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CLEMSON -- Recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was TigerNet's special chat guest on Tuesday. Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 3-5PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on WCCP-FM 104.9. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting. Chat Transcript Question: any surprises this year?

Answer: Thanks for coming today to all of the chatters. I don't think there are too many surprises anymore because of all of the media attention on recruiting
Question: what does it mean that we are now offering gray,mckissicks teammate?

Answer: That the staff likes Gray
Question: which service is better,rivals or insiders?

Answer: I only read the free stuff and there is not too much free stuff on either. I really would not know or trust alot of the services
Question: do you have sources inside clemson football?

Answer: Yes. I think I have more inside sources that almost anyone that follows the program
Question: Why can't the Tigers get the big time lbs like FSU has done this year?

Answer: For years, Clemson was Linebacker U. Also for years FSU struggled for LBs, but the past few years FSU has done very well at LB. They are a national power with everything a prospect looks for in a school
Question: Where will Hamlin sign?

Answer: I have talked to Clemson, USC and Duke coaches and they don't know. I don;t think the kid knows.
Question: Mickey, did the staff approach the LB's this year like they did the OL's several years ago, hence we are coming up short?

Answer: They recruited the best linebackers in the south and missed on Timmons, Ellerbe, Reevey, etc. But I still think you have to try to sign those type of players
Question: What effect has Stockstill being in Columbia had on in-state recruiting?

Answer: He has had a big effect on USC's class because I think he gets Thompson, Rice and Ayers. But I think he will have a bigger effect next year
Question: Micky, thanks for coming on. Has the coaching staff changed its approach to recruiting since Tommy first came? Or since Stock left?

Answer: Not that I know of
Question: Micky, thanks for coming on. Has the coaching staff changed its approach to recruiting since Tommy first came? Or since Stock left?

Answer: Not that I know of
Question: Micky, thanks for coming on. Has the coaching staff changed its approach to recruiting since Tommy first came? Or since Stock left?

Answer: Not that I know of
Question: Mickey, tell us about Gray. Thanks!

Answer: 6-3, 185 corner/safety that has committed to NCSU
Question: Mickey, tell us about Gray. Thanks!

Answer: 6-3, 185 corner/safety that has committed to NCSU
Question: What effect has Stockstill being in Columbia had on in-state recruiting?

Answer: He has had a big effect on USC's class because I think he gets Thompson, Rice and Ayers. But I think he will have a bigger effect next year
Question: Mickey - will all of the OL get the shirt this year?

Answer: I think Lambert could play early. Hutchinson, Richardson, Willis will be good ones
Question: Do you think we missed out on some recruits by front loading visits. It seems like a lot of the recruits we lost out on took the majority of their visits after visiting Clemson.

Answer: That is an idea. I am sure the staff will re-evaluate everything in the program every year
Question: any of our commits in trouble academically?

Answer: Three or four need to make up some ground
Question: Mickey, Thanks for taking the ime to visit today. Can you tell me if you see Clemson going after anyone for this signing class after tomorrow? Any John Leakes?

Answer: I don't know of any but every year there seems to be a few. Last year, Walker is a perfect example and the staff loves him
Question: How has Blackwell done this year as Recruiting Coordinator?

Answer: I think so. he works extremely hard and is innovative and progressive
Question: Aaron Kelley is 6'4", 175 pounds....any idea how quickly he can put on some muscle?

Answer: I have not seen his frame.
Question: Mickey, any chance that we have a silent LB waiting for tomorrow?

Answer: Not that I know of.
Question: Everyone will be asking about CU's success against usc in-state, but why does a player like Barry become "unsure" b/t us and Louisville? Shouldn't Bowden be closing better on guys like this??

Answer: He liked Lousiville because of his academic situation
Question: I understand that a lot of kids may look at USC's record and think, "I can contribute early" but with the top recuriting classes they've had the past few years that haven't brought wins, how do they continue to get top recruits to come there?

