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<font class=caption>Stockstill has been Clemson's recruiting coordinator since 1999.</font>
Stockstill has been Clemson's recruiting coordinator since 1999.

CLEMSON -- Clemson assistant Rick Stockstill was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Friday. Coach Stockstill answered over 200 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted almost 2 hours. We would like to thank Coach Stockstill for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.


Question: Coach Stock - Rumors have persisted for quiet some time that UNC was picking up our signals last year and that's one of the reasons their defense looked to great against us. Do you agree that could have happened and, if so, will we do anything differently this year -i.e. maybe have 2 guys signaling at once?

Answer: Always a problem that we are aware of and we are doing some things this year to protect ourselves.s

Question: How is Youngblood doing? Will he be at 90% or better by UGA game?

Answer: Great. I expect him to be a 100%

Question: Who will start at WR this year?

Answer: A lot depends on injuries and how well they play this August.

Question: Will keith Kelly suprise this year?

Answer: I think he will have a great year. I don't think he is a surprise anymore.

Question: Not a question. Just a thank you for all you do for Clemson.

Answer: thanks.

Question: Coach Stockstill-welcome!- Will Zimmerman play safety and if so, will Grant not redshirt?

Answer: Zimmerman will be at WR, Kelvin will depend on how fast he learns the offense.

Question: Can Coleman play as a partial qualifier if he does not make his score again? (by the way, this situation stinks!)

Answer: No

Question: All these "experts" think we have no offense with Woody gone. What do you say to that? I say it's a slap in the face to the guys we have now.

Answer: Woody was a great player but I think we have guys ready to step up and take over where he left off.

Question: Will we use alot more timing routes and I-formation if the OL struggles?

Answer: I don't think our OL will struggle.

Question: Will Jasmin get a good look at tailback in the one back set?

Answer: He will play some.

Question: Will any precautions be taken in preseason camp regarding Youngblood? i.e... holding him out of some practices to minimize the wear and tear on his leg, etc.

Answer: Yes. It will be day to day to see how he is doing. I want to make sure he gets to the game healthy.

Question: After going against our defense this spring, who would you pick to be a "surprise" player for us on that side of the ball?

Answer: Donnell Washington, Sampson, JJ Howard

Question: Do you honestly think the lack of a crown on the field this year will help our offense?

Answer: I don't it will be a drastic change but it will help because we practice on a flat field.

Question: Will any of the freshman practices be open to the public?

Answer: I think all of them

Question: Is Woody Dantzler the best athlete you've ever coached?

Answer: Yes

Question: How many kids are we looking to sign in the 2003 class?

Answer: 17 to 20

Question: Will we see more drag routes to the TE and RB screens this year?

Answer: More drag routes

Question: Thank you for being here today!

Answer: You're welcome

Question: Do you expect certain freshmen WR to contribute this year?

Answer: Again it all depends on how fast they learn the system

Question: Does Coach Ford ever come around to chat with the coaches?

Answer: He came to one freshman practice last year.

Question: What do you think is our strength on O this year?

Answer: Skill Players

Question: What is the rationale behind the move of Baham back to WR?

Answer: Trying to find a place for him to play on the field.

Question: Do we have silent commitments?

Answer: ssssshhh

Question: How's Coach Lovett doing?

Answer: Good

Question: Is Zimmerman as good as advertised?

Answer: He was in high school and I think he will be able to adjust to the college game as well.

Question: Does the talent level at WR help our DBs progress in training?

Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Coach Stockstill, first of all I wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and dedication for Clemson University. You are the model for what a college coach should strive to be. Has Gaines Adams received word that he is a full qualifier? And is Duane Coleman going to be a partial qualifier at worst? Thanks for your time

Answer: Gaines Adams - yes, Duane is still waiting on paperwork

Question: Has Clemson given you the lifetime contract you deserve?

Answer: I wish.

Question: How's the recruiting going this year?

