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CLEMSON, SC -- Radio host and recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Thursday. Plyler answered over 100 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted over one hour. We would like to thank Plyler for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Join us on Friday as our chat guest will be Ken Tysiac from the State newspaper.


Question: Tell me we are going to sign more than 4 OL?

Answer: Fuive or six

Question: Mickey, how do we overcome the tremendous recruiting adva ntage the coots have by letting very marginal recruits into school while lour administration refuses to "stretch" the rules like lou?

Answer: Don't know

Question: Who are the main targets at CB? Will we resign Chris Carter or Brian Staley?

Answer: Phillip Brown, Marcus Clayton, Ryan Gilliam, Jermaine Johnson, Keenan Little, D. Webb, C.J. Gaddis, Staley and Carter.

Question: Will we sign a QB other than Newton in addition to Gaddis?

Answer: No

Question: Your roommate told me you have a picture of Mel Kiper taped the the mirror in your bathroom. Is that true?

Answer: It remionds me to get a haircut every four weeks

Question: What DT does Clemson have a legit shot at signing?

Answer: Anthony McDaniels, Delaine Means, Kenny Price, Kwam Williams

Question: IF USC loses to Clemson and finishes with 5 staight losses do you think their recruiting will be severly affected or did they get a good enough start to ride it out to a top 15-20 class?

Answer: I think it will have an effect but only hindsight will tell how much of an effect

Question: Will we sign a big, MLB type this year?

Answer: No, I think they want versatile LBs that can play ionside or outside

Question: Where do you see Rodney Kinlaw ending up? Will Tremaine Bille think again if USC get Summers?

Answer: Kinlaw can play RB or CB. Billie wants to play RB and Summers' decsion could affect him

Question: How many WR is USC going to take this year? 6? 7?

Answer: 5-6

Question: What do you think of parents that seem to want their kid's spotlight during the recruiting process? Mr. Britt seems like one of these types.

Answer: Parents want what is best for their kids. Sometimes the recruting industry thrusts them into the spotlight

Question: Other than the offensive line, what other area do you feel the Tigers need to focus on?

Answer: DB, DL

Question: How does the state of South Carolina stack up this year with regards to recruits? Which state is loaded this year?

Answer: SC is about average to below average in talent this year. GA, FL, MS,. LA are loaded once again

Question: Mickey, of the OL not already verbally committed do you think we are most likely to get? BTW, I enjoy you shoe each day on the way home.

Answer: Henderson, Hilliard, Rees, Telfordt, Overstreet, Overmeyer, Capote, Byford, Guy, Norwell

Question: Prediction: how many points is it going to take to beat UCS?

Answer: 17

Question: I have heard that many in the press thought Holtz was giving his retirement speech last year after the Clemson game. Any chances this happens for real this year?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Mickey, Why does Clemson seem to have trouble attracting a top blue chip offensive lineman?

Answer: Great question. I am not sure. They have upgraded talent level everywhere but there

Question: you aware of anyone looking at jony bradley-hes a great athlete.

Answer: Not that I know of. I will check

Question: Mickey - Last year our glaring defensive weakness was DBs. This year it is the LBs. What do you attribute that to?

Answer: Position Coach

Question: Mickey who wins Saturday... and none of that... the team that plays better!

Answer: I have no idea. I know what the game plans are and the match ups look like but if I knew who would win I would be a billionaire

Question: Are there any "sleepers" heading to the Shrine Bowl that you think will end up being big time recruits?

Answer: Sergi Gilliam

Question: Mike McGee and both Holtz's said months ago that the NCAA was done with questioning people about their recruiting tactics. Is this still ongoing to your knowledge?

Answer: I have read that it is still going on but am not sure

Question: It seems USC again has the edge for in state recruiting.. if Clemson wins will that change things or will they still have the advantage?

Answer: I don't think one game has a tremendous effect on recruiting.

Question: Is Gaddis coming as a QB, or will he fill another spot

Answer: I think he plays in the secondary

Question: In your opinion, could any coach win consistently with our current offensive line situation?

Answer: Lombardi, Spurrier, Just kidding. Clemson's lack of talent up front has been a huge problem and it limits the offensive progress

Question: Mickey - Is Newton leaning Clemson's way?

Answer: I think he is leaning to USC

Question: Do you think Clemson signs Kinlaw?

Answer: It is early with him, but if today was signing day I would say Clemson

Question: What are Clemson's current chances with Eric Young?

