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CLEMSON, SC -- Radio talk show host Phil Kornblut was our special guest in TigerActive Chat today at 3PM EST. Kornblut is the host of Sportstalk on the South Carolina Radio Network from 6-8 p.m. weeknights. He is also the editor of a recruiting website called Palmetto Recruiting.


Question: South Carolina appears to be experiencing a wonderful collection of in-state recruits; what is the key component of their message for success this year?

Answer: they did a nice job of putting their coaches in the right places in the state...and they jumped on the juniors early.

Question: How is Clemson looking with the junior RB out of Lexington?

Answer: in the hunt. if i remember correctly, clemson was the first to offer.

Question: Hi, Phil. What gives on the Brooks/USC recruiting scandal?

Answer: i saw brooks comments and i can't answer his claims. i mentioned brooks on sportstalk earlier this week as a possibility for clemson. i cited sources, and i believe my sources. for whatever reason, it didn't work out. there are denials all around and that's fine. i don't think my sources would make something up.

Question: Coach Bowden is doing a great job out of state this year; why do you suppose we are having such success out of state?

Answer: clemson has always done well in georgia. the staff targeted certain players for certain positions, ie jeff francouer, and went hard after them. that has paid off. and they're not done yet.

Question: What do you know about the Dr. Peele situation?

Answer: all i know is there have been some concerns about some surgeries and diagnoses (sorry about the spelling) by him on some usc athletes. i know there has been some media looking into it and there could be a story on it in the future.

Question: Did you ever get a chance to check out the band Korn?

Answer: do they play country?

Question: What did USC's staff do better this year in recruiting that Clemson's did not?

Answer: as far as in state goes, it was just usc's year...the needs and the availabilities worked out their way and their coaches have done a great job...perhaps not having brad scott on the road as much in state hurt clemson some.

Question: Phil.. It seems your sources were wrong on Dunlap as the DC and Brooks as the DC. It seems as if you have been wrong a good many times lately with regards to things occuring at Clemson. Also, to your credit, it seems that when you provide the "scoop" on a USC story, you are seldom wrong. I was just wondering... how do you have such good sources at USC and have such poor sources at Clemson?

Answer: i have good sources both places. to set you straight, chris ard first reported dunlap as the dc and i reported what chris reported. the fact is, dunlap was offered the job and turned it down. chris's mistake was assuming he would take the job. we were the first to report john thompson was at the top of the list, which was correct. and he turned it down. we were the first to report paul rhoads at pittsburgh was offered the job. that too is correct. as for the brooks information, i believe my sources on the story despite the denials.

Question: What is your gut feeling on Justin Miller and Duane Coleman?

Answer: miller is not giving an indication between the three. i think clemson has an excellent shot with coleman.

Question: Phil...You always talk about how you don't evaulate talent or see film, etc. Yet, you mentioned in a chat on another site yesterday that in your opinion, Will Proctor would not be the answer for the Tigers at quarterback. Why do you make this statement?

Answer: true, i don't evaluate talent or see film. i do talk to high school and college coaches about players and get their opinions. plus, i use offers from other schools as somewhat of a guide. of course, that's not always a true indicator.

Question: Will there be any bluechip suprises coming to tigertown the next 7 days.

Answer: they still have some big names on the board and some could fall their way.

Question: Phil... After reading the comments of Dan Brooks in the paper this morning, he is certainly of the impression that rumors of his departure for Clemson were coming out of the USC camp. Since you were the to "break" this story, were you getting your information from USC as well?

Answer: obviously i don't reveal sources. even if i told you that it didn't come from the usc camp, you probably won't believe me, so i won't waste our time doing so.

Question: Phil...Why don't you try to get somebody on your show with Clemson ties to cover Clemson? You went to USC; Teddy went to USC, and your Clemson source, Bob Schuster, went to USC.

Answer: what difference does it make where we went to school if the job is getting done?

Question: Phil...Do you know anything about the Brian Scott situation? Since your show apparently reports rumors as has been evidenced by the names you've mentioned for the Clemson DC job (and it may be more than rumors, I don't know), I would have thought you'd have aired something on it by now. It appears as if the State is holding the story until after signing day. I guess your talk show will do likewise.

Answer: sorry, i don't report rumors.

Question: Phil on your recruiting show a couple of weeks ago you were very critical of Clemson's DL class. With current commitments and also the possibility of DE's signed turning into DTs do you still view the DL situation at Clemson in the same manner?

Answer: actually, i've backed up some on that after seeing that several of the defensive end commitments could very well grow into interior linemen. i don't think i was critical, i just pointed out at the time that there were not any true defensive linemen, just defensive ends.

Question: From this years' recruiting class, who could get early playing time?

Answer: i think francouer stands a good chance along with the jc linebackers and vontrell jamison at de...and a couple of those ol could be worked into back up roles early.

Question: Phil who is having the better recruiting year? Clemson or USC? and why ??

Answer: the national analysts are ranking usc's class higher.

