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Miller was a unanimous freshman All-American last year after leading the ACC and ranking fifth in the nation with eight interceptions.
Miller was a unanimous freshman All-American last year after leading the ACC and ranking fifth in the nation with eight interceptions.

CLEMSON -- Sophomore cornerback Justin Miller was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat Tuesday evening. We appreciate Justin's participation and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Chat Transcript:

Question: Thanks for joining us, Justin. What was your most memorable/favorite play from last season?

Answer: probably the interception aganist ball state

Question: How does it feel to be an All-American?

Answer: its a great honor

Question: What is the biggest concern you have this year for the Tigers

Answer: the team as a whole just playin together

Question: Do your teammates have a nickname for you?

Answer: "the hype"

Question: What do you feel will be the strength of the team next year?

Answer: the rb's b/c are deep and athletic at that postions

Question: Did you expect before the beginning of the season to have such a great year?

Answer: no not really

Question: Justin, you played with a lot of heart last year, arguably more so than the rest of the team. What does the team need to do this year to rise to the next level?

Answer: just play together

Question: On D, who do you think will surprise people this year?

Answer: gaines adams and anthony waters

Question: Justin, what is your favorite thing about Clemson?

Answer: fan support

Question: Justin- what are the chances that you will move to Free Safety and do you anticipate playing any WR this fall?

Answer: negative and i really might play wr

Question: Hey Justin! Pennsylvania loves you! Good luck to you!

Answer: thanks

Question: If given the opportunity to go to NFL early, do you plan to take it?

Answer: probably so

Question: Do you talk a lot of trash to the opposing WR's during the games?

Answer: sometimes

Question: Justin- how to you think the opposite cornerback is shaping up?

Answer: well just needs time to develop

Question: Justin, who would you say was your idol as a football player growing up?

Answer: barry sanders bc i was rb

Question: Hey Justin,Welcome to TAC.How well do you think our Defense will do this coming season?

Answer: straight we just got to play together

Question: How many passes have you picked off from Chuck Whitehurst in practice?

Answer: i dont keep up

Question: Justin- do you think Sampson will make it back?

Answer: that's my dog and he's already back

Question: Which current WR on the team is the hardest to defend in practice?

Answer: airese and d-ham

Question: Which Tiger football player, past or present, inspires you the most, and why?

Answer: dexter davis bc he got skills and wore that #9

Question: From last year's RS class, who do you think will kick butt this year?

Answer: reggie and gaines adams

Question: How's the defensive line looking, Justin? You and your buddies will get a lot more INTs with a pass rush.

Answer: they straight

Question: Justin- how please tell us who you see starting at LB

Answer: leroy hill and john leake

Question: I heard you ran a 4.28 in the forty the other day. What have you been eating?

Answer: 4.26 and i've been eating the joey batson weights

Question: What is the biggest concern you have this year for the Tigers

Answer: playing togther

Question: What attracted you to Clemson during the recruiting process? Sure am glad you are a TIGER!!!!

Answer: my boy gerald mccloud

Question: Justin, thanks for joining us tonight. I appreciate your intensity on the field. What made you decide to come to Clemson?

Answer: gerald mccloud and the players

Question: Justin, congrats on your preseason designation as all american. What are your goals for this season as an individual and for the team? If last year was any indicator, I am sure we can expect great things. I sat next to your father for the Ball State game and I will never forget the reaction to your interception! that was priceless! glad to have you here and BEAT THE DAWGS!

Answer: post season all-american and thorpe award

Question: What do you like the most about playing at Clemson?

Answer: being around the guys

Question: If you could dao anything else as a career, aside from playing football, what would it be?

Answer: a businessman

Question: What was your major reason for choosing Clemson and what would you tell other recruits about coming here?

Answer: its a great place to play

Question: Is Coach Bowden going to play you at WR any this year? If so, how much?

Answer: yeah but i dont know how much

Question: Justin- will Todd McClinton and Eric Coleman turn it on this year?

Answer: yeah they ready

Question: What kind of training program are you using to stay in shape over summer?

Answer: its crazy but its working

Question: With the loss of Brian Mance, do you feel that this year's secondary be better than last year's?

Answer: its to early to call

Question: Who is the best Madden player on the team?

