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Carson lead the team with 11 tackles in the Peach Bowl.

Chad Carson was a second-team GTE Academic All-American and was the second leading tackler on the Clemson team with 144 tackles. He had eight games of at least 10 tackles,
including a season high 16 in the win over Wake Forest, and had a game high 11 tackles in the Peach Bowl.

'99 Carson Stats

GP-S *PL  Ht As Tot T/G  TFL  Sacks
12-12 817 74 70 144 12.0 6-19 2-12

Question: Chad, how often does the football team surf Tigernet you know of?

Answer: I know many players look at the Tigernet. It's probably the best and most up-to-date source of Clemson information, so I personally look at it for all sports. My parents and family also use the Tigernet pretty often.

Question: If you have surfed Tigernet before, is there any post in particular you can remember that impressed or dissappointed you?

Answer: One time after I signed everyone was worried about what would happen if we had to many players qualify. One guy said they would probably release Chad Carson. I was pretty amused with that.

Question: Are you going to be hosting any of the recruits this coming weekend?

Answer: Not this weekend. I might later on. All the players hang out with the recruits though. We try to show them what it feels like to be part of the team.

Question: Do you think recruits lurk Tigernet or other sites?

Answer: Definately. If not the player, at least most parents. When I was a recruit I checked out the Tigernet and other schools sights to see what the fans are like.

Question: Chad- what exactly is your 40 time, bench press. Do you think you guys will be better on defense next year with all of the returning starters??

Answer: Well, it's been a while since I've run the 40, but I'd say with more strict NFL timing, maybe a 4.6-4.65. My best bench is 355, which is pretty low for linebackers. Keith Adams, Kenzi Ross, and Rodney Thomas all bench well over 400 pounds. My strength is power cleans and squats, which I got 365 and 575, respectively.

Question: Chad, tell us about some of the younger players on defense. Who do you see stepping up next year? Thanks for your time.

Answer: Last year's class was great. On the offensive line Greg Walker is going to be great. He's is like running into a brick wall. The DB's are a very strong group with many stars. Benard Rambert is a great running back with good vision.

Question: Chad- can you give us any recruiting information? hehehee

Answer: I don't know too much. You probably know more than I do.

Question: Chad- Who will start on the DL next year IYO?

Answer: Everyone's coming back except for Damonte McKenzie, and they are a very strong group. These guys will be very strong and very deep next year. Jason Holloman is a great leader and player in the interior line. All the redshirt freshman will be stars some day.

Question: Chad, great season for the team and for you. Congratulations! My question is, how much weight would you like to add to your frame in the offseason to make you a better player?

Answer: I would like to add a solid 10 pounds, maybe 15. I'm almost 225 right now, and I would like to go into camp at 240, and play at 235 all season. The most important thing is to put on weight while keeping or gaining speed.

Question: Hello Chad,how are ya?My question,lookin` back on the season-What area do you feel the Tigers need to work on the most to improve on for next yr,thanks.

Answer: Good thanks. I'm not sure about one specific area. I know every position, including the linebackers and lineman, need to put on some more mass and add strength. That will help the running game on offense and the run stopping on defense.

Question: Chad, first of all I would like to congratulate you on an excellent season. You exceeded everyone's expectations by far and had a wonderful year. I have a question regarding the QB position. From what you were able to see of Willie Simmons, can you comment on his main strengths and tell us what to expect from him in the future - whether it's next season or in another year or two. Thank you and good luck next year.

Answer: Willie is an oustanding talent. I didn't see him much during the season, but during the summer I noticed that he has a cannon for an arm. My jaw dropped the first time I saw him throw the ball. I also know he is very intelligent. He's got all the tools needed to be a dominant and exciting player in our system.

Question: Chad, how do the coaches involve you in the recruiting process?

Answer: The only time we're involved is on official visits. We spend a lot of time with them during the evenings after they meet with coaches and take tours. The players really let the recruits know what it is like to be a player at Clemson.

