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CLEMSON, SC -- Mark Packer will be our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Monday night for over 2 hours. Packer answered well over 150 questions from Tiger fans.

Mark Packer, a.k.a. The Packman, is host of "Primetime With The Packman" an afternoon sports talk show based out of Charlotte and also heard on WCCP-FM in Clemson. It airs from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and features guests such as Pat Croce, Mike Dryzewski, Ric Flair and others from the world of sports. "Primetime" started in October 1997 and has quickly become one of the most popular sports talk shows up and down the I-85 corridor with its combination of outrageous commentary from Packer and a slew of co-hosts and the unpredictable "Whiner Line" which lets the listeners vent about whatever is on their minds. Packer is a 1983 graduate of Clemson and is the son of ACC basketball play-by-play legend Bill Packer.

Chat Transcript

Question: What do you think of these recruiting "gurus"? Do you ever see yourself calling some hs kid on your show and rapping about his official visit?

Answer: I'm not a "recruting geek"...I'd rather see which kids develop as opposed to making a Top 10 is such an inexact science....I don't waste time interviewing high school kids...but everybody has different likes and dislikes with their respective shows.

Question: Packman - what is your gut feeling about Clemson FB next season?

Answer: I think the Tigers will be much improved in 2002. How can the "D" be any worse ?...Simmons adds a new dimension...if Tommy can get some improvementy with the D and the OL comes together, the Tigers will should be a solid Top 20 team next season.

Question: Who will be the next DC

Answer: I've heard alot of rumors, but I don't know anybody that confirm the leader for the job.

Question: Pack - out of the many places you have been to watch a college football game, please rank Death Valley in terms of overall atmosphere.

Answer: Death Valley... Clemson, SC is a great place for a game. When the Clemson fans and team is stoked and ready to is an incredible experience. Clemson fans need to get back to being hungry again...Bowden made the comment when he was hired that he wanted to bring the "Death" back to the Valley...much like his program it is still a work in progress....Overall, I would place it in my Top 10 venues in college football....In the Eighties, it was in the Top 3.

Question: Do you see Jamison and Morris entering CU in august now? Thanks for visiting us in TAC!

Answer: I really don't know much about them...Sorry.

Question: Love your show Pack ... can I have a date with Darby?

Answer: You can't afford her.

Question: Packman ... tell your boy "seed" that we miss him when it's not basketball season.

Answer: Seed needs all the help he can get....If Duke loses again this season, he's going to be in the kitchen baking Eclair Pies for the rest of the year.

Question: Question of the night: Has Matt D ever cried while giving an interview on your show?

Answer: Matt D has NEVER been on my show....I heard he was upset and started crying when i didn't ask him to be a guest.

Question: Have you ever read Under the Tarnished Dome?

Answer: No.

Question: Is Clemson on Southern Fried Probation in 2002?

Answer: No....In fact nobody is currently on SFFB Probation...That will all change if and when Duke beats somebody.

Question: How about ranking the cheerleaders of the ACC?

Answer: Everybody ranks in front of Duke's....They are the pathetic.

Question: Would you ever be interested in getting back involved with the Clemson broadcast rights?

Answer: Sure...but it would have to be the right deal. I loved running the tv and radio network in the 80's...We had over 90 stations for football and working with Coach Ford was the greatest.

Question: Who would win in a fight? Bobby Knight or Mike Ditka?

Answer: What kind of fight ?...Fistfight....I'd go with Knight...only because Ditka has gone soft with those lame hairspray commercialas.

Question: Who runs the dirtiest recruiting program in the south?

Answer: According to the NCAA...Bama looks like the early leader.

Question: What's the stupidest thing a caller has ever said?

Answer: There are too many to pick from.

Question: Who would you have play you in a movie?

Answer: Some overweight white guy.

Question: Will the Panthers go after Dungy or Schotenhiemer, or do they want Fox?

Answer: Whomever they select...don't let Mark Richardson close the deal....It has been the hottest topic in the past week.

Question: Any thoughts on the drugs flowing through the colleges now? Is it worse now or just more exposed?

Answer: Good question....I don't know the answer...It does seem more prevalent now...but so is gambling on college campuses...GFood question.

Question: Mark, do you think Larry Shyatt has what it takes to make Clemson a consistent middle of the pack team in the ACC?

Answer: Given how weak the ACC is this season...if you can't finish in the middle of the pack in 2002...when can you do it ?...Clemson should have higher standards than trying to finish 5th every season.

