Bowden on Changes to BCS Formula

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Tommy Bowden had the Tigers as high as #3 in the USA Today rankings on October 21, 2000.

Tommy Bowden Quote on new BCS Formula:

"You are asking the wrong Bowden! The Bowden in Tallahassee
should be the one answering the questions about the change in the BCS

"Seriously, I think the changes are good. Now there won't be
pressure on coaches to run up the score at the end of the game. Very
few coaches knew exactly what the formulas were, but there was a
general feeling that the larger the margin, the higher you would be
in the BCS poll the following week. I also think the additional
points for wins over BCS top 15 teams is a good idea.

"But, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about formulas and
computer rankings. We try to win each game one at a time, then see
where we are at the end of the regular season. I think you will
find that most coaches feel that way. I would not look for coaches
to make drastic changes in their schedules. The best way to have a
chance to play in the BCS championship game is to win all of your

BCS Group Announces Revisions

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Bowl Championship Series Coordinator John
Swofford announced today revisions to the BCS standings format for the
2001 college football season.

BCS members have decided to add a quality win component to the
standings formula. Teams that have regular season victories over
opponents ranked in the Top 15 of the BCS standings will be rewarded
with bonus points. This component was added to further emphasize the
importance of a team's strength of schedule.

After evaluation of the BCS standings computer component, and some
50-plus computer ranking systems, the BCS has selected the following
eight computer rankings for the 2001 season - Richard Billingsley,
Kenneth Massey, David Rothman, Jeff Sagarin, Scripps-Howard, Seattle
Times, Peter Wolfe and Wes Colley. Of the eight to be used in 2001,
four do not have a margin of victory in their calculations while the
other four render excessive margins of victory negligible.

"After a great deal of thoughtful discussion and research, we
believe these revisions will enhance the BCS Standings." said Swofford.
"The changes address last year's concern about excessive margin of
victory adversely influencing the computer rankings and the quality win
component encourages teams to play a stronger schedule and gives a
significant reward for wins over highly-ranked opponents."

Previously, the BCS Group approved a contractual revision that
guarantees automatic selection to the highest-ranked at-large team
should that team be ranked either third or fourth in the final BCS
standings of the regular season. This will not alter an existing
guarantee to any team from the WAC, Mid-American, Conference USA and
Mountain West conferences, or an independent, that finishes the regular
season ranked in the top six of the final BCS standings.

The BCS will continue to be televised by ABC Sports through the
2006 bowl season and rotated among the FedEx Orange, Nokia Sugar,
Tostitos Fiesta and Rose Bowls. The Rose Bowl will host this year's
national championship game, followed by the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (2003),
Nokia Sugar Bowl (2004), FedEx Orange (2005) and the Rose Bowl in 2006.

The quality wins bonus point scale will range from a high of 1.5
points for a win over the top-ranked team to a low of 0.1 for a victory
over the 15th-ranked BCS team. Should one team defeat a Top 15-ranked
BCS team more than once during the regular season, quality points should
be awarded just once.

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