Amato and Fridgen Weekly Press Conference Quotes

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NC State Head Coach, Chuck Amato


On regrouping from the loss to Miami after investing so much into that game:

That chapter is closed. The chapter is closed on Sunday win or lose.  Everybody
invested a lot. ESPN invested a lot, the State Fair invested a lot, the people
that came to the Walk of Champions, the people that came to the game and all the
people that watched it on TV. It's over. The game is over. That's the thing
about athletics - you can't dwell on that last game.


On the performance of quarterback Jay Davis:

It's funny because all you hear about is Brock Berlin throwing five touchdown
passes and throwing for 265 yards against our defense. Jay Davis, against a
defense that has consistently been one of the dominant defenses in the country
over the last 15 years, threw for 260 yards and four touchdown passes. Nobody
knows that. Nobody talks about that. T.A.McLendon ran for 145 yards. But
statistics don't mean anything unless you win. We are getting better and better
every week offensively. There is no doubt about it.

On the improvement of Jay Davis throughout this season:

That's one of best parts about coaching - to watch kids improve, watch teams
improve, watch teams hit better. That may be the best football team in America
that played here Saturday and the first 30 minutes, granted the first 15 lasted
an hour and 15 minutes, were probably as exciting of a game as anyone would have
wanted to see. It was like two heavyweight fighters out there. Seven nothing,
seven-seven. Ten-seven, 14-10. Seventeen-14, 21-17 and then bing, fumble.


On a solution to the turnover problem:

We'll just continue to work on it. One was by a freshman, one was by our
quarterback who was scrambling for his life when he fumbled, the interception
was a close call and one was by a guy who was fighting and spinning for extra
yards and had the ball bounced out of bounds at the two yard line instead of
crossing the goal line before going out of bounds we would have had the ball
first and goal. (Running backs) Coach Portee probably does as good of job as
anybody with teaching how to protect the ball and how to carry it. When guys are
fighting for extra yards, they've got to learn that those extra yards don't mean
anything if they go down without the ball. Those turnovers will kill you though.



On the Clemson game having extra meaning for former Clemson assistant coach
and current NC State defensive coordinator Reggie Herring:

Let me tell you something about Reggie - every game his intensity level is
unmeasurable. He doesn't care who it is, he just wants to win. I've worked with
now for seven games and I'm not sure he even knows who were playing, because
he's so focused on getting our defense ready. There's no way that it will be any
different going back to a place that he worked at for seven years. Knowing him,
his answer to that question would be 'It's not about Reggie, it's about what
Reggie can teach.'


On the public's perception of NC State football after basking in the national
spotlight all day last Saturday with ESPN's College GameDay in town:

Boy that coach is stupid. Kick the ball to the best return man in America on the
opening play of the game? I was watching our kicker before the game during
warmups and he was kicking the ball five yards into the endzone, or out (of the
endzone), 98 percent of the time. That one went five or six yards deep and the
hangtime was unbelievable. We felt comfortable with that. If one of our safeties
would have pushed him towards the sideline, he probably would have gone out of
bounds around the 35.


On the 10 penalties against Miami:

Miami had 10 penalties too, but nobody is asking their coach about their
penalties. It's the same number we had. No, I don't like it. Some of them were
dumb and foolish. Those were on both sides too. You get that kind of energy
you're going to get some foolish penalties. We've gotten better and better and
turnovers and penalties.


On preparing for the hostile environment of Death Valley:

Maybe I should open up practice for the media and you guys could all come out in
Halloween costumes and make a lot of noise, trying to scare our kids. You have
to talk to them about how noisy it could be. It's getting to be that way
everywhere you go because the fans can create such a home- field advantage.


On the health of the offensive line:

I don't know, I'm trying to see if we can practice over in the intensive care
ward over at Rex Hospital. We'll have to get some people to come in and step up.
They might not have played one snap so far, but they're going to get it. It will
be an opportunity to prove to their coaches that maybe they should have been in
all along. We'll tell them 'you wanted it and now its here. You've  been
coached, you've been drilled and you've been prepared for seven weeks now and
it's time to play like a first-stringer.'


Maryland Head Coach, Ralph Friedgen –

Thoughts on last week’s game against Clemson:

“Our team was very disappointed after the loss to Clemson. I thought they played
hard and good enough to win, but it didn’t turn out that way. We are going
through a stretch of bad luck – we’ve had opportunities to make plays and we’re
not making them. Sometimes we’re not getting all the calls or the ball isn’t
bouncing our way. We are going to keep on working hard and striving to get

On the defensive performance:

“Defensively, I think we are playing very, very well. I was happy to hear that
D’Qwell Jackson was the ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week. I think that’s a
tremendous credit to him that his play his recognized, especially in a losing
effort. I could say that about a lot of kids on our defense. Shawne Merriman is
playing well.”

On the team’s goals for the rest of the season:

“One of the goals we’ve had since I’ve come here is to beat a top 10 team, and
that opportunity is going to be available again this weekend. I’m playing every
game to win, and I think if we could win one of these games here it would
tremendous things to our confidence, and who knows what could happen after that?
Right now I’m focusing on the Florida State game and giving that our best

On competing against a team and a program like Florida State:

“As our program grows, those games are going to come about. How successful we
are in those games are really going to determine the direction of our program.
That’s why, as a goal, we want to beat a top 10 team, and once you do that I
think you reach a certain status. I know when I was here before when that
happened we felt like there wasn’t any team we couldn’t play with. This is a
young football team, so I don’t know that they’ve seen a team like Florida State
yet. We need to go out and have fun; we have nothing to lose and play to win.”

On dealing with disappointment:

“We worked very hard last week, we prepared hard, and it didn’t work out. But if
we continue to prepare and work hard, sooner or later, it will work out. I don’t
know if it will be this week or the next week, but you can’t just give in when
things don’t go your way. You have to keep fighting and working.”

On if it’s tougher to come back from a tough defeat:

“I think it’s harder when you think you had a good opportunity to win the game
and you don’t come away with the win. We have to finish the deal to win football
games. You can’t play for 58 minutes; you have to play for the whole game. Maybe
we learned that lesson.”

On the controversial pass interference call against Clemson:

“I could make a big deal out of that and gnash my teeth, but it won’t get the
game back. That’s not going to change. So why go there? We need to worry about
Florida State and hopefully the call will go for us the last time.”

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