Brown (Colo), Corey Jenkins (USC), etc...?

Answer: Not really following it.

Question: Coach with all the bizarre rumors and hearsay is they team staying focused?

Answer: we haven't heard a lot of rumors.

Question: In your time as a player and a coach, what is the greatest single game performance you've ever witnessed by a single player? What the greatest single game performance by a Clemson player?

Answer: dantzler against GT and NCSU and Gardner against UNC in 2000

Question: Are we looking at any JUCO's on the OL in general?

Answer: Possible.

Question: it seems that MD may have the edge in the OL and DL. who has the edge with skill position players?

Answer: Both are very close.

Question: What's the ideal scholarship breakdown by position?

Answer: 4 QBs, 9 Wrs, 17 OL, 4 tailbacks, 3 TEs, 3 Fullbacks, 1 Kicker, 1 Punter, 1 Snapper, 14 DBs, 7 LBs, 16 DL/DEs roughly

Question: @ a $100 a head to run down the hill, the Heritage Center Fund could grow pretty quick.

Answer: this was supposed to be my money.

Question: Coach, what is game day on a night game like for the team. What type schedule are they on?

Answer: day game (12:00) - 7:30 wake up, 8:00 pregame meal, 8:30 Offense/Defense walkthru, 8:50 Get Taped, 9:45 leave for stadium Night basically the same thing just longer day and meetings are spread out. We always eat pregame meal 4 hours before the game.

Question: Thank you so much for everything you do for Clemson University!

Answer: Thank you.

Question: Are our toss sweeps more like toss hand offs designed to hit the 6 hole? And if so, could the recent contribution from Tye Hill creat more true toss sweeps around the corner?

Answer: Yes and no. Depends on the defense whether the back goes inside or outside.

Question: Coach, do you take checks for the $100 Hill run?

Answer: No. cash only.

Question: I think Tommy Sharpe at Center is a good change, but why wouldn't we let Chester play OG and move Walker out to OT?

Answer: You don't to strengthen one position by weakening another position. If Tommy got hurt then Chester would have gotten no work at center during the week.

Question: Are we running plays tomorrow night specifically geared to stay away from E.J. Henderson?

Answer: No

Question: Many recruits have great things to say about you. What do you think they like in you?

Answer: That I am consistent and honest in everything I do with them. And I try to outwork the competition to make them feel important.

Question: Coach Stockstill,How many Wide Recievers do you want with this years recruiting class?

Answer: at least 2

Question: Can you formaly declare on Tigernet that you will never leave Clemson University? :)

Answer: that's not up to me.

Question: Coach: who decides that one player is better than another from a recruiting standpoint. In other words how do you decide to offer one QB over another? Do you decide or is it done committe or by the position caoch?

Answer: By position coach

Question: Considering the starting times of the next two games, will the team and staff take in a few afternoon games on TV or will you prepare another way?

Answer: the players will watch other games. the coaches will be busy entertaining recruits.

Question: Coach, do you usually have a pretty good idea who we'll ultimately sign or do you still get big surprises on recruits?

Answer: Always some last minute changes but usually you have a good idea where you stand.

Question: What do you think about Will Merrit's show in the morning?

Answer: I don't get to listen to it a lot because of our meetings but when I do I think he does a great job. He has good information and he can relate from a players perspective where a lot of sports talk host can't do. I have a lot of respect for Will and I think he will continue to be very successful

Question: What position is Myrick & Bennet going play next season?

Answer: Myrick - OG; Bennett - Probably tackle.

Question: Coach Stockstill, if a player is deemed a non-qualifer, can he enroll at another institution (for the sake of argument, let's say SC State) and then transfer to a 1A school after only one year??

Answer: Not unless he gets 48 transferable hours.

Question: With alot of head coaching jobs coming open have you been contacted about a head coaching position??

Answer: No

Question: How credible are the rumors that Scott and O'Cain are leaving at seasons end and if they do, would you like to be the next OC ???

Answer: No crediblity at all.

Question: Hey coach. Can Whipple punt?

Answer: I don't know.

Question: Coach you can answer this one for the benefit of us all: do the players read stuff here on Tigernet?

Answer: Absolutely. they come in my office and get on this computer everyday before meetings and this is where they go to.

Question: Other the obvious on field changes... what has Lovett meant to the defense OFF the field, ie: teaching positions, philosophy?

Answer: I think John is a very good coach and is a great communicator and i think that is important in any coach.

Question: How is Michael Collins looking? Will he contribute next year?

Answer: Good, we expect him to.

Question: Some of our WR's have had the drops this year. Can you tell us what kind of drills you do with them to help them catch the ball? Does Charlie throw a more "catchable" ball?

Answer: Not much difference between Charlie's and Willie's. We work various drills everyday and I'm not foolish enough to think that we will catch every ball but that is our goal.

Question: Is David Blackwell a good recruiter? Do you know him personally?

Answer: yes and yes

Question: what year (of high school)do you start recruiting a kid? do you start with mail?when can you actually call him?

