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Greenville, SC-Brentson Buckner's final Harris Poll vote did not stray too far from the majority. He obviously had Southern Cal number-one and Texas number-two on his final ballot, but he gave Notre Dame the advantage when it came to the at-large comparison between Ohio State and Oregon.

Buckner was the only active NFL player to vote in the Harris Interactive poll that was used in the BCS compilation this year. This was the final Harris Poll vote of the year, but Buckner will release his final poll after the bowl games in January.

"I ranked Notre Dame fourth, ahead of Ohio State (fifth) and Oregon (seventh). I was just impressed with Notre Dame all year and the way Charlie Weis ran his team. Ohio State probably played a tougher schedule overall. But, both teams had two losses. That will be quite a bowl game in January.

"There was a lot made about Oregon and how they should have gotten an at-large bid. But, I didn't think the Pac-10 was that great this year. Oregon started out too far back and that is probably one of the faults of the poll system and the reason we should have a playoff. Their only loss was to Southern Cal, but some of their other wins didn't look all that great because the Pac-10 was mediocre overall.

"Don't get me wrong, I still like Oregon's team. Give them credit, they have been in the hunt quite often since we went into the 21st Century. They should have been in the National Championship game in 2001."

Buckner was impressed with the finish for some teams, particularly West Virginia, but dropped Virginia Tech and UCLA out of the top 10 after regular season finale losses.

"I was impressed with Rich Rodriquez team because of the way they won. First, they were impressive, they took care of business against teams they were suppose to beat. And, they did it with toughness. They run the ball and stop the run and I like that in a team. They have some consistency. Their only loss was to Virginia Tech when they were third in the nation in playing well. West Virginia deserves to be in a BCS bowl in my opinion.

"UCLA just never had a defense. I dropped them after the loss to Southern Cal, but if you look at their entire season, their defense caught up to them. They got down by three touchdowns too many times. Coming back from large deficits was their motto all year, but that is not good football. When they couldn't match Southern Cal in terms of scoring they got dismantled.

"Virginia Tech losing to Florida State was not that big a surprise because Florida State had their backs to the wall. All week all they heard about was how bad they were. That got Florida State back to Florida State football and Virginia Tech became over confident.

"I was also impressed with Georgia's win over LSU and put them back in the top 10. Georgia fans are wondering what could have been if D.J. Shockley was healthy.

"When I look at Georgia and a lot of teams this year, it tells me even more how much we need a playoff. Georgia might be undefeated if it had had a healthy Shockley all year. Now he is healthy, it would be interesting to see what kind of run they could make in an eight-team playoff.

"But, overall, it was great to be a part of the process this year, and I hope to do it again next year. I always follow college football, but voting in the Harris Poll made me even more involved in it."

View Buckner's entire poll, and his own hand-picked All-America team, at http://www.brentsonbuckner.com/harris.html. Read Buckner's commentary on Panthers and Clemson football at http://www.brentsonbuckner.com/buckshots.html.

Following is Brentson's final top-25 for 2005:

  • 1. Southern Cal
  • 2. Texas
  • 3. Penn State
  • 4. Notre Dame
  • 5. Ohio State

  • 6. Auburn
  • 7. Oregon
  • 8. West Virginia
  • 9. Miami (FL)
  • 10. Georgia
  • 11. LSU

  • 12. Louisville
  • 13. Alabama
  • 14. Virginia Tech
  • 15. TCU
  • 16. Texas Tech
  • 17. Boston College

  • 18. Florida
  • 19. UCLA
  • 20. Wisconsin
  • 21. Clemson
  • 22. Florida State
  • 23. Michigan

  • 24. Oklahoma
  • 25. Iowa

    Brentson Buckner's 2005 All-America Team



    QB- Brady Quinn Notre Dame

    RB- Jerome Harrison Wash. St.

    RB- DeAngelo Williams Memphis

    RB- Laurence Maroney Minnesota

    TE- Vernon Davis Maryland

    Wr- Mike Hass Oregon St.

    Wr- Jeff Samardzija Notre Dame

    Ol-Greg Eslinger Minnesota

    Ol- Marcus McNeill Auburn

    Ol- Jonathan Scott Texas

    Ol- Marvin Phillips California

    Ol- Joe Thomas Wisconsin

    Pk- Jad Dean Clemson

    Kr- Cory Rodgers TCU

    All Purpose Athlete- Reggie Bush USC (any position he wants to play)


    Dl- Elvis Dumervil Louisville

    Dl- Mario Williams NC State

    Dl- Dan Bazuin Central Michigan

    Dl- Haloti Ngata Oregon

    Lb- D'Quell Jackson Maryland

    Lb- Chad Greenway Iowa

    Lb- DeMeco Ryans Alabama

    Lb- Paul Posluszy Penn St.

    Db- Ko Simpson South Carolina

    Db- Jimmy Williams VA Tech

    Db- Tye Hill Clemson

    Db- Brandon Merriweather Miami

    P- Ryan Plackemier Wake Forest

    PR- Maurice Drew UCLA

    Coach of the Year- Joe Paterno Penn St.

    Player of the year- Reggie Bush USC

    Defensive Player of the Year- Elvis Dumervil Louisville

    Offensive Player of the Year- Brady Quinn Notre Dame

    Freshman Of the Year- Tyrell Sutton RB Northwestern

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