Answer: Everything is real positive and I think we will have a great year.

Question: Will our O-line hold its ground against teams like Georgia?

Answer: I think they will be ready for the challenge.

Question: Are you excited about the upcoming season?

Answer: Yes

Question: Virgina, UNC, or USC, which game do our players want to win the most as a payback for last year?

Answer: We are looking at playing this season one game at a time beginning at Georgia.

Question: What is the most difficult game this season?

Answer: The first because it's the first.

Question: How's Rod doing?

Answer: Great. He is Japan and plays tomorrow.

Question: How's Woody doing? Will he make the cut?

Answer: He feels good about what is going on and is confident he will make the team.

Question: How many offensive linemen do we hope to sign this year?

Answer: Never an exact science but probably 4

Question: Rick, first off thanks for all you've done for Clemson!!! You've put in your heart and soul. My question: would you please tell TB to let Tye Hill or Zimmerman play in the secondary. Do you agree we need help there? Last year it was truly hard to watch those kids get burned time and time again!!! thanks!!

Answer: Last year the secondary was very young. I think they will be better this year because of the experience they gained.

Question: zimm going to be on O or D at end of the year?

Answer: O

Question: How does Mike O'Cain feel about the QB situation this fall?

Answer: Very good. we have two good QBs but they must stay healthy

Question: Welcome again Rick! It's great to have you here again! I would like to know how Todd McClinton is progressing at DT. I would love to see him become a dominator along side D. Washington!

Answer: Good. He seems to be more at ease and confident at that position as opposed to TE.

Question: Has Baham moved to WR? I've heard such but wanted to confirm.

Answer: Yes

Question: What's the story on Michael Collins?

Answer: Will report Wednesday but must sit out this year.

Question: Coach- on Coleman, did you earlier answer mean that we cannot have him as a partial at all if he does not get his score?

Answer: No it didn't. I just meant there is still paperwork to be completed.

Question: Under what circumstances, if any, would you see a talented player going both ways. Defense and offense.

Answer: A DB playing WR.

Question: How much will having Burton & Lovett on the road help you get us a great class?

Answer: Both are hard workers and are passionate about recruiting.

Question: What will be the biggest difference between the Woody led offense of the last two years and the Willie/Charlie offense of this year?

Answer: Less QB runs.

Question: Looks like you and the staff are really hitting the OL prospects hard this recruiting season. Could be a great class!

Answer: We are excited about it.

Question: Coach Stock- will we throw to the tight end more this year and how is Williamson doing?

Answer: We have a great TE in Ben Hall. We must utilize him and Bobby is improving.

Question: is Duane Coleman eligible to be a partial qualifier if he doesn't get the necessary ACT score?

Answer: It depends on score.

Question: In your years at Clemson, who is the one player that you think of when someone uses the phrase team leader?

Answer: Dantzler, Dawkins Priester, Kirkland, Jeb Flesch

Question: I teach in Athens, so PLEASE beat those Dawgs!

Answer: We will give our best effort.

Question: In your opinion, should Danny Ford be in the Ring of Honor?

Answer: Yes

Question: Has Myrick put on any weight? What position do you see him playing?

Answer: Yes he has had a great summer. Tackle.

Question: Williamson looked good this spring, will he see some action behind Ben Hall?

Answer: Possibly but Ben is really really good

Question: How tall is Will Proctor? I've seen him listed at 6'3" but he looks closer to 6'0".

Answer: He is a good 6'2"

Question: Coach, who is gonna get the ball on the first play this year?

Answer: Whoever our center is then Willie and after that I don't know.

Question: Is it true that "If you're not cheating, you're not trying?"

Answer: Not sure what you are talking about but we work extremely hard and obide by the rules.

Question: Do you think people will be talking about Tod McClinton as a force on the DL by year's end?

Answer: He has the potential.

Question: I guess Roscoe being out puts Youngblood firmly back at the X position?