Answer: USC has a lot to sell. Location, facilities, SEC, playing time, Lou Holtz
Question: How do you like doing your radio show?

Answer: I love it. I am the luckiest person in the world. A few quick notes, we will have more guest on after recruiting is over and I am planning a few big Clemson projects you will hear more about this spring
Question: Why has South Carolina been winning the instate recruiting battles the past couple of years? We have a better football program and better academics. What gives?

Answer: I think USC wins the state in most years. I think it is pretty close this year
Question: Do you think Stock will still bring them in if they only win 4 games?

Answer: Not sure
Question: Hey Mickey! Hope things are well for you.....where do you put this class nationally and also among the 6 classes Bowden has now where does this one rank? Do you feel Clemson got what they needed out of this class considering there is so many players coming back for the 2004 team?

Answer: I would know more about the last six classes than I would national rankings. I would say this is the second best class on paper but last year's class on paper looked weak and the coaches have raved about how it is much better than anyone thought
Question: Mickey thanks for stopping by. How do you rank this Clemson class with Coach Bowdens other classes?

Answer: In the top three and probably second behind the Roscoe, Currie, Zimerman, Hall class but that class looked great on paper and has not produced liked we may have thought
Question: In your opinion, what are Clemson's top five recruits so far?

Answer: McIntosh, Lambert, Scott, Groover, Reese and let me throw in a 6th-Richardson
Question: did we have to promise barry a shot at wr to get him?

Answer: I am not sure
Question: is it possible Clemson could get Ellerbe by default (i.e. UGA and UT filling up)?

Answer: No, he is better than that. UT and UGA will not turn Ellerbe down
Question: Are there many good LB's instate for next year?

Answer: I am not sure. I really haven't done a lot of junior stuff so far
Question: Mickey, do we get Hamlin or is he SC bound?

Answer: He has no idea. He is working on a decison and even told both staffs that Duke is still in it. He is confused
Question: Why can't Clemson get the stud recruits at the end of the recruiting year?

Answer: I think they compete with FSU, GA, TN and other great programs for the great ones and those schools have a lot to sell right now
Question: How come all the people in here know so much about recruiting?

Answer: We have a lot of experts in a lot of fields in today's society but in recruiting only your coaches are the experts and ultimately responsible
Question: Anything surprising come up this recruiting season? An unexpected commit? Or loss? Or rumor? Or investigation?

Answer: Not that I know of but if I knew they would not be a surprise
Question: Any idea who this "signing day suprise" may be?

Answer: Nope
Question: How do you know when a recruit will not get in academically because of privacy laws?

Answer: Talking to his high school coaches
Question: The Gamecocks are chest thumping again about their recruiting class. How many of those committments are going to have to be placed in JUCO?

Answer: It depends on who they sign and if they sign and place anyone. There is a chance of three or four
Question: Is GV still a lousy golfer?

Answer: He is married now and we all know newly weds don't get to play golf for a few years
Question: MP... do you think Stockstill is somewhat of a hypocrit? Either he's been lying to Cu fans or he's been lying about USC IMO.

Answer: I don't think so
Question: Mickey, what's your guess on McKissic and Robinson?

Answer: McKissic-CL, NCSU. Robinson-CL,FL. I don't think either really know so it is difficult for me to know. Just a guess, Clemson splits
Question: Why in the blue hell would a kid pick USC over Clemson at this point?

Answer: Location, playing time, SEC, facilites, Lou Holtz, grew up a Gamecock fan
Question: Will any Clemson hats be thrown off the podium this year?

Answer: I hoep not. Kids do not need to show up a school and try to embarass any school. Just pick a school with class and dignity
Question: After years of denegrating USC, how can Stock with a straigh face, tell kids to go there?

Answer: That is his job
Question: Out of the commitments we have, who do you see could surprise the most on both sides of the ball?

Answer: Richardson, Vincent
Question: Mickey: Mike Hamlin? it seems he has been pushed to the coots side lately....any insight?

