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CLEMSON -- Clemson rover Altroy Bodrick was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat Monday afternoon. The turnout was great and Altroy was able to answer over 100 questions before he had to go. We appreciate Altroy's participation and wish him the best of luck in the future.
Please join us on Wednesday afternoon at 1 PM for a chat with former Tiger and current radio host Will Merritt and also on Friday at 1PM for a chat with the State's Clemson beat writer Ken Tysiac.


Question: Altroy, when you are on the sidelines during the game, are you really inot the action on the field. Some fans seem to observe other team members being a little uninvolved when they are not actually on the field. Thanks.

Answer: Yes I'm in to it I love to see what the offense is doing

Question: Altroy, how is Toure Francis' rehab coming along. Will he come back strong next season?

Answer: Oh yeah Toure is working hard and trying to get back 100%

Question: Do you think playing Rover this year has helped your chances for the NFL?

Answer: Yes it has I love the position and the NFL scouts seem to think its better fit for me

Question: Altroy, thanks for the way you've represented CU over the years. What will you miss most about it when you leave??

Answer: Thank you soo much I really do appricate all the love from the tiger family the past couple of years.

Question: What was the best thing you did during your rehab (football relatd or not)?

Answer: Get my degree was the best thing I could have done

Question: What's the biggest change Lovett made on defense?

Answer: Play to the strength of the defense, by this I mean alot more zone coverage

Question: Thank you your hard work and effort!

Answer: Thank you

Question: In your opinion, who is the best coach on the staff?

Answer: My coach of course :)

Question: I just wanted to say that this Tiger fan is proud of the defense this year. Shut out the coots!

Answer: Thanks

Question: What is the best memory you will keep from you years at Clemson?

Answer: Running the hill for the first time. Close second sacking Chris Weinke for my first college sack

Question: Have you talked to Ronny? What can you tell him to help him with the challenges that are ahead of him?

Answer: I told him to stay positive, because at this point in your life alot is where you are going to be tested the most through faith, and courage to pull through

Question: What do you think of the fan support at Clemson?

Answer: Its one of the best fan supported university in the nation in my opinion

Question: What do you have to say to the pseudo-fans who bash players on Internet boards?

Answer: Take a step back and think of the parents that might be looking at your quotes about there son or daughter, you may think twice before you post a harsh statement

Question: Altroy, thank you for your contributions to Clemson University, other than yourself of course, and the phenomenal play of Justin Miller, who on the defense has been the biggest surprise to the players?

Answer: You almost forgot the most important part of the Defense the line. The boys up front make it happen first, they have been playing great this year

Question: My kid got your autograph after the game Thanks!

Answer: You are welcome

Question: What did you think about Justin Miller's hit so late in the game?

Answer: A statement to maryland that just don't think we are going to sit back and let you high step into the endzone. Virignia found that out too late in the game

Question: How long did it take for you to really get 100% from the knee injury?

Answer: The end of the Georgia game

Question: What do you want to do after football?

Answer: I wan to hopefully make it to the NFL if not I'm planing already to be a NFL scout for one of the organizations

Question: Altroy, thanks for your enthusiasm and for the way you have represented CU. If you could play one game over this year which one would it be?

Answer: I think it would have been the Georgia game I think if you look at one or two plays we could have won

Question: How did you deal with your injury, was family close by, or did you depend on friends?

Answer: Both helped alot, but the biggest support was the LORD and the bible

Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Answer: Briefs, every girl I know love athletes in Briefs

Question: What is your favorite uniform combination?

Answer: I like the all white

Question: Are you going to get a hit to top Justin's hit on Downs? I hope so.

Answer: Yeah, I gots to top the freshman

Question: Altroy, I think I can speak for most Tiger fans when I say I am excited to see a Clemson's defense "with teeth", much like the Clemson defenses of the past. Thanks for your hard work!!!

Answer: Thank you

Question: What's Chad up to? Do you still talk with him?

Answer: I talk to chad everyday he is still my roomate at Clemson

Question: What specific play (INT, sack, etc.) would you love to make against the coots?