Answer: Kevin will play X and I expect him to have a great year.

Question: i hear some little short fat guy keeps you in peaches

Answer: He is not that fat.

Question: Will Will Proctor take Britney Spears to any of the games?

Answer: Ask Will

Question: Any chance Tye Hill or Kyle Browning will be used in the return game so that we can take advantage of their speed? I love have DHam back there but I'd hate to risk an injury to such a great player.

Answer: Yes. We have got to get those kids on the field.

Question: Any predictions on our record this year? In numbers? 8-4?

Answer: No

Question: If IPTAY got together & gave you a liftime contract, would you take it?

Answer: Yes

Question: Coach Stock, Who does the best as far as downfield blocking by WRs?

Answer: Jackie Robinson

Question: Coach, we can beat Georgia. Tell our guys to go to Athens with a chip on their shoulder!!!!!

Answer: We will go there with confidence and play with great effort.

Question: What do you predict being the most hottly contested positions in the fall?

Answer: LB, Safety, RB, and C

Question: Have you heard the one about Art Linkletter?

Answer: No

Question: What does Willie bring to the table that's different than Woody?

Answer: A better presence in the drop back passing game.

Question: If you could have played another position besides QB, what would it have been and did Clemson recruit you?

Answer: I couldn't have played another position. Clemson did not recruit me.

Question: How big are Myrick and Jetton and could you comment on their progress,.

Answer: Both have had great summers. They have probably both put on 25 pounds each.

Question: What do you think of the new playing surface? Will there be enough grass on the field, LOL?

Answer: I like it. Mike Echols has done a fantastic job and I am confident it will be the best surface there is.

Question: Who are some 2003 recruits that you are on yourself?

Answer: Can't talk about those because of NCAA rules.

Question: Vontrell Jamison has a great frame for an OT and we have quality depth on the DL. Any chance he gets moved?

Answer: Always a chance.

Question: Is the team speed better this year or about the same?

Answer: Better

Question: Will Will Proctor be our 3rd QB?

Answer: He and Chansi will battle for that position.

Question: What is our avg size on the O-Line this year?

Answer: Probably 300 pounds.

Question: Of our signing class this year how many can enroll for this season? Are we allowed a full 25 or will the number be less?

Answer: 19. it will be less

Question: How many QBs do we want to sign this year?

Answer: 1

Question: Which days of practice will be open?

Answer: Have not determined yet.

Question: Will we use two TEs much this season?

Answer: Possible

Question: Rick. Offenses are always evolving - knowing you will not divulge much, willwe be more similar to the '00 scheme or the '01 scheme?

Answer: I think different than both seasons.

Question: Stock: does the SEC cheat?

Answer: I've never seen any myself personally.

Question: Coach, who are the 2 fastest WR on the team? Thanks

Answer: Youngblood, Currie, Hamilton

Question: Who are the three fastest players on the team?

Answer: Hill, Currie, Hamilton and Youngblood

Question: will Currie always be in the slot?

Answer: He wasn't always in the slot last year.

Question: Stock: biggest surprise on the OL this year?

Answer: The whole unit.

Question: Coach Stockstill, I hate to beat a dead horse, but is Coleman a partial qualifier as a minimum even if he doesn't make a 17 on the ACT?

Answer: There is still too much paperwork out there. They are still evaluating everything.

Question: Have your most/all the WRs stayed in Clemson this summer?

Answer: All of them.

Question: Is it possible Miller AND Williams could avoid redshirts?

Answer: Just depends on how they do.

Question: Will Willie ever get the chance to audible or will you always send in the play changes? (No criticism, just curious)

Answer: Willie has a great understanding of the offense but we will still take the pressure off of him by making the audibles for him.

Question: Who will be the team leaders on O and D this year?

Answer: O- Willie, Blood, Hamilton, Rambert, Byrd D- Eason, McNeil, Mance, Leake

Question: How many WRs will we try to sign in Feb?

