Clemson vs Maryland postgame

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Overall thoughts:

“To our kids’ credit we worked hard. We were on the edge of the cliff
fighting, we just couldn’t hang on. You’re pushed off the edge in all of
these games and somehow, someway you find a spark at the end of all of
them. That’s when you take a couple of big shots and make big plays. In
some ways it’s “fools gold” that we get the opportunity to win these
games. We get lucky and get a chance at redemption. We’re lucky to be
able to play these close games. It’s tough when you’re scratching and
clawing your way back. You think back at the free-throws and shots that
were missed.

“We played alright in the first half. The energy level was really good
and I can’t say anything about our lack of effort. In the first half we
took a handful of bad shots. In the second half, I don’t think we took as
many bad shots. We just didn’t finish as many plays as we needed to

“There was a little run there where they made a few shots back-to-back and
started feeling good about themselves. When you’re competing against a
player like [Terrell] Stoglin, that’s the kind of stuff you’re afraid of.
We got plenty of shots and opportunities, we just didn’t make them.

On Andre YoungAndre Young
Sr. Guard
#11 5-9, 175
Albany, GA

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“It hurts when a kid like Andre misses his chance, because you know how
much work he’s put into it. He wants to win and he wants to be in those
situations. He’s not going to be ok tomorrow. You want guys like that,
because it means he cares. You just hate it for them. We just have to
make sure he recovers from it.

“The message to our guys is that they can’t give up on the season. You’re
playing well enough and competitive enough that things could go our way.
We just have to wait for the situation turn. That’s how sports are, but
right now we’re catching the bad end of it. It’s a test of our character
as to how we respond. I felt like we were nervous coming into this game.
Our guys really wanted to win this one and we entered the game with a good
energy. We just have to make more offensive plays, and more stops.

Overall Thoughts:

“That’s a great win for us. Now we don’t have to listen to everyone say
‘they’re going for their first road win.’ We got that behind us. I thought
we were as good as we have been defensively, executing, and distributing
the ball. We got the big lead and then at the 7:33 timeout, I told our
guys we had been great for 33 minutes, but we have to play 40. Clemson hit
the three coming out that sort of got them going, then we let our offense
dictate our defense down the stretch and, in typical fashion, we missed a
lot of free throws to make it interesting for everybody. In the end, I
thought Terrell Stoglin was tremendous and I thought Sean Mosley gave us a
lot of quality minutes. We have to rebound a little better, but we
followed the game plan. We had certain guys on their team that we wanted
to beat us, and our guys followed that plan pretty well for the most

On Clemson’s one-three-one defense:

“They had momentum and the crowd was loud and their length made us very
tentative. Against the one-three-one, you just have to space out and make
plays. We didn’t have a guy that could make a play. The last timeout we
ran a play, and got the ball inside and that’s what we wanted. It was just
a combination of everything.”

On Maryland’s shot selection:

“We talk about valuing possessions and we’re not there yet. We screened
better and our execution to start the second half was very good. That’s
how we built the lead. We have to rebound better. When they got offensive
rebounds, we just had guys standing there. Our shot selection was spread
out, we just have to execute better everywhere else.”

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