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CLEMSON, SC -- Radio host and recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Monday. Plyler answered 135 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted one hour. We would like to thank Plyler for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Also this month Plyler is hosting Logan's Roadhouse Sunday Night Recruiting Show from 7 to 9PM on 1070AM and 103.1 FM in Upstate SC.


Question: Is Eric Young the best OL still on our board? If so, by what margin?? HOw does he stack up against Overmeyer in your estimation.

Answer: Good afternoon. Hope all is well with you guys. Young has the most upside. Right now Telfort is probably closer to playing. Overmeyer is not as athletic as Young but maybe more fundamentaly sound.

Question: latest on mario henderson-heard he committed to fla st?

Answer: FSU is comng on strong. If today was signing day, I would say FSU

Question: is curtis rice a serious prospect or enticement for young?

Answer: He is a good player. I think the days of package deals are over because of the 85 number

Question: is saint preux serious about clemson? didnt he watch our bowl preparations?

Answer: Yeah, he was in Orlando. He told us last night A&M and Clemson are the top two.

Question: I read a post from a self proclaimed, "unbiased" recruiting "expert" from the state of SC that Tommy Bowden does not have a very good relationship with SC High School coaches because he is so arrogant. Do you agree? What is your opinion of Tommy Bowden's relationship with SC High School coaches?

Answer: I don't think that is the case. You would have to ask each one. I am sure each relationship is different with every coach

Question: Mickey, Thanks for visiting. I'll get to the bottom line, where do you think the following will end up: Telfort, Overmeyer, Saint Preaux, Young?

Answer: Just a guess and I can change tomorrow: Telfort-Clemson, St. Preaux-A&M, Young-TN

Question: In the wake of Young's decommitment, where do you see him leaning?

Answer: I don't think he knows right now, but my guess would be TN

Question: hey mickey is it true you are banned from charleston for ogleing women in the local establishments?

Answer: I hope not. I categorically deny those accusations

Question: heard you were gonna start a pay site?any details?

Answer: We are going to start this summer with a complete re-launch

Question: who do we have the best chance to "turn".....whiteside, young, howard

Answer: Young or Howard

Question: From last year's class, who do you think will surprise people?

Answer: Stuckey, Coleman, Merriweather, McCloud, Grant, Fry, Fry, Bennett, Adams, Cannon, Clark, Waters and Williams are what they thought they would be. I think Justin Miller may turn out to be a good player one day.

Question: Mickey, as it stands right now, who will more than likely be the top 3 players in the state of SC next year and where are they leaning?

Answer: The OL from Sumter, Spring Valley and maybe Summerville

Question: Mickey what possible surprizes can you see for Clemson on signing day?

Answer: If I knew they would not be a surprise, because I would tell you guys

Question: What do you think of recruiting rankings?

Answer: I think the est way to rank classes is look at the results on the field

Question: MP do you think when it's all said and done we will address what we really needed this off season?

Answer: Yes. Blackwell and Kyle Young. Plus the strong class at OL, DL, DB

Question: does the "3 semester rule" the SEC has apply to St. Preiux ?

Answer: I am checking but can't get a confirmation. It is a complicated interpretation

Question: Mickey, thanks for joining us on Tigernet! I was wondering if we are still in the running for the DT Price out of Va. Beach?

Answer: No. He is going to Chapel Hill

Question: Are you surprised by Young, Kinlaw, and Howards leaning out of state this year?

Answer: No, you need to win games to keep theses guys at home

Question: What kind of impact has the Internet had on recruiting?

Answer: I could talk about that for days. It has simplified in many ways but has complicated in many others. There is not enough time or space to discuss it but great question

Question: Mickey are you and Phil Kornblut twins that were separated at birth? Just kidding. Would you agree with my opinion that CU and USC at this point are both doing a great job of recruiting their needs? Would USC's current ranking have anything to do with them needing/recruiting skill players vs. linemen that CU has/is addressing?