Question: Anything to the internet traffic that Coach Holtz didn't level with Brian Scott on his knee injury?

Answer: you'd have to ask lou.

Question: What is the latest on our chances with Coleman?

Answer: very good i think right now.

Question: USC has done very well recruiting in state but aren't we doing very well with meeting needs with quality players?

Answer: yes, i think so, especially on the defensive side.

Question: What is your answer for fans who swear you are biased toward one team at the expense of another?

Answer: screw 'em.

Question: Phil - Is Tommy Frazier still a lock to sign with Clemson?

Answer: no. he went to nebraska.

Question: When we look back on Woody and Willy's career, who will be the better quarterback?

Answer: i don't know how you can question woody's productivity. whether or not you believe he's a classic qb or not, he moved the team and scored points. willie may fit the mold of the typical qb, but he'll be hard pressed to match woody's numbers. still i think willie will be very effective with what they do with him inthe offense.

Question: Phil Could you comment more about Dr Peele? In yesterday chat you said you did not know who would replace him at USC, so can you tell us why he has been let go?

Answer: he hasn't been let go as far as i know. someone asked a question about him being replaced and responde by saying i don't know.

Question: Is this the fiercest you've seen the Clemson/usc rivalry?

Answer: its always been fierce.

Question: Phil - Of the 5 athletes that came up positive at USC, was any of them football players. (from this morning Greenville News Paper)

Answer: don't know.

Question: Phil- Do you think USC is pressuring the newspaper to delay the story on the problems with treatments of injuries until after signing day?

Answer: no.

Question: Phil, have you ever read the book, "Under the Tarnished Dome"? Hear there is going to be a sequel coming out soon!

Answer: no.

Question: Don't you think having Burton Burns off the road was a bigger factor than Brad's new position? Brad still gets around the state.

Answer: yes, forgot about burns being off. that certainly didn't help. but i don't think brad got out as much as he used to.

Question: Will you ever admit that you are wrong or will you always say that you believe your source despite the denials?

Answer: when i'm wrong about something, i'm the first to admit it.

Question: What did Grant say that lead you to believe is was between USC and UGA? Did you just assume or did the player say that?

Answer: he said nothing. but i've talked to others with knowledge who have given me indications.

Question: Don't you think that that the job might get done in a more diverse manner if there is a Clemson grad on the show?

Answer: no.

Question: Why make a comment like "I don't think he's the answer for the future" about a kid such as Will Proctor when you've never seen him play? Don't you think you should give these kids a fair shot. After all, isn't that why you don't comment on their grades.

Answer: i was answering a question about where clemson was weak with this class. i said i thought they needed another qb because i didn't know if proctor would be an answer. and they are still going hard after stuckey, another qb.

Question: You say you don't report rumors. Why is the Dan Brooks info not a rumor?

Answer: because my information came from i believe to be two reliable sources.

Question: Phil- Can you tell us that an employee of the USC athletic department was not your source on Brooks?

Answer: i don't reveal sources.

Question: Phil - When will you speak to Jimmy Williams again? Secondaly, could you ask jom what he meant when he said in the article with Tom Lemming that USC was using very negative recruiting against to try and land him?

Answer: probably talk to him tonight if he's available.

Question: Phil- Why do you think Hurley is visiting FL this weekend?

Answer: he likes coach odom and he had set it up once before, so maybe he just wanted to get away from it all for the weekend.

Question: What's the latest on our DC situation?

Answer: looks like john lovett will be hired.

Question: What is your best guess as to who we will get this last week? Just take a educated guess.

Answer: i think coleman is a good possiblity...also db teddy craft if you offer...reddick or palmer could fall but that's stil up in the air.

Question: Phil, was a recruit correct when he said you called him 5 times on Christmas day to learn if he had made a decision?

Answer: i don't call recruits on christmas day. so that person would be wrong.

Question: Who is the better coach in your opinion Tommy or Lou?

Answer: they're both the best.

Question: I heard there will be some OL visiting Clemson this weekend, any truth to this? Thx.

Answer: i understand there could be three.

Question: Why is it you seem to have no problem reporting rumors about Clemson, but when it comes to USC you suddenly find your morals.?

Answer: i don't repor rumors about anyone or anything.

Question: Phil... you mention you don't report rumors.... I guess you just get Fabian Fuentes to report them then.

Answer: if i remember correctly, what fabian reported turned out to be correct. i think he said the players would not play at clemson. i think that turned out to be correct.

Question: How can you call yourself a recruiting guru when you don't even know that one of Clemson's top recruiters is off the road?

Answer: i don't call myself a recruiting guru. others do.

Question: Phil, did you expect to receive this type of abuse today? Does it surprise you?

Answer: no big deal. people have questions. i give them answers.

Question: How do you know USC is not pressuring The State to hold the article? Do you have any direct knowledge one way or another?

Answer: as i said before, i know media have been looking into it. that's all i know.