Question: Packman: Do you think this is the year that Clemson goes to the Dean Dome and FINALLY beats UNC?

Answer: No....Have you seen the ACC INdex Card...the Heels are still getting a ton of calls....On a serious note...anything can happen in college hoops...this is the year to beat UNC.

Question: what's your favorite Clemson memory?

Answer: Graduating.

Question: I loved the Jim Thatcher/Bill Packer ACC game crew in the late seventies. Do you foresee a time when you follow in your dad's footsteps? If not basketball, maybe Putt Putt.

Answer: Billy who ?

Question: Did you and Tim Bourret really fight over Jill Mixon?

Answer: Jill who ?

Question: Mark, did your dad get in any trouble with Swofford last year for saying the officials were Pro-Duke in the Final Four last year in theier game with Maryland?

Answer: Nah...Billy is so old...he copuld care less who he offends. Plus, Swofford is a great guy....I know he has UNCV -blood, and that offends alot of folks outside of Orange County...but the guy is a great commissioner.

Question: How about the job Grobe did at Wake this year. Personally, I think they have a great chance to win 7 games and make a bwl next year.....your thoughts?

Answer: Grobe did a great job last year....Hey wait a minute....what is a Deacon doing on a Clemson chat session...SCREW WAKE !...Seriously...The Deacs have a ton of players back next year...I don';t know what their non-conference schedule looks like...but they'll be good.

Question: Mark--welcome-----how many ACC games will UNC win this year and is this the year the "streak" in chapel Hill ends for clemson?

Answer: The Heels will be in the 6-10 record range, and they'll still be tough for the Tigers to beat on the road in CH.

Question: Mark, does Shyatt have another year left or does Clemson basketball have to make a move to be competitive?

Answer: Clemson MUST be competitive this year...the ACC is way down ! The STATE game tomorrow is've got to take care of business at is a winnable game, and coming off the 41-point loss...the Tigers need to play well.

Question: Who has the hottest cheerleaders in the ACC? Was Daugherty on the money about Duke?

Answer: WF always has a couple of hot babes...FSU and Clemson are pretty solid, too....As long as you stay away from Duke and off GT's campus you'll be ok.

Question: What is your fondest memory of your years as a

Answer: I met so many great people during my time at Clemson...It was the reason I attended school there...I loved the people.

Question: Does Kris Lang have a career as a model if basketball doesn't pan out?

Answer: Only if it is Abraham Lincoln gear.

Question: I want the Panthers to hire Marty Schottenheimer!!!

Answer: Marty has 7.5 millon reasons not to coach again.

Question: Is the SEC a better basketball conference than the ACC this year?

Answer: is not even close.

Question: Hi, Mark. What is your fondest memory of your years as a Clemson student?

Answer: Prrrr....kat woman.

Question: Packman love the show!!!

Answer: Thanks...keep on listening...

Question: do you think acc officiating is biased in favor of duke and unc?

Answer: Only in basketball.

Question: Gotta disagree on the Knight vs. Ditka call. Ditka would kill Knight.

Answer: Only if he sprays with that cheap, Knight would hit him over the head with the chair...WWF style.

Question: Pack: Honestly, do you think Bobby Robinson has been a good AD for Clemson or a hindrance?

Answer: Booby has been a friend for a long time...He has done a GREAT job from a fiscal standpoint...he was light years ahead of the curve...The only area where I feel that Bobby and Clemson have failed is playing big-time teams on a consistent basis in all sports...But that is a personal gripe.

Question: Who is your favorite guest of all time?

Answer: Too hard to call...I love Croce and Cuban...Governor Jesse Ventura is a trip....I would leave out too many if I made a list.

Question: Pacman---are the duke cheerleaders uglier than the nancy boys at the end of the tar heel bench??

Answer: I think they date each other.

Question: How about Jason Alexander?

Answer: Too short.

Question: Pack: Who has the most obnoxious fans in the ACC?

Answer: UNC womens soccer fans

Question: Glad to have you! What length of time do you see Clemson's turnaround under Bowden?

Answer: I think Tommy is two yars away from being in great shape...he will have to shore up that D and continue to recruit well.

Question: How long do you think the TarHole faithful will put up with Vanilla Ice?

Answer: based on the phone calls and emails...they are fed up with his act...He better show some improvement next season...the UNC fanms aren't used to getting their tails kicked on a consistent basis.

