Chat Transcript: Nick Eason

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Chat Transcript: Nick Eason

Clemson defensive lineman Nick Eason was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat on Friday. The turnout was great, and Eason answered questions for over 2 hours. We appreciate Eason's participation and wish him the best of luck next season. Stay tuned for future chat guests.

Eason missed the Gator Bowl due to a torn achilles tendon suffered in practice. This season he was Clemson's leader in sacks with seven and tied for eighth in the ACC in that category.

Eason is an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He traveled to Spain with a FCA group last March and met with youth groups, teaching them about sports in the United States. He worked out with the University of Malaga Rugby team, a rigorous activity according to Eason. A sophomore who plans to graduate this coming August, Eason can play the piano and the guitar by ear. He eventually hopes to follow former Clemson football players Billy Davis and Andye McCrorey and work in federal law enforcement.

Question: NIck, who did you pick Clemson over when you decided on a school?

Answer: Georgia, G Tech, Auburn, South Carolina, Central Florida

Question: Nick What will be the biggest change for you going from a defensive end to Defensive tackle if they move you inside. Any of the nuances different?

Answer: I think that would be being doubled teamed all the time. And to play tackle you have a lot of different reads. I'm just use to running around people and on the inside that's not so easy.

Question: Nick, What are your thoughts on your "Clemson experience" thus far?

Answer: I love this place. I love the fans, everyone. I don't regret coming here. i'm living my experience here to the fullest

Question: Nick--been hearing that you make a posoition change---what will this change be and do you think you will be more effective inside?

Answer: Well that change isn't concrete yet. But if so i think that with my speed and strength i would contribute alot. Besides I can get to quarter back quicker

Question: Nick, how is Donnell Washington progressing?

Answer: Very good- He's improving everyday. He's getting stronger and faster. If he keeps up the hard work he will be a first round draft choice

Question: Nick ... Great year last season ! What is the one area the defense and you personally hope to improve the most on the field?

Answer: we need more sacks. We want be REAL MEAN and NASTY. We won't people to fear us.

Question: Nick --- What will it take to get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks next season? Is a change in the defensive scheme a probability?

Answer: Yeah a change is a probability,. I think getting pressure will mean getting pressure from everyone. From the middle outside, and from the line backers. The defensive backs must hold there men.

Question: Of the OL's , who's the toughest to go against in practice?

Answer: Hard to say, every has there days. Top three. Byrd, Young, Walker, Johnson

Question: Nick--how is your rehab going?

Answer: Pretty good. It's coming slowly, but must not rush into it.

Question: How did mat drills go this week? Anyone have a brown jersey?

Answer: Yeah there were a coulpe. But everyone is getting better every "morning"

Question: Nick -- Are we going to a 4 - 2 - 5 defense this year?

Answer: I don't know for sure. We may, I haven't talked to coach Herring and he hasn't said anything to me about. So I'm not sure

Question: Which coach is the most intense during mat drills?

Answer: 1. Herring 2. Alison 3. Smith

Question: which defensive back do you think will surprise us next year???

Answer: Meekins or Johnson, Houskin, Hemby. One of those

Question: Nick --- How tough was it being injured and having to sit out a lot of last year. Like the chance to chase Michael Vick in the bowl.

Answer: Yes I was so upset that I didn' get to have a piece of him. It's really hard I love football so much. You never realize how much you miss something until it's gone.

Question: Hi, Nick. How hard was it for you to miss the bowl game this year?

Answer: very hard. It was the last chance that I would get to play with some of them. I cried for hours after I got hurt, not because of pain but because of not being able to play that last game

Question: Nick - have y'all heard anything about a replacement for Tulane?

Answer: I haven't I wish I could say more but I haven't

Question: Nick - i think i read an article that said you were a will be a junior but will graduate early, is that correct?

Answer: Yes this is correct. i'm taking 19 hours right now. i will be in all summer sessions. it is correct

Question: Nick --- Has there been any discussion about moving Todd McClinton to the DL?

Answer: No I've heard a couple of guys joke around about it, but nothing serious

Question: What are coach Allison's strengths as a coach?

Answer: He knows the offense. He's a intense, and he cares about us as individuals.

Question: Nick - do you know if a lot of players surf the tigernet?

Answer: yeah some, Danztler, # 5

Question: Nick - if you could select any team in the country to play against, who would it be?

Answer: Florida State , I want to beat the best

Question: which of the recruits impressed you the most during visits?

Answer: Geathers and Crosby

Question: Is Huey going to be a defensive back?

Answer: I don't know. I haven't heard that. But there's a possibility for anything.

Question: Ick: Thanks for all you do. On the offensive side of the ball, other than the guys we know about, who do you see really improving right now? Johnson? Black? Henry? Is there a breakout player on the OL this year?

Answer: Johnson, I think Walker will be a bir surprise, and Brantley

Question: tell us fans how much u like--or dislike reggie--and IN YOUR he doing a good job..thanks

Answer: I love Reggie, I like the way he coaches, which is intense, I like to be intense. He does a great job. The defense he gives us is effective, just as long as we play within the framework.

Question: Do you let anyone other that elementary school kids cut your hair?

Answer: No

Question: Hey Nick! What do you see as our biggest challenge defensively for the coming season?

Answer: I want to double my stats, I think overcoming my injury also. I want to be the best in the nation and the ACC

Question: Nick: Do you see any youngster such as Johnson, Henry or the like stepping it up on the OL this year?

Answer: Yes Johnson, and Henry will contribute, they are working very hard.