Answer: As early as possible. You can only mail him a camp brochure and questionaire prior to his junior year. Beginning September 1 of his junior year you can write him personal notes and general mail. Can't call till he is a senior.

Question: Coach, I hear you and Tommy say that other teams have figured out the no-huddle BUT why not run it occassionaly throuought the game just to keep the Defense on their heels?

Answer: We did against UNC and Duke and have used it in another games as well.

Question: It's extremely nice of you to spend all this time with us

Answer: Thank you.

Question: Have you heard from Woody? Is he happy? Considering CFL at all??

Answer: Talked to him Wednesday night. he is extremely happy. Believes he will be pulled up soon. Not considering CFL

Question: Have you talked to Coot Killer Gardner lately?

Answer: talked to him two days ago. He called and wished everybody good luck. he is doing well also.

Question: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Answer: Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons, Broncos

Question: Coach, do you feel fans should be able to run out on the field after a game?

Answer: I think with everything going on in our society today that that time may be coming to an end because of safety reasons.

Question: Does Death Valley get louder for night games?

Answer: Depends on the score of the game. It has been loud during day games where you couldn't hear just like it has during night games.

Question: Coach, I hope you appreciate how much we value you and the job you do for Clemson. We really look forward to these chats and appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions!!!

Answer: I appreciate you and you say some nice things about me and that means a lot. this also makes me feel closer to you guys because we don't get out very much where we can see you.

Question: If I'm not mistaken, coaches can only call recruits once per week this time of year. That being the case, how can one coach outwork others in recruiting. After all, there's only so much time to write letters during the week.

Answer: If you want to outwork somebody then you will write more letters, talk longer on the phone and find a way to work harder.

Question: With the late game you should have time to stop by the our tailgate. Can we expect to see you? The cooler will be cold and the grill will be hot.

Answer: Don't know where you tailgate

Question: Did you recruit Justin Miller? We sure could use some more like him :-)

Answer: No Robbie Brown did.

Question: How big is a win against USC in recruiting in state

Answer: I'm worried about Maryland right now.

Question: How highly recruited was Whitehurst?

Answer: He had 5-10 offers which means you are highly recruited.

Question: Coach:Who is the fastest player on the team?

Answer: Currie or Hill

Question: Are you considering leaving Clemson after this season

Answer: No plans

Question: How often do you offer a player based upon film alone? That is no one watched the player in person?

Answer: sometimes, mostly skill kids you do that with but you still like to see them in person.

Question: Who found Whitehurst?

Answer: Coach O'Cain was recruiting him at UNC and then when he came him we started recruiting him. Charlie did come to our camp so we saw him there also.

Question: Coach, where DO we stand with recruiting? Only 4 commitments right now is a little disheartening...

Answer: We are in good shape. Signing date is in Feb. We expect a good class.

Question: What impact can 6 6' Michel Collins have next year?

Answer: Unless he grows a couple more inches he's not 6-6. But he is a good player and will contribute.

Question: Are there any players in the room with you now?

Answer: No they are in class.

Question: When will Justin Watts finally get the recognition he deserves?

Answer: Justin was a great player for Clemson. He is going to be a great coach and has a very bright future ahead of him. I just hope when he gets his head coaching job he won't forget me.

Question: Coach-does Charlie give the offense a wider variety of routes that he can throw as opposed to woody last year and willie this year?

Answer: More than Woody but not Willie.

Question: do any of the players that come on here to SEE what is being said, reply?--That you know of?

Answer: No they just read.

Question: What players do you think will get a shot at the next level?

Answer: Eason, McNeil, Brantley, Mance, Thomas, Meekins, Byrd, McKelvey, Robinson, Rambert, and all the other players that read this.

Question: How is T. Monts coming along?

Answer: Good

Question: Do you agree that Willie puts too much "Heat" on the short passes?

Answer: No

Question: IF we were to lose a coach or you think David Blackwell would be interested in coming to Clemson? Obviously he wouldhave to be contacted....but IF contacted do you think he would be interested?

Answer: Haven't talked to David since this summer

Question: Coach, I've noticed our WR's have started to go toward a FSU "stance" before the snap where they hold their hands up like they are getting ready to box. What is the advantage to doing that over having their hands at their side?

Answer: they have been like that for the last seven years. the advantage is against press coverage you are able to get your hands on them quicker.

Question: Coach, What is the the relationship between this coaching staff and former Star (NFL) Players? I see some schools invite their former greats to be on the sidelines during game does this help recruiting?

Answer: Really good. Rod was at GA. Sapp comes to a lot of games. Buckner was at NCSU. McDaniel was at Wake. So we try to encourage and get them to come aorund as much as possible.

Question: It seems like David Dunham is one of our hardest hitters. Why can't he get on the field?

Answer: Plays on all special teams. Is just a redshirt freshman. has some good players in front of him. We must be patient with young kids. He is doing really good.

Question: Do we scout ourselves in order to pick up on tendencies????

Answer: Yes every week.

