2019-01-09 20:36:02.0
Finebaum after Clemson's dominating win: "I couldn't believe my eyes"
by Tony Crumpton
Assoc. Editor

Clemson dominated Alabama 44-16 in the national title game on Monday night, and many observers were in complete shock that believed an Alabama win was a sure thing.

SEC Network Paul Finebaum would have been classified in the surprised category because he couldn't believe how comfortable the victory was for the Tigers.

Finebaum left the stadium in complete shock.

"I was gobsmacked in that stadium last night," he said. "I couldn't believe my eyes and I still can't even though the sun has gone down and come back up today because we are so used to seeing the dominance of Nick Saban. We are so used to seeing him shut down the other quarterback, not the other way around."

"I think he proved pretty much everyone wrong," Finebaum said about Trevor Lawrence's performance.

The freshman signal-caller finished the game completing 20 out of 32 passes for 347 yards and three passing touchdowns.

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