Question: Nick--what is your major?? sounds like you are a good student---

Answer: Sociology, Criminal justice emphasis, with a minor in Cluster Administration Business

Question: Nick: How do you see the DL this year? With Bush and I assume Washington, we are big at DT. If you go inside, we trade a little bit of size for a lot of speed. Thoughts?

Answer: I want to win. whatever the outcome is as far as who's playing and who's not. I just want to win. I would say that with my speed, it will be a little difficult blocking me

Question: nick, all I want y'all to do is play dee like the ravens.

Answer: We will. we have to have every one committed to destroying our opponents

Question: Which players are underrated?

Answer: Vaughn, McNeal especially, Bush, the guys have alot of talent. Eric Meekins too. there many more!

Question: Have any of the football players thought about playing basketball?

Answer: yeah I think hamilton

Question: Nick - I think rodney thomas is a beast, do you see him getting more reps this yr?

Answer: yes I do. He's from my neck of the woods in Ga. I think he will be one of our leading tacklers next year

Question: What's the biggest challenge defending Clemson's offense?

Answer: It's quickest. If you don't stop it, it will make you really fatigued.

Question: Nick: South Carolina made a lot of scheme changes based on personnel and it worked well. We have been more of a base defense type school. If you look at our talent, we have some thin areas and other areas we are deeper. Do you see us really mixing it up this year with different schemes and would that be more FUN to play in as a player?

Answer: I think there will be a mix up. I think that I different schemes will make it a whole lot fun. It will destrpy and surprise our opponents.

Question: hypothetical question....If YOU were the defensive coordinator, and knowing what YOU know about the personnel available....any changes you would make or things you would do differently?

Answer: Of course, why not. Put the best 11 on the field

Question: Nick - do you want to go to law school or do you want to go into law enforcement?

Answer: Haven't decided yet.

Question: What's typical for the players to do after the game?

Answer: GO out eat, then hit up a party with the fellas

Question: Nick: I agree that your speed would make you a tough one to block at DT. Do you see a lot of 3 linemen sets this year or is it too early to say?

Answer: I think it might be early to say> According to the opponent, that could be and strength r a weakness

Question: Nick --- Did we ever have any kind of commitment from George Gause? Rumor was that he said he was coming to Clemson during the visit.

Answer: No we didn't. He never said anything to me. He just acted interested.

Question: Nick: Last year, Jolly was known as a big yapper (I mean this as a compliment). Who would you say are the "vocal leaders" or characters on the team now?

Answer: Not many. Maybe Bush. i think alot of the players are just quiet and talk trash every now and then. But Jolly is one of a kind

Question: Nick, do the coaches know you are doing this? And do they care?

Answer: No they don't. I don't think they mind.

Question: About Meekins, did he deserve more PT last season?

Answer: I can't say. He did alot in the spring and in camp. He works really hard. But the best 11 goes on the field. at times I think he should have played more

Question: Nick - who is the strongest guy on the DL?

Answer: I can't say. If we totaled every lift. I would be that guy

Question: Nick - who is the one guy on the team you wouldn't want to mess with?

Answer: I want to mess with everyone. i want to hit the best, beat the best, and destroy the best

Question: Looking foward to the UGa game next season?

Answer: yes I can't wait. I'm from Ga. So i would love to challenge someone who I turned down.

Question: Who was the best offensive lineman for an opponent that you went up against last year?

Answer: Tackle from Florida State,and Duke

Question: Nick: We are pretty much maniacs on this site and follow everything we can get our hands on. How is the weightlifting going this year? Will any of the linemen get a 500 pound bench and who particularly seems to be studding out on the weights?

Answer: I think Marcus Lewis will get 500. washington is a horse.

Question: nick - do you think the fact bowden focus's on the offense affects potential defensive recruits?

Answer: Maybe and maybe not. I can't really say. That could be a issue. I never thought about it.

Question: Nick, are you visiting any foreign countries with FCA again this summer?

Answer: No i don't think i am. I have a pretty busy scheudule this year

Question: Nick - how would you describe morning drills?

Answer: Pain, more pain, intense,

Question: Should players get paid?

Answer: Shoot yeah. I would love that. Pay me

Question: Nick: It appears that the coaches and you guys did a real good job of selling the program to the recruits. Congratulations. What is it that made the school such a good sell this year in your opinion (other than tremendous improvement).

Answer: Fans and players that got involved

Question: Nick: Who was the toughest single player you went against from another team last fall?

Answer: I would say it would be Weinke or Rivers.

Question: Have you ever seen a recruit that you knew was getting offered money to go a particular shcool?

Answer: In the past yes

Question: Nick --- Woody or Willie. (Sorry, just had to ask :-)

Answer: Woody at times, Willie at times. You pick. It's hard to say.

Question: Nick, what do you hope to weigh by next September if you move inside?

Answer: 275

Question: Nick: With Carswell, Jolly, Adams and Ardley all gone, you are very much The Man on defense (along with Chad particularly). We accept that the injury may slow you down a bit but there are still a lot of folks looking to you as a leader. Does that type of expectation produce pressure or is it fun to know a lot of eyes will be on you?

Answer: I like pressure. it makes me better. I will step up to take the challenge

Question: Nick, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Answer: Going to see my friends in CC1 and chilling with the boys

Question: Nick, what is your favorite pass rush technique?

Answer: dip and rip

Question: What is it like to run down the hill in front of 80,000 fans?

Answer: Chill bumps, I love it. I'm so intense. Ready to Kill!

Question: During your recruitment, what sold you on Clemson?

