Bi-Lo Committed to Investing in Tiger Pride

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The Clemson University Athletic Department announced on Friday afternoon that BI-LO has committed to investing in Tiger Pride by offering a new fundraising opportunity to Clemson supporters through BI-LO Booster Fundraising.

Through the program, BI-LO contributes funds to Tiger Pride, the
five-year, $30 million campaign of Clemson Athletics. When program participants shop at
BI-LO using their BONUSCARDS, a percentage of all participants\\\' purchases will
be contributed to Tiger Pride. In addition, when participants purchase specific products
at BI-LO, even more funds go toward Tiger Pride.

Tiger Pride will fund athletic facility upgrades over a five-year period.
For the first time in Clemson history, the athletic department has entered
into a five-year, $30 million capital campaign designed to bring the University\\\'s
athletic facilities into the 21st century. Improvements include renovations to
Memorial Stadium, Littlejohn Coliseum and Tiger Field. Additions include an annex to
Littlejohn Coliseum and a new indoor track facility.

Clemson supporters may participate in BI-LO Boosters by completing three
steps. (Booster #2596)

1- Sign up to participate in the BI-LO Booster program by calling
1-877-4-BOOSTERS toll free or through the Internet at When you
enroll, you will be asked for your BONUSCARD number, the first three digits of your last
name, and booster #2596 which represents The IPTAY Scholarship Fund/ Tiger
Pride. Participants may sign up now to have purchases eligible for BI-LO Booster
donations at the beginning of the next quarter.

Note: You may sign up for up to three (3) booster organizations in the BI-LO
Booster Fundraising Program.

2- Each time you shop at BI-LO and use your BONUSCARD, the amount spent will
be credited to Tiger Pride.

3- BI-LO will donate a percentage of the total purchases accumulated by
Clemson supporters and rebates for all specific product purchases.

If you do not have a BONUSCARD, you can sign up for one FREE at the Customer
Service Counter of any BI-LO location.

\\\"We are very excited about participating in the BI-LO Boosters Program.\\\"
commented IPTAY Executive Director George Bennett. \\\"We sincerely appreciate the
support of BI-LO and our fans because the BI-LO Boosters program will benefit
Tiger Pride and help us reach our goal of upgrading our athletic facilities. We
encourage all Clemson fans to sign up and participate in the program.”

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