Answer: I don't think Phil and I are related. I think both are addressing needs. I think USC's ranking has to do with the JUCO kids and the heavy leans of Summers, Newton, etc

Question: is blackwell a good recruiter?

Answer: He is a highly thought of as a relentless recruiter

Question: K. Guy... does he have an offer from Clemson?

Answer: Not yet

Question: Mickey will your site be in the Insiders Network?

Answer: No

Question: any chance for clemson with m.howard?

Answer: Yeah, but I still think he ends up at Georgia

Question: MIckey, can you talk at all about individual asst coaches?? probably not

Answer: I think Clemson has a good staff. The best recruiters are Stockstill, Burns, Scott, and Blackwell

Question: Mickey, how can we miss on young and howard when one grows up a "huge clemson fan" and the other's brother is here?????

Answer: Georgia won 13 games and UT is a national power


Answer: Great question

Question: I hear a lot of conflicting info on Brown. Did CU offer? How about Ohio State?

Answer: No. I think USC and Florida are his two top offers. Charlie Strong thinks Brown is going to be a great one and I respect Charlie

Question: Mickey is Hines stuck on our staff forever?

Answer: Be nice

Question: what CU's chances are with RB Demetris Summers and what commitments so far have the best shot at playing as a true freashman?

Answer: Summers goes to USC. A couple of the OL will have to play. Staley, Gaddis, Dean, Nelson, Watkins

Question: The LB spot is as wild as I can remember; help me sort out how Howard, Hines, Cooper, and Price fit into the Tigers plans?

Answer: Howard-UGA. Hines no offer. Cooper will play DE at Clemson, LSU or WVU

Question: Do we have the last in home with Young? Do you think that will determine where he goes?

Answer: I thinkhe is a very impressionableYoung man

Question: If primary education in South Carolina wasn't one of the nation's worst, how many more Division I guys do you think the state would produce each year?

Answer: About two or three per year. I thought Hodges straightened out education in SC

Question: Mickey, do you see any defensive "dominators" on Clemson's prospect list?

Answer: McDaniel may be the best. Nelson, Staley also

Question: What do you feel is the "must" position for Clemson to sign a kid that can play right away?

Answer: OL, CB

Question: Are Blackwell & Hines both going to do Linebackers?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Is USC having problems filling Joker Philips open position? Why is it taking so long?

Answer: I think they are going to hire Charlie Williams

Question: Is Staley now firm with CU?

Answer: Yes

Question: Mickey, if you knew that a head coach was at a recruits house, would you intentionally call that prospect at that time?

Answer: Absolutely not. Some of these sites and people have gotten out of hand. The Knoxville paper had Young comments while he is still on his visit. A couple of our in-state guys have updates on how things are going on Saturday. Just let the guys get home first and respect the coaches in-home visit. Having the story first is nt the most important issue in the world

Question: How do you the Tigers will fare next year if our OL gives our QB a little protection?

Answer: They will be much better

Question: I picked Anthony Waters as my sleeper of last year's class. Any clue as to how he's doing and what his current numbers are?

Answer: I don't have his numbers but the staff has raved about him

Question: Are any of our current commits or LB's on the board project at MLB?

Answer: Nelson will play outside, rover or whip. Watkins is athletic enough to play outside but can grow into a MLB

Question: mickey... do you think Clemson is filling its needs at LB specifically?

Answer: Yeah, but one more would be a big lift

Question: You see Gadis playing as a Fresh...I like the idea, but what position?

Answer: In the secondary, but that is just my opinion

Question: Is the NCAA still looking at USC and trying to make a case for sending them a preliminary letter of investigation or is this thing with the NCAA over down there?

Answer: I am not sure. That is difficult information to come across

Question: mcdaniel--any updates on his usc visit?

Answer: He had a good trip according to sources but I haven't talked to him. TN is also hanging around with him

Question: Who is Charlie Williams?

Answer: Former WR coach with Tony Dungy at Tampa Bay

Question: Mickey, we see a lot of this stuff about recruiting ratings, especially on the internet. What factors go into a "rating"?