Answer: Stockstill, and the defensive tradition

Question: How does Derrick Hamilton look in practice?

Answer: Good, alot of spend. He could be our number receiver if he works hard everyday

Question: Does it help when fans go to the hill and cheer for recruits and hit on their bus?

Answer: Yes, it really does. I love you guys(or them guys)

Question: Nick: Who is the toughest offensive linemen on our team to have to go against every day in practice? Thanks.

Answer: Can't say. Some have their days others don't

Question: Did you say anything to Aaron Hunt before he went out to MAKE the kick against USC?

Answer: Nope I just prayed!

Question: Nick, when do you anticipate your leg being 100%?

Answer: June

Question: Nick: I think we have three excellent tailbacks in TZach, Rambert and Kelly. With some of the high school hype, I am expecting great things from Kelly. Will he get more reps this fall? He seems very fast for a bigger tailback.

Answer: Yes I think you will see him a whole lot more. personall he impressed me!

Question: Has Reggie every gone ballistic to the point that you were worried he was going to kill someone?

Answer: Yes that's everyday

Question: Who is the best overall athlete on the team (besides yourself, of course)

Answer: McNeal

Question: Will you have to develop another "move" if you move inside?

Answer: I would love to spin. I would have to perfect the swim move

Question: Did Reggie and Coach Rod ever get into fights on the field?

Answer: I think they wanted to kill each other every day. ( On the field)

Question: Is Stock the man or what in recruiting?

Answer: yes he's the best. he recruited alof of great players

Question: Nick: Even after a hard fought game, there seems to be a measure of respect from the two teams as they shake hands at midfield. Is there anyone from another team that has ever impressed you as a pretty cool fellow or is it all just business?

Answer: Jamal Reynolds (FSU) Rivers ( NC Sate) Rogers (GA Tech)

Question: Nick --- Can you comment on the accusations last year that we "targeted" opponent QB's for injury? Particularly after CJ Leake went down.

Answer: It was not intentionally. It was just for hipe. Don't get me wrong. I won't to hit all quarter backs hard as i can.

Question: Will the defense be better or worse next year? Why?

Answer: Better. Faster. and more athletic

Question: Nick: I come over to campus with my family pretty often. When we do, it is always a thrill for my kids (ages 8, 5 and 2) to see Clemson players as they are all big fans. If you guys are not too busy, does it bother yall to sign autographs or to say hi to the kids or is it kind of hard to get anything done with everyone clinging onto yall all the time?

Answer: No All the guys love Kids, especially me. I love the love that people give me and my teammates

Question: Are there any players that come close to being a maniac like Reggie?

Answer: Me

Question: Do the recruits ever cause fights/trouble while on campus for a visit?

Answer: No. Not since I've been here

Question: Is coach Bowden a player's coach?

Answer: Yes, he's all around

Question: What are the most difficult arenas in which to play?

Answer: FSU, VA TECH,

Question: Nick, what was your size when you entered Clemson as a freshman?

Answer: 217, I'm 265 now

Question: Do the athletes from other sports get along or do they stay away from football players.

Answer: yes, we all get along .

Question: Nick, I think the positive way you represent yourself and Cu are to be commended. Very impressive. Keep up the good work.

Answer: Thank you

Question: How does the coaching staff decide on a recruit's host?

Answer: Best way possible. Whatever it takes

Question: Nick: If you went from 217 to 265, then some of these young guys we signed look like they could also put on some good weight. From the pictures, singeltary, jetton and coleman all seemed to have big size potential. Did you meet all these guys and what was your thought?

Answer: I think they will have to make a move. we have a great strength staff!

Question: favorite internet sites?

Answer:, and Espn

Question: Do you hear Tiger Band and the fans during the game? Does our a loud crowd help you guys play better?

Answer: Yes i love when you guys get loud

Question: Nick, how is your rehab progressing? Can you even jog yet? Will you be 100 %

Answer: I say around june. it's coming along slowly. I have to take my time.

Question: Does the woo-woo thing in Tiger Rag bother you? It seems to bother everyone else.

Answer: I love it man. It doesn't bother me at all

Question: with the secondary seemingly thin, who do you see stepping up next year

Answer: Meekins, Johnson, and Mance

Question: Nick, who are the redshirt freshman that we haven't seen that you think will make a real differnce next year? Thanks and we're all pulling for you...

Answer: Hemby, Hamilton, Johnson, Leake

Question: Hey Nick, Glad you're a Tiger. Working against the offensive line in practice should give you a good perspective on their talent level. Do you see the added depth next year as significantly adding to our ability to dominate up front on that side of the ball and do you see any of the new guys contending for starting spots?

Answer: yes I think that competition on the OL will make me better. There will be a lot of competition at OT

Question: Favorite movie you saw last year as a team before a game?

Answer: Forgot/ Sorry

Question: Pregame ritual?

Answer: Eat, pray, Eat, pray

Question: Nick: Sometimes we get crazy on this site (some of us more than others). Does it bother yall if you see people really dogging a coach or player on here?

Answer: yeah. sometimes. I love my coaches and my players

Question: Nick, Based on their performance during their redshirt year, who do you think will be the top two "pleasant surprises" next year. Thanks and Luck to you.

Answer: Hemby, Hamilton, Johnson, Leake, Washington

Question: What is the bus ride like when it's coming around to the Hill? Quiet/Noisy?

Answer: Quiet. But focused on the Kill!

Question: Keith Adams leaving early will obviously hurt our D, but I know we're deep at that spot, just how deep are we? Looking forward to seeing you in the backfield a whole lot next year. Thanks.

