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CLEMSON, SC -- Radio host and recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Monday. Plyler answered 135 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted over one hour. We would like to thank Plyler for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chats on TigerNet.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Plyler's southeastern recruiting website can be found at

Chat Transcript:

Question: Is it true that the NCAA is questioning Zimmerman's test score as well as his core course?

Answer: Not that I know of. I think you will hear something from his situation in the next 24 hours.

Question: What numbers do we sign at each position this year? Do we take any JUCO's?

Answer: In the neighborhood of QB-1, RB-2, WR-3, TE-1, OL-5, DL-3-4, LB-3, DB-4, P-PK 1. Just my guess.

Question: Will Zimmerman redshirt this year?

Answer: I think it would be hard for him not to redshirt. However, you never know because of injuries.

Question: Who starts at LB this year?

Answer: Thomas, Leake, Sampson backed up by Jamison, Dunham, Morris

Question: Who is recruiting Mario Williams and what are our chances of getting him away from Chuck the Chest?

Answer: Mike O'Cain. He says you will get a visit but I think it is a long shot.

Question: Do you think Newton, Summers, Young and Brown sign with USC? If so, would you consider that a BIG problem for Clemson?

Answer: Newton and Summers are leans to USC. I think Young will go down to the wire. We have not talked to Brown. It is a long way to go however.

Question: Any luck at The Terrace?

Answer: None.

Question: If/when Rick Stockstill leaves, who is a good, young coach coming up the ranks that would be a good replacement for him?

Answer: I think he would be hard to be replaced. David Kelly is a great recruiter but there are few that work as hard as Rick Stockstill

Question: What position do you think CJ Gaddis will end up playing?

Answer: Corner, safety or wide out. I would say corner

Question: Hi, Mickey. In your opinion, who are the 5 best rising HS seniors this year?


Question: Is there any hope of 1070 ever beefing up their wattage so that those of us outside of Greenville can listen to your show again?

Answer: Where are you? I think it will be better in the next two weeks. But I have heard that before.

Question: How many of the Parkview kids will we get, if any?

Answer: I think you have a shot at the three OLs. But it is really early.

Question: why can Clemson not have a recruiter to help us like the coots have Korncoot???

Answer: I am not sure what you are saying.

Question: Who is an in-state kid that no one has heard of that but will be a household name in recruiting circles by the end of the year?

Answer: Maybe Jo Jo McFadden from Fairfield-Central

Question: Hi Mick. Good to have you. Give me a prediction of the Tiger's season. I say a minimum of 8 wins.

Answer: 8-4 sounds about right to me.

Question: How do you feel about internet freeloaders?

Answer: The entire internet industry has changed so much. We may go to a pay site and have 10 updates a day.

Question: Hey Mickey what is the one position that Clemson needs to up g

Answer: I think they have to sign five OLs this year.

Question: Micky- Where do you see the Tigers finishing in the race for 2nd place in the league this year? :)

Answer: I really don't think there is a tuchdown's difference between 2-8 in the ACC. I think it will come down to schedule and injuries. If CLemson plays well they can beat anyone in the league outside of FSU. If they play bad they can lose to anyone outside of Duke.

Question: What is the one position that we need to upgrade the most in the future?

Answer: I think Bowden and his staff have upgraded the talent at every position with the exception of the offensive line.

Question: Mickey, what do you think Clemson's record will be come December?

Answer: Just guessing 8-4

Question: Mickey... the Zimmerman situation and why it took so long to clear him..... was it CU's fault or the high school?

Answer: I am not sure who's fault it was but should know something in the next 24 hours

Question: Who are the three biggest names on the Tiger's recruiting board for next year?

Answer: Summers, Sean Bailey, Zeb McKinsey, Marcus Howard, Maurice Nelson, Jermaine Johnson... a few more but even I know that's more than three

Question: Will we offer Preister or Hemby and at what positions?

