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CLEMSON, SC -- Recruiting analyst Phil Kornblut was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Wednesday. Kornblut answered close to 100 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted one hour.

Kornblut is the host of Sportstalk on the South Carolina Radio Network from 6-8 p.m. weeknights. He is also the editor of a recruiting website called Palmetto Recruiting.

Question: Do you write the recruiting articles or is it done by someone else?

Answer: just to let you all know, reggie is meeting at this hour with tommy bowden discussing his plans. i don't know if a final decision has been made. i write the newspaper columns. i have an assistant in my office who helps write stories on palmetto recruiting.

Question: Who is the most under-rated recruit in South Carolina, in your opinion?

Answer: quency darley, dl, manning

Question: Phil, how do you maintain your impartiality?

Answer: it's my job to cover all the schools in the state with a focus on usc and clemson. i do a statewide show which caters to fans of all schools. so i direct my efforts that way.

Question: Phil, as a member of the media, how do you explain to listeners the content of your show when you factor in the natural biases you have towards your school? I am a journalist, and my love for Clemson is one of the reasons I avoid sports journalism so as not to compromise my professionalism.

Answer: i don't have biases for or against any schools. i enjoy covering them equally. i feel at home at clemson as at usc. both schools have been good to me from a professional standpoint. i state my honest opinions based on current situations. where i attended college has nothing to do with how i conduct myself today.

Question: who decides how long articles are posted on your web site?

Answer: they stay on until they rotate off.

Question: Phil: I live in the same town as Daniel Inman. Inman reportedly is wavering at ECU. Any word?

Answer: he is. he has been offered by clemson and will visit february 1st. i think he's visiting georgia this weekend.

Question: Phil - Why did you give such vigorous coverage to Jamison and Morris when it was thought they may be considering usc, yet you didn't even update your site when they signed with Clemson?

Answer: we did stories on both players when they recommitted to clemson and ended their recruiting. we reported at that time both would be signing early with the tigers. the actual signing, in my mind, was an afterthought. had something else happened, that would have been a bigger story.

Question: Do you listen to the band Korn?

Answer: never heard of them.

Question: How is Clemson doing with recruiting offensive linemen?

Answer: looks good right now. two are commited and several are set to visit. coach west is working them very hard and should land 5-6 good ones.

Question: Phil----who do you expect to commit to clemson this weekend who is not already committed??

Answer: i think these are possibles...francouer, bennett, adams, lee, stuckey, mccaskill, clark...if clemson pushes these guys for commitments, they might fall.

Question: What do you think of Billy Baker lying to Ben Hall last year? Shouldn't the NCAA regulate people in the recruiting industry like they do the coaches and players?

Answer: i was disgusted with billy for what he did. there's nothing the ncaa can do to regulate reporters.

Question: Phil: Who out of last years class at clemson do you see being an impact player we have not heard from yet? Hill? Dunham? Jetton? Myrick?

Answer: all of the above.

Question: Phil: A lot of folks on this site are convinced that administration is trying to shut down the football program at clemson. You believe any of this?

Answer: no.

Question: Serious question: How do Clemson's LB recruits stack up, and what about the possibility of Gerald McCloud at DB for the Tigers?

Answer: groover and waters were very good in the shrine bowl...jamison and morris were outstanding in juco...i can see mccloud at db.

Question: Phil, can you elaborate on the NCAA investigation concerning Lou and Brandon Jamison's father being promised a better job if his kid became a cock?

Answer: not aware of an investigation.

Question: Is Becky Bowman a help or hinder to Clemson FB Program?

Answer: a good compliance director can save a program from big problems.

Question: Phil: What percent of winning is coaching and what percent is talent?

Answer: 40-60

Question: Phil, why didn't Sportstalk send anybody to Boise to cover the Tigers? Instead, we had two guys in Tampa and only a assistant SID in Boise.

Answer: i tried to arrainge coverage for boise but couldn't find anyone who could make the, it was very was our time to be with usc since we have been with clemson at every bowl game since 1986.

Question: Where is Quincey Darley headed?

Answer: undecided.

Question: Why does Clemson get shut out of Greenwood HS?

Answer: good question. usc has just done a better job there over the years and has maintained a strong relationship there.

Question: Who is Clemson's best recruiter?

Answer: stock.

Question: Who will be our next DC

Answer: don't know.

Question: While the recruiting focus is naturally in the southeast, does Clemson have a chance with anyone outside the region?

Answer: they are involved with justin miller of ky...and have a commitment from roman fry of ohio. rb walli lundy of nj is visiting. that's about it right now.

Question: Phil: Given the good linebackers coming into the program, would you switch Eric Sampson back to strong safety - his Sunday job in three years?

Answer: probably not a bad idea.

Question: Phil: When a recruit says he's 50-50 on two schools, how often is that really the case? Woudln't someone always have the advantage?

