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CLEMSON -- Mickey Plyler's appearence in our chat room broke all the records. Most people simultaneously chatting at 379. Most people to ever attend a chat session at over 1500. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Plyler's southeastern recruiting website can be found at


Question: Any word on Justin Miller?

Answer: We could hear something today. But I would not be suprised if it were signing day. Right now ARK,CLK,TN are in it. t would not shock me if it was ARK

Question: Mickey- do you think it is possible that both Clemson and USC will end up with top 10 classes?

Answer: no

Question: Who in this class do you think can contribute this fall?

Answer: Jamison, Morris, Francouer, Grant, Zimmerman, D. Fry, Brisker, Williams, McCloud

Question: What players, if any, do you think Burns could have given us a shot at if he had been on the road this year?

Answer: I am not sure but Burns is an excellent recruiter

Question: Who is the most important recruit in this class?

Answer: Grant, Morris, Jamison, etc. All of those listed above

Question: Mickey, on the offensive line: do we have a shot with Palmer?

Answer: Yeah, but you may be behind GT and AUB

Question: How does Nathan Bennett stack up against the other Georgia OL's, Palmer and Reddick?

Answer: I am not sure. It is always togh to tell with OL. Al three had ACC and SEC offers

Question: Mickey, who among clemson's verbals do you think may be in danger of not making it in academically???

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: Do you think Clemson did a A+ job on the OL? I would give a B-.

Answer: Probably B or B-

Question: Any validity to the Randy Jackson rumors regarding switching back to the Tigers?

Answer: I would seriously doubt it.

Question: What's the latest on Palmer?

Answer: GT and AUB lead but it is not over

Question: Coleman is an outstanding back? Why do you suppose this has been so 'quiet' with regard to picking up one of the best 2 running backs in the state of Florida?

Answer: I have no idea. The press down there likes him. OSU,MIA offered

Question: How good is Larry Williams and who really offered him?

Answer: GA and MIA. I think is a good prospect

Question: What about Troy Reddick? Does Aub getting Duckworth help Clemson?

Answer: I am not sure. I have thought Reddick has always liked AUB. He went to the A-Day game every year

Question: How has offered Donnell Clark?

Answer: He says GA

Question: Which players should SC and Clemson fans watch out for in terms of being potential academic casualties?

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: how high do you have the class ranked so far?

Answer: I don't do rankings anymore

Question: Mickey, was Bill Harder the most overrated basketball player in Clemson history?

Answer: Before the 13 knee injuries I think he was very good.

Question: Can Gaines Adams play alot this year?

Answer: I am not sure. True freshman and playing time have more to do with depth chart than anything else

Question: Who do you think we get between now and signing day. Just based on what you know. Take a guess.

Answer: You got Coleman today. Right now you are waiting on Miller, Reddick and Palmer. I don;t think you lead on any of the three but recruiting is going on heavy right now

Question: How have the Tigers been able to come on so strong at the end of recruiting season?

Answer: I think they worked hard throughout and sometimes things work out and sometimes they do not

Question: Any chance Clemson can turn Jackson before Wednesday?

Answer: I do not think so

Question: Is Clemson limited to 23 scholarships per year or is it 83 overall?

Answer: 83 for this season

Question: Do you think it's a good sign for Miller that Stuckey committed to Clemson after the two of them were seen together at the Duke game?

Answer: It couldn't hurt you but recruiting is still going on right now. ARK might be the leader

Question: Mickey, what do you make of this whole Hodges mess?

Answer: I really don't know what to think. I have not talked to enough people to say.

Question: Did Miller visit with Stuckey on Saturday? Why do you feel Ark leads for Miller?

Answer: Both visited. ARK pushes track really well

Question: Is Florida your gut with Reddick?

Answer: My gut is AUB

Question: Is there anything to this "governor-gate"? You think it is a violation?

Answer: It depends on who you ask. I am sure USC checked it out in advance. Tennessee people say Bylaw says Board of Trustees can have no conrtact, but I do not know enough about all of the facts

Question: Mickey- any signing day surprises (verbals going elsewhere)?

Answer: If we knew about them they would not be surprises. I am sure it will be a typical signing day though

Question: We need a QB like Steve Tannyhill. Any out there?

Answer: Tanneyhill was talented and made everyone around him a better player through confidence

Question: Are any of the Tigers' commitments wavering?

Answer: None that I know of

Question: Marcus Vick, where's he going and is he as good as Big Bro??

Answer: VA or VT

Question: Grant looks a lot like Rod Gardner in the film I've seen. Would you compare the two?