Question: Which team you played would you say was the most challenging/easiest?

Answer: Every team is challengin in our conference. The conference has really balanced out from top to bottom. I'd say FSU and Virginia Tech were the best for obvious reasons. They both presented many problems which made them hard to defend.

Question: Does the fastbreak offense put the defense on the field too quickly sometimes?

Answer: We knew that we might have to go on the field a lot, but then again, the offense scored a lot at times, and it made it easier for us. Coach Bowden worked on both offensive and defensive stamina this summer, because both sides of the ball must be in great shape.

Question: Chad-What led you to chose CU?

Answer: CU is a great all around place to go to school. First of all the football program has a great tradition with outstanding facilities. I think any player would love to play in front of 85,000 fans in Death

Question: Glad to see you doing so well in school. What's your major?

Answer: Biology. I am very interested in the field of science. I would like to go to medical school at some point, and if the NFL doesn't work out, I would also like to pursue some post graduate fellowships like the Rhodes.

Question: When do the winter workouts begin?

Answer: Today. The weight coaches were very excited to get us back in the weight room. I wouldn't say these workouts are fun, but it feels good to start getting bigger and stronger.

Question: what linebackers will be backing up you and Keith next year?

Answer: We have a great group of linebackers. Some of the great players at Mike backer behind me are Kenzi Ross and Rodney Thomas. At Will linebacker, Altroy Bodrick is an awesome player. Some other guys who could play a lot or start at some position are Braxton Williams, Rodney Feaster, and JJ McKelvey.

Question: How is a practice with coach Herring?

Answer: INTENSE! I'd say playing in a game is less pressure sometimes than his practices. I have a lot of respect for coach Herring because he is a master of the game of football. He is probably the most intense and competetive person I have ever met.

Question: Chad, great season and congradulations on your recent academic successes. You are to be commended for your accomplishments on and off of the field. My question: In the games that the tigers lost this past year, the games came down to the wire and the tigers came up on the losing end (e.g. Marshall, VT, FSU, Ga.Tech, NCState, Miss.St.) In order to take the program to the next level, the tigers need to come away with a "W" in these big games. What do you think is needed to take the program to the next level - no longer playing the great teams close, but putting them in their place?

Answer: I think quality depth is a key factor. Recruiting is extremely important because having great players 2-3 deep at every position makes it easier to wear down the other team. FSU is a great example of this.

Question: HI Chad. Which position do you think is the most needed for the Tigs???

Answer: I couldn't say. That's more of a question for the coaches to answer.

Question: Chad, could you please give us an idea of what a young high school graduate might be going thru at this time of the year with the pressure, I'm sure, he must have on him from coaches, family, friend. There must be a lot of peer pressure. How do they deal with it?

Answer: That's a good question. Recruiting is an unbelievably hectic time for a highschool senior. You feel like you're being pulled in 100 different directions. The main thing for a highschool athlete is to stay focused on the important things. Advise from family and highschool coaches is very important. The most important thing is to go where your gut feeling says is the right place.

Question: Chad, do the coaches tell the players how recruiting is going, or is recruiting something more important for the fans to follow than the players to really care about?

Answer: We want more great players to improve our program, but I'd say the fans and coaches are more focused on the details.

Question: Great job this year! How is the team spirit heading into the spring?

Answer: We are very focused and determined to be great next year. I hope the fans will stay excited too, because great things are in store in the near future. I don't want to make promises, but many players are talking about winning a NAtional

Question: Great job this year! How is the team spirit heading into the spring?

Answer: We are very focused and determined to be great next year. I hope the fans will stay excited too, because great things are in store in the near future. I don't want to make promises, but many players are talking about winning a NAtional Chamionship for the first time in a long time.

Question: Chad- How does it feel to run down THE HILL on saturdays in the fall?

Answer: Awesome. Unbelievable.

Question: What has impressed you most about Tiger football?

