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Clemson guard Terrence Oglesby led all scorers with 16 points against Maryland last Tuesday night, but also led the Tigers with six assists, the second time this season he has accomplished that. After the game, he spoke with Tigernet about his style of play, his family, and he wound up at Clemson.

DAVID HOOD - Your bio lists that you were born in Norway. Explain.
TERRENCE OGLESBY - My dad went over there to play (professional) basketball, and met my mother, and next thing you know, I am here.

DH - Your dad is 6-foot-8 or so; do you wish you had his height?
TO - I did get the short end of the stick there. My mom’s family all tend to be a little short (TO is 6-2). But my mom’s family are all skiers. My grandfather skied in the Olympics in the downhill slalom for Norway. Her whole family is shorter and stockier. My dad is a string bean. But I am doing pretty good for myself right now.

DH - With your dad being a professional hoops player, how early did you have a basketball in your hands?
TO - From the day I was born I had a basketball in my crib. My parents put up a little goal for me and I would be shooting on it. Even when I was a kid, my parents would have friends over and I would be the one knocking down jumpers in the kitchen. I have always been a part of it. I love it, and there is nothing else I would rather do. I want to be in basketball the rest of my life one way or the other.

DH - With your dad being a post player, was he able to help you at all with your outside game?
TO - Dad was a post player, but he can shoot it. He would be the trail guy on the break, the four, and he could shoot it. He was a different kind of athlete. He is a really good shooter, just a lot skinnier than me.

DH - I have noticed that before games, you are the last one shooting warm ups, and you will shoot until you make your last one. Is that a superstition or just about feeling comfortable?
TO - It’s kind of a superstition, but I just want to feel comfortable really. I want to be able to feel comfortable as soon as I am walking off the floor so I can take that into the game.

DH - Why did you choose Clemson over Miami (FL), Virginia Tech and Michigan, among others?
TO - I am just a country boy, to be honest with you. Clemson is a lot like where I am from (Cleveland, TN), with a lot of trees. As soon as I was on campus, I loved it. And Coach Davis (former Clemson women’s coach Jim Davis), thank God for him. He is from my area and came to recruit a girl and took a look at me, and next thing you know, Clemson is recruiting me. He opened the door for me in that aspect.

DH - Sometimes announcers on television will call you an assassin, a sniper, and say that you have no conscience when you are shooting the basketball. Do you like that kind of stuff?
TO - I love it. What else can you love more as a shooter? The guys on this team trust me to know who I am, and that is a run sparker. I can hit two or three shots in a row, and change a game right away. That is exciting when you can be a part of a nine point run. I like being that assassin that can help make a surge, pop two or three off in a row. I enjoy that label.

DH - We have seen you take some incredibly deep shots this season. What is your range?
TO - Two or three feet past NBA range. Any further than that and you are just kind of throwing it.

DH - Your passing and your assists have really picked up the last few games. What is the key for you?
TO - I am just taking what the guys are giving me. Coming off the pick and roll, I am going to be looking for my teammates. I have been able to play the two-man game since middle school. I know how to read the defender and know where guys are going to be. But, it is a different part of the game I am learning about. I don’t want to be just a shooter. I want to be a complete player. Coach Purnell has told me he wants the player from Tennessee, not just the little gunner from Tennessee. I want to be a big-time player.

Tigernet will next speak with Clemson senior captain K.C. Rivers. If you have questions you would like to as K.C., just email David Hood.

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