Answer: Four team race-SC,TN,CL,NC. I think he stays in state

Question: What caused Britt to drop Clemson from consideration completely?

Answer: think he got concerned about the lsing in the middle of the season, but he committed too soon. A lot of time kids want to commit then find out they like the attention and are still learning about other schools.

Question: Mickey, who is the top corner you feel CU is trying to recruit? Is there anyone out there at DB who could be another impact player like Miller?

Answer: D. Webb, Ryan Gilliam, Phillip Brown. I doubt there are too many Millers out there evry year

Question: do you think zook is the man for the future of the gators?

Answer: Yeah. His strenghes are recruiting and player relationships. It is hard to screw up the Gator program

Question: Do you think the redshirting OL will provide enough boost to get the offense going in 2003?

Answer: Fry, Fry and Bennet will play. They will provideimmediate help

Question: Does the talent on this team warrant "7-5 talent" label.... realistically, what should we have expected out of this season? What about next season with who we lose and who we redshirted?

Answer: I thought 8-4 before the season. The VA game was the difference, but the other losses were to better teams

Question: of the guys left at we get anymore OL

Answer: Only Overmeyer is uncommitted and you have a chance

Question: Besides a change at linebacker coach, what other changes do you think Tommy B should make?

Answer: I think Rodney Allison is going to UT-C, but I think one or two more need to go. This is not the appropriate forum to name names though

Question: Mickey, Is Terrell Allen the best WR on the Byrnes team? Or did he get overshadowed this year? Also, where do we stand with Allen?

Answer: He has more upside because of the speed. I think you will be in it until the end with Allen

Question: Which of Clemson's 5 redshirted o linemen were the highest rated and which ones may start next year?

Answer: Fry, Fry and Bennett

Question: Hey Mick. Do you agree that next year is "put up" or "shut up" time for TB?

Answer: I think they will be better. But I don't think it is hotseat time yet

Question: what are our chances with Marcus Howard and Russell Hemby?

Answer: Clemson and GA for Howard. You have not offered Hemby

Question: Where does the guy from Greer fit in our plans.

Answer: Yes. You have offered Gilliam and I think you have a good chance

Question: clemson/usc best recruiters?

Answer: Clemson-Stockstill, Burns, Scott. USC-Fitch, Strong, Roberts

Question: If Britt was really concerned about Clemson losing, why is USC on his list who has lost even more?

Answer: I think he ends up at GA , FL or TN

Question: does coleman start at TB next yr

Answer: I thik he has a great chance at a lot of playing time

Question: Do you think CU holds all the verbals they have now or do we need to disconnect the fax machines(j/k)?

Answer: I think everyone has about three or four silent commitments

Question: What are the "ingredients" of a great college recruiter?

Answer: There is only one ingredient...hard work. Personality has little to do with it. Evaluating is also important but hard work is the key

Question: Do you have any opinion of how the Clemson strenght & conditioning program compares to other ACC and SEC schools?

Answer: I think they are considered very good at what they do

Question: Obviously Lovett must give us a better shot at good secondary people, you agree?

Answer: Yes. he is a very good coach

Question: Tell us about Gilliam, please?

Answer: Great corner/wide reciever. It should come down to FSU and Clemson. He is from Talahassee though

Question: Clemson looking at any punters who haven't written a "How to Book"

Answer: Doubt it, unless Ray Guy has eligiblity left.

Question: Clemson looking at any punters who haven't written a "How to Book"

Answer: Doubt it, unless Ray Guy has eligiblity left.

Question: What will it take to whip USC??

Answer: Balanced offense. Great play on the lines of scrimmage. Third down conversions. Turnovers

Question: Who on the usc staff might be leaving?

Answer: I think Strong will get consideration for some head coaching jobs

Question: Why do you think Bennett has been the one to have the least impact between he, George Gause, and Robert Geathers?

Answer: Because of the depth chart. He will be a good one as will Gaines Adams and Whipple

Question: Is there a point where you can sign too many JUCO's in recruiting? What is a good number?

Answer: Yes. A couple or three a year is not too much but the number is different at every school because of the situations at each program

Question: What exactly is a "silent commitment" ?

Answer: Someone who tells the staff he is coming but doesn't want to announce it to the public or media

Question: Other than the guys who are graduating, any word on players that may leave the program for whatever reason?