Answer: dewayne coleman

Question: Have you set any personal goals for this upcoming season? I'm thinking double-digit INT's, 4 or 5 KO returns for TD's, and a 'bout that?

Answer: yeah all that you asked

Question: Which team in the ACC would you like to beat up the most on this year?

Answer: fsu and nc state

Question: Who will be the biggest surprise on defense?

Answer: gaines adams

Question: Besides the loss to Maryland last year, how good did it feel after you severely tattooed their RB late in the game? That was one of the best hits I have ever seen in 20 years. Keep it up!!!

Answer: it felt great

Question: How many plays on O would you like to have per game?

Answer: bout 10-15

Question: How is your off-season training program going?

Answer: great im getting faster and stronger

Question: How confident do you feel about this year's team? Any predictions?


Question: Does it upset you that teams will not throw on you this year due to your outstanding stats from last year? How will you compensate?

Answer: yeah but its respect

Question: Justin, I know you are surronded by talented teammates, but YOU ARE DA MAN!!!!!!

Answer: thanks

Question: Justin- are y'all out throwing, running routes and working on coverage on your own this summer?

Answer: yes

Question: Last year the Tigers made several big plays when they had to, but couldn't force the 3 and out... has this been addressed and do you feel better about our ability to control the tempo of games this year?

Answer: yes

Question: Are you working out with other players on campus this summer? If so, how many?

Answer: almost the whole team

Question: Justin, what are you doing in the offseason to prepare for the season?

Answer: working out and working on the little things

Question: From the team, who do you hang out with the most?

Answer: gerald mccloud, anthony waters, kyle browning, ryan hemby, eric sampson, leroy hill, tye hill, airese currie

Question: After the bitter loss to TT, how hungry is this team to get the season off to a good start with a victory over UGA?

Answer: very hungart

Question: Hey Justin,Are you going play like Corner and Safety this season?

Answer: corner

Question: Justin, how do you feel about the tailback position? Was the OL the main reason for their lack of production last year? I saw Yusef Kelly regularly during his high school career, and I'm convinced that with a solid OL, he could post some incredible stats.

Answer: they 'll be fine

Question: How is Toure Francis coming along? Any updates on him?

Answer: he's doing well and coming along great

Question: Justin, with me being a USC fan, it's still easy for me to say that you're a heck of a ball player and will go on to have a professional career...but what I really want to know is what does it feel like when you drill a dude and stand over him in front of 70K fans?

Answer: great

Question: Was was the most memorable play for you from last year?

Answer: ball state int

Question: How do you feel about the Georgia game?

Answer: ready and pumped

Question: Justin, how is team morale right now. Is the team excited for the season to get started?

Answer: yeah we're ready

Question: Even though you'll only be a soph. for this upcoming season, do you already see yourself as a team leader?

Answer: yeah im a different kind of leader

Question: Which game are you looking forward to the most this year?

Answer: fsu

Question: Justin, thank you for all the hard work you put in - you really are an exceptional player. Have you picked a major yet, and after the NFL what do you think you might do with your life?

Answer: sports management and probably open up a couple of businesses

Question: How do you feel about conference expansion?

Answer: i'm ready and i want more competition

Question: Was there a different attitude in Spring Drills this year? More focused?

Answer: yeah everybody was focused

Question: Do you see any playing time on offense?

Answer: yeah at wr

Question: what has been your favorite part of being at clemson?

Answer: the players and fans

Question: Some fans see the UGA game as make or break, other as just one of a 12-game season. How do the players see it?

Answer: its a beginning to the end

Question: What do you think about Sweeney and Blackwell?

Answer: they great coaches

Question: Justin, who do you see holding down the other corner spot? How are our safeties looking?

Answer: probably tye hill but its open. travis pugh is looking great as usual at safety

Question: What is the plan from now up until the first practice in Aug? Do you run, practice, etc?

Answer: running and lifting working out

Question: Thanks for being here tonight!!! Go Tigers!

Answer: thanks

Question: Justin, can you talk about the your recruitment. I'm amazed we recruited you successfully over the phone. I also respect a "star" that doesn't require to be treated like one. Props to you.

Answer: thanks it was hard but this was the best fit for me

Question: How was being recruited by a grad student different than by coaches?

Answer: not much for real. he's still a coach

Question: How is Tye adjusting to DB?