Answer: You would have to ask those that don it for a l;iving. I only ranked the state this year for Crump for this site. I just talked to the kids, high school coaches, college coaches and gathered their offer list and came up with something. It is so difficult and take it for what it worth

Question: Any truth to the rumours about Clemson possibly bringing back the old stadium cups with the fluted rims?

Answer: I will have to check

Question: What do you think is going to Happen with Curtis Rice? The way coach Anthony talks about him he must be a good player.

Answer: I think one of the in-state schools may offer before signing day, If not he will go to UT-C

Question: Do you think that josie and the pussycats was a good movie, and what are your thoughts on Kinlaw/????????

Answer: Never seen the movie. Sounds good though. Kinlaw will end up at PSU or VT

Question: How much has the NCAA sniffing around Columbia affected recruiting for our feathered friends?

Answer: I don't think it has been a huge factor

Question: Zimmerman?

Answer: When they put me in the ground I will still be answering Zimmerman questions. Newberry

Question: Ever heard of the new position of "Wideblocker" or "Split-tackle" implemented at South Carolina?

Answer: New to me

Question: What do you think made Eric Young change his mind? Where do you see him ending up??? Thanks for the Chat today.

Answer: He told us on the air last night that it was just a felling he had. I still think TN is the leader

Question: Is Roosevelt Nelson going to be a MLB for us behind Jamison?

Answer: Yes

Question: There have been rumors that St. Preux cannot enroll at an SEC school because of a rule the league has. Do you know if there's any truth to that?

Answer: I am checking

Question: What have you heard about Duane Coleman?

Answer: Burton Burns told us one day on the air that Coleman is everything they thought he would be and that is a compliment

Question: Is Clemson going to offer CB Reese, because that appears to be his impression coming back from his official visit? Is he a good pick-up?

Answer: Yes, they have offered and I think he commuts tonight. The only thing I know is that Auburn was his only other visit

Question: Will the NCAA ever step in and try to regulate all of these recruiting sites and all of the people that are doing this sort of thing? It seems every school now has more than one person that runs a site and then you have the national and regional guys such as yourself.

Answer: I don't see what they can do because it is a free country and the NCAA has no power over individual businesses

Question: Do you like the woo hoo Mickey?

Answer: One of the worst cheers I have ever heard. Sounds like FSU

Question: Is Tremaine Billie a running back in college or a secondary player?

Answer: Starts at RB but can move if needed

Question: I think Gaddis played RB in the Shrine Bowl. If he plays a position other than QB at Clemson, what do you think it will be?

Answer: I would think he ends up in the secondary

Question: Who will back up Travis Pugh at free safety? I'm worried about that position behind him.

Answer: Monts or Harper or Gilliam

Question: How much longer does Lou stay at USC?

Answer: I would think a couple of more years

Question: If Clemson loses out on Whiteside, Young, Howard, Summers, and Newton ... is this class considered a disappointment?

Answer: In-state it would be.

Question: Can you tell us anything more about Zach Green?

Answer: He visited Arkansas and MTSU, but I have not talked to him yet

Question: Just in case it hasn't already been asked for the 300th time, is your show on the internet?

Answer: Not yet. Hopefully by the fall but I have heard that before

Question: Do you think Clemson has too many QBs (5) and RBs (9) at this point with the verbals? Do you predict there will be numerous position moves in the Spring?

Answer: At least one QB will move and probably in the end a couple of RBs

Question: Do you think Duane Coleman can start next year?

Answer: I think he gets immediate playing time and could be the starter by mid-season

Question: What does Crosby's return do for Clemson next year?

Answer: Crosby is still the most talented receiever Clemson has. So it is a tremendous addition

Question: What do you think of Blackwell?

Answer: I had him on the other day and he was great. I hear he is a terrific recruiter

Question: Is grades the big hang up with Chris Carter?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where do you predict Zach Green to play? I'm thinking DE but I want to hear you thoughts? Thanks!