Answer: I think three or four may be leaving but this is not the forum to talk about those at this time

Question: Do you see any changes on the USC coaching staff?

Answer: I think Strong will get some good consideration for a head coaching job

Question: Mick, do have any idea as to why Dick Sheridan fell off the face of the earth?

Answer: Because the world is flat. Just kidding. Once you are out of coaching for a couple of years your star seems to fade.

Question: are you the best recruiting guru in the state

Answer: No.

Question: Is Bryant McNeal underrated?

Answer: Yes. He is very athletic and versatile

Question: will you ever get your website running again...with updates

Answer: I want to find a way to do it, but if we do we will have to charge or get a major sponsor. It is too expensive otherwise. Almost evrysite now is a pay site.

Question: Is the kid from Greer a safety or CB?

Answer: Both but could end up at safety

Question: are you and phil k. buddys?how bout pacman?

Answer: I know both well and like both of them but really don't talk to either. I spoeak when I see them but the schedules are difficult. I think they do good jobs but seldom get a chance to listen to either

Question: Can you see Clemson taking 2-3 JUCO's this year?

Answer: 1-2

Question: I heard Bennett may move inside, have you heard this?

Answer: yeah, but a lot depends on if he gets bigger and the rest of the guys around him

Question: Why do JUCO's always seem to take a year to adjust when they transfer?

Answer: It is a big adjustment for them. JUCO programs are undisciplined and the kids have academic adjustments to make. If 1 in 3 workout then you have done a good job

Question: So other players might leave... IMPACT players or people who are low on the depth chart and want to play elsewhere?

Answer: Low on depth chart

Question: Do you think the Tiger's will have a strong recruiting year?

Answer: I think so.

Question: if I paid, would you name it the GRAPHIC TIGER RECRUITING PAGE

Answer: Absolutely. Sounds great to me.

Question: who are some hot names as assistants that we should keep an eye on for replacements if Allison gets the UTC job or if any other assistants get head coaching jobs?

Answer: I hear David Blackwell from Pittsburgh's name a lot.

Question: Hi, Mickey. Are those of us who live outside of Greenville ever going to be able to hear your show again? I know that there were plans for better signal strength at one time.

Answer: I wish I knew. I had a meeting this moring about the things I want to do in the future. I think you will like it but I don't know when we can make somethings happen. Stay tuned, I am young and love this business

Question: If Clemson brings in a good OL class this year, do you think that is the final step for the program to make the leap?

Answer: A big step. I don't know if anyone ever takes the final step because of all of the turnover. Did VT take the final step? Florida? Tennessee? FSU? The levels of expectations are important.

Question: a top 10/15/20 recruiting glass

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: Mickey, I feel we Clemson fans are unfairly viewed as "impatient" by the media. Tolerating a decade of mediocrety should be considered "patience." It's not our fault that the 2 previous hires were bad ones. You agree?

Answer: I think all fans are impatient. You have not tolerated a decade of mediocrety. You have had three coaches in the last ten years. Why not hire a guy and let him coach for a six or seven years before the seat heats up

Question: Mickey, thanks for coming in and being pretty candid. We appreciate it!

Answer: I wish we could do it more often. Crump does a great job and you guys have passion for your team

Question: Come by Sat. if you get a chance and be sure to have Burton get in touch with me the next time he's down this way.

Answer: I will

Question: How can Clemson compete in recruiting with big names like Auburn and Georgia after our prospects?

Answer: Playing time. When the facilities get upgraded that will help. Winning. Bowl games, TV.

Question: Who else has offered the Greer kid. He is obviously somebody the guru's missed.

Answer: I am not sure. We are going to interview him at the Shriner's hospital in a couple of weeks

Question: will you be in the valley saturday night?

Answer: Yes if the good lord lets me make it that far.

Question: Would it be worthwhile for Bowden to go after a strong leg from the soccer team to handle kickoffs? We nned more touchbacks don't we?

Answer: I dont think soccer is the answer. If you watch college football now very few teams consistently kick it threw the endzone. Kicking from the 35-yard line makes a difference.

Question: with new GOV...can Clemson now use govs house for recruiting

Answer: I think he went to Furman. Go Paladins!!!!!!!!

Question: Talk about our 3 OL commits. What positions will they play. How big?

Answer: LaTray will play center. He is a good athlete with good feet. Pilgrim is a hard nosed kid that should play tackle. He is very sound and very well coached. Dukes is an athletic kid that should play tackle. He has all of the tools to be a good one. He was well coached by coach Tweito at Pickens.

