After Further Review, Davis Okay With His Role In Clemson's Offense

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CLEMSON - If it's true the meek shall inherit the earth, James Davis likely secured himself a couple of acres of property Saturday afternoon.

One day after venting his frustration over a perceived lesser role in the Clemson offense and, perhaps, an uncertain future, Davis said the whole thing was simply a misunderstanding.

"Today I had a meeting with coach (Tommy) Bowden and he showed me a couple of stats, mainly on how the (running back) rotation has been going," Davis said after Saturday's bowl practice. "I looked at all the rotation over the last four games and it looked the same. I just thought it wasn't.

"Maybe I'd get one carry and then we'd throw the ball that series. I thought it was just all different, but he showed me the stats and everything played out as it was."

For his part, Bowden expressed little concern over Davis' remarks.

"The last time, when he went home (fall of 2005), it made headlines all the next day. Everything (turned out ) pretty good," Bowden said. "He's a skill guy, the kind I want. I want guys who want the ball, who want to perform well. He wants 2,000 yards? That's good. That's what I want.

"I deal with these guys my whole life. You (media) see it a lot different than what I do. I see it for what it is, which is what I just explained."

As for Davis taking his concerns to the media?

"He's got to learn. Ya'll are veterans. You know how to weasel stuff and write it," Bowden said with a laugh. "What I'm saying is, (he's) 19. When he saw the article, he said 'I said what?'...But he said it, and ya'll wrote it.

"He's a hungry guy who wants the ball. I'm not concerned...The last time, when he went home, you all thought it was a big deal. He was back in 24 hours. End of story."

The sophomore tailback said that after his one-on-one meeting with Bowden, the offense met as a unit with coordinator Rob Spence.

Davis said Spence went through one of the Saturday morning articles quoting Davis from the previous day, and told him from now on if there are any concerns to bring them to (Spence) personally. That way, said Davis - paraphrasing Spence - "We can work out things together."

Davis also said he told Spence that he didn't say at least some of the things in the particular article being discussed. Pressed on which quotes were inaccurate by the reporter responsible for the story, Davis said he couldn't remember.

Davis said perhaps his frustration came due to the fact that Clemson threw the ball more on some of his series' because the team was behind at times over the final four games of the year.

Or, he said, it could be because he's a young player and still has much to learn.

Regardless, Davis said his only motivation is to keep getting better and help Clemson regain the dominance it had during the season's first eight games.

"I told my coaches that I apologize if I said anything I shouldn't have," Davis said.

"I think we've got all this behind us now. We had a good practice (Saturday) and we're getting ready to play good football again."

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After Further Review, Davis Okay With His Role In Clemson's Offense
Good!! Let's put the matter to bed and get on with making
Baltimore Tiger®
Spin Spin Spin***
Not spin at all. Two men sitting down and talking
Baltimore Tiger®
The truth is we won't know nor should we know.***
Is your life miserable in all areas?***
Its all a government conspiracy, right Macin?
Re: Spin Spin Spin***By the State Paper
I thought Davis was a Soph?
He is***
Creek Tiger
Yea, that's what one should take from the article.
What about the Article?
So you think he's still mad and going to cause problems...
Mad, yes...Cause Problems,NO***
So if he isn't going to cause problems.....
When has Davis ever caused a problem?***
You said there were rumors he did in locker room.
I heard them on here Chief
So basically you have no clue?***
You were just looking forward to the 2007 season, cant say
You're not?***
Good enough for me. Now onto more important things...
We're doomed!***
Tommy's still an idiot with no loyalty to Reggie, who saved
Good, then don't bother rooting for the Tigers anymore***
RC Tiger®
I thought it was spelled "y'all"
Re: After Further Review, Davis Okay With His Role In Clemson's Offense
Ummm . . .
Orange Julius
Re: Ummm . . .
Hey, I never want to lose that game, but in reality I will

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