Answer: He does not know where he is going. He is confused and still making a decision
Question: Any "surprises" (that you know of) for Clemson tomorrow?

Answer: If I knew they would not be a surprise
Question: Mickey --- In your opinion, how in the wold can Stock keep a straight face when he goes in to tell a recruit how great USC is after telling the opposite for so many years??

Answer: That is his job
Question: What do you think of the top 10 recruiting classes? Are the experts right?

Answer: I have no idea on the national class but I read So. Cal. LSU, Alabama, Ohio State. The usual crowd
Question: Mickey, does Stockstill seems as uncomfortable being a Coot in person as he sounds on the radio?

Answer: I am not sure
Question: How does SC's Graduate School of Business affect a recruits decision?

Answer: I am not sure.
Question: Mickey...thanks for being here...Ratings are of course a matter of opinion but overall, how do you see Clemsons class this year vs. some of ours in the past. Better or Worse?

Answer: Better than most in recent years but that is only on paper
Question: Mickey, how badly are our facilities - or lack thereof - hurting our recruiting efforts?

Answer: The West Zone is crucial. Right now Clemson is behind GA, FSU, NCSU, VT, VA, USC, etc and have lost recruits to those schools in recent weeks
Question: Mickey - how's your presidential campaign going? I thought you were going to run in '04?

Answer: Too many skeltons in my closet plus I am in full support of W
Question: Mickey, how will this years LB class affect us - say - 2 or 3 years from now?

Answer: It depends. I think they like the young guys they have at LB like Waters (So.), Watkins (Fr.), Billie (So.) and Nelson (Fr.)
Question: Why doesn't CU use some of its NFL players to help in recruiting?

Answer: It isagainst the rules
Question: Hey Mickey! Who could be the real sleeper out of this class, aside from Barry Richardson, who some think could turn into a real stud?

Answer: Littleberry
Question: Point blank: Should Clemson be doing better in-state considering our record against usc and their lack of success?

Answer: I think they would have liked to get a few more but Clemson has not dominated the state in many years
Question: Mickey, which coach on the CU staff has the best shot of being a head coach in the near future?

Answer: I am really impressed by Dabo. He has all of the tools
Question: your best guess on hamlin/mckissick/hill/ash/robinson?

Answer: Just a guess-Hamlin-SC, McKissick-CL, Hill-NCSU, Ash-TN, Robinson-FL. Just a guess
Question: Mickey --- JUCOs have not panned out for the Tigers in recent years. Do you see Groover coming in and providing a solid two-years of D-line play for us and if so, why is he different?

Answer: Vontrell Jamison has been a good one. When healthy Morris was a good one. Dwayne Morgan. But JUCOs are a big risk. I liked Groover in high school but still need to see it at the D-I level
Question: Mickey: Will we end up signing a FULL CLASS this year, thus having all of our alloted ships filled?

Answer: I think so
Question: Mickey- any comment on the rumor that Skippy and Jappy are leaving after signing day?

Answer: I have not heard that
Question: What do you think of bringing in the majority of your recruits in one big weekend? Also, do you think by having recruits in so early in January it hurts to keep them interested through all their other visits?

Answer: I like both ideas. This year the staff brought in 35 that weekend and will get close to 20 of those prospects
Question: MP: How many wins do you see in 2004 for CU?

Answer: 8 against a brutal schedule
Question: Mickey, thanks for taking time out...Don't you think Clemson fans need focus less attention on beating USC and more attention on winning the ACC and MNC?

Answer: I know they enjoyed winning 6 of the last 7 against USC, but the bar needs to be set at Maryland, FSU, Miami, VT. National titles are also so few and far between
Question: How can people seriously think it's possible to rank players (star rankings) when there are 10's of thousands of HS players in the country? I guess it sells magazines though huh?

Answer: Money
Question: Mickey: How did Tommy West land Atwan Edwards on signing day? Why don't you see those types of "suprises" anymore?

