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CLEMSON, SC -- Clemson linebacker Altroy Bodrick was the chat guest in
TigerActive Chat Monday afternoon. The turnout was great and Altroy was able to answer
over 100 questions before he had to go. We appreciate Altroy's participation
and wish him the best of luck in the future.
Stay tuned for future chat guests.

Question: Altroy.....Last year at times teams were very successful running the ball right at us. Have there been any changes scheme wise to try an stop this or is it just a matter of people doing a better job.

Answer: coaching staff has increased the strength of the starting 7.

Question: When you gradate Clemson, are you going to join IPTAY and giver some money back to the school???

Answer: yes I plan to.

Question: What one thing would you change about the CU football program?

Answer: Coach Bowden is doing that right now.

Question: Hi Altroy!--Has the Coaching staff challenged the defense this year as much as last season? Good Luck on a Great Season and Go Tigers!!

Answer: Yeah they have...probably more than last year.

Question: Altroy, I understand your roommate is kind of a weenie - do you think he can hold the middle of the line? And did you have fun tubing at the lake?

Answer: Chad is the best roommate ever. I always have fun tubing at the lake.

Question: How is the ankle holding up?

Answer: Ankle is holding up real good. I feel like I am 100% this year.

Question: Have you spoken with Javis Austin lately and if so how is he doing?

Answer: Yeah. I did last Friday in the weight room. He is doing real good.

Question: All the preseason hype seems to go to the offense, we all know Clemson has been awesome on defense for years. Are you guys ready to intimidate once again on defense? Go Tigers!!!!

Answer: Yeah always. We wouldn't be Clemson if we didn't do that.

Question: Have you had a chance to check out the freshmen yet? Which defensive newcomers do you think will have the biggest impact?

Answer: No I didn't. They just reported yesterday.

Question: Will the loss of 2 defensive backs change your defensive scheme?? And Good Luck in your upcoming season!!!!

Answer: No it won't. I feel Mance,Crutchfield,Johnson,Hafley will do the job.

Question: Altroy how bad is MR Adams ? an his defense.

Answer: All the stuff in the magazines is true. I don't there is a better LB.

Question: Altroy, besides the obvious four (Termite, Chad, Braxton and yourself) who looked good at LB in the spring?

Answer: Rodney Thomas("superman"), Rodney Feaster, and everyone else really.

Question: Altroy, what year are you at Clemson and what are some personal goal you have for yourself this season? Thanks

Answer: Junior. My goals are to be the best LB I can be and stay injury free.

Question: Does the defense feel less pressure knowing that the offense is capable of putting 30+ points on the board in any given game?

Answer: Yeah we feel more confident. We know the offense has our back.

Question: Altroy, what made you decide to come to Clemson?

Answer: Defensive tradition, coaching staff, and Clemson fans.

Question: have the coaches challenged the DL more than,the defense as a whole? Who do you see as having best chance to break into a starting position on defence this year.Have a great year! Go Tigers!!!

Answer: No they are not challenging they DL anymore than anyone else. They have the potential to be the best DL in the country in my opinion. Anybody on the second team has a chance to have a break out season.

Question: Are the 2-a-day practices something you look forward to? You guys seemed to be in the best conditioned team vs. everyone last year, do you think you are prepared to work even harder this year to become even more conditioned. Best of luck for 2000!

Answer: don't think anyone looks forward to 2 a days. But the way we do our 2 a days makes us so much better.

Question: What is the game you are most looking forward to playing this year?

Answer: Citadel. Got to win the first game.

Question: Who in your opinion will be the breaktrhough player this year on the "D"

Answer: Myself. I worked hard this summer and spring to improve.

Question: From a strength standpoint, how much has our LB's and DL's improved over the last year.

Answer: A whole lot. We surpassed over 20 personal records this spring on DL and LB alone.

Question: What other posistion would you like to play at Clemson?

Answer: If I couldn't play LB I would love to play safety.

Question: who's the fastest player on the team?

Answer: Mike Seth...4.31

Question: How deep is Clemson at LB?? Is there a lot of talent in 2nd-3rd string?

Answer: Right now we are three deep at LB solid. There's a whole lot of talent that the fans will see this year from the LBs.

Question: Troy, Do you have any personal goals for this season?

Answer: I want to make All-ACC and if possible All-American.

Question: Altroy - Are you a fan of professional wrestling and if so, who is your favorite rassler?

Answer: Yeah I am but not like I used to be because it is so fake now. I have always liked Sting

Question: Altroy: Thank you for coming to Clemson. We love what you and the other guys are doing. Off the football field, how is life at clemson for you and what do you like about the place? Thanks.

Answer: I love the fact that Clemson is a college town. That is the reason I didn't go to schools that were in the city.