Answer: he's coming along. but he's still got a lot to learn and he's just getting started

Question: "the hype"??? fans all agree you are the real deal!!!

Answer: appericate it

Question: You are the best CB I've seen since Rod Woodson. Did you follow his career with the Steelers when you were growing up?

Answer: yeah a little bit but i really enjoyed charles woodson

Question: who are your closest friends on the team? Im friends with Toure's father, Olliver, and he's a trip. Congrats on last year and hopefully we will have you for 3 more!

Answer: gerald mccloud and anthony waters

Question: What was your 40 time Monday?

Answer: 4.26

Question: My wife wants to know how you think we will do this yearm wins-and-loses wise...Sorry man, I had to ask for her...LOL

Answer: i dont know i couldnt predict but i tell u that it will be better than last year

Question: What do you think of Clemson women?

Answer: they straight. i've seen some nice ones

Question: Who's the Clemson WR that's the hardest to cover man-to-man?

Answer: airese or d-ham

Question: Justin, how is the team's chemistry?

Answer: its getting better by the day

Question: Your favorite NFL team?

Answer: oakland raiders

Question: If you would you consider leaving for the NFL, would you wait until after your junior season?

Answer: yeah after my junior year

Question: How often do you visit Tigernet?

Answer: often

Question: Justin, what are your summer plans?

Answer: summer school and to get better as a player and person

Question: Who is the best team on our schedule this year?

Answer: all of the teams are great teamns

Question: You keep stressing the "play together" aspect does this mean we are closer as a team than what we have been in the past?

Answer: i think so

Question: How's gerald coming along at S?

Answer: that's my dog. he's learning a new postion and hell be very good by the time he ends

Question: Justin: Britney or Christina?

Answer: christina

Question: Will you be "Crunk" on Aug. 30?

Answer: fa sho

Question: Justin, how much do we rely on players to recruit new guys

Answer: a lot it plays a large role

Question: Will you be "Crunk" on Aug. 30?

Answer: fa sho

Question: Justin, Thanks for being a TIGER! Who's head do you want to take off must this year?

Answer: everybody's

Question: when you do make it to the NFL, I hope you follow Nick and Bryant to Denver. Then hook me up with some tix! good luck!

Answer: thanks

Question: Justin, if the defense isn't playing together this year, who is going to step up and challenge them?

Answer: me probably bc i want to be apart of a great unit not a good one

Question: Any preference of NFL teams you'd like to play for?

Answer: oakland's my fav but maybe atl bc its close to my mother

Question: Justin- thanks for the fine job you do! How do you see the OL shaping up?

Answer: they were young and i think they will do better this year

Question: Who has the meanest streak on the team?

Answer: travis pugh. the man can flat out play

Question: What do you enjoy doing off the field at Clemson?

Answer: just hanging with my friends, playing video games, and cutting hair

Question: What di you think affected the recruitment of good players this past season? I mean this with respect to the good players who we did get.

Answer: i dont know

Question: Justin- what are you majoring in and is Vickery Hall a big help in the classroom?

Answer: sports managemnt

Question: Will you be on campus through out the summer?

Answer: yeah

Question: how bad do you want to beat the coots (aka the lamecocks)?

Answer: as bad as u want us to beat them

Question: Do you have any problem with fans having huge expectations for you?

Answer: nah i want to live up to those expectations

Question: Justin, have you 'bulked-up" during the off season or worked on speed and technique?

Answer: yeah im weighing about 200lbs and i ran a 4.26 40 monday

Question: do you see a difference in this team from last

Answer: yeah they have a lot more drive

Question: Did the MD RB make a noise when you popped him?

Answer: i dont know

Question: What sport would you play if you didn't play football?

Answer: basketball

Question: Justin- tell us more about Gaines Adams, why do you think he will do so well?

Answer: he's the sleeper in our class and he has great athletic ability

Question: what do you think of coach Blackwell so far?

Answer: he's a great energetic coach

Question: Which RB is the toughest to tackle???

Answer: kyle browning

Question: How did it feel to beat SC?

Answer: great

Question: Justin, what are your impressions of Coach Sweeney and Coach Blackwell? What are their strengths with the players?