Answer: TE but could grow into a OL

Question: Will Tye Hill stay at RB if Coleman and Merriweather are solid?

Answer: I am not sure. I think that question and Stuckey and Miller's position will be the questions answered in the spring

Question: Do you think Skip Holtz takes over after Lou is gone?

Answer: Yes

Question: Does Clemson have some sort of presentation for recruits to give them an idea of what the West Endzone facility will look like?

Answer: I heard they have a fantastic drawing of the project

Question: Do you think Crosby can or will influence young's decision?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: Is the starting job at Center Fry's already?

Answer: I don't think anyone can beat out Tommy Sharpe. He was awesome in the last four or five games

Question: What can Clemson expect from Jad Dean and Cole Chason next year? Special teams besides placekicking (Hunt) is a question mark...

Answer: Dean will handle KO. Chason has an inside track for the punting position

Question: What would you think of Miller going over to Safety?

Answer: If you cold lock down the other corner I think it is a great idea. I think you want your best athlete at free safety. He is a terrific tackler and breaks on the ball well. Him at centerfield gets him more involved in every aspect including run support. He is so physical.

Question: MP, does Chris Carter qualify?? do we sing him again anyway??

Answer: If he doesn't qualify, clemson will not sign him

Question: Has Blackwell been able to have any impact on this year's recruiting class?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Kornblut reported not long ago that Young has basically decommited after his meeting with Holtz. Kornblut also said that usc met with Rice this morning and told him they would "have something for him" on his visit. Do you think they'll offer Rice to better their chances with Young?

Answer: I am not sure. I think Big E is very easily influenced

Question: How much has the election of Mark Sanford hurt USC's recruiting this year?

Answer: It helps Furman

Question: Who is the Clemson sleeper recruit?

Answer: McDuffie

Question: Hey Pro---how many more yrs. of eligibility does McClinton have--wouldn't this be affected by how well he doing in school--thanks! T

Answer: One unless he graduates then two

Question: Do you think Skip taking over for Lou would be contingent on Mike McGee still being the AD? there has been some talk of his retirement...

Answer: I think Skip gets the job no matter what

Question: Will Kenny Irons battle for the Heisman this year or his junior season?

Answer: I think he is a good player, but not a Heisman candidate

Question: Do you see any of the following Tigers producing in the near future: Brian Carr, Charles Harper, Rod Whipple, Ronnie Thomas, or Kyle Browning?

Answer: Whipple has the best upside of that group

Question: Do you see Miller's role expanding to perhaps what Ronde Barber does for Tampa?

Answer: I love the way Barber blitzes. I think Clemson will use him is several new ways next season

Question: How is UNC signing the class they are? Is that football building that spectacular?

Answer: They are doing better this year than last. The facility is incredible

Question: Can Kelvin Grant crack the starting line-up and if so what Spot.

Answer: Yeah. He plays a lot next year and has a chance to be special. Stockstill said on our show he has a chance to be as good as any he has ever had

Question: With Crosby, Grant, Youngblood, Hamilton, and Currie, who is the odd man out for starting?

Answer: Not sure

Question: I think Skip is a puppet do you think he can get it done without Daddy by his side??????????

Answer: Not sure. I think because of the conference the USC job is difficult for anyone

Question: Who's the surprise team in the ACC next year?

Answer: FSU

Question: Why McDuffie as sleeper recruit?

Answer: Because no one knew of him until the Hargrave combine

Question: What are your January predictions for USC/CU's regular season records?

Answer: 7-5, 6-6. Just a guess

Question: Which Clemson seniors get drafted in the NFL? I'm thinking Eason, McNeal, Mance, Meekins and Rodney Thomas have the best shot. Thoughts?

Answer: Eason is the best prosect. McNeal and Mance next

Question: Who is ahead of Rice of Union right now on Clemson's LB Board? And Do you Think he will recieve a scholarship?

Answer: Howard. I am not sure

Question: Is this the year Charles Bennett really contributes?