Question: Do you have the hots for Darby?

Answer: How do you think shew got the job ?....Jut kidding...she is a sweetheart, and I'm happily married.

Question: Has Mark Richardson ever had any sense? Did you know him at Clemson?

Answer: I knew him a little bit at CU...He doesn't return my phone must be a Richardson trait.

Question: Mark... any prospects on an Augusta affiliate?

Answer: Not that I'm aware of...I'd love to be in every market in the southeast.

Question: Pack, has QCB gotten over the banishment of DW yet

Answer: QCB is still looking up the word banishment in the dictionary.

Question: Do you remember Mark Dickson?

Answer: yes.

Question: Where did you find the QCB?

Answer: It is too long of a story for a chatroom session....He is a piece of work.

Question: Pack, bottom line, can Shyatt get the job done at Clemson?

Answer: Can the Tigers be a consistent upper-tier team in ther ACC under Shyatt ?...Not in my opinion.

Question: Pack: Are you in favor of a NCAA football playoff. If so, how many teams should be included?

Answer: Yes...16 for starters.

Question: Question about the Falcon's. Do you see the new owner letting Reeves go? If so who do you see them going after to rebuild the franchise?

Answer: With Spurreir available, I would have taken a chance...but now that he's off the table...I'd keep him for another year.

Question: Packman, do you think that John Swofford, because of his UNC background, has a tendency to let that bias interfere with his professional actions? i.e. Why do they get all the calls?!

Answer: No, I really don't. I know alot of folks would argue that point, but I really think he's one of the best in the business.

Question: Ginger or Mary Ann?

Answer: Both. At the same time.

Question: Did you grow up a Wake Forest fan?

Answer: Nope...I was a huge NC State fan growing up...That was during the David Thompson era.

Question: Is the QCB crying in his beer over DW?

Answer: He can't afford a beer.

Question: Can Maryland maintain is football momentum and can UVA and UNC move up with their NFL coaches?

Answer: I love the job Friedgen did this year...but I think MD comes back to the pack this year...Bunting did a great job, but has HUGE holes to fill defensively...and Groh is having a big recruiting year according to the geeks that rank that stuff.

Question: Swofford a great commisioner???? The guy doesn't know his @#@ from a hole in the ground, man. What's up with that?

Answer: Is that you, Bobby Robinson ?

Question: Pack, who's sexier, Beautiful Beth or Darby?

Answer: Beautiful Beth is a knock-out...

Question: Mark, why don't you ever mention Beautiful Beth anymore?

Answer: She's busy.

Question: Mark -- Nick Eason is in chat. Anything you want to say to the Clemson star???

Answer: I've never heard of you....ha, ha.

Question: Will Richardson blow this head coach choice???

Answer: Well. so far he's hired Capers, Seifert and missed with Spurrier...He has the "DO FACTOR"...He's do to get one right.

Question: There are almost 200 chatters in're blowing up! Is it your goal to take over Jim Rome as the top talkshow host in the country?

Answer: I like Jim...His show is an acquired taste, but he' always been cordial in person when I bump into him during Super Bowl week....I'm very happy for his success.

Question: Who uses more hair spray - Billy Donavon or Pat Riley?

Answer: I 'd have to ask Ditka that one.

Question: What is your opinion of Mcgee at USC and what do you think of Columbia now having to build their own 8,000 ice arena because of McGee?

Answer: Mike is an aggressive AD...I think he';s done a terrific job....AD's are judged by a number of factors, and one of them is who did you hire to run your "big programs" ?....Holtz and Odom are solid picks.

Question: Did you know you just called Bobby Robinson "Booby"?

Answer: I apologize...I can't type worth a dman.....see there.

Question: How cute are UNC women's soccer fans?

Answer: It doesn't matter...they date each other....It's like the LPGA Tour.

Question: Pack, I heard you bought season tickets to the Sting's games next year...any truth to that?

Answer: I wouldn't be caught dead at a WNBA game...or a UNC women's soccer match.

Question: Can Prosser compete with Duke and UNC in basketball? Can Clemson ever hire a winning coach and have him stay?

Answer: Prosser has done a terrific job with the Deacs....Time will tell if he can recruit well enough to put that type of team together on a consistent basis...And I feel the Tigers can recruit a coach to stir up the hoop program.

Question: Do you think Maryland was a one year fluke in football?

Answer: No...Friedgen is too good of a coach...but I do expect them to be in the middle of the pack in 2002.