Answer: they are great coaches and they communicate well with the players

Question: who's the best WR you went up against last year

Answer: anquan boldin

Question: any chance you can play baseball as well? we may need you! :-)

Answer: if they wanted me too

Question: What is your opionion on expansion and who would you like to see added if any

Answer: miami. i love competition

Question: In a couple of years, can you loan me a million or two?

Answer: yeah

Question: Did you host any of the recruits this past recruiting season? Who?

Answer: nick watkins, phillip brown, adn demetruis summers

Question: Woodrow used to get the team all wired before they run down the hill...Who will do that for the team this year?

Answer: i dont know yet

Question: How important is it to you to get your degree?

Answer: its important bc my mother and grandparents want me too

Question: Justin...many of my uga buddies say they'll win BIG in valley....any thoughts

Answer: well we will have to wait and see. ha ha

Question: Justin, has Blackwell had a positive impact on the D so far?

Answer: yeah its a lot energy

Question: You have referred to the "team playing together" several times as a key to the season. Is there a problem there right now?

Answer: nah i just think thats a key for any quality team

Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Answer: briefs

Question: Justin, do you think you'll get to blitz any this year?

Answer: maybe

Question: Will you please get on Sampson's ass and make him study

Answer: i will

Question: What do you feel were your best and worst games last year?

Answer: maryland was the best and georgia was the best bc i didnt play to much

Question: Do you keep in touch with players from other teams?

Answer: yeah

Question: Which player has helped you the most since you've been at Clemson?

Answer: brian mance helped me a lot last year

Question: Justin- Did any other team try dirty recruiting tactics to get you to sign with them?

Answer: yeah but i rather not tell who

Question: What's the most important thing you've learned during your time at Clemson?

Answer: that football is not promised but yorur education is

Question: Justin- How is Bennett adjusting to MLB? How fast is D. Coleman?

Answer: bennett will grow into that postion. and wuane has great speed

Question: Who are some other current college players you admire?

Answer: marlin jackson and sean taylor. i also like my boy mike williams at usc. tell him i said was'up

Question: Justin, what made you choose Clemson? Thanks for the chat!

Answer: the fans and players

Question: Justin, who's faster, you, Tye Hill or Airese?

Answer: airese but me and tye have never ran so i guess i ll give him that one

Question: ACC expansion -- who do you want?

Answer: miami

Question: Justin - who is the loudest coach at practice?

Answer: coach smith

Question: Can you run with Tye Hill?

Answer: probably

Question: In your opinion, what was the biggest victory for the team last year?

Answer: sc

Question: Do you think Monts or Pugh will win the free safety job? Monts really looked good in the spring to me.

Answer: pugh

Question: you know how much we ALL hate the SC Gamecocks?

Answer: yeah im starting to understand

Question: Who's trhe best rapper on the team - whose the worst?

Answer: mo fountain is the best. ha ha. willie was the worst. ha ha

Question: What kind of year do you think the Tigers will have this year?

Answer: great

Question: Justin, who is your favorite assistant coach? Also, how do the guys like Swinney and Blackwell?

Answer: coach burns

Question: My computer desktop picture is you running over that Ball State player on that reverse you ran.

Answer: thanks

Question: Do you have a nickname??

Answer: the hype or miller time

Question: How is your classwork coming? No danger of academics being a problem?

Answer: no danger

Question: For a relatively unknown player, Lionel Richardson seemed to have a decent spring game. Do you see him contributing before he graduates?

Answer: very much so. he's a great player

Question: Justin, is any prospect from your hometown area considering Clemson?

Answer: nah. they really dont recruit my area to much. they need to though

Question: what is your bench and squat up to?

Answer: 315 and 475

Question: Is it an advantage to have the defensive coordinator coaching your position?

Answer: yeah

Question: What NFL team would you like to play for?

Answer: oaklad or atl

Question: Is your favorite play the corner blitz?

Answer: it would be

Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Answer: briefs

Question: Did you get to participate in the recruiting process as a host last year? If so, how'd you like it and who did you host?

Answer: yeah i did it. nick watkins

Question: You hit harder than Woodson.

Answer: thanks

Question: how good do you think Waters will do? start?

Answer: he's great. he's a sleeper of our class along with gaines

Question: Obviously teams are going to think twice about throwing at you. How will you compensate in other ways?

Answer: just being there for my team

Question: Justin, do you want to return punts and KO's this year?