Answer: We will be a whole lot better next year. With Keith Gone. Alot of people have to step up next yea. To make up for all the tackles that he gets

Question: Nick: Do night games on the road bite it from a standpoint of preparation or does it not matter?

Answer: doesn' matter. if your ready your just ready

Question: any superstitions??

Answer: not really

Question: Do you get fan mail?

Answer: no


Answer: The recruiting was great, Probably the best since I've been here.Not back to 100%

Question: Who is the best basketball player on the football team?

Answer: Zach

Question: Hi Nick. Hope your recovering from the achilles injury quickly. Who will have the biggest impact on the defensive line this next season?

Answer: Vaughn /McNeal

Question: Nick: With your last answer, would it be safe to say that you believe all Clemson fans should be rallying around Coach Shyatt and his VERY YOUNG team now or criticizing their play?

Answer: no I don't think they should. Give them time to develop. it's hard being a coach

Question: What position would you rather play, DE or DT?

Answer: DE


Answer: Prety confident. i'ma believer in Christ

Question: Do you feel confident in the Defensive game plan each week?

Answer: yes, all we have to do is execute it

Question: What do you think about all the rules the NCAA makes you follow off the field?

Answer: its carzy . their too strict

Question: Nick: The underlying theme of recruiting the last few years seems to be athletic ability. It appears we are a faster team than a lot of others. If we do trade a bit of size at times, does this seem to be a more effective model to you?

Answer: yeah, but we want " trained Killers" not big intimadators.

Question: What will Washington be up to come August? 300?

Answer: 290

Question: Nick, Do you ever speak at FCA meetings around the state. If so how could you be contacted about talking to a group of high school kids.

Answer: No I would love to

Question: Would you like to get fan mail??

Answer: sure

Question: If he were healthy would Zach help our bball team?

Answer: 100% Sure

Question: Do the former players come around much?

Answer: Not really

Question: Name our Offensive and Defensive players you most respect on the field? Name an offensive and defensive player that you really expect to pick it up, "surprise" us, this year? Thanks and Go Tigers!!!

Answer: Respect- Young , Carson meekins, mcneal are the surprises

Question: Who is the fastest big guy on the team?

Answer: Hamilton or Mance

Question: Do you credit your accedemic success to your former English teacher John DeWorken?

Answer: yes I miss him

Question: Nick - how long will the rehab take?

Answer: 6 months

Question: Nick - I have chronic Achilles tendonitis - drives me crazy. What therapy will you take to strengthen the tendon when the cast comes off?

Answer: In the pool, I'm already out of the cast

Question: Nick--would love to see you score a TD on D this season--good luck--

Answer: That's my dream

Question: Was the treatment of the defense by the fans after the FSU game fair?

Answer: Fair

Question: Nick: As a believer in Christ, playing for Coach Bowden is probably rewarding. Does his approach turn off non-believers or does he strike a good balance for all?

Answer: Anything with Christ always strikes a good

Question: Are you always in the mood to kill someone or do you turn it on big time on the field?

Answer: just on the field. And may be on my friend Jenn other than that no

Question: Nick: how old were you when you realized you really had a shot at college ball?

Answer: 15

Question: Hey Nick, It's Billy Davis, writing from D.C.. Thanks again for bailing me out in the Jervey weight room back in September. Congrats on a great year, you're a pleasure to watch. How's the rehab coming along? Is Danny gonna' have you back in fighting shape? Rest assured that the "D" will be as "salty" as ever. All of us "formers" take great pride in you guys. Please pass that along to the men in winter drills and spring practice. The very best of luck to you and your comrades. Call if I can help with that Secret Service issue we talked about.

Answer: I will . It's coming along. What's your number. I need so information and help. No problem with bailing you out. I'm getting better everyday

Question: where did you end up after the sc game? did any of those guys try to start a fight -- ie derek watson?

Answer: no,at a party by ingles

Question: what does darren bruce do to help the guys?

Answer: Get closer to God, devolop faith in God and our play

Question: Nick, It seems as if the defensive unit will undergo a huge revamping with personnel this spring. Does this put added pressure on you guys to gel as a unit before August?

Answer: Yes. I'm excited to see what happens

Question: Tell us a little about pass rushing. What are some techniques that you use or abilities that you have that enable you to be one of our best?

Answer: rip and dip, spend kills! Never rush down the middle.

Question: hobbies?

Answer: Chilling CC1, playing guitar, and lifting weights

Question: Nick you like the improvements that we are doing to the Valley

Answer: yes, hope it's threw before I leave

Question: Do you think you will play DE or DT next year? Also, what do you think of the proposed defensive scheme (4-2-5)?

Answer: DE, I think 4 2 5 will benefit us

Question: Nick, being from georgia, you probably always saw the UGA/GT rivalry as big. Now that you have been Clemson for several years, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HUGE THAT KICK BY HUNT WAS? MAN, WE WERE DYING BEFORE THAT ONE? WHAT DID THE COACHES SAY TO HIM IN THE LOCKERROOM AFTERWARDS?

Answer: Just alot of love. i just prayed and prayed. The coached were going nuts in the locker room

Question: We love you man! has some of the guys on the D-line put on weight since last year or has reggie tabbed anyone to get bigger to help play D-tackle with the loss of of seniors at tackle?

Answer: Me,But not too many people putting on weight

Question: how advanced on the guitar? favorite artists? Clapton, James Taylor?

