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CLEMSON, SC -- Recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Thursday. Plyler answered close to 100 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted almost one hour.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Plyler's southeastern recruiting website can be found at

Chat Transcript

Question: Any plans to broadcast your show on the internet? Thanks.

Answer: Still trying to talk our people into it

Question: Have you heard anything on possible replacements for Herring?

Answer: Thompson (ARK), Hoke (FL), Torbush (AL) are a few early names

Question: mickey.... what are the Tigers chances with Gaines Adams?

Answer: I think they have a good shot. Must beat NC and VA

Question: Can you give us an up to date list of who is visiting this weekend?

Answer: I will post all 22 visits on my site leter today

Question: Who is the most underrated FB player in the state of South Carolina?

Answer: I am not sure there is anything as underrated anymore. Now there are plenty of over exposed

Question: Does Clemson have a shot at Daniel Inman?

Answer: I think it is a long shot if he comes in that late. The schools that get the earlier visits have a better chance

Question: How will Reggie Herring's departure affect recruiting?

Answer: He was not on the road. So it should not have an effect

Question: What is the story with T. Williamson not visiting? Depth chart?

Answer: Yeah, it could be difficult to sign a bunch of wr this year

Question: What is the status of the 2 Jucos we signed? Will they get into school for certain?

Answer: Should know in the next day or two

Question: Mickey - why does Phil Korncoot act like such an ass?

Answer: No that is not nice

Question: Mick: Tell us REALLY happened with Reggie?

Answer: He REALLY went to Ole Miss

Question: Mickey- what do you think the chances are of Tommy Bowden promoting from within?

Answer: No chance

Question: Mickey - if you were Tommy Bowden, who would you hire as your defensive coordinator?

Answer: Thompson from Arkansas or Hoke from Florida. Bud Foster at VT is great but I don't think e would leave. Torbush is also a good coach

Question: What are our chances with Dickey?

Answer: He tolds us Florida and Clemson lead.

Question: Is Virginia's class as good as many say or are they getting a lot of press because they have a high number of comittments?

Answer: They are doing well. Especially at QB and OL

Question: where do we stand with dickey now that spurrier is gone?

Answer: I think you had a better chance with Spurrier at Florida. He had never played a black QB

Question: What do you think of Clemson's idea of having all the recruits visit at the same time?

Answer: It worked last year

Question: Mickey - what's the real deal with Zimmerman?

Answer: Clemson postponed his visit this weekend

Question: Is there any shot Clemson will go after Stoops at Miami?

Answer: I think he wil be another very good one, but I am not sure if they have had any contact

Question: Have you ever heard of a band named Korn?

Answer: Yeah, heavy metal. A little harsh for my taste.

Question: How do recruits feel about Tommy Bowden in general?

Answer: Seems like he is popular with prospects

Question: Do you mean the JUCO's might not make it at all, or just might not make it in January?

Answer: I am sorry. I mean they might have a difficult time getting in in January

Question: Has Zimmerman made the grade?

Answer: Not yet

Question: How is Nick Saban drawing in so many high quality recruits?

Answer: Because they won the SEC and the Sugar Bowl, great facilities, great fan support

Question: Is Pat Watkins still making a visit to Clemson? If so , when?

Answer: No. He is not visiting this weekend

Question: Do the majority of SEC schools recruit dirty?

Answer: Not a majority

Question: know anything about this guy....Chris Smeland defensive coordinator and safeties coaches for the University of Louisville.

Answer: He had a great scondary. They had a couple of NFL kids. I don;t know him personally

Question: Do you think Tommy will give the new DC some leeway on who he would like to have on the defensive staff?

Answer: I think it depends on the hire

Question: If Jack Hines were fired or "promoted" before signing day, would it hurt us in recruiting?

Answer: Nope

Question: Is it important to hire a new DC quickly for recruits, and also, do they view a coaching change as favorable (ala everyone is now on an equal footing concerning starting jobs)?

Answer: I think he would need to have someone in the next two weeks

Question: Are we out of it with K. Grant?

Answer: Grant is visiting Clemson this weekend

Question: what's word on Francouer (sp?)

Answer: Leaning to Clemson right now. Baseball is also a factor

Question: We are supposedly even with the OL from Chester. What do you think our chances are of getting him?

Answer: 50-50

Question: any news on miles aldridge at clemson

Answer: No

Question: Of the 4 recruits from Tallahassee, who do we have the best chance to get?

Answer: Dickey and Johnson

Question: How would you rate Merriweather compared to other top backs to come out of SC in the past few years?

Answer: The state has not produced a ton of great backs in the last two or three years

Question: People keep saying Miles Aldridge for DC, any chance of that?

Answer: I don't think so

Question: Do you think Bowden and Clemson will do what it takes to bring in a top DC?

Answer: Yes

Question: Considering we haven't heard a lot about him, is Anthony Waters a sleeper? His story (small school LB that's not highly recruited and his size) seems to be very similar to that of Levon Kirland.

Answer: At the Shrine Bowl he was very impressive. He is much taller than I thought and plays in space well. You will like him

Question: Has the junior QB from Marlboro listed any early favorites, will he play QB in college?

Answer: He is more of a runner than a passer but he has more time to develop

Question: last year you said website wasn't producing and wasn't going to continue...have things changes...enjoy reading it

Answer: No one is making enough money on the internet in this recruiting industry

Question: Do you think this hire is a difining moment in TB's career at Clemson?