Answer: I would love to take a INT back to the house to seal the win

Question: Thanks for the chat, and for suffering through last season on the injured list.

Answer: Thanks

Question: Where has been your most/least favorite place to play as a visitor?

Answer: My favorite place is UNC my least favorite is FSU

Question: Altroy, I have seen you on before. Do many athletes pay attention to what we say here? If so, how would you say our comments affect them?

Answer: They pay attention, its great if you say nice things, its disappointing if you say harsh stuff

Question: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!!!

Answer: you welcome

Question: Do you know if we have purple jerseys available for the games?

Answer: Hope so

Question: Altroy>> thank U and all the Tigers for your hard work. glad U got your degree. good luck Sat and in bowl game

Answer: Thanks

Question: Do you stay in touch with former tigers?

Answer: Yeah I try to keep in touch with Keith I talked to him this morning

Question: What is your impression of Williams.....what do you expet of him next year?

Answer: Buddy will be a good player reminds me of his cousin Alex Aurdley by the way he plays man on receivers

Question: Who is the best Tiger we haven't seen on the field yet?

Answer: I think in the next couple of years most of the freshman we redshirt will have a great impact just like Justin

Question: Who is the best non-Clemson player you have ever faced? Who is the best Clemson player you have had to go against?

Answer: Peter Warrick , Torry Holt.............. The best Clemson player would have been Tzack

Question: Altroy, thanks for all you've done for Clemson. In your opinion, are facilities an important consideration as a recruit? Who has the best facilities that you have seen?

Answer: The facilites are probably the second most important recruiting method. When I went to Florida they have the best I have seen, but I saw a show about Texas and they have the best I have seen.

Question: How dangerous are the coots this week-end (fighting for a bowl game, etc.)?

Answer: Very dangerous reminds me of my sophomore year when we had to beat them to get into a bowl game

Question: How is Keith doing? Glad to see him get a chance to start this year.

Answer: Keith is doing great I'm trying to see him play for Thanksgiving break on the first of Dec.

Question: If you were a recruit today, would you read message boards and let some of the comments about coaches, players and other recruits influence you?

Answer: Of couse, so when you say something bad about players or coaches it does affect a players ideal of the school

Question: Are you projected as a strong safety for the NFL?

Answer: Yes

Question: Which player on O currently on the scout team will surprise us next year?

Answer: Kevin Grant Coleman and all the lineman they are all going to be good

Question: How does Keith like Philadelphia?

Answer: He likes it alot

Question: How good is Duane Coleman?

Answer: A speed burner, plus has the moves to shake ya up

Question: How's the future look for Michael Collins? It seems he has all the physical tools to be a star.

Answer: Yeah I forgot about my boy Mike he is going to be the real deal has the same tools as J.J.

Question: What is important to football recruits? What was important to you?

Answer: Coaches and enviornment

Question: Altroy, we have enjoyed watching you play. What was it that made you choose to play at Clemson?

Answer: My family had 50% of my decision and they love Clemson and the coaches I like Clemson too, so it came down to Florida and Clemson

Question: Have you ever had the chance to play on offense at Clemson?

Answer: NO I wish I could

Question: If you had to choose, which NFL team would you like to play for?

Answer: I'm a big Chiago Bears fan but I hate the cold , I would just love to be drafted by anybody

Question: Keith Adams was "Termite". What do they call you? What about some of the other names for other players? Anybody got some interesting names?

Answer: Well they call me ALTO and Kevin Morris is Beast Yusef Kelly is Bruiser J.J. is jumpman Coach Allison is sarge just to name a few

Question: What is your personal pregame routine?

Answer: When I get to a stadium the first thing I do is go out to the field and sit down on the sideline benches to thank god for letting me have another chance to play football in his name. I take about 15 min relaxing and thinking to myself how luckly it is to play football again

Question: Have you recovered 100% of your speed?