Answer: yes

Question: Justin - You just said that u ran a 4.26 -40, so that means that we shouldnt expect for you to get caught from behind anytime soon correct??

Answer: right

Question: Beyonce' or Lil Kim?

Answer: beyonce

Question: Describe tackling yusef kelly

Answer: he's a monster

Question: I met your mom at the Tangerine Bowl. She was a very nice lady.

Answer: thank u. i luv her so much

Question: How did it feel to run down The Hill the first time?

Answer: great

Question: Did Browning run over you on the last play of the spring game? or did you just let him score?

Answer: ha ha. just say it was funny

Question: Why didn't you let Browning score on the final play of Spring game?

Answer: ha

Question: Did you know that South Carolina's mascot is a chicken? and how much chicken do you eat?

Answer: a lot

Question: Who was your biggest influence on the team last year?

Answer: nick eason

Question: Justin. do U ever "bait" a Q/B into thinking a guy is open when U know U can get back in time??

Answer: yeah sometimes

Question: Can you dispel the myth there isn't a lot to do in Clemson? What you do in your spare time?

Answer: a lot. u got to be here to experience that

Question: Justin- Destiny's Child or Khia?

Answer: destiny's child

Question: Does the fact that TB is on the "hot seat" effect players and make them wanna work harder to keep him here?

Answer: yeah i think so

Question: Justin - tell us about Troy Williamson, the young WR for the Gamecocks.

Answer: he's a great wr just let me say that. i got greast respect for him

Question: Any thoughts on the coaching staff hot seat rumors?

Answer: nah

Question: Justin, Our Defenses in the 80's had a certain "swagger" that was very intimidating to opponents. You definately have that also. Can you pass some of that on to your teammates? Good Luck this year. You da Man!

Answer: im trying to

Question: What is the chance Coach Lovett will let you corner blitz?

Answer: i dont know maybe

Question: Have you eaten at Mac's, and if so what do you think?

Answer: its a nice place

Question: Who talks the most "smack' on the team?

Answer: tourre

Question: Is anyone on the team more country than Roman Fry?

Answer: yes nathan bennett

Question: Do you see yourself as a Charles Woodson type player? By that I mean a shutdown corner, a sometimes threat at WR, and dangerous as a KR or PR. Hey, could get you the Heisman.

Answer: yeah

Question: Which loss last year do you most want to avenge this year?

Answer: uag and fsu and nc state

Question: So Justin, are you the team barber then? Anyone who you would like to really mess up their hair? How about give Chuck a mow-hawk?

Answer: hah

Question: Justin - have you ever asked a FSU QB the over/under of a football game?

Answer: nah

Question: like the INT or the BIG HIT

Answer: int

Question: What do you like the most, an INT or a crushing hit?

Answer: crushing hit

Question: Can you dunk a basketball? Backwards? LOL!

Answer: easily

Question: Just how mean is Nathan Bennett?

Answer: he's funny

Question: Is Charlie Whitehurst the best QB you ever played against?

Answer: yeah

Question: Justin, will you stay involved with the university after you leave? Like Jeff Davis and the crew have?

Answer: try to do everything possible

Question: If you had to pick one, would you rather return punts or kickoffs?

Answer: kickoffs

Question: Could you shut down Mike Williams?

Answer: im gonna say but that's my boy. ;hell probably laugh though

Question: does anyone in KY give you hell for not signing with them

Answer: sometimes

Question: Justin, what gets your going more, an int or a bone crushing hit?

Answer: a hit

Question: What made you want to do this chat Justin?

Answer: the fans

Question: Our Preseason ranking is 47th ... will we surprise our critics?

Answer: yes

Question: Is there anybody on the team that can hit like you?

Answer: yes

Question: Justin, what gives? I can bench at least 325!

Answer: hah

Question: I've always thought power cleans are the best football lift. Do you clean a lot?

Answer: yeah

Question: What is your pre-game routine to get pumped up?

Answer: laughing and listening to lil john

Question: do you think we'll wear purple jerseys this yr

Answer: i dont know

Question: Who's the most impressive player in the weight room?

Answer: jamal fudge and kyle browning

Question: Other schools try to lie about Clemson and say there is "nothing to do." Will you and the other players nip that in the bud when you host recruits this year?