Answer: You have not offered either. If you offer Priester it will be as a tight end. Hemby as a DB

Question: IF (BIG if) Tommy ever left... would Stockstill be an option for Head Coach?

Answer: Clemson would make a huge mistake if they didn't hire Rick Stockstill in that scenario.

Question: Is 1070AM up to 50,000 watts yet as they were planning to do 2 years ago?

Answer: We have been up to 50K often but fire and lightening and bad equipment has us back down often. The station expects new parts to be here in the next two weeks.

Question: mickey- what is your opinion of TD phillips so far ?

Answer: I have heard only great things so far. He has his work cut out for him but I don't think Clemson could have gotten a better AD.

Question: Do you know who the "coots" are?

Answer: I take it you mean South Carolina.

Question: Micky-Who do you see as the top 5 finishers in the ACC this year?

Answer: I will guess 1-FSU 2-MD 3-Clemson 4-Georgia Tech 5- N.C. State

Question: Will you have your show on a Charleston area station anytime in the near future?

Answer: I would love to do the show in Charleston. South Carolina's best city.

Question: Do you know if a recruit can visit a closed football practice while still a Junior?

Answer: Yes

Question: What will Stuckey end up playing?

Answer: QB until he proves he can't. I think eventually he ends up at DB or WR.

Question: Have you heard anything about Kornblut being shut off by CU because of the Roscoe Transferring thing?

Answer: No.

Question: Do you visit recruits houses like Billy Baker does or just phone calls?

Answer: I have no desire to go to any prospects house. I think that would be very unprofessional.

Question: mickey... how many OL will UGA take? I know they are limited in numbers which I think would help us

Answer: I think UGA wants to sign 4-5 OL.

Question: do you belong to any booster organizations eg iptay?

Answer: No. I have to give Furman money each year because I am a member at their golf course

Question: What's the latest on Syvelle Newton ?

Answer: South Carolina leads Clemson. GA,TN,FL,UCLA and a few other may get a visit but I would be surprised if he left the state.

Question: Is Duane Coleman on campus?

Answer: I think he is supposed to be there sometime today.

Question: Any chance Cole Chason beats out Wynn Kopp?

Answer: I am not sure. I know the staff is not happy with Kopp's performance of last year.

Question: What do you think about the kicker that has committed?

Answer: I heard he looked great in a jamboree last week. His offer list was impressive.

Question: Mick, do you think we'll beat UGA?

Answer: No

Question: is this an off year for the number and or quality of division 1 recruits in south carolina?

Answer: Yeah. It is better than last year but not quite up to par.

Question: Do you think Woody will make the practice squad with Dallas, or will he decline if offered and try the CFL?

Answer: I am not sure. He helped himself Saturday night.

Question: Has USC passed Clemson in terms of talent, coaching staff and desire to win?

Answer: I don't think there is a lot of difference in the two programs over the last few years.

Question: Had Duane Coleman gone to prep school, would we have been able to hold off the bigger programs and re-signed him?

Answer: No

Question: who leads the recruiting war with Newton from Marlboro county?

Answer: SC over Clemson

Question: How are the linebackers reacting to having Jack Hines as their position coach?

Answer: I have heard everything has gone very well so far. They have responded to him.

Question: Who will be the one suprisingly good team and the one suprisingly bad team in the country this year?

Answer: Vanderbilt will surprise because I think they can win four or five games. I tink N.C. State will disappoint but their schedule is a joke.

Question: What will USC's record be?

Answer: I would guess 8-4.

Question: Mickey, talk or type louder, I ca't hear you here in Atlanta!

Answer: In all of my 34 years I have never had anyone ask me to talk louder.

Question: I heard that Bowden and Co. has revamped their approact to recruiting OL. What changes have they made?

Answer: I think they are offering more players and offering earlier.

Question: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Answer: You guys are amazing. How about a write in vote for Tiger Wood's girlfriend.