Answer: No. Winning games are any coaches defining monent

Question: any opinions on NIX and randy jackson

Answer: Nix is the real deal. He is highly thought of by a lot of people. I thought Nix was going to AUB but that might not happen now. Who knows on Jackson until signing day

Question: Where do we stand with the Jr RB from lexington?

Answer: Early but you are in it

Question: do you believe all of our verbals are solid?

Answer: I think. Brisker and Jackson are still taking visits

Question: do you believe all of our verbals are solid?

Answer: I think. Brisker and Jackson are still taking visits

Question: Which OL on our board do you see us signing?

Answer: R. Fry and DeBeer. Three more from the list of Fry, Johnson, Reddick, White, Sene, Mercier, Inman and Hines

Question: Will SC ever have another crop like the class of 1999-2000 with Crosby and the rest?

Answer: We may be talking about that class for 20 years

Question: Mickey - how do we stand with Inman?

Answer: GA gets into the picture this weekend. NCSU will be a factor

Question: Who is most likely to commit this weekend?

Answer: I am not sure any will commit on Sunday but in the next few weeks you could get Fry, Stucky, Bennett, Adams, Francouer

Question: Do you think Clemson will have enough at OL to have a great offense next season?

Answer: Yeah, you only have to play five. JK. A lot will depend on Walker, the other guard and center. The tackles should be solid

Question: Mickey, I appreciate you coming in here and answering questions. Do you see the Junior class in the state being strong next year in high school football?

Answer: Very strong.

Question: of the many do we lose because of grades/sat

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: out of guys lost to injury last year....who will be ready for spring ball

Answer: All but Johnson

Question: Even though Tommy doesn't let his coordinators recruit, what areas will the three names previously mentioned (Thompson, Torbush, and Hoke) help as far as recruiting.

Answer: I would think any of those three would help

Question: Now that Alabama and Kentucky are officially in the thick of it with the NCAA over the recruitment of the Memphis kid, what, if any, other schools are looking at trouble from that whole episode?

Answer: I think those are the only two

Question: Are folks underestimating the loss of Woody Dantzler for next season?

Answer: The offense will look different, but a lot depends on Willie's development

Question: Who is the best recruiter for our in state rival- other than HC

Answer: Fitch is good, Roberts is good, Joker Phillips is highly thought of

Question: Mickey - how much do facilities count in recruiting?

Answer: I think they are very important

Question: what do you know about billy baker and ben hall from last year

Answer: Billy Baker is an idiot

Question: Assuming all our verbals sign, who do you see as the biggest catch and why?

Answer: Jackson, Jamison, Morris, Groover, Brisker, Proctor

Question: How do you evaluate an Offensive Lineman? What do you look for?

Answer: Size, quickness, agility, how good he uses his hands, strength, footwork, frame, overall athletic ability

Question: do you have better hops than your roommate

Answer: Better barley but not hops.

Question: Who would win a dunking contest between you and your roommate?

Answer: He is a world class athlete in that sport

Question: How did UGA escape the Albert Means scandal?? 3 visits 2 investigations??? UGA, Kentucky and Alabama

Answer: I guess they didn't cheat

Question: What is your gut feeling on Randy Jackson, and does Clemson have any realistic shots at any of the Lincoln High kids?

Answer: Who knows on Jackson until signing day. Dickey, Threat and Williams have ton of other offers but we will know more on Sunday. Listen to our Sunday Show 7-9 on 1070 and 103.1

Question: How do we look with Fred Bennett?

Answer: I think it is 50-50 with CL and SC

Question: Are we out of it with Watkins and Threat?

Answer: Out with Watkins. Threat s visiting this weekend

Question: What school would you most like to see Clemson add as a home and home?

Answer: Florida

Question: Is that 103.1 in Columbia?

Answer: Anderson

Question: Mickey, the question of the day is who is the next DC?

Answer: I think Clemson will first loo to Thompson (ARK), Hoke (FL), Torbush (AL)

Question: are most recruits nice to you when you bother them, I mean contact them

Answer: Yes. On a serious note I they like it for the most part. I really hope we don;t bother them

Question: How about NIX for DC, his name come up?? Your opinion??

Answer: He has done a great job at SO. Miss

Question: what kind of recruiter was Miles Aldrige, do you think he would consider DC and would we?

Answer: Miles is a good friend and a great recruiter

Question: any good stories on recruits/parents/family

Answer: Reddick's parent both passed away and he has made them proud on and off f the field

Question: have you heard whether or not the Fla. State game next year will be on a Thursday night?

Answer: I have not heard, Usually the ACC releases the schedule in December

Question: Did you consider challenging Ben when he said he was considering Clemson and going visit there on your show?

Answer: No

Question: How big of a factor will returning so many of the two deep have on the defense next season?

Answer: I think it is a big factor

Question: If Bowden bolts for LSU, Coach Stockstill would be my choice. How about yours?

Answer: Without question. He would make a great head coach

Question: Since you are a fan, what did you think about Zook as the new HC at Florida?

Answer: He will do better than people think

Question: who's over exposed

Answer: Me. Just kidding. Hey unfortunately I have to go to my day job. Hope all is well. Remeber to listen Sunday night 7-9 on 1070 and 103.1. Have a great day and thanks for your interest

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