Question: Is Wake that good or is Clemson that bad? Forty points is unheard of.

Answer: WF had one of those did the Tigers....Clemson looked great against UVa...Larry did a terrific I stated earlier...tomorrow is a huge game for CU.

Question: Packman... is QCB really a USC fan or do you pay him to be a COOT?

Answer: He loves them...even though he can't spell USC.

Question: Can Larry Shyatt get the job done at CU - X's & O's and motivation?

Answer: He needs players.

Question: Are the Hornets moving or are they staying and you will financing the new arena?

Answer: They're staying.

Question: How long will it take for Lou to get USC on probation?

Answer: Who knows...I wasn't aware they were being investigated.

Question: Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the weekly calls Levon Kirkland. He is one of my all time favorite former Tigers.

Answer: Levon is great...what a terrific person....He'll be in-studio with us on Friday.

Question: Ginger, Mary Ann, or Barbeque?

Answer: All three...but not in that order.

Question: Okay, if Shyatt ain't The Man, who is?

Answer: Bobby Knight.

Question: Mark, do you ever see Clemson leaving the ACC and joing another conferance? IF so who? IF not do you see the ACC expanding to improve their standing as a football conferance?

Answer: No...they're going nowhere...the checks are too good...especially during hoop season...the only way Clemson should leave the ACC is if the conference forces them to go to Boise every year !

Question: Pack, how did you find QCB?

Answer: I don't have time to tell you the whole story.

Question: Has O'Cain had an impact on our North Carolina recruiting?

Answer: I don't know...I really don't follow the recruiting game...I'll wait and see if any of the recruits can play.

Question: Pack, if Swofford does such a great job, explain the memo he sent to officials before the Clem/UNC game in 1998... shortly before Duke and UNC would face off, #1 and #2... the 41 foul game.

Answer: Bobby...quit sending me these ridiculous questions.

Question: You got a beautiful mind!

Answer: Thank you.

Question: what 2 teams do you think will make it to Super Bowl?

Answer: St. Louis and Oakland....I wouldn't mind seeing the Steelers...anybody but Baltimore !

Question: PacMan--we have 3 sports stations in charleston and you are not on one of them--Why not???

Answer: I wish we were on one of them...Have their GM call me at WFNZ....I'm not in charge of syndication (imagine that ?), but I will put them in contact with the right person.

Question: Do you listen to Korn? I asked Kornblut that, and he had never heard of them.

Answer: Phil is a good guy...he's lucky we're not in Columbia or he'd be out of a job.

Question: Tony Kornheiser is an idiot. Can WFNZ find another show to replace him?

Answer: They asked me to go from 10-7, and I passed...just kidding...I'm not in charge of programming.

Question: UNC women soccer fans date each other? probably not Cinemax quality gals either.

Answer: You got it.

Question: Are the Hornets bound for New Orleans?

Answer: The Hornets are going nowhere....The NBA doesn't want to lose the CVharlotte market, and NO is depleted from a corporate standpoint.

Question: MArk, It was extrememly nice of you to help the Clemson station out when they lost their "drive time" host. It is appreciated all around!

Answer: Tommy Powell was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet...they don;t make people like Tommy anymore...God Bless him and Pam.

Question: If Shyatt doesn't make it after this season... who should the Tigers approach?

Answer: I don't know...I hope Larry gets it going in Tigertown...he seems like a nice guy....the ACC is a tough league, but this is the year for a breakthrough if it is going to happen.

Question: Who would be a good fit for CU basketball coach if Shyatt is fired?

Answer: There are a num,ber of quality coaches...CU will have to make a commitment to land the "big name", and that will cost some serious bucks.

Question: Pack, are you going to do anymore "diary" type stuff like when you went to NBA finals? Good stuff.

Answer: Yeah, in due time. I have so many projects on my playe right now...I just don't have time for everything that I want to do...Croce was a gracious host, and it was an incredible roadtrip.

Question: Who would you try to hire to run the Clemson basketball program? Bobby Knight was the obvious choice and "Booby" blew it.

Answer: Bring back Dean Smith, and piss off everybody.

Question: Why didn't you go to Boise?

Answer: I was in line for WNBA tickets.

Question: QCB needs to put down the hooked on ebonics, and pick up the hooked on phonics.

Answer: I really don't have a clue what he is saying half the time....

Question: I just don't see us being able to attract a talented baskebtall coach....not easily have any names you think would consider Clemson?