Question: What is the final total of who didn't make it in from the signing classes at both CU and UCS (assuming TZimm shows up)? ...and where did they go?

Answer: CL-Brisker, Groover, Carter, Francouer. SC-Hill, Ben, Bennett

Question: Will Clemson sign any other players from NC other than Gaddis?

Answer: They are involved with some great ones like Williams, Carroll, Jefferson, Lee, Guy, Thomas, Little, etc.

Question: Who are the Parkview 3?

Answer: McKinsey, Overmeyer, Pilgram

Question: Do you think Bowden is serious about playing 3 tailbacks in the first game?

Answer: I think so. You have three very good ones with different styles.

Question: What is the word with Mario Henderson? Marion Dukes?

Answer: I think you have a chance on both. Getting Coleman in helps with Henderson and offering Dukes helps.

Question: Mickey--would you go against bobby hartin if you got on down here or would you fear the hartin juggernaut?

Answer: Fear no one, but respect everyone.

Question: whats your golf handicap?

Answer: Not enough to compete with all of the sand baggers.

Question: Mickey, is the staff now okay with Becky Bowman? What, if anything, was done to make them feel better about the situation.

Answer: I am not sure.

Question: Biggest thing the Tigers must do to have a successful season this year?

Answer: Turnover ratio, stay healthy, survive a brutal schedule, win a few close ones.

Question: In your opinion, where the fires at Littlejohn deliberately set?

Answer: I would doubt it.

Question: Is Bowden on the hotseat?

Answer: I don't see how. He has been to a bowl in each of his first three years. I think he is building. The talent level is improving. The media is off on this one.

Question: Is Bill Harder under consideration for a job as Clemson's head coach?

Answer: Clemson would be lucky to afford his services.

Question: MP, Willie or Charlie as your starting QB?

Answer: Willie

Question: Korncoot tries to make it sound like Nelson is wide open, yet other services had him close to committing to Clemson, what is your take?

Answer: I think he will end up at Clemson.

Question: Mickey did you report on the Roscoe rumor like other media outlets did in the state?

Answer: No.

Question: Coleman must really be a stud for Tommy to consider moving Ty Hill to corner. What are your thoughts?

Answer: The staf is thrilled to have him. The spring should be interesting.

Question: When will I be able to listen to you on the internet? I am sick of shows like Packman that are all flash and no real substance!

Answer: I wish I could control that. I wish we could do it today.

Question: Mickey, technically, doesn't Coleman still have a chance to be eligilbe to play this year if the new score comes in at 17 or better? I mean do we have his final test score yet?

Answer: He is a partial qualifier.

Question: Will Clemson sign any JUCO's this year? Can we do better than Singletary?

Answer: I don't think they will recruit the JCUO ranks very heavy. Maybe if you find one or two stars.

Question: Does Clemson have a shot at Carnell Stewart?

Answer: I think it is a long shot, but Burton Burns is a great recruiter.

Question: Who are the Tigers looking at for the 2003 class from the Lowcountry?

Answer: Kinlaw, Brown, , Howard

Question: Strongest part of the Tigers this year? Weakest?

Answer: Strongest wide receiver. Weakest-OL

Question: Do you feel like Clemson's staff sees this years in-state class as marginal, and will be offering more out than in-state?

Answer: I am not sure what they think. I can't see Clemson offering more than 12-15 in-state players this year.

Question: I have heard that a lot of long time Athletic Department employees may move on soon, do you think that is true?

Answer: Alot of them are close to retirement age.

Question: NCST is big time overrated in my book. What in the world has all these folks thinking they are #2 in the ACC?

Answer: The schedule is a joke.

Question: What is the Biggest Needs for next years class at Clemson?

Answer: OL, DL, DB

Question: Do we have any chance with Andre Woodsen?

Answer: I think it is a long shot.

Question: Aug 31st, Athens, Ga....what is your prediction?

Answer: Georgia by 10 to 14 points.