Answer: sometimes kids tell you that because they don't want to go on the record with a favorite. but sometimes they are truly up in the air. i just go with what they tell me.

Question: Phil: When a recruit says he's 50-50 on two schools, how often is that really the case? Woudln't someone always have the advantage?

Answer: sometimes kids tell you that because they don't want to go on the record with a favorite. but sometimes they are truly up in the air. i just go with what they tell me.

Question: Phil: Tommy has said that his philosophy for linemen is to get slightly smaller kids who can run as opposed to the big fatties that so many people love. Your thoughts?

Answer: for what he tries to do on offense, that sounds like the way to go.

Question: Phil, could you explain what is up with Grant. We keep hearing that he has a family problem that will keep him close to home. So what can you tell us about this?

Answer: i don't care to comment about a kid's personal matters. he is strong on usc right now with georgia the other one he's looking hardest at.

Question: How much does the outcome of the Clemson/USC game affect recruiting in this state each year?

Answer: it certainly doesn't hurt the winner. a kid who is undecided could be swayed by the game. i think a lot of instaters have their minds made up between the two schools by then.

Question: Will Clemson have a higher ranked class than USC? Your oppinion....

Answer: too soon to tell.

Question: Why can't you get a station in Greenville to carry your show?

Answer: greenville is a tough market. there aren't a lot of options there. you can hear us on 103.1 fm out of anderson and 1600 am out of fountain inn. we are working on a deal that might improve the situation in the near future.

Question: Phil--have heard that the junior class next year is very strong-----what positions and players are strongest for next year---

Answer: haven't done much on juniors. i do know the qb at marlboro county, the lb at berkley, the rb at lexington and the rb at georetown are highly thought of...also, rb at wade hampton is pretty good.

Question: Phil: You deal with the coaches a lot. On a personal level, who is the guy you LIKE (ability aside) the most at clemson and at carolina? Who are the "best guys" (assuming of course that you like them all)?

Answer: that's tough because all the coaches i talk to i like. can't say i like one over the other.

Question: Phil - Is there anyway you could educate Teddy Hefner on how to segway into a plug?

Answer: somethings aren't possible.

Question: Ohil, Could you give us some info on the LB that Tommy talked to out in Boise that will be making a visit soon?

Answer: don't know who that is. have you a name?

Question: Who is Wally Lundi considering right now?

Answer: clemson, unc, bc, georgia

Question: What kind of influence do the H.S. coaches have on recruits (more than parents?) ?

Answer: in some cases, coaches have a lot of influence. in others, none at all. it depends on the situation.

Question: Boxers or briefs?

Answer: boxers.

Question: Phil: A lot of guys seem to fall off the radar once they commit. If they wait until near signing date, they all become stars. Do early commits like jamison and morris get "discounted by the market as old news" by the time signing day comes around and therefore get less hooplah for the class?

Answer: good point. that's why schools like to finish with a bank. but a great player committing in december is still a great player when he signs in february.

Question: what WR's does Clemson have good shot at signing?

Answer: not often. at least, not since batman.

Question: Phil: Best ways to tailgate at clemson and carolina?

Answer: don't know. never do it.

Question: Clemson has alot of young DBs on the roster, do you think we will sign much this year?

Answer: no.

Question: Phil - Considering The State prides itself on being a statewide newspaper, do you find it odd that they have a more than noticable bias towards usc?

Answer: no. they are still columbia's paper and their slant should be on the gamecocks.

Question: Phil, I understand the Boise trip was expensive. But, when your show pokes fun at Tiger ticket sales for the H-Bowl when it costs so much to get out there that y'all don't even cover the game, I think that kind of reeks of a double standard.

Answer: i don't think the hosts poked fun. we reported the ticket sales as released by clemson. now, callers took their shots. i honestly thought 5-8 thousand tiger fans would go, so i was a little dissapointed with the showing. certainly the administration thought more would go.

Question: Phil, who do you think is going to pull out the best recruiting class in the nation? Just an overall prediction...

Answer: tennessee.

Question: Let me try again, What Wide Receivers does Clemson have a good shot at signing this year?

Answer: mccloud might be the only one if zimmerman doesn't hold, and his coach told us today unc is coming on strong with him...he won't visit clemson this weekend.

Question: How much do facilities factor into a recruit's decision?

Answer: a lot.

Question: Any scoop on Teddy Hines at Fork Union?

Answer: he's actually at hargrave and is scheduled to visit clemson on the 18th.

Question: Phil: When a kid talks about a visit to a school, does he ever say anything about the fans booing their own players?

Answer: no.

Question: Phil Clarification, please..."Question: what WR's does Clemson have good shot at signing? Answer: Not often, not since Batman." ??

Answer: answer jumped into wrong box i guess. gerald mccloud looks like the best possiblity for wr right now if zimmerman doesn't hold up, and his coach told us today unc has come on strong with him and he won't visit cu this weekend. fred bennett could be a wr.

