Boyd finds a mentor in Michael Vick

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Michael Vick has been a sounding board for Tajh Boyd since early in his career. (TigerNet Staff / Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Every time Tajh BoydTajh Boyd
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tosses a touchdown pass or runs for a first down this season, Clemson fans can thank Michael Vick.

The often-maligned quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles hails from the same area of Virginia as Boyd, and the reigning ACC Player of the Year is using Vick as a sounding board and as a mentor. After all, who better to tell you about the struggles of being a big-time quarterback and being in the public eye than someone who has been through it all?

Boyd told the media at the ACC Kickoff in Greensboro in late July that he has a sense of pride in being from an area of Virginia that produces a lot of talent, and talked to Vick early on his career and after Vick’s run-in with the authorities.

“I grew up in the Hampton Roads area,” Boyd said. “There were a lot of great quarterbacks: Allen Iverson, Ronald Curry, the Vicks (Michael and Marcus), Aaron Brooks, E.J. (Manuel), Tyrod (Taylor). I got a chance to talk to (Michael Vick) early on in my career and for whatever reason, we reached out to each other. He’s been great to talk to ever since. He is really insightful about a lot of things in life.”

In April 2007, Vick was implicated in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring that had operated for five years. In August 2007, he pleaded guilty to federal felony charges and served 21 months in prison, followed by two months in home confinement.

Since then, however, he has reclaimed a starting job in the NFL with the Eagles, and Boyd said having someone to talk to who has been “through the ringer” can’t be understated.

“The way he handled his situation and the way he responded shows the type of character he has,” Boyd said. “That was a pretty adverse time for him in that situation, but he handled it with class and did everything he possibly could do to make it right. I talked to him yesterday, and he’s like ‘It’s going to be a big year for you. I’m going to be here to talk to you.’ It’s good to talk to guys who have been through the ringer and come out and succeeded. Anytime you have a mentor, it helps.”

Last January, Boyd was struggling with his decision on whether to turn pro or return to Clemson for his senior season, and Vick told him to stay in school.

“He asked me, do I want to be the best? If you want to be the best, go back to school and do everything to make sure you can do that,” Boyd said. “I want to be the best player. I want us to be the best team we possibly can. Why not go out there and give one last shot at it? I don’t really want to live with regret, so I didn’t want to make that step and regret not coming back. The pressure you put on yourself is the worst thing you can do. This is a performance-based game and the only pressure that comes is from you. It’s all about going out there and playing at your highest level. If you’re confident in what you’re capable of doing, you’ll go out there and get it done.”

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Front Page Story: Boyd finds a mentor in Michael Vick
TigerNet News
oh no***
Mods: I think you have those names reversed. ******
No, Tajh, actually the fact this scumbag was involved in
Filo Betto
Re: No, Tajh, actually the fact this scumbag was involved in
Ha! Oh, he apologized. Great. ******
Re: Ha! Oh, he apologized. Great. ******
Gwood Tiger
I agree with you.
Respectfully, Gwood, you don't get to tell me who I give
Re: Ha! Oh, he apologized. Great. ******
Paula Deen says, "Hi!".***
Re: No, Tajh, actually the fact this scumbag was involved in
Re: No, Tajh, actually the fact this scumbag was involved in
Right turn Clyde! Chill, the guy has regret. Let it go.***
You usually do have regrets when you have bill collectors,
Filo Betto
Re: You usually do have regrets when you have bill collectors,
No offense intended, but is there anything that you don't
You talkin' to me Shawn? This is a message board, dude.
Filo Betto
I'm just asking. Like I said.. No offense No worries. lol***
Vick was partially a product of his enviroment
My take on it is this.
Pretty much my take
He played a big role in Tajh returning for his senior season
Judge Keller
Re: He played a big role in Tajh returning for his senior season
glass houses
The point is to learn from mistakes, Vick made them but he
Mike Vick served his time and paied his dues
Re: Mike Vick served his time and paid his dues
Yeah, his brother seems to have a real hard time listening
Filo Betto
Well that can't be good***
Bad Newz! (kennels)***
Bad pun coming ...
^^^^ Gets it!
NO! he doesn't...
Is he still doing that? If so, then let justice roll.
I can forgive a convict for his past transgressions....
Let me put it another way....
If I was Tajh, there's nothing I'd want to know from Vick
You don't believe that people should get a second chance?
Who the #### are you?***
So, you know both personally?***
I wish I could unsee this article.
I find that a lot of what I've learned in this life...
Because Vick didn't fall into the wrong crowd.
You don't think he's changed?***
If he is committed to change, yes.***
Shame he missed out on the one who started it all in area-
maybe he gave him tips...
Re: Front Page Story: Boyd finds a mentor in Michael Vick
Re: Front Page Story: Boyd finds a mentor in Michael Vick
Ridgeland Booster
Who really cares what those ignorant capons think?***
Allen Iverson Fact...
Standing Ovation!!!!

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