2015-12-07 11:21:37.0
Clemson-OU hottest ticket in CFB Playoff
by Tony Crumpton
Assoc. Editor

The Clemson-Oklahoma ticket is the hottest ticket in the college football playoff according to data from our friends at seatgeek.com.

With an average resale price of $375, the Clemson-Oklahoma Orange Bowl game is the slightly costlier ticket of the two currently. However, the Cotton Bowl game between Alabama and Michigan State is only slightly behind, with an average resale price of $335. That game has also seen nearly twice the volume in the number of tickets that have been resold so far.

As a comparison, the day after the announcement last year the semifinal Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Ohio State had an average resale price of $441, while the semifinal Rose Bowl between Oregon and Florida State had an average resale price of $348. It would seem as though prices are down slightly from this point last season.

Here is where each of the four teams ranked this year for the average resale price of a home game ticket:

Alabama: $175 (3rd)
Oklahoma: $120 (9th)
Clemson: $111 (11th)
Michigan State: $66 (39th)

Those looking for tickets to the Orange Bowl, Georgia actually leads the way with 18 percent, while Texas (13 percent), California (11 percent), Florida (9 percent), South Carolina (9 percent) and Oklahoma (7 percent) round out the top six.

Interestingly, the Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Iowa is actually currently a hotter ticket than both the semifinal games, with an average resale price of $389. Here is the average resale price for each of the New Year's six bowls:

Rose Bowl: Iowa-Stanford $389
Orange Bowl: Clemson-Oklahoma $375
Cotton Bowl: Alabama-Michigan State $335
Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State-Ole Miss $293
Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame-Ohio State $167
Peach Bowl: Houston-Florida State $123

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