Answer: yes

Question: Justin, are there any other Miller family players that Clemson can go after?

Answer: nah not yet

Question: Do you have relatives with your skills that could come to CU after high school? :)

Answer: maybe in the future

Question: A. Bolden strong??? Who is CU's Strongest WR???

Answer: mike collins

Question: Who is the hardest reciever for you to cover in practice? a game?

Answer: d-ham

Question: Any true freshmen gonna play this year?

Answer: maurice nelson

Question: Justin are you getting any help from teammates on the questions? Who?

Answer: nah

Question: Are you doing the haircuts of Donnell Washington and Khaleed Vaughn?

Answer: nah

Question: I've heard Nathan Bennet is one mean SOB....the type of guy you want on your team. Is that true?

Answer: yeah

Question: If I caught a pass over the middle...would you LIGHT me up

Answer: yeah

Question: My favorite uniform is ALL white. What is your favorite uniform combo?

Answer: orange

Question: Is Gaines Adams a badass?

Answer: yeah

Question: Can we expect to see you on the offense some this year? Thanks

Answer: yes

Question: Would you rather play in the heat or the cold?

Answer: heat

Question: Will you be playing any offense at all?

Answer: yes

Question: Snoop Dog or Jay-Z?

Answer: jay-z

Question: favorite video game?

Answer: college football

Question: How is Tye Hill doing? and would you rather play corner or safety if offered a choice? Thanks.

Answer: corner

Question: Nelly or 50 cent?

Answer: 50 cent

Question: Do you think EA Sports will do you justice in NCAA 2004? Did you ever create yourself in NCAA 2003?

Answer: hopefully. all the time

Question: do you hate answering the same questions over and over?

Answer: its fine

Question: Do you think you will be "99 overall" on NCAA 2004 when it comes out?

Answer: hopefully

Question: Who do you DISLIKE the most.....USC or FSU?

Answer: usc

Question: Which of your teamates have been particularly impressive at corner?

Answer: ryan hemby

Question: How good did you make yourself in NCAA 2003? Be honest!

Answer: great

Question: Peach Bowl or Gator BowL?

Answer: gator

Question: Will you see more PT at WR this year?

Answer: yes

Question: A 99?

Answer: yes

Question: How do you feel about the possibility of playing the canes, if they are invited to the ACC?

Answer: great

Question: Whats up Justin. First off congratulations on being named pre-season all american. Second, I was just wondering how Tye is progressing at corner and also whether or not you might move to safety? Thanks, have another awesome season.

Answer: playing corner

Question: Will Whitehurst be as good as we think?

Answer: yes

Question: Do you think you could make the Clemson basketball team?

Answer: i dont know

Question: I created you on my NCAA 2003 game and then my friend intercepted me twice, once for a TD. Thanks a lot.

Answer: thanks

Question: Toughest WR in Man coverage at Clemson? toughest WR on schedule?

Answer: airese or d-ham

Question: Who do you feel will be the backup for Whitehurst?

Answer: stuckey

Question: Which team gave you personally the most trouble last year? Why? Was it Texas Tech?

Answer: yes

Question: Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson

Answer: deion

Question: If Tye Hill continues to be better at man-to-man than zone schemes, would you be comfortable playing more man and goin after the QB more?

Answer: yes

Question: From UGA, who do you fear the most...Shockley or Green?

Answer: shockley

Question: Favorite movie - actress???

Answer: vanessa willaims

Question: Will you be Clemson's 1st player to win the Heisman?

Answer: hopefully

Question: Do you prefer playing zone or man coverage?

Answer: man

Question: Do you have a nickname you want to get started up? We use Miller Time in here, hows that?

Answer: thats fine

Question: You hit too hard to be Deon.

Answer: thanks

Question: How is Kelvin Grant doing with school?

Answer: fine

Question: Justin Have you guys heard from Brian Mance

Answer: yeah

Question: What's your current height and weight?

Answer: 5'11 197

Question: Browning is harder to tackle than Yusef?????

Answer: yes

Question: D.Summers catches a swing pass in the falt,do you go High or low?

Answer: youll have to wait until that game for that

Question: What NFL team would you like to be starting for in a few years?

Answer: oakland or atl. thanks everybody for your time and support. i'll talk to again soon

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