Live from the CFP National Championship: Clemson vs. LSU

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Live from the CFP National Championship: Clemson vs. LSU

Mercedes-Benz Superdome • New Orleans, LA.


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BrandonRink® - 1:18 AM
Final: No. 1 LSU 42, No. 3 Clemson 25. Clemson's winning streak ends at 29 games.
rebeltigersteeler - 1:14 AM
It was time for a bad game against a good team. We’ll be back. Prolly not next year, but it won’t be long. It took LSUs best team in over a decade, 5th year heisman qb a new offense no one else saw before this year, and a boatload of Clemson mistakes. See y’all in the spring. Go Tigers!
BrandonRink® - 1:13 AM
Trevor Lawrence fumbles after a hit from LSU's Grant Delpit. LSU takes over at the 45 with 3:53 left. 42-25 LSU.
BrandonRink® - 1:12 AM
Clemson moving the ball. Two plays and to the Clemson 49. 4 to go.
keowee77 - 1:07 AM
Two things:
1. I’ve said for two weeks that our secondary is the key to winning this one (our weakest area). So far 442 yards and 5 TD’s.

2. I didn’t think I would ever see TL pass so poorly. If it isn’t to high it’s into the ground.

Still proud of a great season.

nikkisteele® - 12:53 AM
Clemson to punt after an offensive pass interference takes a touchdown off the board.
pawsrule4evr - 12:52 AM
When it rains it pours ??
pawsrule4evr - 12:45 AM
Can I cry now ??
nikkisteele® - 12:43 AM
LSU makes it 42-25 with 12:08 to play.
nikkisteele® - 12:43 AM
Touchdown LSU
nikkisteele® - 12:37 AM
At the end of the third quarter, LSU leads Clemson 35-25.
nikkisteele® - 12:33 AM
Trevor Lawrence misses another throw on third down. Tigers are 1-10 on third down tonight.
nikkisteele® - 12:33 AM
Tee Higgins back in the game.
nikkisteele® - 12:31 AM
York misses so the score remains LSU 35-25 with 1:40 to go in the third quarter.
nikkisteele® - 12:31 AM
Clemson forces a 45-yard FG attempt.
nikkisteele® - 12:30 AM
Clemson calls timeout with LSU facing 3rd-and-7 at the 30.
nikkisteele® - 12:26 AM
Nothing went right on that possession for Clemson when they desperately needed points or to at least move the ball.
nikkisteele® - 12:18 AM
Touchdown stands. LSU leads Clemson 35-25 with 5:13 left in the third quarter.
nikkisteele® - 12:15 AM
Check that...still looking at the play to confirm the touchdown.
nikkisteele® - 12:15 AM
LSU extends its lead to 35-25 with 5:13 to play in the third quarter.
nikkisteele® - 12:14 AM
Burrow to Moss for a touchdown.
nikkisteele® - 12:14 AM
Jake Venables in at linebacker.
nikkisteele® - 12:13 AM
James Skalski has been tossed for targeting.
nikkisteele® - 12:11 AM
Ja'Marr Chase breaking tackles to set LSU up on the 16.
nikkisteele® - 12:10 AM
Tee Higgins has gone to the locker room.
nikkisteele® - 12:04 AM
Clemson avoided disaster there as two passes were nearly picked.
nikkisteele® - 11:58 PM
Nolan Turner with the pass breakup to force an LSU punt. Clemson will take over on its own 18.
BrandonRink® - 11:54 PM
That's Clemson's sixth TD on its first possession of the second half this season. First in three games.
nikkisteele® - 11:51 PM
LSU leads Clemson 28-25, 10:49 3Q.
nikkisteele® - 11:51 PM
Trevor Lawrence hits Amari Rodgers for the two-point conversion.
nikkisteele® - 11:50 PM
Travis Etienne finds pay dirt for a Clemson touchdown.
nikkisteele® - 11:47 PM
Higgins able to jog off the field
nikkisteele® - 11:47 PM
Tee Higgins picks up the first down but is injured.
nikkisteele® - 11:46 PM
Clemson will start from midfield.
nikkisteele® - 11:46 PM
Clemson gets a break with a kick-catch interference call on the punt.
nikkisteele® - 11:45 PM
Clemson defense with a sack to force LSU to punt on its first drive of the second half.
Bring That Energy - 11:35 PM
Clemson has a lot to clean up; as Dabo said we have a lot to clean up.
pawsrule4evr - 11:24 PM
He needs to feel more of them in the 2nd half! GO TIGERS! ????
mdenz3 - 11:17 PM
Looks like the cocky second stringer felt that hit on the last TD.
BrandonRink® - 11:16 PM
Clemson takes a knee and heads into the half. 28-17 LSU. LSU gets the ball to start the second half.
pawsrule4evr - 11:15 PM
BrandonRink® - 11:14 PM
Field opens up for a 29-yard run for Joe Burrow on 3rd and long and he then finds a wide-open Thaddeus Moss to put LSU up 28-17 with 10 seconds left in the first half.
BrandonRink® - 11:12 PM
LSU calls its final timeout of the first half on 3rd and 10 at the Clemson 35 with 21 seconds to go.

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BrandonRink® - 11:07 PM
Pass interference from Derion Kendrick on 3rd and 19 moves the chains for LSU with 2:23 to go in the half. At the LSU 36.
BrandonRink® - 11:03 PM
Clemson goes 3-and-out and Will Spiers pins LSU at their 5 with 3:38 left in the half. 21-17 LSU.
BrandonRink® - 10:58 PM
The catch looks to be overturned after review. 2nd and 10 for the Clemson Tigers.
BrandonRink® - 10:56 PM
Tee Higgins' 11-yard catch is under review now.
BrandonRink® - 10:54 PM
Joe Burrow connects with Ja'Marr Chase again from 14 yards out and LSU jumps on top, 21-17, 5:19 2nd.
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