Answer: pretty advanced, I love those guys

Question: what will it take to get to the NC game next year? is that realistic?

Answer: what do you mean

Question: Nick, Do many of the players visit Tigernet?

Answer: Sometimes, but alot people don't believe who they are. That even happpened to me

Question: national championship game?

Answer: I have to have one before i leave

Question: Nick, Congratulations first of all on your great season last year. My question is...who do you see stepping up in the defensive line to take up the slack due to the loss of Jolley, Bryant, Holoman, Childers and Freddie James???? The best to you next season...Walter Bell, Vienna, Va.

Answer: Washington, White, Bush,

Question: Nick: by NC he means national championship

Answer: Repeat the quesiton

Question: Who do some of the players want to pick up in place of Tulane?

Answer: Some big ten team

Question: as a coach, what do you see as T Bowden's best attribute

Answer: The ability to talk!

Question: Nick, do you know if Akil Smith is back to 100%?

Answer: yes he's back

Question: Nick, What do you and Coach Herring expect out of the defensive front this year? Do you see it a rebuilding year or one that will surprise everybody? Thanks and good luck this year!

Answer: No rebuilding. Everyone has to step up

Question: Nick: You guys are so pinched for time. How do you prepare, practice, study and have a life?

Answer: It's hard, but you just got to suck it up and go

Question: I hope your progess on the unfortunate injury is healing nicely. Have the Drs. given you some expectation on whether you will have the same speed and mobility after the recovery? I'm happy you chose Clemson and go Tigers.

Answer: Yes they expect me to be even faster after recovery

Question: Can you handle taking over for Jolly (his mouth)? LOL

Answer: Nope, He's one of a kind

Question: how is javis austin?

Answer: good. I've seen him around, But haven't talked to him much

Question: Nick..How well do you know Thez Robinson?

Answer: Real well.

Question: Nick, Thez Robinson is from your HS? Why didn't he visit CU? If you know.

Answer: He got messed up with grades, and graduation

Question: Personally, I hope the coaches keep you on the edge.

Answer: me too, i agree

Question: null

Answer: null

Question: Have you seen much of McClinton? You think he will stay a TE or move?

Answer: Stay at TE

Question: favorite foods before the game?

Answer: Chicken

Question: Favorite books lately? Watch the O'Reilly Factor?

Answer: No haven't heard of that. I don't read books unless i have too

Question: Do many of the players go to church on Sunday morning?

Answer: Yes alot of them actually

Question: Nick, I know you guys are excited about the facilities. How often do recruits compare ours to other schools? Did you?

Answer: I love them. The recruits say that our facilities are better compares to others in the ACC

Question: Nick, Congrats on a great year. What percentage of the team would you say are Christians?

Answer: 40

Question: how tough is it to be a freshman on the team? much hazing?

Answer: NO hazing

Question: Who's off the field demeanor would most surprise considering his on the field style? Any tough guys on the field really easy going off it?

Answer: Yeah me

Question: Nick, What job are you looking for upon graduation?

Answer: Secret Service, CIA, anything in this area. e-mail me some information

Question: Did ardley get a fair shake?

Answer: Yes. He had his chances

Question: What did Bowden say to the team after Gator Bowl loss? any encouraging words?

Answer: yeah, " It's hard to win ten games"

Question: how much to the players check email? ever get any email from fans?

Answer: Every day. No

Question: Nick, what are your expectations for next years season??

Answer: Double my stats

Question: Nick I think Freddie James was the best "no name" player last year on D. Your toughts?

Answer: I argree. He;s an example of what it means to be a student athlete

Question: do any of the players talk politics with bowden?

Answer: no

Question: Nick - will you be using a bull rush more if you move down?

Answer: I will have to

Question: Hi, Nick... just wanted to say thank you for taking time to speak with me and my friends when we recently met. I am glad you are out of the cast you were toting around that day.

Answer: No problem

Question: your opinion: the best defensive end to ever play the game?

Answer: That i've seen or what

Question: Nick: What are some of your favorite places to stuff your face in Clemson?

Answer: Goobers, Ruby Tues, Macks

Question: Do recruits talk much about checking out web sites to compare schools?

Answer: no

Question: Nick - does the team have any preference for what team Clemson gets to replace Tulane on the schedule?

Answer: no

Question: Does the media do a decent job covering Clemson? Is the coverage slanted toward the negative?

Answer: they do a good job, I think that slant both ways

Question: best defensive end you've ever seen either in person or on tv

Answer: THe freak

Question: If you could play any position on the team, what would it be and why?

Answer: yeah, linebacker, have a chance to take a kill shot

Question: favorite place on campus other than death valley?

Answer: Vickery

Question: Have you guys visited Mac's since the last time y'all were in TAC?

Answer: no

Question: Nick, Have you seen any film of any of this years recruits? If so, which ones impressed you most? Good luck with the recovery and in the future!

Answer: No i haven't sorry

Question: What do you think of the XFL so far

Answer: overrated

Question: would getting your picture in macs be the highlight of your career?

Answer: sure

Question: Nick, what are your major concerns for the defense next year?

Answer: young people stepping up

Question: Nick were you recruited by the previous coaching staff. Any big difference overall...besides the winning?

Answer: Yes,no difference. I love the coaches that were here

Question: What's the best thing to eat at macs?

Answer: Hamburger

Question: favorite jersey color combination: (a) all orange; (b) white tops and orange pants; (c) orange tops and white pants; (d) all white; (e) purple?

Answer: c

Question: Do you ever get a milkshake at the new student center? What's your favorite flavor?