Question: Will DJ Shockley play against Clemson?

Answer: Yes. Richt says both will play.

Question: Mickey not to by pass this season but I think in 2003 we will be able to run with the big boys thoughts ?

Answer: I think 2003 could be a special season for Clemson.

Question: Why would you list DL as a big need when Clemson just signed a heavy DL class, plus moved McClinton and Coleman to DL?

Answer: You lose two DL and would like to sign 3-4.

Question: Does Clemson have a shot at Craig Davis or the WR at Evangel in Louisiana?

Answer: Ithink they will get a long look. Burton Burns is recruiting him

Question: Where will Will Paul sign?

Answer: Anywhere he wants. He is the real deal. LSU, Michigan, CLemson, Illinois, etc are being mentioned.

Question: null

Answer: null

Question: Who is Clemson's #1 target at QB? WR? Do you think we sign Derrick Higgins?

Answer: Sean Bailey, Terrell Allen, Craig Davis, Noah Whitesides, Chris Jefferson, JohnLogan

Question: What's the latest on Zimmerman? Will he be cleared on Tues?

Answer: I think he will be cleared in the nest 24 hours.

Question: stockstill,burns and scott are all considered excellent recruiters--does clemson have any others on their level?

Answer: Allison and West had very good years last year and are off to good starts.

Question: Mickey, why all of a sudden does it seem like the NCAA is camped out at the SEC schools? Has this stuff been going on all along or is it something that has just started in the last few years?

Answer: The SEC schools take it too important. It is never worth cheating over. The pressure to win has become too much.

Question: Can Clemson be this year's Marylandin the ACC?

Answer: They can be.

Question: Mickey: I heard that this OL may be the best of the Bowden era. Any chance this is true.

Answer: If they stay healthy but they are still inexperienced.

Question: Do we like Kinlaw at RB or CB?

Answer: Either.

Question: Will NC State have enough healthy players to put 11 players on the field? When they play Tennessee School for the Deaf and Blind?

Answer: They could play the first part of the season with an 8-man team.

Question: What position would Howard and Nelson play? Who is the best WR in SC this year?

Answer: Whitesides or Allen is the best. I think Howard at LB and Nelson at either safety or LB.

Question: Mickey: The incredible rash of injuries that UGA has suffered makes that game more winnable, doesn't it?

Answer: Yeah but Georgia is still the number eight team in America and the game is in Athens.

Question: Who plays OT for Clemson in 2003?

Answer: Myrick, Henry, Black, Britt, DeBeer, Lee

Question: Was Clint LaTray and "out of left field" kind of thing or had there been interest shown before he committed?

Answer: He was impressive at their camp.

Question: How many QB, RB, and WR do you see Clemson signing in the next class?

Answer: QB-1, RB-2, WR-3

Question: Mickey, what do you think about Gregg Doyel picking Clemson 7th in the ACC?

Answer: I doubt they will finish 7th.

Question: Furman, AppSt, and GaSouthern in Southern Conference... predict order of finish??

Answer: Furman, ASU, GSU, WCU,ETSU

Question: Phil Kornblut is obvious USC booster!! he aids them in recruiting!! why can`t Clemson have someone to help us like that???

Answer: I doubt he would do that.

Question: Hows the golf game?

Answer: Non-existent. I put the clubs up three weeks ago.

Question: Hello Mickey and thanks for joining us. My question to you is regarding Tymere Zimmerman. If he is cleared to play tomorrow as expected, do you think his prep experience last year was valuable enough that he could potentially pick up the routes and techniques in time to play against Georgia?

Answer: I doubt he will be physically or mentally ready to play that early.

Question: "You doubt he would do that"? Have you ever listened to KornCoots show?

Answer: I haven't heard it in the last few years. Can't get it in Greenville.

Question: Mickey how do you feel about the Woo Hoo

Answer: I hate that girly cheer. I thought you guys were powerful enough to stop that crap.