Answer: He is a great recruiter. The media attention doesn't allow surprises anymore
Question: Mickey- how can you say Holtz is a USC advantage given all the trouble schools have gotten into after he as left coupled with his poor record against Tommy Bowden and overall at USC?

Answer: Some prospects and families are attracted to Lou Holtz
Question: What are you hearing about the status of Skip Holtz at South Carolina?

Answer: He will not run the offense at USC next year
Question: How does our class stack up against the other ACC schools?

Answer: I know FSU and Maryland have great classes but Clemson would not trade for anyone elses
Question: Mickey: Blackwell or Stockstill?

Answer: Come on. Be nice
Question: HEY MICK---rumor is there is going to be a major announcement coming out of clemson this friday--do u know if there is any truth to it

Answer: no
Question: If USC only places three or four, aren't they looking at grayshirting quite a few guys?

Answer: I think several USC players are medical question marks
Question: tell us about that gray kid from mckissicks HS

Answer: safety 6-3, 185 committed to NCSU but still looking
Question: As far as you can tell, does the coaching staff believe that they have filled their needs with this recruiting class (assuming they all sign)?

Answer: Yes
Question: You really think thefacilities at So. Carolins are better than Clemsons? I know Clemson is lacking in this area but come'on??

Answer: They are ahead in a few area with facilites
Question: Who is Clemson's best recruiter? Second best?

Answer: Dabo is the best. After that I would compliment Burns, Blackwell, West, O'Cain, Scott and Lovett.
Question: Does TB have the salesman techniques of Daddy?

Answer: I think so
Question: is the west end zone project answer to our facilities?

Answer: Yes
Question: Mickey - Isn't Richardson supposed to be something like the #12 Center in the country? Why don't we hear more hype about him?

Answer: Hutchinson is the player you are thinking of. Both are very good prospects
Question: Not a bash against Bowden, but don't you agree that Danny Ford would be recruiting better in-state if he were still in charge?

Answer: I am not sure. I do think Danny Ford has great people skills
Question: Do you think it's fair to not tell the USC commitments that Skippy and Jappy will be leaving the program next week?

Answer: I am not aware of any changes
Question: Any word on recruiting for the Greenville Tech Technicians this year?

Answer: Best class they ever signed
Question: Any inside info on Skip's future @ USC?

Answer: He will not call plays next year
Question: Mickey, why does it seem so many parents are so pro-USC and so anti-CU. Does Holtz and Roberts work on these parents with various tactics?

Answer: Out of state parents loved it this year but a few in-state parents have had issues
Question: do we need to reevaluate our recruiting strategy east of columbia?

Answer: Not that I know of
Question: rumor is skippy is going to leave next week--maybe to take the OC at UCF---any truth to it

Answer: I think UCF has an OC
Question: Mickey - Is there word when Lou will retire?

Answer: No
Question: Who are the most over rated and under rated recruits in the state/country?

Answer: I don't want to embarras any kid but there are two in the state this year that will not live up to their hype. Underrated is Terrence Brown
Question: Mickey, the guy on your show yesterday that wanted to discuss a possible recruiting infraction off the air: Was he valid and what school may have committed it?

Answer: I think so
Question: can u lobby wccp to get more power so we can get decent reception in spartanburg?

Answer: They are going to raise the tower 100 feet. Also
Question: Mickey - Boxers or briefs?

Answer: Comando
Question: In your opinion, scale of 1 to 10. How much does facilities influence a recruites decision?

Answer: Each prospect is different but facilties are impressive to kids
Question: Does CU have someone in place to work with the SC HS coaches the way Mr. Wrenn does? If not, then why?

Answer: I hear Mike Antony's name being mentioned often
Question: What's the deal with Phil Kornblut and why is he so ugly.

Answer: Be nice
Question: mickey... your thoughts on Dave Pickren?

