Topic: Clemson vs. Long Beach State notes
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Replies: 5  

Clemson vs. Long Beach State notes

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 11:23 AM

Clemson vs. Long Beach State notes

Clemson and Long Beach State will meet on the hardwood for the second time in the history of the series Friday evening. Full Story »

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This bracket is bottom heavy....

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 11:28 AM

Bama, Setan Hall, Iowa, Xavier all in the bottom half.

We got a good draw.

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Agreed: We got a favor there...

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 11:32 AM

Of course, I hear Lenny Wirz came out of retirement to call all our games.

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You're aware of course

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 2:34 PM

that Lenny W. lives in the apartment above Dean Smith's garage.

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I disagree...

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 2:05 PM

While winning the tournament should be a goal, the reason you play in an in-season / exempt tourney is to play in a series of games that should help your RPI.

If we should lose to Long Beach State, we will have to play St. Peter's. Regardless of the outcome, that is a loss for us - as neither St. Peter's performance or schedule will be beneficial to our RPI, and the goal of making the only tournament that matters.

Put plainly, I would much rather be in the bottom half of the bracket - if only for the games.


ODU may be the best team in the tournament....

Posted: Nov 18, 2010 2:38 PM

Xavier or ODU. They just lost a close one to Georgetown that was neck and neck the entire game.

Replies: 5  


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