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Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden's Comments on:

NC State quarterback Philip Rivers
"He is a winner. Composure and leadership are also words that come to mind when describing him. Besides having all of those intangibles, however, he is an extremely accurate passer and that is what makes him so dangerous."

NC State having 15 days to prepare for Clemson
"The amount of time they have had to prepare for us is definitely a concern. I would not be surprised if they are able to drive the ball pretty well on the first couple of possessions until we have a chance to adjust to what they are doing. I also would not be surprised if they are able to slow us down early in the game until we can make adjustments to what they are doing defensively. They have a very experienced coaching staff and I know they will take full advantage of the time leading up to the game."

Tommy Bowden Press Conference (30:00) Keith Adams on facing a good NCSU offense and last week's mistakes on defense. Freddie James on making a name for himself on the defensive line. Will Merritt on coming back to Death Valley to play. TE Morgan Woodward on being tied for the team lead in touchdown receptions. Terry Bowden on the Bowdens, Alabama job, Woody, and more.

If Clemson will have to make any adjustments because of the time NC State has to prepare for the game
"We try to put in a wrinkle or two every week, but this week we will have to throw in a few more simply because of NC State's preparation time. They are going to have new wrinkles on offense and defense so we will have to do the same. They are going to be very sound so we are going to have change things more than normal this week."

Clemson's top-5 ranking
"The key of course is to be ranked in the top-5 at the end of the year. If we were to finish with a 5-6 record that would not be very impressive at all. I think right now the ranking means more to players and fans than it does for coaches because we realize its insignificance at this point of the season. From a pride standpoint it is important for our fans because they want to see Clemson get back to where they have been in the past. The ranking is also a reward for our players for all the hard work they have put in so far this season."

Clemson's receivers and the progress Kevin Youngblood
"We had our most drops of the season last week against Duke. We obviously were not mentally into the game. As a group, on a scale between one and ten in terms of blocking, I would have to say they have performed right around a six or a seven. Kevin's problem has been consistency. He will catch two and then drop two. He has improved his consistency in practice so I do expect him to see more playing time. I think he is going to be a very good wide receiver but he still has a ways to go."

The status of running back Travis Zachery's sprained ankle and the expected playing time of freshman running back Keith Kelly
"I expect Travis to be ready to play by this weekend. If he is not 100 percent by game time I think he will at least be close to it. We are going to try to get Keith more time early on in the game anyway but if Travis is not at full strength than he will definitely get more time."

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