Answer: I am not sure
Question: with Reevey lost, what other LBs are we looking at?

Answer: I think Clemson is done at LB
Question: You mention that USC may have medical question marks- are you taking injuries or insanity?

Answer: Be nice
Question: Mickey - what's up with the Ayers kid and "shock the world" ... I don't think the world cares enough to be shocked. Is he going to rip off the other half of Janet's top?

Answer: LOL. I think he goes to USC
Question: Is the bagman still ruling the SEC?

Answer: EZ
Question: Mickey what is a grey shirt and how does it benefit a player?

Answer: Come in January rather than August. Sit out the fall. You are eligible for spring practice and conditioning. It gives you 5 1/2 years to play four
Question: Is 2004 Ron Zook's last year in Gainesville?

Answer: I don't think so
Question: The Sc medical problems--you mean on the current roster? would you care to elaborate?

Answer: Yes on there current roster. Malloy, Walker
Question: Mickey so you are saying the bathroom facilites are better in the Carolina Center than Littlejohn?

Answer: LOL
Question: Can you be specific as to what areas USC leads Clemson in facilities??

Answer: Undr their stadium, Heisman room, NFL room. New weight room coming, coaches offices at stadium
Question: It doesn't look like USC has any WRs committed. Any thoughts on that?

Answer: Rice will sgn with SC
Question: What's the latest on Quentin Cotton?

Answer: Prep school
Question: if the coots have another losing season, who will Lou fire? Should he be on the hotseat with another losing season?

Answer: I don't think USC would ever fire Holtz
Question: Isn't Columbia ugly?

Answer: I am an Irmo guy
Question: Heard anything new on the ongoing NCAA investigation of USC?

Answer: Not lately
Question: Please rank in order of importance to recruit's decision: -Winning, -facilities, -coaching stability, -academics, -immediate playing time.

Answer: 1-Winning, 2-facilities, 4-coaching stability, 5-academics, 3-immediate playing time.
Question: Which schools in the ACC are having the worst recruiting classes this year?

Answer: i would guess Duke
Question: enjoy walt deptula a lot--what is his background?

Answer: He is awesome. He is a freak of nature. The man is the most intelligent guest I have ever heard on the radio. He just knows everything
Question: Mickey, how big is the facilities issue at Clemson? Are many recruits citing it as a reason they aren't coming to CU?

Answer: It is a huge issue
Question: Do we steal gray from NCSU

Answer: Clemson has a chance
Question: well if winning is #1 then why would anyone choose USC over CU?

Answer: the other factors
Question: how would u rate the football facilities at clemson, and how would u rate them after all the renovations are done?

Answer: They will be among the best in the country after the west zone is completed
Question: Mickey, who is better Cullen Harper or Tribble Reese?

Answer: Great question. On paper, reese but time will tell
Question: mickey when didnt we recruit any players from canada ?

Answer: Distance
Question: Is ACC expansion going to help us in recruiting down the road?

Answer: Yes. It has a chance to be the premier conference
Question: Who do you think could be the sleeper of this years class?

Answer: Richardson
Question: Mickey, and needs that the tigers have that you think went unfulfilled?

Answer: One LB short
Question: Is CU ranked in the top 10 next year?

Answer: I would say top 15. the schedule is murder
Question: Any surprises from Rafael Little, or is he UK bound?

Answer: That is his only offer
Question: Do you think Berry is good enough to play at Clemson, It didn't look like he had any offers from top D-1 programs

Answer: He is a very good player and if he qualifies will be a good one
Question: Do you like Phil Kornblut

Answer: Yes
Question: Is the INstate recruiting battle really that important anymore, seems like CU staff is taking better athletes regardless of state!!

Answer: Whitehurst, Leroy Hill, Jasmin, Younblood, gardner, etc
Question: Mickey- How many more defense recruits do we have shot at.

Answer: Hamlin, Hill, McKissick, Ash, Robinson, Gray. Thanks so much for the questions!

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