Answer: 2

Question: What road crowd in the ACC has the best atmosphere?

Answer: FSU

Question: Based solely on what I saw in the O&W game, Jeff Scott looks like a heck of a 3rd down "possession rec'r" . . .Any thoughts on how he could contribute this fall?

Answer: Jeff has great work habits. He takes a lot pride in what he is doing and I think he will make a nice contribution to this team.

Question: Will Zimm start out at X behind Blood?

Answer: No.

Question: coach, what freshman has you the most excited?

Answer: Hard to say one but Grant, Zimmerman, Coleman, Miller and all three JUCOs

Question: What Frosh OL will contribute this year?

Answer: D Fry has a chance because of his strength and size.

Question: Coach, I heard that the two juco LB are the real deal. Will they play right away?

Answer: They are really good.

Question: How do the players feel about being picked as a middle of the pack team this year? Has it motivated them?

Answer: We are all motivated to prove them wrong.

Question: What is better about Willies pocket prescence ? The height is two inches which does not seem like a lot, but perhaps it is. Thanks for being a quality person associated with our Universitty.

Answer: Woody was so confident in his running ability that if it wasn't there he felt and which he did make something positive happen. with Willie he is more confident as a passer than a runner.

Question: Coach, on the same note, what does Whitehurst bring that perhaps Simmons does not? Looking forward to seeing him in a couple of years.

Answer: Charlie has a height advantage but still must learn the offense and being put in pressure situations. He will be a good QB for us in the future.

Question: are we wearing purple jerseys this year

Answer: Ask Alphonso

Question: As a coach, what's your biggest fear?

Answer: Being fired.

Question: Are Walker, Black, Johnson & Chester better than the casual fan thinks?

Answer: i think they will prove you wrong.

Question: Coach... will you be able to scrimmage in the stadium?

Answer: yes

Question: In all of your years of coaching on the offensive side of the ball, who's the greatest defensive coach you've had to face?

Answer: Les herrin

Question: Is Altroy going to be ready to fight for that safety job?

Answer: yes

Question: Coach, what is our #1 recruiting priority this year?

Answer: Speed

Question: What is your favorite Clemson Offensive play?? Why is it your favorite?

Answer: Rod Gardner's catch. I think you know why.

Question: Coach, do you think Crosby will return for the 2003 season?

Answer: Yes

Question: Coach- how much throwing and route funning are the wr's and qbs doing this summer and are the db's working with them?

Answer: Throwing and catching all summer and the Dbs have been there also.

Question: Stock, who's the slowest coach on the staff?

Answer: Justin Watts

Question: how are the defensive players responding to the position coaches realignment, particularly dbs and lbs?

Answer: I think they have been very positive and excited.

Question: Stock - SC, GA & FL - big three in CU recruiting???

Answer: Yes and NC

Question: did you get a chance to see roscoe play basball and how much of loss not getting Francouer....

Answer: Saw Roscoe play once and Jeff is a great player that we would have loved to have had.

Question: Do you feel the Sports media in SC is biased toward USC?

Answer: No I don't

Question: why is NC State getting so much attention this year

Answer: They have a returning Qb who is very good.

Question: Coach, do you think we'll use the purple pants more often on the road and go back to using the Orange pants as our traditional big game pants?

Answer: The players really like the purple pants.

Question: Who is the strongest WR on the team?

Answer: Jackie Robinson

Question: Is there another program either in the ACC or elsewherere that you and our staff really look up to and hope to emulate from a personality/scheme/personnel standpoint?

Answer: FSU, Texas, Neb

Question: This this most talent all around since TB has been HC?

Answer: Maybe but we still have to perform and not go on potential.

Question: Coach, hopw concerned are you about depth along the OL?

Answer: It is a concern. We must stay healthy.

Question: Do you plan to rotate Whitehurst and Willie at all?

Answer: Not just to do it.

Question: Coach, what do you think of Phil Kornblutt?