Answer: Everything about gameday. The sea of orange in Death Valley, the tailgating, the great fans. It's the best in the country in my opinion.

Question: Chad, now that the team in accustomed to Coach Bowden's conditioning requirements, will there be more of an emphasis on power and speed in the off-season workouts?

Answer: I'm sure we will. The running backs especially are working on more power. I wouldn't say you ever get used to his tough conditioning, but we do know what to expect. It made a big difference this year.

Question: Chad, is Clemson well thought of where you're from in GA?

Answer: It really is. I think more and more people are discovering what a great school it is. Not many people realize how close Clemson is to ATlanta.

Question: Which game would you like to play over from last season

Answer: There are many, but probably the Marshall and the NC State games. I really felt like those were our games to win.

Question: Chad - Can you tell us something about this weekend's banquet?

Answer: It is supposed to be a very fancy affair. We are dressing in coat and tie, and I think close to 500 people are attending.

Question: Chad - Can you tell us something about this weekend's banquet?

Answer: It is supposed to be a very fancy affair. We are dressing in coat and tie, and I think close to 500 people are attending. The players are very excited about the banquet.

Question: I work in Newnan, your hometown in GA, what kind of pressure did the locals have in your decision to attend Clemson because of all the Bulldog and Tech fans in the area.

Answer: There are definately a lot of Bulldawgs everywhere in GA. There aren't too may Clemson people in the area. I didn't feel too much pressure, but it was there, especially since my dad played at TEch

Question: Tell uu some of the things that go on during a recruiting weekend.

Answer: The weekend is packed with activities. They will get a tour of everything. They will watch highlight films, talk to faculty, visit Death Valley, eat great meals, hang out with players, and many other things.

Question: Chad, are you looking forward to the new football facilities that are going to be build....we hear there may be a players room, new locker rooms, recruiting room and museum?

Answer: It should be great. The biggest impact it will have is on recruiting. Recruits are very impressed with big, flashy facilities.

Question: Chad, don't you have a younger brother that's a football player too?

Answer: Yes. Andrew is a junior this year. He's 6'4" and about 200 lbs. He plays tightend and linebacker. He is also a great pitcher in baseball, and that might be his favorite sport.

Question: Does the bantering between the Clemson and USC fans amuse or annoy you and the players?

Answer: I was very surprised when I saw how intense it was. I am used to GA/GTech, and Clemson USC is a much more intense rivalry between fans.

Question: Chad, what was your most memorable moment from this past season?

Answer: I think playing in the Ga dome was great. Getting to play in front of so many friends and family was great.

Question: I thought you looked a little quicker on the Peach Bowl carpet than you looked on grass. Did the scheme change so that you made more plays or did you feel a little quicker?

Answer: I felt quicker, but I also blitzed a lot more than normal. I guess a lot of people are surprised with my game speed. I love blitzing and attacking upfield.

Question: What keeps you motivated and is your motivation toward team goals: What are those goals?

Answer: I think every player and coaches main goal is a national championship. How quickly we accomplish some of the intermiediate goals will determine how fast the big goal happens. I definately think Clemson has chosen the right man to get us there.

Question: Hey, Chad. Big fan here. Is Braxton Williams going to be at linebacker next year?

Answer: yes he is. He's going to be a great one.

Question: Chad, are you guys allowed to take supplements to help put on creatine, weight gain, protein powders, etc.?

Answer: yes, we take vitamins, protein, and creatine.

Question: Chad, IPTAY provides all the athletic scholarships. What are your thoughts on your supporting IPTAY after you graduate?

Answer: I plan on coming to many game after I graduate, and when I have kids they will be dressed as a cheerleader or a football player. IPTAY is great and I'll support it in the future.

Question: Chad, not a question, just want to thank you for the part that you have played in the Tiger's season this year! Good job!!

Answer: Thanks a lot for having me. I wish I could've answered all the questions, but maybe another time. Everyone on the Tigernet is great. Ya'll are a great group of people. Keep up the good work, bye.

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