Answer: He goes up and competes for the football like Gradner. Not quite as thick though. Grant is a great kid. Gardner has a tremendous work ethic.

Question: Mickey, why didn't Ricardo Hurley consider Clemson?

Answer: Because he is going to USC. He has always liked USC

Question: When will your show be moving to FM and the internet?

Answer: I wish I knew the answers to those questions. I am going to work on some things this spring

Question: Hey Mickey...what do you make of this "visiting Govs house" SC is doing

Answer: Again, I don't know because I have not talked to enough people to know

Question: Where do you see Dustin Fry playing? Guard or Center?

Answer: Guard

Question: think we got a shot with Bennet....since lovett came on board

Answer: No

Question: I haven't seen Mike O'Cains named mentioned a lot in recruiting. I expected more from him. Was I expecting too much?

Answer: Corey Groover and Antrhony Waters were O'Cain's prospects

Question: MP, do you think that Clemson fans are justified in their severe criticism of Phil K?

Answer: I have not seen a whole lot of that. I would think that it sould bother anyone in his position. I have learned that anytime you say anything on the radio 1/2 of the people agree and 1/2 don't. As long as you work had and be fair, you only have to answer to yourself

Question: ACC class, where does clemson rank

Answer: The ACC is down right now. FSU is waiting on so many. MD is up. But most of the leauge is down in recruiting

Question: What recruits will Clemson pick up between now and Wednesday?

Answer: Miller, Palmer and Reddick are who they are waiting on but they may be finished

Question: MP, who are some potential players to look for next year other than the kid from Berk. and Summers?

Answer: QB from Marlboro Co., DB from Rock Hill, Union has two prospects, Indian Land has a RB, Raymond Priester's little brother is one. It should be a very good year

Question: Is it a violation to entertain a recruit at the Governor's mansion?

Answer: If he is a Democrat. Just kidding. Some say yes, other say no

Question: Will Tommy change his policy and let Lovett hit the road? If so, what type of recruiter is he?

Answer: I am not sure. But Lovett is a respected recruiter

Question: Do you see either Proctor or Stuckey contributing at QB as freshmen?

Answer: I would not think so. But if Simmons and Whitehurst get injured then all bets are off

Question: What kind of defensive differences should fans look for with the new DC

Answer: Lovett says aggressive defense with multiple looks

Question: Anything likely to happen with the gov. recruiting for usc?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: What are recruiters allowed to do recruiting-wise during the "dead period?

Answer: Monday and Tuesday they can have unlimited phone calls

Question: Do you believe there will be more changes on the defensive staff?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: Where is a good balance on the numbers of JUCO players you can carry on a roster? At what point in the total numbers do you start to raise some eyebrows about possibly sacrificing the future for immediate success like what happened at Miss St?

Answer: I think there are only two reasons you bring in a JUCO. 1-You have a whole to fill immediately 2-He is an NFL-type player

Question: What hours will your show be on this week? Anything special on signing day?

Answer: On signing day. I will be here all day. Also a wrap up sow on 1070 AM and 103.1 FM from 8-10 pm

Question: In the past, has Lovett run a 3-4 or a 4-3 base defense?

Answer: Mostly 4-3

Question: Mickey you got an early prediction for next years season at Clemson?

Answer: 8-4 maybe. With a variance of plus/minus 1

Question: is this TBs best class

Answer: Last year wil be hard to beat for many years to come

Question: Who among the assistants is having a good year recruiting? Hines? West? Allsion? Smith? O'Cain?

Answer: Stockstill, West

Question: Mickey, Is Vontrell Jamison Harold's cousin or brother?

Answer: I think cousin

Question: Who will "win" the ACC recruiting race this year?

Answer: FSU if they close like they normally do

Question: Any more coaching moves in the near future?

Answer: None that I know

Question: If the season started tomorrow, do you think Will Proctor or Chansi Stuckey would be the 3rd string QB?

Answer: Great question. Both are so different. But honestly I don;t know

Question: Who from last years class will suprise this year?

Answer: Whitehurst, Hill, Browning, Whipple, Bennett, Tate, Nelson, Dunham, Monts, Baham, Fudge

Question: Any speculation on upcoming staff changes?

Answer: No

Question: Mickey, how mad do Rusty and Ard make you with their sick comments about you?

Answer: I really have not seen anything they have said about me. I really could care less

Question: Will Larry Shyatt be back at CU after this year?

Answer: I think so

Question: did it surprise you that Clemson did not bring in Tim Jennings for a visit?

Answer: Kinda of. I think he is a really good prospect

Question: Why is UVa losing so many recruits here at the end? Initially they looked like they would have a banner year.