Answer: I think he works hard.

Question: Coach Stockstill: when you mentioned that would take less than 19, were you refering to this incoming class or the 2003 class?

Answer: incoming

Question: Prototypical QB of the future for Clemson: Drop-back or dual threat?

Answer: Drop-back but still have the ability to run.

Question: Did you learn anything from the ladies at the clinic?

Answer: that they really had a good time.

Question: Do we have a depth issue at any position?

Answer: we don't have experienced depth at OL

Question: A lot has been said about turnover margin. Whatt is the staff doing this year to specifically impact that issue on O and D?

Answer: we are going to work extremely hard at preventing and creating them.

Question: Coach... if you could answer, what one player is your biggest disappointment on the recruiting trail (not having gotten) and what player has been your biggest victory?

Answer: Everyone that I have signed I consider them a big victory. the biggest disappointment probably Tommy Frazier because of the reason he told me why we wasn't coming to Clemson.

Question: Is Coach Bowden on the "hot seat" as claimed by the media?

Answer: No

Question: What is your favorite golf course?

Answer: I don't play golf unless I have to because I don't get much time off and I like to spend that time with my family.

Question: What do you think about the Thursday night games?

Answer: I like them at home. I hate them on the road.

Question: What is your greatest moment as a coach?

Answer: Winning and watching players succeed and be positive people in society.

Question: Coach- tell us about McCLoud- we have not read much about him

Answer: Great athlete that can play many position.

Question: Who is the strongest player you have ever seen?

Answer: Need to call Joey on that one.

Question: Who is our #3 OT heading into camp?

Answer: Myrick

Question: What advise that you would give to a high school football player who's dream is to play Tiger football on making that dream come true?

Answer: Get your academics in order. Work harder at everything you do than anybody else.

Question: Togh question - understand if not anawered , does Willie have NFL potential????

Answer: Yes. the only negative is will the NFL take a 6'1" QB

Question: What are UGA's strengths on D?

Answer: Their front and LB

Question: Coach, in the 19 coming in this weekend, are you counting JUCO's? My numbers aren't adding up here.

Answer: No

Question: Why did Tommy Frazier pass on Clemson??

Answer: I promised him that would always be between he and I.

Question: If I asked you which stadium looks like an upside down cockroach, would you know which one I was refering to?

Answer: No

Question: Bradenton FL has had some good ones - Frazier, Warwick, Bosley Allen, MacPherson and others - do you get down here year each year?

Answer: We have a coach that does.

Question: Will you guys try to redshirt a soph. linebacker if the JUCO's play a lot with Leake, Thomas, etc.?

Answer: Always possible

Question: If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

Answer: at home with my family.

Question: Is this years team better than last years?

Answer: Potentially

Question: Coach, is Nat Gillespie still at OT? I noticed you said Myrick was the No. OT.

Answer: yes he is.

Question: Who works the hardest on offense?

Answer: Simmons, Rambert, Brantley, Robinson

Question: Coach, Which incoming Freshmen will have the biggest impact.

Answer: Depends on their conditioning and how fast they learn.

Question: How bad do you want to beat USC (UCS) this season?

Answer: you always want to beat your rival.

Question: Is Chester staying at center now?

Answer: Probably

Question: Coach, go home to your wife and kids. Thanks for stopping by, and know that we are excited and appreciative of all that you and the staff do for Clemson. Good luck this season!

Answer: Thank you very much

Question: Got in her late, sorry if this has been asked. Will there be a QB controversy this year? Is TB sold on WS, or is CW that good? Thank you.

Answer: No controversy. Charlie will be good. We and the fans need to patient and let him develop.

Question: Will McCleod start out at WR?

Answer: Yes

Question: Coach, when you sell CU to recruits..what is at the top of the list?

Answer: Tommy Bowden, tradition, and the passion that the Clemson people express

Question: coach, do you think we have too many receivers at the moment. shouldn't we move some of those athletes to the other side of the ball?