Answer: no i haven't

Question: Nick, What's your handle in Tigernet?

Answer: handle, what do you mean

Question: Go To Mac's! - if you like incredible greasy cheeseburgers that is...and it is filled with old clemson football memorabilia.

Answer: I will soon

Question: Who is your favorite musical group? Any tunes get you fired up before a game?

Answer: Nsync

Question: Nick, how important was the offensive line scout team to the defensive line's success?

Answer: very important they have to give me a great look in order for me to perform well on Saturdays

Question: who is your position coach?

Answer: Allison

Question: what about the job morgan woodward did this year?

Answer: I was surprised

Question: By handle I mean what is your identity/name in Tigernet?

Answer: Eason98

Question: Nick, you are definitely big time, how hard was it for you to pick CU over UGA and/or GAT?

Answer: It was very hard. but I just picked the place that would best benefit me

Question: What kind of things do you like to play on the piano and the guitar?

Answer: Everything

Question: Nick, how important was the offensive line scout team to the defensive line's success?

Answer: Very important , they did a great job this year

Question: My bad Nick, I see it now. Eason98.

Answer: Cool

Question: Nsync????

Answer: Just kidding. I can't say. probably OUTKAST

Question: Is there one play you made at Clemson that stands out as your favorite?

Answer: Sack at Florida State win Weinke fumbled

Question: WHO is your favorite PRO NFL team?

Answer: Ravens

Question: Nsync? For real?

Answer: No Just kidding. OUTKAST

Question: Who is your best friend on the team?

Answer: The TIGER

Question: Yo baby Outkast. Now that'll work.

Answer: Tru tru

Question: What scout team tight end pushed you the most? Was it Bob, Padgett, or McClinton?

Answer: Padgett

Question: Nick, how much time do you personally put in each week watching film?? Or does Reggie just relay most of the info he's gathered??

Answer: 5 hours

Question: Why number 98? What TZach's 40 speed? If you know. I like his hard running style.

Answer: don;t know really. 4.4

Question: do you have a preference for early afteroon games, late afternoon games, or late night games

Answer: more early afternoon

Question: Run Forrest Run!

Answer: Tru

Question: what playing weight do you think you'll be at next year nick

Answer: 270

Question: How will the defensive front change with the loss of so many seniors?

Answer: No much, we'll be faster

Question: Did you guys try to talk Keith into staying?

Answer: Of course

Question: is the biggest rush running down the hill

Answer: I can't vouch for that

Question: UNC head basketball coach said that Duke has some pretty bad looking cheerleaders. Have you seen them?

Answer: one of them was pretty fine. Note that I said"one"

Question: Nick, how does the defense feel about Reggie?

Answer: we love him to death

Question: will you be moving down to dt next year

Answer: not for sure

Question: Are you going to be ready for spring ball?

Answer: No

Question: Out of here. Have a great REHAB and great season. Its your team now. Keep them hyped and ready for WAR!

Answer: Thanks man. Be Cool and Go Tigers.

Question: Are you looking forward to graduation? What kind of shot do you think you have at the NFL?

Answer: Pretty good shot. I have to graduate first

Question: what defensive alignment would you prefer?

Answer: 9 techinque

Question: so the boys want to mix it up with a Big Ten team...heard Michigan is looking for someone to go to Ann Arbor.

Answer: We'll take it

Question: Nick, do you think that we will be solid on the defensive line this season?

Answer: Yes we better be

Question: I don't really know about this but i always here and read about Vickery Hall being such an advantage in the recruiting process. Do the majority of the other schools in the south not have some sort of facility like Vickery?

Answer: It is an advantage, No they don't

Question: Why the 9 technique, I thought you'd like to be head up?

Answer: I can beat people on the edge

Question: Nick, what are your personal goals for next season??

Answer: double my stats

Question: Did you grow up watching Clemson football? Did you have another team as your childhood favorite?

Answer: no Georgia

Question: what's the biggest thrill you get in death valley

Answer: I like all the orange and the sound of the fans

Question: Nick, if the defense comes thru I think you guys are looking at a great season.

Answer: Yes, National Champs

Question: How many years have you been involved in Athletes In Action?

Answer: 3

Question: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Answer: God

Question: Nick, who are some of the unheard of young players that have impressed you?

Answer: Johnson, Delusme

Question: I think you've had enough questions, here's a statement: Vote Lindsay Graham US Senate 2002

Answer: Ok DUDE

Question: Who do you see stepping on D that we may not have noticed last year or who may have red shirted?

Answer: Washington, Leake, Delusme, hemby

Question: Nick, thanks for taking your time to answer the same questions a hundred times. good luck with the rehab and by all means, leave that Nsync alone!

Answer: ok

Question: Nick, is Reggie going to use more 9 technique next year?

Answer: yes

Question: National Champs may be a tall order Nick because you dudes have to beat them seminoles first....are yall up to the challenge?

Answer: Yeah, mark my words, we will beat them this year

Question: it seems like we will be breaking in a number of young guys next fall at key positions. are you concerned about this?

Answer: no, they won't let me down

Question: Swim move or bull rush?

Answer: Swim

Question: Nick going from a 9 technique to a possible 3 will be a big change what will you do to prepare to play a two gap scheme if you go down to DT

Answer: gain weight

Question: which freshman redshirt or otherwise should we be watching out for?

Answer: Washington, Leake

Question: Nick, do the coaches teach you guys all of the NFL pass rush moves like the spin, swim, etc.?