Answer: Yes. They like him

Question: 211 chatters! keep up the good work!

Answer: Productivity down across the state?

Question: Will Clemson beat UGA next year?

Answer: I think they have a better chance this year than last

Question: Do you love the Miller Lite wrestling girls commerical? Is Mark Jetton officially gone form the Clemson program?

Answer: The best commercial in the history of broadcasting. I think Jetton is gone

Question: How many pre-season NCs has South Carolina won?

Answer: LOL

Question: What's the drawback to Rice that has him on hold for offers in state?

Answer: I am not sure, but only UT-C has offered so apparently GA,GT,NC,NCSU and others see the same thing

Question: MP,if we have open slot for LB and Rice wants to come, it is nobrainer to me that we offer now!! comment please

Answer: I would let your coaches decide who to offer. No other D-I's have offered

Question: What do you think of the Whitehurst kid?

Answer: I think he is good. JK. I think Whitehurst has a chance to be special because of his height, arm, feet and toughness. He can be something special

Question: Does McDuffie end up on the DL?

Answer: Ithink so

Question: Mickey is 7-5 enough for Bowden to keep his job?

Answer: You would have to ask his boss. It depends on which 7 he beats

Question: I heard Stuckey would have been the QB to play had Willie and Whitehurst gone down, has Proctor moved ahead of him?

Answer: No, but Simmons coming back might move him. He has to play somewhere soon

Question: Clemson lines up for the first snap against Georgia. You call the play.

Answer: Pass in the flats to Eric Young

Question: With Corey Jenkins gone, who will win the preseason Heisman at USC? Any guesses? I say Kenny Irons.

Answer: Maurice Clarrett

Question: Where will Kyle Browning play for PT at Clemson? Will he just be a special team returner maybe? I've never seen Clemson use a smaller, skatback type RB...


Question: Mickey my Nephew is in 8th Grade and 6'0 290 and just seems to get taller by the day - he won MVP of his youth league in Florida and is coming to Tommy Bowden Camp this summer. Any advice you can give him?

Answer: Jump rope and wrk on footwork. Get a personal speed trainer. Work hard in school

Question: What's the outlook for Wake next year?

Answer: I think they will be about the same as this season

Question: Mickey,give us a percentage of CUs chance with Summers.

Answer: 15%

Question: Will the Pack be the preseason choice to win the ACC next season?

Answer: FSU wins the league

Question: Is Clemson basketball back to the BRAWLball days similar to the Rick Barnes days (without the winning)?

Answer: Its only basketball

Question: Any advice on how to stay busy in the next 8 months? Why is FB season so short?

Answer: Golf, honey do, Arena football, spring football, football camps, pre-season magazines, listen to my show

Question: Should there be instant replay in college in certain situtations?

Answer: Yeah, but logistics too difficult

Question: Who else do you think Clemson will get this year in recruiting?

Answer: one or two more OL

Question: Out of Young, Newton, Whiteside, Brown, and Howard who do you see the Tigers Signing?

Answer: Young to TN, Newton-SC, Whiteside-SC. Clemson not offered Brown-SC, Howard-GA

Question: Who has a chance on the Clemson team to be Preseason All-ACC?

Answer: Whitehurst, Hamilton, Hall, Washington, Miller, Hunt

Question: Do you think the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry is getting bitter?

Answer: I think it started to 100 years ago

Question: Do you have any plans to talk at IPTAY meetings this year? and if so where?

Answer: No

Question: Any Truth to Rumor Bowden will be NFL Offensive Coordinator?

Answer: No

Question: Seems like Georgia is poised to start dominating again. What do you think?

Answer: Yeah, UGA is loading up as well as any in America

Question: What OL recruits do you think will come to CU?

Answer: The four you have plus 1-2 between Young, Telfort, Overmeyer, Henderson, Sikes

Question: What about the Stockstill to West Virginia rumor?

Answer: I doubt that would ever happen. Hey guys I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do it again soon. Take care and God Bless

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