Question: Uhhh... shouldn't a newspaper not have any slant on anyone?

Answer: by slant i mean a priority. usc should be priority for the state just like clemson should be for anderson and greenville.

Question: Phil: A followup on the facilities question. You "pull for" both clemson and usc because happy fans call your show more than sad fans. Do you think bowden's insistence on new facilities is overblown or necessary in todays game?

Answer: actually, we get more calls when people are mad. but we like the happy calls more. i question tommy's leaning on the need for new facilities as it pertained to this season's progress....i've always thought clemson had some of the finest facilties in the country. we'll see if the new stuff helps.

Question: Phil: Five funniest or most interesting kids you have talked to over the years.

Answer: atnwant edwards, todd ellis, woody, micheal boulware, zola davis.

Question: I thought reports were supposed to be NON the news as is

Answer: that's not what i'm talking about. its about what your readers want to read.

Question: For the most part, what are the top three concerns a recruit has on deciding on a school?

Answer: playing time, coaching staff, social life.

Question: phil, what's going to happen with the usc recruit that they let run out on the field with them before a game?

Answer: nothing.

Question: who did you pull for this year ....clemson/usc

Answer: neither.

Question: Phil , Is Mccloud or Zimmerman not coming this weekend?

Answer: mccloud is, zimmerman is not.

Question: Phil, do you like Ard is his Spedo's?

Answer: never see them.

Question: Phil - You say "it's about what readers want to read." Are you saying you can read the minds of those that read the paper, website, etc.?

Answer: let's apply logic. you live in columbia where usc is the major sports program? does it not stand to reason most of the residents, and the people who by the state paper, are gamecock fans?

Question: Can recruits run down the hill with team this year

Answer: ask becky.

Question: Phil, then since Sportstalk is based out of Columbia, I now understand why you give USC priority on your show

Answer: usc does not have a priority our show. you obviously don't listen enough to make an informed opinion. did you know we were at clemson last night doing the show before the basketball game? what's that tell you about priority?

Question: So, Zimmerman to UNC then?

Answer: not a done deal.

Question: Was the recruit running out with the Gamecocks not clearly a violation? Why not reprecussions for USC?

Answer: i don't know what the rule is about that.

Question: Does that mean because the readers are Cock fans, the State should be dishonest and unprofessional just to please them?


Question: Clemson has soooo many recruits coming in this weekend, is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

Answer: worked well for them last year.

Question: is this a tough room for ya....since MOST are tiger fans

Answer: not at all.

Question: Do you think Clemson is making any inroads back into the state of NC?

Answer: a little.

Question: Phil: Do you run The State newspaper or do those folks listen to you about what they report? If not, then such questions are not particularly enlightening on this site and we should quit asking them? Do you not agree? And you and crump can tell them that is from me, THE happycat!

Answer: whatever.

Question: Do you think we will get d backs with a chance to make a big impact in the next 2 years?

Answer: a chance with those guys coming in from tallahassee. they're pretty good.

Question: Phil: I have to leave, but thanks for sitting in with us...

Answer: thanks for having me.

Question: Is Reggie gone, and if so, who comes in?

Answer: i think he is. don't know a replacement yet.

Question: You being at Clemson doesn't say anything about priority. usc didn't have a home game so it was a perfect opportunity to make a visit to Clemson just to try and prove a point.

Answer: believe what you want. you obviously have your mind made up. i will not attempt to change it.

Question: Do high school coaches push you to highlight their players on your preseason lists?

Answer: i think they do.

Question: How does the instate talent this year compare to last year?

Answer: about the same.

Question: How much do coaching changes impact a kids decision?

Answer: a lot, if his recruiter leaves, it can hurt a school.

Question: So we go from a Woody, to a Willie to a Dickey?

Answer: possible.

Question: Phil, What is the deal with Kevin Morris OL from NC ..... is he still looking at either Clemson or USC . Is it true that his father is an agent?

Answer: he is looking more at usc between the two. don't know about the dad.

Question: Tommy seems to be looking for raw talent and "athleticism" as much as anything else. Good idea in todays game?

Answer: yes.

Question: Phil what are our chances with Demario Minter?

Answer: not good.

Question: If Reggie leaves will it have an impact on recruiting positively or negatively?

Answer: not that much since he doesn't recruit that much.

Question: What school will surprize everyone with the quality of their class this year?

Answer: virginia's looks good right now.

Question: Phil do you think the Tigers have a better than average shot at Mercier, who are some of the other dominant lineman we are in good shape with?

Answer: average with mercier. chris white, dustin fry, steven sene, brian johnson, troy reddick, jonathan palmer, matt mcclernan, daniel inman are others interested.

Question: right now...ACC recruiting rankings

Answer: guys, and ladies, or lady, hate to do this but i've got to go prepare a sporstcast. if you are interested, i'd be happy to do this on a weekly basis, if crump wants it. just let me k

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