Bobby Bowden on First Ever Father-Son Coached Game

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"The thing last night (against Wake Forest) if there is any
frustration it is centered around penalties. Without penalties we probably
would have been all right. Too many big plays called back. Too many times
putting yourself in a bad situation.

"During the week of practice last week I didn't see the
concentration that I did the week before against Miami. I'm sure we know
what we're in for this week. Clemson has always played us tough up there.

"I'm so offensive minded. We didn't play well on offense so I
thought it (the Wake game) was awful right afterward. But the defense
played pretty good. They played well the whole game - if they could
eliminate penalities it would have been even better.

"It will be according to what I see when I watch the films as to
whether I'm excited about the match-up (father/son). If they look good it
will ruin my week.

"They (Clemson's offense) are producing better than I thought they
would. Consider that he lost every offensive lineman and now his starting
quarterback. They lost 4 or 5 defensive players to the NFL.

"There are so many FSU poeple up there. Brad Scott, Rick
Stockstill, Reggie Herring. They've been in my coaches meetings. They've
heard what I say to the team. They know what I'm going to say. I've even
got a son-in-law up there. Of course he's coaching on the wrong side of
the ball for a Bowden, that's why he's a Hines.

"Dantzler is a great athlete. They have a great offensive scheme.
We must do something to interrupt it.

"Right now I don't think I'll have a much different feeling
(coaching against his son). I'll got watch the film and get scared like
always. I'll wonder how in the world we are going to beat them. As the
week progresses, you'll find things that might work. The advantage he
(Tommy) will have is that he can predict what I'm doing. I've watched
Terry's team when he was at Auburn and Tommy at Tulane on television and I
could predict a lot of the plays. I'd say 'here comes the reverse.'

"We might line up in the same formations, but there is a lot of
difference between us and Clemson. We both run the no huddle, but they run
it a lot faster. Our defense must be ready for that. There schemes are a
lot different.

"We've got to be careful, Tommy and I both, that it does not become
too much of a distraction (father/son match-up). It's really the fact that
everybody wants to talk to you. My coaches and players don't care about a
family feud.

"No. 300 (wins) sneaks up on you and I bet Joe (Paterno) will tell
you the same thing. When you're young, you would never make that (300
wins) a goal. It's too far off, you'd think that 'I'll never reach that.'
But it really does sneak up on you."

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