by TigerNet Staff - 5 years ago

The short-lived, often quarrelsome and sometimes controversial recruitment of Hialeah (FL) Champagnat Catholic’s Isaac McDonald by the Clemson football coaching staff has apparently come to an end.

The 3-star recruit and one Champagnat assistant coach John Drummond started a social media commotion early in the Wednesday morning hours, blasting the Clemson coaching staff and head coach Dabo Swinney in particular in a series of tweets. The tweets revolved around Swinney’s policy that says once a player is committed to Clemson, he doesn’t like for those players to take visits elsewhere.

McDonald caused a stir just a few months – shortly after committing to Clemson – when he took a visit to South Carolina with a teammate and started talking about what a great time he had. At that time Mike Tunsil, his head coach at Champagnat, came out and reaffirmed McDonald’s commitment to Clemson.

Tunsil spoke with TigerNet Wednesday morning, and he said he is disappointed that one of his coaches used social media to broadcast what he saw as an internal issue.

“I don’t recruit by Twitter and my coaches should know that,” Tunsil told TigerNet. “When that assistant coach gets back from his trip, we will have a long talk. That is not the way we do things. I am very disappointed that this happened this way. I don’t know exactly what happened, and I will have to talk with my assistant coach to get the full details.”

Tunsil then said he thinks that the relationship between McDonald and Clemson has a chance of being repaired.

“I had a very cordial conversation with the Clemson coaches and this is nothing I can’t handle in due time,” he said. “From what I understand, this is just a little misunderstanding.”

However, a source close to McDonald and his recruitment have confirmed to TigerNet that Clemson has decided to no longer recruit McDonald because of not only his desire to be recruited by other schools but to take visits elsewhere. It also ends a stormy relationship that seemed doomed from the beginning and might have cost the Tigers a chance at another Champagnat recruit – Charles Williams – who currently lists South Carolina as his leader but has Clemson a close second.


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