Answer: I haven't spent much time thinking about it...I keep hoping Larry will turn it around....Give me some time with that one.

Question: Boxers or briefs?

Answer: Boxers.

Question: Packman -- are you close to any of the football staff?

Answer: Not really. Even though I enjoy our interviews with Tommy.

Question: How old is Hayseed?

Answer: 25 going on 40.

Question: Pack..where did you live when you attended Clemson?

Answer: I lived in Johnstone F-5...and I lived off campus with my roommate Larry Penley, the Tiger Golf Coach.

Question: How is John Meder Parel (sp?)? Will he ever be back?

Answer: I haven't spoken to Jon since he left for Boston a few years ago...I assume he's doing fine.

Question: What really happened with W and the black eye? Choked on a pretzel? puhleeze....I think he was's why I like him

Answer: He was definitely choking...I can't believe he admitted that he fainted....I would have kept that one quiet.

Question: Pack- If you'll move to Columbia I'll pay the moving expenses!

Answer: I would love to be in Columbia and the Raleigh markets with the show....The Whiner Line would be incredible.

Question: Mark----is there anyway the franchise will get out from underneath shinn and wooldridge??? they are poison--

Answer: It is possible...everybody has their price....It will be fascinating to watch how it all unfolds in the next few months.

Question: Who will be the next coach of the Carolina Panthers?

Answer: I really thought it would be Spurrier. I really don't have a clue what direction they will turn to...I can't imagine John Fox or Gunther Cunningham is the answer...we'll see

Question: Why did Scout Finch call her father Atticus and why do you call your father Billy instead of Dad?

Answer: That's his name. I picked it up when he started the ACC telecasts 50 years ago..."So, Billy...what do you think...."

Question: i was f-annex...could smell the soccer hall from where i was. got high from the smell

Answer: Yep....

Question: I know you went to Clemson, but who is your favorite college football team? Some folks go to a school but pull for another. Just curious as to where you stand.

Answer: I love Clemson, and I hope they do well...I've been in sports so long, that I've gotten immune to rooting for teams....I know alot of CU fans get on me for not being more of a "homer", but that really isn't my style....I've found myself rooting for players, coaches and "owners" in this day and age.

Question: ACC Expansion....gonna happen?

Answer: Eventually the ACC will expand again.

Question: Do you think there is a bias against Clemson among the ACC adminisrators?

Answer: No.

Question: I mentioned something to you earlier about QCB needing hooked on phonics. Actually I like him a lot even though he's a gamecock. Several times he almost caused me to run off the road I was laughing so hard.

Answer: Next time, call in and give us a Wilburn Auto Body Shop traffic report.

Question: The coaches I want for the Panthers in order: 1. Gruden 2. Schottenheimer 3. Dungy

Answer: I could live with that.

Question: What was your career scoring average as a Clemson golfer?

Answer: I couldn't count that high.

Question: hey packman...i know on your show you cant show bias...but do you go for Clemson every time they play?

Answer: I wasn't thrilled that they decided to go to Boise....but for the most part, I want CU to kick ass.

Question: Who has the ugliest cheerleader in the SEC?

Answer: VANDY.

Question: Packman, thanks for chatting. Who will be the top 5 or so teams in the ACC next year in football. Thanks

Answer: FSU...NC no particular order.

Question: hey i know you blasted clemson for going to the Humanitarian Bowl...but what did you think of the game?

Answer: I didn't watch much of it....My eyes started to hurt with the blue turf and those hideous La Tech uniforms....Plus, what is Jack Bicknell III's problem ?....Quit bitching about Tommy running up the score...on September 7th you can come and get seconds.

Question: A lot of experts have said recruits told them they were impressed with our bowl win. Some of those recruits have since committed. I'd say Boise was the right choice.

Answer: If CU feels good about...that's all that matters.

Question: Will Tommy be able to beat his Dad before Pa Bowden retires?

Answer: He better get some more players....this was a perfect year to beat "diddy", and CU laid another defensive egg.

Question: Did you know that Virginia may end up with a top 5 recruiting class. With the new coaches the ACC has added over the last few years, I think ACC football is on the way to an all time high. Do you agree?

Answer: The ACC is getting better...Maryland winning the ACC was great this year...CU needs to be a is the ONLY "football school" this side of FSU.

Question: You do know that our nickname for Matt D is "Vanilla Ice" don't you?