Answer: Yes

Question: Follow up question , what position on offense

Answer: I would love to play reciever catch some slants and run over a linebacker for a highlight

Question: What age did you start playing football? Did you have any other sport favorite?

Answer: I start playing football in the 7th grade around 12 I love baseball

Question: How good do you think Justin Miller can be?

Answer: Justin can be just as good as Deion thats a high praise, so justin I'm expecting a couple of dollars at practice. But for real he can and should be a first rounder before he leaves Clemson because of his return skills also.

Question: Yo Altroy....sending out a shoutout to you and the defense from all the guys in Johnstone Hall. Are you going to make some USC backs and receivers feel the pain that they deserve?

Answer: Try to too alot of times during the game

Question: Altroy, it's great to see you back on the field. Beat the coots PLEASE!!

Answer: Thank you from all the support in mile high

Question: Hey Altroy, thanks for the great defensive effort this year! If you could name one main difference that John Lovett has made this year for the defense, what would it be?

Answer: Understanding the strenght of the defense

Question: Altroy, greetings from LOW FALLS LANDING in LONE STAR! What is the defense #1 objective this Saturday as far as schemes are concerned? Thanks and God Bless in Jesus Name!

Answer: Hey whats up to all my family from the country , glad to see someone from the home area on Tigernet .

Question: How good will Morris and B. Jamison be next year?

Answer: They will be good, we won't miss a beat with those two.

Question: jamal Fudge has been hitting hard this year too. How good will he be?

Answer: He and Justin will be great combination in the secondary along with Toure, Ryan, and Buddy

Question: What about Gaines Adams and Charles Bennett?

Answer: The next great D lineman in the future

Question: Altroy, what is your perspective on the CU/USC rivalry?

Answer: One of the best in the country

Question: What is your opinion of Tommy Bowden's leadership skills?

Answer: He has some of best leadership skills I've been around

Question: Altroy, My son has a newspaper photo of he and Vontrell. What's the best way to get Vontrell to sign it?

Answer: Send it to the clemson football office and send a another letter inside with a stamp to send it back and he will sign it.

Question: Altroy.....I'd love to see you step in front of a pass this weekend and go maybe.....85 yards for a score. What would you think about that?

Answer: That would help, I would to be the opening scene on sportcenter

Question: What will the strength of the D be next year and why?

Answer: I think the strength will be the D line once again because we have alot of talented players coming back up there

Question: Any idea how the NFL is looking for you right now? Have you gotten any feedback on whether you will be drafted?

Answer: Some feed back but not that much alot depends on workouts injuries its so much in the air.

Question: How will your emotions be since this is the USC game and your last time to run down the hill on Saturday?

Answer: I can't explain how I will be feeling just emotional and excited to play USC

Question: Altroy, Will it be easy to stop the running game of USC...

Answer: NOO they have some talent back there

Question: What's up Altroy! Does music get you pumped up before the games? If so, Who do you to listen to??

Answer: I don't really listen to music before the games

Question: Good job Altroy! It seems that no matter how the game is going, our Defense is fired up for a full 60 minutes! Keep up the good work and I hope the defense gets at least 2 TDs this Saturday!!!

Answer: Thank you

Question: can you tackle duane coleman?

Answer: I can tackle anybody........... just kidding but he is real good

Question: who talks the most trash on the team during the game?

Answer: I'm right up there I love to talk a little trash

Question: Just wanted to say I was quite impressed with your play this came up and made some big hits....very impressive against team like Maryland...good luck in the future and on saturday....!!!!!

Answer: Thank you

Question: altroy - le me start off by saying that you have been a great asset for the clemson tigers. thank you for toughing it through and good luck on the draft.

Answer: Thank you

Question: Did you have a good birthday?

Answer: I did thank you

Question: Has any of the crumpton brother's beat you at your game , knockout kings on psx2 ?

Answer: NO not yet but I bet I will handle the brothers today in the games

Question: So tell it like it is - how do you like being surrounded by all those gorgeous women?

Answer: I love it Clemson has some gorgeous ones, the older women are the ones that keep my eyes scanning

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