Question: Do you think that, starting in 2003, we will have all the pieces together (depth, talent, experience, etc.)?

Answer: the puzzle is not completed but we are getting closer.

Question: Have you worked much coaching from the booth? Is there a strong preference for the sideline or booth on your part?

Answer: My first four years I was in the booth. Yes there is a difference. You can see better in the booth but I think you have a better feel for the game and the players by being on the field.

Question: Do you think in the end that we will have a successful recruiting class?

Answer: yes

Question: Any fan ever given you a tip on a recruit that later was signed by us? Who was the player?

Answer: Yes

Question: The gamecocks fans have started a rumor about the NCAA investigating the recruitment of Kevin Grant. Have you heard anything about this?

Answer: No and they can investigate all they want and they will find nothing. So bring it on.

Question: Coach, what do the letter X,Y,Z, and H represent? Do they have meaning behind them?

Answer: No meaning X and Z are outside receivers..H and Y are slots.

Question: How far can CW and WS actually throw the ball?

Answer: Both about 65 yards

Question: Do you think Justin Miller will be better than Wolford, McCleon, and Lott by the time he leaves Clemson?

Answer: If he continues to work he will have a chance.

Question: Coach:Do you go to any high school games on Friday nights to see the players play in person that you are recruiting when you have the chance?

Answer: yes. we are allowed to go out 6 times between September 1 and November 30

Question: Coach: Have you kept up with the situation at BAMA and the most recent revelations?? Has recruiting always been that corrupt or is it something new. HS coaches getting $200K for a player is sad.

Answer: I've kept up with it and really don't know the ins and outs of what really happened so I can't comment further.

Question: do you think there will be an increase in the scholarship limit with the new ncaa president?

Answer: No

Question: Coach, real proud and grateful for the job you and all of the staff does; what concerns you most about Marylands defense this Saturday?

Answer: the ability to make us one dimensional

Question: Is the mood in the locker room one of confidence and belief of finishing relatively strong, or is it a mood of just trying to get through?

Answer: confident and very very excited about finishing on a positive note.

Question: How do you define a "successful" recruiting class. One that fills needs or one that is ranked among the nations top15

Answer: One fills your needs.

Question: What do you and the staff think of the job that Friedgen and his staff have done?

Answer: they have done a great job.

Question: Are we likely to see a lot of Duane Coleman next year?

Answer: depends on how he does this spring and during 2 a days.

Question: It seems like we are passing to the middle of the field more since the Duke game. Will we continue to work this area of the field more?

Answer: It's more because of what the defense is doing.

Question: How many days till the shed social?

Answer: 3 months

Question: You going to see Greenville and Union tonight????

Answer: No we are not on the road this week.

Question: When did you know K. Grant was headed to Clemson or were you camped out in Camden with Kornblut waiting on the Camden paper? :)

Answer: He called me on tuesday night the week before signing day and told me and then announced that Friday.

Question: Do the new SAT rules go into effect with the upcoming class?

Answer: No 2004 class.

Question: Do you like the the new 12 game schedule and what do you think about a playoff instead of BCS?

Answer: I don't like the playoffs. i like the bowls. 12 game schedule is tough if you get injuries.

Question: Coach Stock - Again, thanks for your dedication to our fine university. How much of an effect do public forums and message boards have on our coaches, our players, and potential recruits? Thank you - Helgi

Answer: When positive they are good.

Question: Do you have 2 extra tix for the USC game?

Answer: Depends

Question: Hi i am Jamey ... Does this years class of recruits look solid ?

Answer: Yes

Question: How come you don't coach the punter?

Answer: I've never been told to coach the punter

Question: Coach do you think Willie will transfer next year or is he happy with helping Charlie out/????

Answer: Willie will continue to compete and will never be satisfied until he wins his job back which is excatly what you want from him.

Question: Coach, what is it like on the bus around to the hill. Is ther alot of talk or is it quiet ? Any particular order for loading or just firstcome / first serve.?

Answer: I never run down the hill. So I don't know what it is like on the bus.

Question: What experience do you need that you don't think you currently have to be DIV I head coach?

Answer: I just need the opportunity. I've been coaching for 20 years and have prepared everyday for that opportunity.

Question: Do you want to meet a Mac's for lunch? I'm buying

Answer: Don't have time.

Question: Do you like our halftime show

Answer: Never heard it.

Question: Coach Do you think Clemson has more "coaches in the stands" than other schools? Thanks for all your great work!!!

Answer: No I don't. I think Clemson fans are very passionate about Clemson football and have a right to voice their opinions.

Question: Coach Stock when you get to be a head coach what kind of O would you perfer to run ?

Answer: One that is wide open that has the ability to control the game with either the passing game or the running game and that will constantly keep defenses off balance and not hone in on us.

Question: What is the process for earning a 'merit paw' on the helmet?

Answer: Earning a paw varies by position. throwing a Td, catching a TD, sack, INT, 100 yd rusher, OL giving up no sacks, just to name a few. Thanks for all the questions. We got a meeting. I hope to do it again soon.

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