Answer: People refer to him as Vanilla Ice on the show all the time.

Question: got any extra Hornets tickets? :)

Answer: I have about 17,000 for next week's game...interested ?

Question: Packman, you are a big Humanitarian Bowl fan I heard!

Answer: Ranks right up there with the WNBA and the ESPN Lumberjack Finals.

Question: Clemson needs Woody Widenhofer. Did you know he was the defensive coordinator for the Steelers during the Steel Curtain years?

Answer: Yeah, and I think that would be a quality hire by TB....We'll see what happens.

Question: Is there any hope for the basketball program? What do you suggest?

Answer: Yeah, there's hope...Larry needs to keep on winning, and that starts with the State game on Tuesday.

Question: How do you rate Tommy Bowden and Lou Holtz as coaches. Who's better?

Answer: They are very different....Holtz is a remarkable coach and his background and accomplishments speak for themselves....Tommy is on the verge of turning Clemson back into a power, and he's 2-1 vs. Lou.

Question: How long do you think Wake can hold on to Grobe? He will be the next hot commodity in my opinion.

Answer: WF is a stepping stone for a good FB coach...I was very impressed with him and his taff this season.

Question: "Xtreme Games" or "Robotica?"

Answer: Xtreme Games....atleat that is what Mark Richardson told me to say.

Question: What's up with Annabelle Vaughn? Is she really on Southern Fried probation for SIDs?

Answer: AV is doing fine...we had a falling out last year, but we're back to being on speaking terms now....

Question: Packman, you look like my uncle

Answer: It must suck being your uncle.,

Question: Who will be Panthers new coach?

Answer: I'm not sure where they will look for the next coach...I really thought Spurrier was the pick.

Question: ok SOB...what is it for you, tomato based or mustard based?

Answer: tomato.

Question: Fist fight between Seed and QCB???

Answer: Seed destroys him.

Question: Would you rather have the Hornets or a ML baseball team? I'd love to have an American League team right here in Charlotte, even if it meant shipping out the Hornets.

Answer: I'd rather have a NL team.

Question: Has a caller EVER changed your mind about something?

Answer: Yes....why did allow that guy on the show ?

Question: Back when you ran the network, didn't we have affiliates all over SC, NC, Ga, in Tn, Al, Fla,, even Oklahoma & Nebraska? How'd you do what they don't seem to be able to do now, make it so Clemson fans nearly everywhere can listen?

Answer: Clemson has done a lousy job with their network....I've always thought that the radio network has to be the grassroot of your support staff....When I see the list of affiliates, I cringe....but hopefully the administration got a nice check for their efforts.

Question: You think the Panthers are bound for a new home?

Answer: No....they're here for the long term.

Question: NL???? AL kicks ass!!!

Answer: I'm a Giants fan...what can I tell you

Question: What was the closest the bb Tigers came to winning at Chapel Hole when you were at CU?

Answer: I can't remember the score or the year...but they played at Carmichael, and they had a shot with less than a few minutes to play....but we all know how that ended up.

Question: I love the show. However, it cuts out on me before I get through Rock Hill. When y'all going to beef up the watts?

Answer: Our signal sucks...I wish I had an answer for you.

Question: Mark Love Your Show ! But Fire Mat B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer: Evidently the Fox TV affiliate beat us to the punch.

Question: Clemson didn't make a dime from the network last year? Should someone have been fired over that???

Answer: Ask Bobby Robinson.

Question: How many games do Larry and the guys win this year in the ACC?

Answer: Tomorrow is is the type of game that can launch you into the 6-8 win range...

Question: who would you pick as DC?

Answer: Woody.

Question: Packman, Were you and Levon in school together? Enjoy his visits on your show from time to time. OK, you are Tommy Bowden for 1 hire. Who do you hire as Defensive Coordinator?

Answer: Woody. or Levon !

Question: If not Larry Shyatt, who can we get that can have us contending for the top of the ACC every year? (Was it Barnes?)

Answer: It will take a great gotta have players.

Question: What's less? The number of QCB fans or the number of UNC fouls?

Answer: Based on the ACC Index Card...UNC fouls.

Question: Do you think Spurrier can win with the coaches(from UF) that he is taking with him to DC?

Answer: I think Spurrier is brilliant...He'll find a way to succeed.

Question: Favorite bar in Clemson?

Answer: ESSO CLub....But I loved the GAMEROOM in my day....I lost way too much money on those goofy video poker games.

