ACC Releases Three-Year Rotation Model of Conference Basketball Games

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CLEMSON -- The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced the league opponent schedules for the next three years. Boston College joins the ACC for the 2005-06 season. The league will continue to have a 16-game conference schedule, so each team will play five opponents twice and six opponents once.

Each school will have permanent partners that they will play twice a year on a home and home basis for the near future. Clemson's permanent partners are Georgia Tech and Florida State.
Each team's remaining nine rotating partners will then be formed into three groups of three teams and rotated annually on a three-year basis. One of the three-team groups (A) will play a home and away series that year, while a second three-team group (B) will be that team's home games that season and the third three-team group (C) will be that team's road games.
The following year, the three three-team groups will be rotated so that group B will be that year's home and away series teams, while group C will be the home game opponents and group A will be the road game opponents.

After the third year of this schedule each of the primary partners will have played each other six times with three home and three road games. In addition each of the nine rotating partners will have played four games against their non-primary partners, including two home and two road games. The model below ensures that every institution will face each conference opponent at least four times over the next three seasons.

A look to the league schedule for 2005-06 shows that Clemson will play a home and home series with Georgia Tech, Florida State,
Wake Forest, Virginia and Virginia Tech. Clemson will play just
one of the three North Carolina Triangle schools on the road in 2005-06, as Clemson will face North Carolina, Boston College and Miami on the road without a return game to Clemson.

Duke, Maryland and NC State come to Clemson for a single game. This means NC State will come to Clemson for the second consecutive year without receiving a return trip to Raleigh from
Clemson. Clemson will travel to North Carolina again next year, but
the Tigers will not go to North Carolina in 2006-07. The two
schools will then play home and home in 2007-08.

Clemson League Schedule Breakdown 2005-06

Home		Away
Georgia Tech	Georgia Tech
Florida State	Florida State
Wake Forest	Wake Forest
Virginia	Virginia
Virginia Tech	Virginia Tech
Maryland	North Carolina
Duke		Boston College
NC State	Miami (FL)

Clemson League Schedule Breakdown 2006-07
Home		Away
Georgia Tech	Georgia Tech
Florida State	Florida State
Boston College	Boston College
Duke		Duke
Maryland	Maryland
Miami (FL)	NC State
North Carolina	Virginia Tech
Virginia	Wake Forest

Clemson League Schedule Breakdown 2007-08
Home 		Away
Georgia Tech	Georgia Tech
Florida State	Florida State
Miami (FL)	Miami (FL)
North Carolina	North Carolina
NC State	NC State
Boston College	Duke
Virginia Tech	Maryland
Wake Forest	Virginia

Conference Schedule through 2007-2008

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