Answer: Yes

Question: in your opinion, which opposing teams stadium do you dread playing in

Answer: none, I love to play. Answer: FSU

Question: bob says hi nick, I miss going against you. say hi to the guys for me.

Answer: ok. Hey how you doing man

Question: Nick, do you think that Roscoe Crosby will play this year?

Answer: Yes. A Starter

Question: Nick what is it like playing USC in Cola? Are the fans bad?

Answer: Not bad as ours

Question: Nick, can't wait for you to get back 100%. You are the backbone of our D and thanks for all the hard work.

Answer: thanks

Question: Which NCAA football team (that you don't play against already) would you most like to tangle with?


Question: do you really feel like a national championship is right around the corner for us? i hope so and good luck 98. dominate 'em next year!!

Answer: Yes thanks

Question: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Answer: MARY ANN

Question: good, I'm up in NY. Look forward to watching you next year.

Answer: OK

Question: well, what i meant to ask, i guess, is whether it is hard for the team to get up for going on the road to stadiums at Duke when there are not many fans in the crowd.

Answer: Yes it is. We have to create our own atmosphere

Question: Whats TB and grape up to?

Answer: Working out and training

Question: Hell Yeah, give us the Mary Ann!


Question: Nick, good luck rehabing, you are a great athlete and I am looking forward to watch you bring the pain this fall!!

Answer: Thank you so much

Question: what do you think of the training staff

Answer: I love it it's great

Question: What defensive recruits that we signed do you see having the biggest impact early, if any?

Answer: Can't say I have to see them in camp

Question: are they going to the combine?

Answer: Yes

Question: Tell Mendosa to do ten up downs for me.

Answer: Ok he's gone

Question: Nick wasn't your pic in SI with that "Comache Moon" in the background? I bet you got a copy of that.

Answer: yes

Question: Nick, get healthy man , the team needs you, you are probably the heart of the D if you are healthy.

Answer: I will thank you

Question: Hey Nick, how many girlfriends you have?

Answer: 100

Question: Mendosa left the program?

Answer: yes Ole Miss

Question: Nick, how sweet was Weinke's play action in the end zone at FSU? Had you been fooled too? I was.

Answer: he fooled me

Question: Nick, how many days a week do you lift weights? Do you ever take a few weeks off?

Answer: 4 yes sometimes

Question: Aaron Hunt said he didn't get any "action" after making the FG against the coots. Is that true??

Answer: don't know

Question: Nick, thanks for representing the University in such a class manner.

Answer: Thank you too

Question: Is Donnell Washington going to be an upgrade to our DT position from last year?

Answer: yes he's a essential part of the def front

Question: Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?

Answer: no, you want to take me

Question: Nick, thanks for continuing in participating with Tigernet. Once you graduate, don't be a stranger. I think alot of ex-football players don't come around because they may not feel a part of the family. Nevertheless, come back, it is good for all involved...

Answer: thanks

Question: Yeah baby!! 100 girlfriends, forget ballplayer, you're just a straight up Playa Playa.

Answer: no man, girls are trouble

Question: Nick, would you rather play DT or DE?

Answer: DE

Question: Is Akil 100%, and how is Walker doing?

Answer: Yes he 100% Greg is fine. He has to step up and play next this upcoming season

Question: When McClinton was on the sidelines this year, he looked like he had pads on. Is he really that big?

Answer: yes he's huge

Question: Lewis got hurt just before the bowl game. Is he back 100% now?

Answer: no,

Question: what kind of celebrating takes place after a win in the valley? i bet lots of girls!

Answer: not really. Alot of rest and food

Question: Is Bryant beefing up? What's he at?

Answer: somewhat. idon't know I think 238

Question: Well Mr Eason. Jazz here thanks you for answering some ridiculous questions... Just one more: Are you a player, or do you just crush alot?

Answer: I'm a player

Question: Who will be wearing orange in spring practice? the o or d?

Answer: don't know

Question: If you had to choose between being a Gamecock and running naked down The Hill in front of a packed stadium what would you choose?

Answer: running naked

Question: Nick, are you taking Russian at Clemson? I saw where you wanted to join the CIA. I did too and took Russian at Clemson.....ended up going to law school..

Answer: no That's interesting though

Question: You don't have to go to New Orleans anymore for Mardi Gras. Just buy or rent the "Girls Gone Wild" video and you will see everything there is to see in the convience of your own apartment.

Answer: No way man, that's bad

Question: Time for dinner, but thanks for everything Nick. You're one of the better people and better athletes to attend Clemson. Thanks for evrything anf good luck in your rehab. Later

Answer: Thanks Have a great Day

Question: Nick have you ever thought about pursuing a music career?

Answer: no not really

Question: Nick, what are you going do do during Spring practice? Do you have to go and watch, or do they let yoou miss it?

Answer: lift weights and get big. I have to go and watch

Question: Nick, is Phil Kornblut a thorn in a recruits side or is he a good guy?

Answer: he's a good guy

Question: Kick fonz for me Nick, I'll see you around.

Answer: ok later

Question: Which players are the most fun to watch in practice, as far as intensity goes?

Answer: Keith, Vaughn, Young

Question: Nick, can you wear an extra piece of equipment for Tigernet? Maybe wear an extra purple armband or something?

Answer: ok cool

Question: do ya'll have pizzas in the lockerroom after games

Answer: yes

Question: Nick, it bob. send me an email at I'd like to hear what you've been up to.

Answer: ok

Question: What instrument do you play?

Answer: Guitar drums, and piano

Question: What is the best way to put on extra weight fast? Best diet for it?