Question: How did this 'Hayseed' character get a job in broadcasting? Do you owe him money?

Answer: He owes me $$$$...and some Eclair Pies as soon as Duke goes down again....Seed is no character and no act...what you see is what you get with Seed.

Question: Can Larry win 10+ games in the ACC?

Answer: Only if you add two seasons together.

Question: packman, how about sam mills 4 the panthers

Answer: I love Sam...but he's not ready to be a HC in the NFL.

Question: Pack, does the "Get Some" guy look as bad as he sounds?

Answer: Yep...and his breath smells like whiskey.

Question: Why did you bash Clemson so bad about the Humanitarian Bowl?

Answer: I didn't bash them...I just said it was beneath them to play in a bowl game of that stature.

Question: How many more year(s) does Franks have at Duke?

Answer: He should be given a lifetime contract....It might be cheaper to keep him than fire him....Only Spurrier can win at Duke.

Question: People need leave Seed the hell alone! That tarhole state is just jealous of Duke basketball.

Answer: Yeah...whatever you say.

Question: Pack, have you and Annibel Vaughn patched things up? I think that I know why she doesn't like you; you can't jump, if you know what I mean.

Answer: Yeah...we're back to square one.....Plus who says I can't jump ?

Question: Do you think Tommy Bowden will ever beat his dad while he's at CU? He's running out of time!!

Answer: Yeah...but I don't know if it will be in football.

Question: tell billy to buy u the panthers. and u can coach

Answer: I'll, Billy is too tight to buy anything.

Question: Pack, how far in the future do you see a National Championship for Tommy?

Answer: Are you serious ?...Let the Tigers win an ACC title first.

Question: There are a bunch of Clemson students here; and we were wondering, now that you're old ha ha ha and have your own show do you kind of have to like USC? I mean we would like you to get on there and just talk about how bad they are and what a horrible school it is but that's not to professional. Thanks

Answer: I have alot of friends in Columbia....and when USC makes it better for CU....I know that is hard to take sometimes, but it is true....You want USC to be good when you clean their clocks....I don't care what the sport might be...You want to beat people at their is the only way you get better.

Question: Is Hayseed a little nervous about the double or nothing bet?

Answer: He's nervous because Nee-Cole is going to kick his ass.

Question: Regarding Shyatt - You said that Clemson should be aiming for a standard higher than "middle of the pack" in the ACC; regardless of the level of talent, can a coach who loses to Winthrop and Yale in the same year be the man for the job?

Answer: No...but a guy that beats #5 UVa and others can be that kind of guy...the 41-point loss was ugly on Saturday...the Tigers have to win tomorrow night.

Question: packman, great show. can i have a job.

Answer: Sure...come by and wash my car.

Question: Should the ACC expand, is it feasible considering unc's attitude towards the question, and who do you think viable candidates might be??

Answer: I'd pick Miami, Boston College and Syracuse.

Question: Are the Hornets gone? If so, will the NBA look to place another team in Charlotte? By the way, you SUCK !

Answer: Thanks for the compliment...and I man that. The Hornets are going nowhere...and there is some talk about Orlando right now looking to move to another market....we'll see.

Question: How good is Wake in basketball this year??

Answer: The Deacs look great. Plus, they seem to be improving, and that is a sign of a good coach....I've been impressed...they get Duke this weekend.

Question: Seriously, Is Hayseed your cousin or something?

Answer: Are you kidding ?

Question: QCB really a USC fan?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you think the ACC will become a more dominant football conference than the last 15 years?

Answer: They have to be better than the past 15 years....the ACC's reputation is FSU nad the 8 little sisters of the poor....that changed a little with MD's run this year...some more teams need to join in the mix of beating FSU on a consistent basis.

Question: packman, u need to go help ric out on raw.

Answer: Woooooo...I love the Nature Boy.

Question: Mark...was that T Brando on the guest line tonite (G W and Al)?

Answer: No....Brando doesn't do Al, "W" or MJ.

Question: Pack, there was a question on the message board today about Darby. I linked her pictures from the FNZ website. Can you tell us how those pictures do not do Darby justice?

Answer: The web photos stink...Darby looks much better in person....same goes for me....ah hell...who am I kidding ?

Question: How do you think Georgia would air in this years ACC race if they were in the conference?

Answer: In football or basketball ?

Question: Pack, what that Tim Brando on the Guest Line at approximately 5:30 this evening?