Question: You say you don't report rumors. Yet, you have said Grant is between usc and UGA because you've "talked to others with knowledge who have given me indications." Unless you heard it from Grant, isn't it technically a rumor?

Answer: for the record, a rumor is defined as "talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source." i have a discernible source or two. thus, it is not rumor.

Question: Did you know that your Smurf name on the Smurf website is New and Improved Smurf?

Answer: no.

Question: Phil, who are the top rated juniors in the state?

Answer: off the top of my head, the top ones include summers from lexington, newton from marlboro county, brown from berkely and stewart from union. plus wr smith from union and a wr from byrnes.

Question: Phil... Lovett being hired... is that a rumor or did you confirm that with your sources?

Answer: confirmed with our sources and other media have also reported it.

Question: how many times does your sources have to be wrong before they become rumor mills

Answer: 25.

Question: Come on, Phil. This isn't an answer to the question about Proctor: "i was answering a question about where clemson was weak with this class. i said i thought they needed another qb because i didn't know if proctor would be an answer. and they are still going hard after stuckey, another qb. " DO YOU THINK IT'S FAIR TO COMMENT ON A KID NOT MAKING IT AS A PLAYER WITHOUT HAVING SEEN HIM PLAY!! After all, you don't comment on a kids grades for the very same reason, do you not?

Answer: do you have to shout? i don't mean to hurt the kid's feelings. i was answering a question about positions and i gave my opinion. doesn't mean i'm right about him. he may very well come in and when the heisman. my answer was i thought they needed another qb.

Question: OK so who might the 3 OL visiting Clemson this weekend be?

Answer: don't have names yet.

Question: Is Craft better than Sanders?

Answer: might be. clemson isn't offering sanders but might offer craft.

Question: How many OL will Cocks sign and how many will be on their roster next year?

Answer: they will sign at least six and seven if they get jeffries. don't know the number on the roster.

Question: Phil, has Becky Bowman ever called you? I heard she hassles a lot of the folks that interview/report on recruiting?

Answer: she's never hassled me.

Question: Fabian reported that the NCAA would not allow the players to come to Clemson didn't he? That isn't what happened.

Answer: is isn't? then why aren't they there? get your head out of the sand, man.

Question: With USC signing so many OL this odds are they want next year and CU should clean state next year?

Answer: possible.

Question: Don't you find it funny that USC people think you're pro CU, and vice versa?

Answer: hilarious.

Question: Phil: with regard to the Gaffeny incident why did you not report that a USC Booster provided a Limo ride for those recruits?

Answer: didn't know that one had.

Question: Is Hines to remain the DB coach, or will he be moved to something else?

Answer: don't know. they are announcing lovett today at 4:15.

Question: So is it possible that you won't report rumor but someone could intentionally give you misinformation to report?

Answer: the people i talk to would not intentionally give me misinformation. you have to know your sources and trust them and vice versa.

Question: Honestly,do you think that you brag on USC a little more than you CU? What about Adams; your thoughts?

Answer: no. adams had a big year at fork union and i think has very good potential.

Question: Do we have any chance with any of the good OLs left?

Answer: yes.

Question: When will you talk to Stuckey again?

Answer: tonight.

Question: Phil, NCAA came down hard on Kentucky. In your opinion, will the Alabama penalty be harsher?

Answer: it should be as harsh, if not harsher.

Question: Do you think Lovett will have a positive impact on the tiger defense next year?

Answer: yes. but i thought the d would be improved with reggie back.

Question: Any Chanch Lovette will help land any more recruits?

Answer: possible. i'm sure he's been evaluating film and working the phones.

Question: What's your W/L predictions for Clemson and USC next year?

Answer: 11-0-1 for both.

Question: Do you think we offer Craft if we don't get Miller??

Answer: might offer him anyway.

Question: Phil- Would you say the same thing about Proctor if he was going to USC?

Answer: yes.

Question: Phil-----one the gaffney players did come to clemson--trey tate--remember him??

Answer: he wasn't involed in that problem, and i think you know that.

Question: Do think CU has done a good job filling its needs at OL so far in recruiting?

Answer: pretty good. it would help if they got reddick or palmer.

Question: Phil...I've talked to multiple sources that have said you try to promote USC and hinder Clemson. According to your definition of a rumor, this appears to be a fact to me. Why don't you just come out and admit it you pull for USC? I'd have more respect for you because your charade doesn't fool anybody.

Answer: if you believe your sources, more power to you.

Question: How many Clemson games (excluding USC game) have you attended in the past 2 years?

Answer: 17.

Question: Phil, I was wondering about your chat response on SHJ regarding CU and USC QB recruits. Per you, USC's recruits especially Freeman were the real deal. Freeman wasn't rated as high cause he committed early. Proctor of CU who aslo committed very early was "not your answer (CU's) at QB". Intersting spin on both..hmmm.

Answer: guys, and lady, i hate to do this but i've got to get a sportscast together and get on line for the teleconferernce for coach lovett. i'd be happy to

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