Answer: Drink Water, and Eat every thing. HELLO EVERY ONE I'M LEAVING AT 6:40

Question: Who's gaying out now that Jolly is gone?

Answer: nothing LOL

Question: Nick, does one defensive player act like the QB on the feild and call out alignments and stuff, or does all that stuff come from the sidelines? I heard Carson does that sometimes.

Answer: yeah its tru

Question: Nick, how are you guys going to replace Adams???anybody ready for the challenge?

Answer: Thomas is

Question: is justin a g.a. now?

Answer: no

Question: I think Nick Eason Live and the Coffee House/Wine Bar would be sold out. any thoughts?

Answer: I like the Idea, and I agree

Question: Nick, who in The ACC would you enjoy sacking most for your first sack when you take the field again?

Answer: Godsey

Question: Nick, You vs. Derek Watson, open field, head to head...Who wins?

Answer: Who do you think. Tiger always win

Question: Now the big many pizzas does it take to feed yu guys?

Answer: 2

Question: Nick, I am a friend of Coach Tommy West, he thinks the world of you....good luck with your injury.

Answer: Thanks tell him I said hello

Question: When are they going to build the new locker room?

Answer: Not for sure i heard soon though

Question: Tell Mr Godsey I said hi after you knock his butt down.

Answer: I will just for you

Question: Nick, what is the plan for the loss of Ardley??? maybe had an attitude but had great talent....can we replace him this year?

Answer: Yes we have alot of young guys that can

Question: Of all the players you have played against,who talks the most smack?

Answer: Koren Robison NC STAte

Question: Do you think ESPN Gameday may make it up to Death Valley this year for a game?

Answer: I hope

Question: Nick where do you see yourself living after Clemson, besides the where the NFL may lead you?

Answer: don't know, wherever suits me best

>Question: nick how about for your big fans in here give a peace sign with both hands after a sack. should be a bunch. go 98!

Answer: thanks

Question: I know you'll bee seeing a lot of the Duke QB face to face this year too.

Answer: yes

Question: Who are darkhorses who you think will emerge this coming year on defense?

Answer: Leake, meekins, bush, hemby, delusme, washington

Question: is your singing voice more similar to Maxwell or Bob Dylan?

Answer: neither

Question: Nick,Its probably been asked, but any rumors on who replaces Tulane on the schedule?

Answer: no not really

Question: Nick, I am serious man, if you get the oppurtunity, stick Godseys face in the dirt and you guys beat Tech, for a change.

Answer: No doubt

Question: Nick, please take a piece of that Gamecock logo with you home when you meet them at the fifty again

Answer: ok

Question: what schools did you visit on your recruiting trips?

Answer: Clemson and that's it. I knew I wanted to be a tiger

Question: Nick, Looking forward to a full recovery. What ACC team talks the most trash?

Answer: FSU

Question: Which conference do you think is tougher on the whole ACC or SEC?

Answer: SEC

Question: who is pound for pound the strongest man on the team?

Answer: Don't know

Question: What do you think about the Paul White situation? Is he coming back ever?

Answer: Yes

Question: do you think we would be more productive with 3 down linemen?

Answer: no

Question: what do you feel our record will truly be next year?

Answer: 10-1

Question: Nick, who starts at QB next year?

Answer: Simmons

Question: What about spring practice do you look most/least forward to?

Answer: The intensity

Question: please tell me the one loss will not be to fsu or the coots. who do you think it may be?

Answer: Can't say. I'll I can say is to beat FSU we have to have the game of our lives

Question: If Simmons starts at QB, will Woody get a look at RB or WR?

Answer: probably

Question: Nick, remember where you heard it first....Ben Hall will be a force for the Tigers as well as Aurisse Currie...

Answer: I agree

Question: Nick: can Keith Kelley push TZ for playing time next year? Who has breakaway speed at TB?

Answer: Yes, Rambert

Question: Nick, thanks for the honest answers. You tell it like it is. Simmons, SEC , and like playing DE. You're no politician. I like the honesty. It's refreshing.

Answer: thanks

Question: Who are you most excited about seeing in spring practice?

Answer: Washington and Leake

Question: what receivers will have big numbers next year? who will be the go to guy?

Answer: Crosby or young blood

Question: TZ does not go down easy, but who is the toughest TB?

Answer: Kelly

Question: Nick, you mean Simmons in 2002 right? He did say next year, not this year.

Answer: 2001

Question: Nick, I'm 5'9", 165. Can I help out on the defensive line?

Answer: yeah we can throw you over the lineman for the sack

Question: What will it take to beat GT? Were we not agressive enough on D this past year?

Answer: I agree. Better passs rush.

Question: What position will Leake play?

Answer: Sam linebacker

Question: do we have the team to make the BCS?

Answer: yes

Question: Nick, why did we have so much trouble pressuring the QB. Was it schemes or what was it?

Answer: Can't say

Question: Will the young O-lineman hold thier own next year or do you guys blow them off the ball too easy?

Answer: They will hold

Question: Nick, is the sec a big draw for recruits or does it just come down to playing time and the school they like the most?

Answer: pt,

Question: You didn't have the problems pressuring the QB. You were the bright point. I meant the team as a whole. Thanks for how great you played.

Answer: Thanks. Sorry I have to go now . I've been on for two hours. I thank you all for your Clemson. I love CLemson. Go Tigers! Good Night!

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Clemson signees see shifts in final Rivals rankings
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Clemson signees see shifts in final Rivals rankings
Clemson signees see shifts in final Rivals rankings
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