Question: Altroy, What is the attitude of the team going into fall practice?

Answer: Improve on last year and do what we were capable of doing with the talent we have.

Question: Troy, what sold you on attending Clemson?

Answer: The way the coaching staff was interested in not only me but also got my mother involved in the process.

Question: Which player that we haven't seen will make the biggest impact this year?

Answer: offense-jackie robinson defense-young DBs

Question: Hi Altroy....great to have you at CU. I was wondering what became of your teammates from FC that went to any of the players still there,and if not,where are they now? FC sure had a powerhouse team your senior year..

Answer: All of them are in still college but most of them have relocated to different schools.

Question: Altroy: What area do you see the LB improving most in this year?

Answer: run support. We are going to shut down the running game.

Question: What do preseason rankings do for you guys as ballplayers? Does an AP #17 get you guys fired up and ready to play?

Answer: Yes it does and it helps us get to our ultimate goal which is the BCS.

Question: As you start practice, is everybody going to be in good physical shape?

Answer: Everybody is healthy. Strength coaches did a good job.

Question: What is your own personal outlook for Clemson football this year?

Answer: We go to a BCS bowl and win

Question: What are some of the funnier things you've heard Reggie say? Give us some quotes. Thanks - Go Tigers!!

Answer: The funniest things that Coach says may not be funny to you but it is funny to everyone else. I'll just leave it at that...hahaha

Question: Altroy: Who is the hardest person to ever hit you in a game or practice?

Answer: My freshman year on kickoff against NC. I never knew who hit me. I was blindsided.

Question: Altroy, Coach is always talking about the main difference between us and FSU is our depth. How is the depth at LB and how would you compare the second team LBs to the starters??

Answer: Our second team LBs could be first team at other schools.

Question: 2 a days start Friday right Altroy? And,which coach recruited you to come to Clemson?

Answer: Yes on Friday. Coach Bisacci recruited me. He is at Ole Miss now.

Question: What defensive players will surprise us the most this year

Answer: Young DBs

Question: Altroy...I know you are tough to block, but who on the Tiger OL can block you best??

Answer: All of them. Especially the way they have all improved this year.

Question: Altroy - any news on the QB's? Willy or Woody?

Answer: Woody is the man that is going to run the show. Willie is the best #2 Qb in the ACC. I don't think anyone can stop us with either one.

Question: As you tavel around, have you noticed a difference in the perception of the CU football program now under Coach Bowden??

Answer: Everyone is excited especially back home.

Question: How are you personally doing in the weight room this summer?

Answer: I won most improved LB for this spring. I broke 5 personal records. I can bench 225 24 reps which is third best among LBs.

Question: Altroy, how was the summer conditioning program? Did a lot of guys hang around this summer so they could work out with Coach Batson and the rest of the guys?

Answer: I believe we had 100% participation for the team.

Question: Altroy: Bush or Gore? :)

Answer: Whatever my momma wants.

Question: Do the LB's have any friendly internal competition going in regard to tackles, sacks etc???

Answer: Yeah. The rest of us want to beat Keith this Year.

Question: Altroy, do you like our fast paced offense that keeps you guys on the field a lot or would you prefer a "grind it out" offense that has a lot of 5 to 8 minute drives that keeps you guys off of the field?

Answer: I like the fast pace offense because they put points on the board. I like being on the field so we can do our thing on defense.

Question: Tell us something about Coach Bowden that we don't know??

Answer: He does a good Ric Flair impersonation.

Question: Altroy, Good luck and just play to your abilities and we'll be here to make sure you hear us when you make your plays.

Answer: Thanks a lot!

Question: Altroy, what do you like least about 2 a days??

Answer: All the practice before the first game. We get tired of hitting each other. Can't wait to get after the next team.

Question: Altroy, what was your favorite highlight play from last year? Was there any particular play that you made that stands out in your memory? Thanks

Answer: When I sacked Joe Hamilton in the 4th to give us a chance to win.

Question: Describe how it felt the 1st time you ran down the hill and rubbed the rock!!

Answer: It was nothing like everyone said it would be. It was better. I was so pumped to see so many people cheering for us.

Question: What do you enjoy for fun?

Answer: watching college football in general and talking to people.

Question: How great of feeling was it sacking Weinke on National TV last year?

Answer: It was a great feeling being it was my first sack.

Question: Altroy, who is your best friend on the team and what your major is. Thanks

Answer: PRTM Sports Management....My best friend is my roommate Chad.

Question: Altroy- who is more intimidating Coach Herring or Keith Adams?

Answer: Coach is because I heard back in his day he was the man at FSU.

Question: Altroy, don't hit them freshman backs too hard in practice! They may be missing mama pretty bad. Do you think Rambert will have a big year?

