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DUKE - Carl Franks

On the Vanderbilt Game

"I think our offensive line probably had one of their better games. They didn't give
up any sacks.  We're starting to show some improvement on offense.  Certainly
nowhere we need to be, but we are certainly showing some improvement.  We finally got
to some good plays.  Our quarterback, Bobby Campbell, did a nice job.  He's got
to continue to get to some good plays.  (Defensive back) Darius Clark played a great
game.  He had 13 tackles and three assists.  Two of those tackles were for
losses and had two interceptions.  He suffered through cramps for most of the game.
  We certainly have to make sure that we're paying attention to our assignments.
  Vanderbilt didn't do anything we didn't know they had.  We didn't play those
plays the way we expected to. Especially, the bootlegs and the throwbacks.  We
weren't very good on special teams.  So we got plenty of things we need to improve

On Playing Florida State

"We're the only team in the country that gets to play the number one team (Florida
State).  I think you enjoy, as an athlete, playing against the very best.  I
think that's what should get you excited, which should make the game fun for you.
  That's what we're going to try and do this week.  Our guys are looking forward
to travelling down to Jacksonville and playing at AllTel Stadium.  They're an
outstanding football team. After playing them the last nine years (as a Florida
  assistant coach), I'm certainly well aware of their talent.  Well aware that
their coaches do an outstanding job.  They fly around out there on the field.
  They're a very explosive team, both offensively and defensively.  We're going
to have to make sure we take care of the football.  It can go the other way on you in
a hurry."

On the Positives of Playing In Jacksonville

"Our players get a chance to play in a pro stadium.  Another is it hopefully
gives us a little more presence in the state of Florida, which is an area that we are
trying to cultivate in recruiting.  We've got quite a number of players from the
state of Florida.  So it allows them to play close to home.  Certainly, there's
the financial positives that we'll reap from it."

On Peter Warwick

"Peter is a outstanding young man.  I think he made a great personal decision to
stay in school.  I think that will pay off for him in the long run.  He
certainly is one of the top Heisman Trophy candidates this year.  A guy that has the
knack of making a lot of things happen on the football field as a wide receiver, running
reverse, returning kicks. He's a fun player to watch when you're not on the other

FLORIDA STATE - Bobby Bowden

 "We spent a lot of extra time during practice last week on special teams. I've
got to see the film to see if Pete's (Warrick) moves are causing us to get so many
penalties on returns.  He changes direction so easily that a guy could be in position
to block and when Pete changes direction the defender moves, but I don't think that's it.

"The defense has done better.  I think a lot of that is not facing the option
like Georgia Tech has.  They feature it.  A lot of teams play around with it,
but they feature it.  It really disperses your defense.  Our defense is better
when we can just come right after them. "We went over there (Jacksonville) last time
and got upset by Southern Miss.  We must guard against overconfidence.  We'll go
out and try to play the very best we can against Duke.  We will compare Duke's film
with Florida's and see if some of what they are doing compares to Florida.  We might
be able to use some of it. "Chris (Weinke) had a great game against Georgia Tech.
  He was a little cold early against NC State and cooled off a little at North
Carolina. That doesn't bother me because I think the intensity level dropped off all over
in that game."

"As I look over the first four games, I guess what encourages me was how carelessly
we won the first three games.  We're not executing and yet winning big.  Against
North Carolina, we went out in the first quarter and we executed in all facets of the
game.  The perplexing thing is why it shut off."

"Just look at the scores across the country - Memphis almost beats Tennessee,
Louisiana Tech beats Alabama and Central Florida almost beats Georgia - and you can see
that Duke can very well beat Florida State if we are not ready to play."

GEORGIA TECH - George O'Leary

"We basically utilized the off week to get better both offensively and defensively
and on special teams. It helped us as far as some of the nicks we have, injury wise.
  Now we've got to get ready for Maryland on Thursday night. Maryland is 3-0 and they
are playing with a lot of confidence, offensively and defensively and special teams. They
are leading the conference in kickoff returns and are close in punt returns. We have a
chore Thursday night to make sure that we take

care of business. It's a conference game, the second one we are going to play. We're 0-1
and we can't afford any other losses. It's a big game and our players understand

What is Maryland doing better this year?