Answer: Not as deep with experienced receivers as you think.

Question: Coach Stock, can another school challenge a recruits test score?

Answer: yes

Question: What keeps you up at night?

Answer: I sleep good

Question: Will we see a more vertical attack this year(20 to 30 yard pass's) and what will be our run to pass ratio?

Answer: We would like to go vertical. the ratio will depend on what defenses do

Question: Could Zimmerman possibly play offense and defense this year?

Answer: Not both

Question: Will all the newcomers be coming in Sunday (except maybe Coleman?)

Answer: Still a lot of paperwork on several kids.

Question: Toughest DB's year in year out in the ACC?

Answer: FSU

Question: Who was your most highly recruited player that you received a commitment from while you have been at Clemson?

Answer: Roscoe

Question: Rick, are we going to have to score 40 points to be competitive this year?

Answer: No

Question: What part of Kentucky do you like the best?

Answer: Georgetown

Question: Coach,thanks for the great job that you do for Clem Will we see more 2nd team players this year on the offense.Seems like we only played one deep last year, even when up or down by a good margin. ie UNC, La. Tech

Answer: We've got to develop depth so hopefully we can.

Question: Which Fr. gets to touch the ball on our first Offensive play?

Answer: Probably will not be a freshman

Question: We played very bad at home last this the year we bring back the meaning of Death Valley?

Answer: I sure hope so

Question: Are going after Wendell Singletary?

Answer: Can't comment because of NCAA rules.

Question: coach,I realize it would be politically correct to answer my question with tact but tell me how you really feel about Phil Kornhead...he constantly throws jabs at the Tigers and builds lil Lousers team up.

Answer: I don't listen to the radio.

Question: Stock, will there be less QB rollouts and more downfield passing this year?

Answer: Probably

Question: in your opinion should coach herrin be in the ring of honor?

Answer: He is the best football coach I've been around.

Question: Any idea how long it takes out of state players to appreciate the depth of our rivalry with UCS?

Answer: usually once they have played in the game the first time they understand the importance.

Question: Coach, I love the Alley-Oop play we would run when Youngblood was a Frosh when he and Willie came in late. Will we see that play this year?

Answer: Yes

Question: What WR spot will you start Zimmerman out in? X, Y, ?

Answer: Z

Question: How is Crosby's recovery from the Tommy John surgery progressing?

Answer: He is on schedule.

Question: Do you and Coach Bobby Bowden still talk very much?

Answer: Yes when we play or if I run into him.

Question: Do you believe most in state players grow up predisposed to go to either Clemson or USC?

Answer: I think they grow up liking one school but are not predetermined on which they attend

Question: are the coaches going to play politics with the Lbs, or will they allow morris and jamison to start the first game if they are better than leake and thomas???

Answer: We don't play politics. the best player will play.

Question: Coach, you said speed is our top priority in recruiting this year? What positions are top priority? OL?

Answer: QB, OL, DB, DL

Question: How far off were we last year, I know the margin between good plays and bad can be very small in college.

Answer: We were in most of the games where we had a chance in the 4th qtr.

Question: What do you remember the most about QBing for Bobby Bowden?

Answer: His passion for the game and beating Notre Dame, Neb, Pitt, Florida, and others.

Question: You want to stop by Goobers after this chat, and let me buy you a beer? You may need a couple.

Answer: Sounds good

Question: Have some rough gameplans been determined yet for this season?

Answer: Georgia

Question: Great job, coach! Which, if any, of the players coming off redshirts this year do you see getting playing time?

Answer: Keith Kelly, Altroy

Question: Coach, some folks are surprised that we offered a kicker. Please explain to those who do not understand

Answer: We lose our punter this year and Aaron will be a senior next year so you would like to work with one before you throw him to the wolves. I enjoyed it. I will come back anytime you guys will have me. I appreciate everything Clemson has done for

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