2017-10-23 13:52:06.0
WATCH: Bryant discusses his concussion, health of ankle
by Tony Crumpton
Assoc. Editor

Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant spoke with the media on Monday morning as he updated his injury status with his concussion and ankle injury.

"I feel really good," Bryant said. "It was good to rest some last weekend and just watch some other people and get my body under me. It's been a long season so far and we in the middle of it. Headwise I feel back to normal and not really bothering me. The ankle is feeling good. It is feeling better than it was feeling last week but I'm still going through treatment to get it back right for Saturday."

Bryant said he felt healthy heading into the Syracuse game.

"I felt good going into the game,” Bryant said. “But it got in the game situation, and I feel like I tweaked it a little bit. It was just one of those things, where you hate it happened. You learn from it and just try to get my ankle back one hundred percent."

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