"They are not making any mistakes. They are not killing themselves with penalties.
They are getting all positive yardage.  The biggest difference I've seen is the
quarterback position. He's giving them more options and avenues to get things done as far
as the passing game or the option game.  He's opening more lanes for Lamont Jordan to
run in, and he is a great running back. We're going to have our work cut out for us on
defense, plus they have great receivers who

can run. It will be a great test for our defense. Defensively they are leading the
conference, probably the country, in points allowed. We'll have our work cut out for us on
offense. The key is that they are tackling very well. Their secondary tackles very well.
They are well-schemed  as far as making people play left-handing, doing things they
don't want to get done."

[Freshman Gary Johnson}

We moved Gary over to full back because I want some more big  bodies over there. We
lost Joe Burns who also played fullback for us, so I moved Gary over to get a sledgehammer
over there. If he's got the ball, it was probably a mistake. He's out there for one thing,
he's a guard blocking people."

[Return of QB Jermaine Crenshaw}

Jermaine is eligible this week so he's on the varsity field, and  Brian Camp is on
the scout field. We've given him reps along with  George Godsey to see how far behind
he is. Hopefully we can make a  decision at that position. I feel comfortable with
George. I think  the problem right now is that we need to put him out there with the
  first line so we can see what's going on. Not in the fourth quarter  and not
just trying to run the ball and use the clock.  We need to  see if he can run
the offense and see if he can run it in a game  situation, where it's on the line.
  We haven't gotten that done yet,  but we need to get that done.  I think
Jermaine is a good athlete.   I'm still concerned with his intensity.  His
ball intensity and  understanding that the ball is very valuable you just don't toss
it  up there. 

[On the return of LB Matt Uremovich]

He was suspended for doing something he knew shouldn't have done.  Hopefully it was a
lesson learned in life. It was a lesson about  shortcuts in life, that you can't do
that and eventually it gets you.  I thought from that time on that everything that
Matt  did, he did  because he understood that he had a lot of ground to make up.
  I  think once his eligibility was restored, I've seen a more mature Matt
  Uremovich, understanding that the only way to get there is from hard  work
  There are no shortcuts to becoming a better football player  except work in
the weight room and on the field.  He was in touch. We  kept him on the scout
field so he was in constant involvement with the  football team He got graded like
every other member of the scout team  every day.  A plus and a minus for effort
and whenever he got  minuses, I had him in my office making sure he understood that I
  didn't expect that from him.  I hope it's a lesson learned and as  I see
him right now, he has. I think it shows support that when you  have rules, you follow
rules. You're not trying to circumvent them.   I think the players understand.
  They understood that when they don't  do what they are supposed to do that
they are going to be suspended  and they are going to sit on the bench.  I think
if you have rules  you are going to have to enforce them"

Comparing Uremovich to Keith Brooking

I think Matt and Keith, from an intensity standpoint are the same. I  think
athletically Matt has to get quicker if he wants to be in  Keith's ballgame.
  They both hit with the same intensity, they're  both very smart football
players. I think Keith was special as far as  the speed he had. Matt's gotten
  better and better.  That is probably  the thing that separates those two
right now, but Matt's still young  in the program.


You are only as good as your second string players. They are  eventually going to get
a shot to play and they need to come to the  plate and hit the ball. That's where I
think we have really hit the  pay dirt.  A lot of players, when they've gotten
the opportunity to  come in and play, have got it done.  That's where we have
been  successful. Credit the assistant coaches, they're the ones that have  kept
the second stringers and everyone else motivated, so that when  you go out there and
get a chance, you have to produce. I think  that's what happened both offensively and

[TE Conrad Andrzejewski]

Conrad is one of the most experienced players on the team  We only have thirteen
seniors, two starting on defense and four or five on offense. They're still a young team
and I think Conrad and some of the rest of the seniors are doing a good job keeping the
younger players in line. The difference I see in our football team right now is school.
  Normally, we would have started school last week. We've been in school three weeks
and you  see it starting to take it's toll on the freshman.  As far as
academics, school and time management or lack of time management. You have to make sure
you have priorities. Your social life is not a priority during football season because you
can't do three things at once.  It's hard to do two things at once. And that's what
you need to understand and they are starting to understand that now.