Question: what do you hear on marion dukes...OL or DL/size

Answer: 6-5, 285 OL. See above. I like his feet and ability

Question: Mickey--why does bowden keep saying the offense has not changed when claerly it has....we saw some of that old fast pace last night. Is it rod's absence that has slowed the pace??

Answer: I don't think you have the well conditionjed OL to play at that pace. Also you have no depth there.

Question: How has Maryland managed to have such great OL and DL play?

Answer: Dave Salazo is a great coach. Also, Crawford and Wike are All-ACC talents on the OL.

Question: Based on your 'final step' comment how many teams in this day and age have a legit shot at the National title every year?

Answer: Each year about 6-8. Year in and year out know one can be considered a national contender every year

Question: Will we resign Brisker and Groover?

Answer: Too early to tell.

Question: Mikey, ever thought about devising a nedds based recruiting rating system so ratings wouldn't jsut be based on who sighn the most hosses but on who fills their needs the best??

Answer: Sounds great in theory but too complicated for my limited mind

Question: Is not having what we call the "Heritage building" really a big deal? How much does this play into a recruit's decision?

Answer: Yes it is. It levels the playing field. Kids like the bells and wistles. It isone more bullett to recruit with.

Question: Mickey, UNC, as bad as they look this year, are reputed to be lining up a top 5-10 class. HOW!!!???

Answer: Facilities, hard work, playing time

Question: You said we haven't tolerated a decade of mediocrety. Please explain.

Answer: If you tolerated it you would not have fired two head coaches.

Question: What is the deal with Summers not being on the SC Shrine team?

Answer: Ringer did not think he was a complete back

Question: Any chance Chris Lancaster might make it back to Clemson as a coach? Maybe special teams?

Answer: I think he is a great coach. I also think he would like to come back one day.

Question: Do you think Clemson is building a strong base for a program with Bowden? Is there hope?

Answer: Yes. I think he has donea good job and is continuing to build

Question: Mickey, is this night ESPN exposure doing anything for recruiting or are the ones we want to reach on dates or other campus visits?? Seems to me all we reach is an audience of middleaged guys in sports bars.

Answer: ESPN night games get into several million homes. You never know who is watching. The exposure really helps

Question: If LeTray plays center, where does that leave Rees?

Answer: LaTray could play center or other places. Same a Rees.

Question: Where would you rank Miller in terms of corners you have seen in the last decade?

Answer: At Clemson, he is the best since Dexter Davis and Donnell Wolford. He has a chance to be one of the best in the country in the next couple of years.

Question: Do you think Friedgen has been the beneficiary of pretty solid recruiting before he arrived. Or is it all the Fridge's coaching???

Answer: Both. They have some talent but they are well coached. The game plans work and most importantly the kids belive in what they are doing.

Question: How many JUCO's does USC take this year? 8-10?

Answer: Sounds about right.

Question: Have you heard how Jamison is handling Tackle and do you think he can make it there?

Answer: I think his pass protection is way ahead of his run blocking. This spring will be important for him

Question: Who do you like for the Div 1-AA playoffs?

Answer: Hopefully Furman, but Montana and GA. Southern are hard to pickm against

Question: Mick, am I way off base in saying Tommy's '99 team would run the current one off the field? That year we were competitive in every game, unlike this year.

Answer: That offense was better, but this defense is better

Question: Do you think Clemson will offer Priester? If so, at what position?

Answer: If you don I think it may be at tight end.

Question: Grant was a late suprise last year, Who do you think has a chance to suprise the tigers this year. Thanks

Answer: If we knew it wouldn't be a surprise

Question: Other than the Stockstill, who is the one assistant coach the staff can't afford to lose?

Answer: Burton Burns

Question: Will we ever see Zimmerman in Orange?

Answer: I doubt it

Question: Who will win CU or USC this weekend?

Answer: I wish I knew

Question: Did Jason Culbertson Graduation Woodmont High School in 1990?

Answer: No. He went to Eastside, but they don't claim him

Question: What do you think TDP's hiring does for the football program?

Answer: I hear great things about him. Guys, I have to run to my day job. Thanks for all of the interest. I wish I had more time to answer all of the questions. Call the show anytime toll-free 1-877-504-1070 from 4-7 EST M-F. I hope everone has a safe weekend and would love to have a another chat soon. Thanks again and God Bless!

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