2017-06-26 14:15:21.0
Swinney explains his recruiting philosophy
by Tony Crumpton
Assoc. Editor

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is one of the top recruiters in the entire college football landscape with potential recruits around the country dreaming of running down the hill and rubbing Howard's Rock. However, how does Swinney and his coaching staff decide on which recruits might be a perfect fit for their program with so many interested prospects?

"When you get around a company that's got a great culture, you can smell it," Swinney said in an interview recently for the Southern Textile Association/Join Fiber Buyer annual meeting in South Carolina. "You see it on the walls. You hear it. That's why I like to go on the road in December and January recruiting. I love to go to these schools, and I can spend five minutes at a place, and I know exactly what type of culture they're coming from. It's a culture of commitment, or it's a culture of compromise. I can tell just like that."

Swinney has an excellent feel for players that think they are entitled before they even reach the college level.

"Sometimes, I go to these places that don't have a whole lot, the school's in bad shape, but there's so much pride in what they have. Sometimes I go to schools that have a lot, and it's a mess. There's entitlement, instead of empowerment. This is a program of empowerment here. That's the culture we've established."

Clemson's 2018 recruiting class is off to a phenomenal start with a #8 ranking in the country according to 247Sports.

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