[Role of DE Felipe Claybrooks]

I think he's right where he needs to be.  I think Felipe is a guy that, I think I
like to see him on the field making plays.  I think sustaining them the whole game is
the problem with him.  Until he starts sustaining making plays on first as well as
third, he's going to be right next to me on first and second.  I think that's
probably the best way to utilize our personnel.  He may be out there on first and
second down because he's grown up a little bit and he understands that he has to play the
whole game and not just parts of it.  He did much better last week and since we made
the changes I've noticed a

marked improvement on his intensity in the whole of practice not just parts of it and
that's what you need to be doing.  It's nice when you have some talent and you can
put someone like that as a second.  Understand that competition makes everyone better
and I think that it has made him better.

[CB Marvious Hester]

I think he's probably one of our better athletes.  I think Troy Tolbert is
  practicing better since he's been back on the field.

He's a bigger corner, obviously I would like to see him be the guy.  But right now,
Marvious is tough to unseat.  That's going to make us better because Tolbert has to
work harder to beat him out.

MARYLAND - Ron Vanderlinden

On the West Virginia Victory:

"Our victory over West Virginia displayed an overall good performance in just about
every area on our football team, which was really pleasing from a coaching standpoint.
From the first game against Temple to third game against West Virginia, we have improved
in every area and that's encouraging.'

?It's the best the offensive line has played in my three years here and because of that,
our running backs were very effective. Calvin McCall continues to execute well. I can't
say enough about what he does in such a short period of time as a redshirt freshman.'

On Thursday's game at No. 9 Georgia Tech:

"The fact that Georgia Tech could go to Tallahassee (three weeks ago) and put up 500
yards and 35 points against the Seminoles is nothing short of remarkable because nobody
does that against Florida State. This game will be a huge test for us."

"The West Virginia game was a big step for us and this week will be an even bigger
test, since we are facing one of the top team in the nation. I like the maturity of our
football team even though we are so young. I am anxious to see how we do in taking that
next step."

On having a bye week before Thursday's game:

"I feel like we needed a couple of extra days of practice even though we had a lot of
momentum after the West Virginia game. Since we'll have a couple of days to rest up
afterwards, I feel like spreading things out is a good thing as we head into our final
seven games of the season."

On facing Joe Hamilton, Georgia Tech's quarterback:

"The key thing for us will be our ability to contain him because the only time he has
not played well is when he has been hurt. We need to able to move and score points on
offense and contain Hamilton when we are on defense. He is a phenomenal player."


"Looking back at the Florida State game, I'm very disappointed. I said it after the
game too, that I'm very disappointed not only for our football team and our coaching staff
but also for our fans. I didn't feel like we gave our fans a chance to get involved in the
game, which is really sad because we had a great crowd, a great atmosphere and a great day
to play. But after seven minutes when you're behind 28-0 you're basically hanging on for
dear life.  That final score probably should have been about 28-10. But at the same
time, it could've been worse. They had some kick returns that went for some yardage that
they got called back. "

"I was just disappointed in how it opened up. We made a play at the very beginning of
the game and I thought got a little bit of momentum going. But they came right back and we
did not recover very well and they were able to knock it in. And then they knock a fumble
loose on the next series and score. And we throw an interception on the next play and they
score. And then they pop a punt return on the next series and score. So again, being
behind 28-0 didn't give us much room for error."

"I thought when we got to 28-3 and started to play better on defense that we had a
chance, but their score right before halftime totally took us out of it.  So after
that we were basically playing for pride and to see how our young guys would respond. I
thought they did a pretty good job the second half, but I still was not pleased with the
way we played. I thought we did some good things in spurts offensively, but we didn't do
enough good things to win."

"Defensively, we were not consistent enough to make the plays we needed to make. I
felt like going into the game, the thing that we needed to do defensively was tackle well
and eliminate big plays, and we didn't do either one of those. And then offensively we
said ball security and our ability to make some yardage on first downs was important, and
we didn't do those as well as we needed to.  I will say this about Florida State, I
think they're as good ? if not better ? than they've ever been."