Answer: Their class is very overrated

Question: We also have an excellent track program. I take it from what you say that Arkansas does a better job of selling theirs. Is this correct

Answer: Arkansas has by far the best track program in America. No one is close

Question: How would you rate the OL commitments?

Answer: I like Fry, Fry and Bennett. I have not seen Lee or DeBeers

Question: Will it still be overrated if they get Brooks and Parkman?

Answer: Parham is overrated, Brooks is the real deal

Question: Is it time for Stockstill to get some Head Coaching looks?

Answer: Yes. This is the best recruiter in the South

Question: Your roommate's girlfriend is way too hot for him. Is she using him to get to you?

Answer: That is the only thing I can think of

Question: In all honesty, Arkansas has the best overall track program, but not sprints. USC and Clemson are just as good in the areas such as 100m and 55m,etc.

Answer: Arkansas has won something like 29 national track championships

Question: Is Tennessee asking the NCAA to look at the USC/Governor recruiting issue? (you mentioned they thought it was a violation)

Answer: It is my understanding that Tennessee has turned it in to the NCAA

Question: Do Clemson's coordinator's recruit on the road? There is a perception that TB does not allow that.

Answer: Scott had a smaller area this year. Herring did not have a territory

Question: MP, about the Grant situation, was that totally out of left field, or did you sense that was where he was going to end up...not at the start of the year, but right before the decision?

Answer: I think he always liked Clemson but GA and USC did a good job recruiting him. I did not know where he would end up

Question: Do you see any running backs changing position?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Is this the Tigers year to win it all in baseball or golf?

Answer: I would say they have a better chance in baseball

Question: any idea how Texas A&M is recruiting in general?

Answer: No

Question: How does Grant compares to Roscoe and Currie. Will Currie make a bigger impact this coming year?

Answer: I think Currie and Crosby both came on strong. It is so difficult to have a big contribution as a freshman. Grant is closer to Roscoe's style

Question: Mickey did you say "I would want to" to the question Do you carry Bill Harder's Jock?

Answer: I would not want to

Question: Mickey---do you think that brooks the tenn asst was really mad at USC or was that just "madeup" recruiting stuff?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: Have Miller and/or Stuckey commented on the atmosphere at Littlejohn Sat. night?

Answer: Not to me

Question: is stadium going to be ready for orange white game

Answer: No. I think they wil play at Riggs Field

Question: any idea of a timetable for Palmer's decision?

Answer: Today or tomorrow

Question: As a Lancaster native, do you feel any USC boosters there "influenced" Randy Jackson's decision?

Answer: None that I know of and I was born in Lancaster, but I am an Irmo boy

Question: How much longer do you see Strong and Lou being at USC?

Answer: Storng will continue to get looks. I am not sure Lou

Question: How do you see the ACC in fb next year? At least the top three or four teams that is.


Question: Off the top of your head, since TB has been here, how mant studs has Stock brought in?

Answer: Simmons, Dantzler, Proctor, Rambert, Kelly, Hill, Merriweather, Harrell, Youngblood, Watkins, Bush, Grant, Hamilton, Crosby, Robinson, Thomas, Zimmerman, Fry, McNeil, Eason, Washington, Sampson, Dunham, Johnson, Hemby, McCloud, Fudge, Williams, Monts, Harper

Question: If you're from Irmo did you know Clay Henry? The guy from the Subway commercials?

Answer: I don;'t know him

Question: Top 4 in ACC next year? Football

Answer: FSU,CL,MD,WF in no order

Question: Are they impressed with Fudge and Harrall from last year?

Answer: Yes

Question: Why would Palmer lean to

Answer: AUB, GT

Question: Has Miller told you he wants to run track? I thought I had read that he was not interested in running track but wanted to concentrate on FB.

Answer: I think he wants to run track also

Question: Where dio you see Woody playing in the pros? US/ Canada RB/QB

Answer: NFL RB

Question: DO you think we will offer either of the two OL that visited this weekend and were not offered if we lose Palmer and Reddick?

Answer: No. Holt and Hedick will not be offered

Question: Mickey- How Reliable are Your Sources, and do you have the same Sources as Phil Does??

Answer: I will stand behind my sources always.

Question: Mickey, what grade would you give the Tigers so far, considering all the linemen they have committed?

Answer: B+

Question: Mickey, do you think we have a chance with Emmitt Smith?

Answer: I thought he did a great job on ESPN on the Super Bowll, but I think he is a Gator!!!!!!!!

Question: WF...seriously?

Answer: I think WF will surprise. I wish I could stay longer but my day job awaits. Have agreat day and thanks for so much interest. God Bless!

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