Answer: I think all our running backs will have a great year. I know we will have a 1000 yard rusher and probably a 500 yard rusher.

Question: Altroy: Are the players excited about all that is going on w/Tiger Pride and the rennovations?

Answer: Yes. All of it will be great for the players and fans now and in the future.

Question: Altroy, in your opinion what makes Keith Adams the player that he is. Describe what he has that everyone is following to be a better player.

Answer: A great motor and an attitude that he always wants to get better.

Question: Altroy..It seems as if our defense plays SOOO much better against the pass under this that a direct result of seeing so many footballs in the air during practices,or just better defensive schemes?

Answer: It is because we practice against the pass everyday in practice.

Question: We all know what Woody can do.....but what are your impressions of Willie Simmons ?

Answer: Willie is a clone of Woody in my opinion. What you see from Woody Willie can do also.

Question: Altroy - Give us a prediction...How many picks will you have this year?

Answer: I want at least 2. One of them for a TD.

Question: Altroy: Is Coach Bowden as intense as he seems to be on tv, etc.?

Answer: Yes. He wants to win and he is going to make sure we are prepared.

Question: Altroy, what was your most perfect play or hit since coming to Clemson?

Answer: Using Coach Herring's techniques to sack the QB against GT.

Question: Altroy - Bowden says that Woody could be the first 2000/1000 QB...any thoughts?

Answer: I think Coach may be wrong. I think he can do 2000/1500.

Question: Is Coach Herring the loudest Coach that You have ever heard in practice?

Answer: Oh yeah because he lets you know when he is talking to you.

Question: What team would you most like to face in a bowl game this year?

Answer: Any team in the BCS.

Question: Altroy, how are all of the rehabs going for the guys who had surgery during the offseason?

Answer: I think all of them will be ready.

Question: Altroy- Who is louder Herring or Rodriguez?

Answer: Both of them when they get going.

Question: Altroy, how big a factor has Vickery Hall been for you? How big a factor was it in your coming to Clemson? Also, are you excited about improvements for stadium etc.

Answer: It was 50% of the reason I came to Clemson. I want the best stadium in the country.

Question: Altroy: Did you ever hit a back like Thomas Jones? If so, was he tough?

Answer: I didn't play that game.

Question: white jerseys or orange jerseys at home

Answer: It doesn't matter to me. Whatever the fans want.

Question: What is your favorite training table meal at CU (if there is one)??

Answer: I like the seafood meal.

Question: Altroy: In the FSU game, could y'all see fear in FSU's eyes when we went up 14-3?

Answer: Yeah but they did like champions and turned that fear into a win. I hope we can do that this year.

Question: Altroy- I've seen you on campus and you look much bigger than you did last question is who is the strongest person pound for pound on the team?

Answer: Charles Harper

Question: Altroy - what do you like better, the sack or the interception?

Answer: int if you run it back from a TD.

Question: Has your Clemson "experience" so far lived up to YOUR expectations??

Answer: Yes it has.

Question: Is there any talent in your hometown of Cameron/ Elloree that we dont know about?

Answer: In about 3 years look for my cousin who is my clone.

Question: Altroy, any news on Akil's return??

Answer: He will be All-Acc this year.

Question: Altroy, in your opinion, who is the best leader on the team this year?

Answer: The senior class in general.

Question: What are your thoughts on playing 10 games in a row and ending that stint with Florida State? Are there any worries that a little fatigue might set in?

Answer: I like our schedule. Of course I want to end FSU stint and I am not worried about fatigue at all.

Question: Altroy: Thanks for staying on so long and fielding all of these questions! What is you major, BTW?

Answer: Sports Management.

Question: there any one game in particular that the team has circled on the calander?

Answer: Citadel

Question: Altroy: Who has the best looking cheerleaders (women of course) in the conference? :)

Answer: Clemson of course!

Question: Altroy: Has Coach Bowden invited the team over to the new house? :)

Answer: We went Wed.

Question: Do you think Jovan Bush can have the year that CU fans, and Jovan, have been expecting for a while now??

Answer: Yeah I think Big Bush will be a well-known DL by end of the season in the ACC.

Question: Altroy, is Akil going to play this year, the Citadel game??

Answer: Yeah I sure hope so.

Question: Altroy: Do you think Coach Bowden will retire at Clemson?

Answer: I think he will.

Question: Altroy, do you think it helps when NFL stars like Shaun King and ex-Clemson Tigers come to campus and visit with the team?

Answer: I think it helps a lot when NFL players come to campus because it gives us a chance to talk to some of the NFl players and see what it takes to get there. Thanks a lot for the support and we are looking forward to the season and all the great Tiger fans. Thanks for coming to the chat!

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