"With Clemson we're dealing with a lot of similarities in many ways.  They're
probably more wide open and more spread out, and I'm very impressed what Coach Bowden and
his staff are doing there.  They'll go with three wides, four wides and five wides.
  They've got great patience.  They're not interested in trying to throw the
ball deep every time.  They think a four- or five-yard pass is the same as a four- or
five-yard.  They're receivers are catching the ball very well and showing
consistency.  And I think the improvement they've made since their first game is

"We'll have our hands full and it will be interesting to see how our young guys match
up, but I'm excited about it and I think our players are excited about.  We need to
redeem ourselves from what I thought was a very average, at best, last week."

VIRGINIA - George Welsh:

On Virginia Tech's Defensive End Corey Moore:

"If you put one guy on him whether it is a lineman or a back, he is going to beat
you, he is that

good, he'll change the game.  He's relentless and he keeps coming, if you don*t take
care of him it doesn't matter what you do with the other guys."

On Virginia Tech's Defense:

"I am not sure that anybody in the country is as good as them [defensively].  I
don't see how they can be, they're all experienced...all those guys up front, the
linebackers, the rover and the weak side and outside linebacker....they*re all seniors,
redshirt seniors, juniors."

On the Virginia Tech Game:

"We are going to have a hard time winning this game.  Right now they have a
better defense then us.... it will keep them

in the game if their offense struggles.  Usually games are won on defense, these kind
of games are won on spite of what happened last year."

On Virginia Linebacker Shannon Taylor:

"He's one our best athletes on defense, he's one guy that can chase somebody down,
he's a good open field player and a good pass rusher.  We need more guys like that,
that is what we are lacking right now...he is very important to us."

On the Virginia-Virginia Tech Rivalry:

"It's become more important...we have been pretty even teams over the last 6-7 years
and it makes for a tough rivalry.  It's something that if you had your druthers you
wouldn't have a rivalry like this that is in the state but not in the conference."

WAKE FOREST - Jim Caldwell:


"You're never as good as you think you are when you win and never as bad as you think
you are when you lose. We think we got a little better in some areas. Our assignments and
our blocking were better this week. I didn't really feel that we saw that kind of progress
between the first and second game. But we saw the kind of progress between the second and
third that we anticipated having between the first and second. Certainly the outcome was
considerably different. But when you look at the film, we were very close in the Virginia
game to doing a lot of the things we did in the game this past week. I do think we got
more consistent in terms of our blocking and we ran the ball better overall. Our kicking
game was good and our defense was great . I've always felt that North Carolina State is
one of the toughest teams in our conference to prepare for because they do so many
different things. Our guys did a great job of controlling the line and forcing them to
become a one-dimensional football team."


"We had a chance to play one of the really good teams in that area. They do as good a
job as anybody of blocking kicks. I think they've blocked at least one in every game
they've played. Our punt team did a nice job of protecting, but we didn't punt it as well
as we would like to. Both our punt returns and kickoff returns put us in good field
position. Tyler Ashe consistently put kickoffs in the endzones."


"On the goal line, that is something we've been working on. Every route that we have
has a deep, intermediate and check down component and it just so happened that our tight
ends were open more, but we weren't doing anything specifically geared to get the tight
ends the ball more."


"This a different team (than the one that lost to I-AA Appalachian State after a big
win last year). We have certainly tried our best not to refer back to last year. Because
this is a different team, different style, different emphasis. But we certainly are


"Looking at the film, we can see how close they are to getting the things done they
want to. They are about ready to explode on both sides of the ball. They've got a stingy
defense that's reckless and nasty. They have an offense that is very good. They have some
players that can run. Their quarterback (Mike McMahon) is one of the best that you'll see.
He's big, strong, can run and throw. He can do it all."


"That is a big concern for us. We are hurting there. We just hope we can finish the
game with the same guys that finished the game last week."


"We didn't throw it any more last week than we normally do. We just happened to
complete more than we did the week before. Against Rutgers, it really depends on what
happens. We go into a game with a certain plan and then we adjust as we go."


"Ben (Sankey) is a quarterback that can run the option. In the past we've had more
pass-oriented quarterbacks. We haven't changed the way we call play

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