Answer: No...Brando wasn't on today....Phil Simms was on at 6:40 and Charles Chandler at 3:10...

Question: If Nick Saben is hired by a NFL team, do you think LSU will go after Tommy Bowden, due to his success at Tulane?

Answer: Good question...the LSU job is a great job.

Question: Everyone says that Shyatt is such great recruiter but I don't see you?

Answer: I see some upside in some of his players....

Question: Pack, what are the chances Woody Dantzler will be drafted as a QB? Or a tailback?

Answer: Woody looked good in the All-State game this weekend....I would take a chance on him in the NFL with in a later round

Question: will Clemson ever get a fair shake in officiating on Tobacco Road ?i

Answer: You know the answer to that one.

Question: what are your picks for the final four this year?

Answer: I can't pick games to save my life...but I have been uncanny picking the Final Four...Wait until the brackets are completed, and then listen to the show.

Question: what are your picks for the final four this year?

Answer: I can't pick games to save my life...but I have been uncanny picking the Final Four...Wait until the brackets are completed, and then listen to the show.

Question: Pack- Just moved to Winston Salem, are you on there??

Answer: No...but we're talking to a station that is interested...more details in the near future.

Question: Some talk among the dookies about Tech playing thugball last week. I didn't see any, in fact, Dook pushes people around the court as much as anybody these days. Your take?

Answer: It was a physical game...But after watching GT play...they're better off making sure Chan Gailey can recruit....


Answer: That is a possibility for the opener to the 2002 SFFB Tour...another possibility that day is LSU @ Va Tech.

Question: Do you think next year's So. Fried Footbal Tour cups should be orange rather than this year's red????

Answer: I think they should be the color of the turf in Boise.

Question: Why do you think the tigers were so lousy at home this year?Ma

Answer: Good question....the fans need to help Tommy and company out on this one...The Valley didn't rock like I remember it in my days in Tigertown...

Question: Do you think that the Panthers hurt Clemson and other college football teams?

Answer: Well given that 21,000 showed up for the last home game....I don't think so.

Question: LSU @ VT? You're just setting up a negotiating postiion!!

Answer: That's a great game...both teams will be in the pre-season Top 10....I don't think I can say the same for Ga/Clemson.

Question: How do you think the Tigers will do against the Pack tomorrow night?

Answer: Both are coming off weak performances....If CU plays like they did against UVa..they win.

Question: Who will be clemson's biggest impact player next football season?

Answer: Willie Simmons.

Question: Hey pack...How is the golf game???

Answer: Great....I haven't hit a bad shot in four years....of course, I haven't played in four years.

Question: Pack, is Tommy cutting his throat by keeping Hines on the staff?

Answer: Would Hines be hired by any other Top 20 program ?

Question: Who do you think the Panthers will hire?

Answer: Don't know.

Question: This is Moke form Gastonia (no, not that one)...why do you like to make fun of us Gastonians?

Answer: I love Gastonia...I wasn't aware I was making fun of you guys.

Question: Would Danny Ford Be a Good DC For Clemson

Answer: Nah...I love Coach is time for CU to move on.

Question: Did you use to play Putt Putt with Dean Dwiggins?

Answer: Yeah...How's he doing ?

Question: Mark, Billy here. How are my granddaughters doing? Now get out of this porn chat room, and start answering all of those emails from Mike in Gastonia.

Answer: Hey Billy....You suck !

Question: Pack, when are you guys gonna "upgrade" Darby's pictures on the website. You have been promising for a year !

Answer: I have actually submitted new pics...the "internet geeks" are beyond slow in doing their job.

Question: CNNSI reported that Woody would play running back in the Senior Bowl. First woody knew about it was when his Mom called him about the article. Comment?

Answer: CNNSI is about to go under...what do they know ?

Question: Is Simmons the QB next year?

Answer: I think so...I love his upside with those great frisbee catching dog wide receivers.

Question: Pack, JP televising all our home games in DV hurts attendance. JP pays only as much as 10,000 fans would pay for seats. But sometimes 25,000 "blue hairs" stay home and watch the game on tv. -Your thoughts?

Answer: Screw JP...If you love CU football you would go to the games....If CU had Miami's team this would care less if it was on the would want to see those guys play.

Question: Orange, White, and.......What's your favorite color?

Answer: Boise blue.

Question: your dad Billy could coach Clemson basketball - why not he is Lou Holtz's age ? B

Answer: He's older.

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