Question: South Carolina vs. Virginia. Close game? Who has more talent? Who do you like in that one?

Answer: USC is beter than UVA.

Question: mickey... any suprises out of the incoming freshamn (i.e. somebody being much better than anticipated)?

Answer: McCloud, Chason, Bennettm, Fry

Question: What about Xavier Adibi?

Answer: I think VT, but it is early.

Question: What newcomer do you see making an impact the earliest?

Answer: Miller, Grant, Jamison and Morris

Question: Mickey, what is your honest prediction for the Georgia game?

Answer: UGA by 10 to 14 points

Question: Who will play for the national championship?

Answer: The winner of the FSU,FL,TN,MIA round robin will play the winner of the Big 12 (OU,TX).

Question: I think Texas Tech can beat NCST, what do you think?

Answer: The only game NCSU can lose. I think TT wins at home.

Question: How was McClinton doing before he got hurt?

Answer: They staff wazs very impressed before the injury.

Question: Mickey, how many OL do we sign this upcoming year?

Answer: 5

Question: How badly did Clemson screw up by not offering Micky Rice last year...we didn't even offer him a visit

Answer: I doubt it will hurt Clemson.

Question: Mickey, Is Derrick Hamilton a top ten WR nationwide?

Answer: No. But he is in the next ten.

Question: If Kevin Breedlove signed with Clemson instead of Georgia would our OL be equal to Georgias?

Answer: No.

Question: Do yo ulook for the Gators to be "down" this year in light of the new coaching staff?

Answer: The Gators would be down even if Spurrier was there. They lost so much talent. Sheppard, Gafney, Caldwell, Person, Brown, Davis, Chandler, etc.

Question: Beastie Boy fan?

Answer: Heck no. Springsteen fan.

Question: Who's the Best Recruiter at Clemson?

Answer: Rick Stockstill

Question: Mickey I am hoping we can be 3-1 going into the bye week. Can you break down our first 4 games for us.

Answer: 3-1 would be great. The key to the entire season is GT. If you go 3-1 you have to beat GT.

Question: Right now, who wins? Clemson or USC?

Answer: Are you kidding me. Occupational suicide.

Question: Mick, if we only go 6-6 this year, does that officially put Tommy on the "hot" seat?

Answer: I think if he goes 6-6 this year there would be pressure to win in 03.

Question: Is Clemson involved in some hs recruits for safety positions? Seems like we're kind of thin there after Bodrick and Meekins graduate...

Answer: Nelson, Roberson, maybe Howard at S, Johnson. I think you will be fine at Safety

Question: can you get me a parking pass???

Answer: No. I woud call Van Hilderbrand or give a few bucks if I were you.

Question: What about Brandon Cannon?

Answer: I think the staff wants to play him at DT after a redshirt season.

Question: I'm from Tennessee and was wondering why Clemson never makes any noise in this area? Is it lack of talent, or does the SEC have that tight a reign on this area?

Answer: I think it is hard to recruit Tennessee because of UT's success.

Question: Was Fry on schedule to play as a true freshman before he got hurt? If so, any chance he still will after the injury?

Answer: He was on schedule but the set back may have changed that.

Question: Does La Tech give us a problem after what happened in the Bowl game?

Answer: No

Question: What kind of effect will the rover position have on the D this year.

Answer: It gives you a chance to disguise some things. Coverages, blitzes, etc. I think you will like the change

Question: Who do you pick to be the winners in the preseason games (Va. vs. CSU, TT vs. OSU, etc.)?

Answer: VA beats CSU, OSU beats TT. I think MD beats ND.

Question: Is B. Hall a stud or what?

Answer: I think he is a great player. NFL potential and real weapon.

Question: What do you like/hate most about your job?

Answer: I love everything about my job. I am very blessed and thankful for it. Unfortunately, I have to get to my day job right now. Thanks for having me and hope we can do it again soon. Take care.

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