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BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 5:53 PM

Adonis Filer to transfer

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BB must have told him he wasn't gonna see much playing time

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 5:56 PM

Next season with the new guys coming in.

Surprised it wasn't Roper

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 5:59 PM

Filer was getting some min and had some promise

Re Roper is much better.***

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:16 PM

Roper started showing a lot of promise down the stretch...

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:19 PM

He was often a difference maker on O and D both. Loved the energy he brought to the court when he was in, plus his strengths handling the ball in spot PG work, and against the press.

Hate to see Filer go though, he had a strong ability to work the glass, but Roper probably offers a greater upside going forward.

The best news here is that this may mean KJ is indeed sticking around for his senior year. That could pay great dividends for him if he can make improvements in his jump shot and help put us in the NCAA tourney next year - potential lottery pick territory. I hope this is the case. The fact that he hasn't announced leaving early yet bodes well.

Re: Roper started showing a lot of promise down the stretch...

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 10:52 PM

Filer got in to much trouble with his tendencies to over dribble and was the source of a lot of untimely turnovers. Roper looked at the end of the year to be a much for complete player and a more rounded talent with great upside.

Re: Roper started showing a lot of promise down the stretch...

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 11:14 PM

Yeah Filer was also bigger and had the ability to drive in the lane more.

I guees that might be a sign that KJ is coming back

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:04 PM

hope Filer has a good career where he decides to go

In a strange twist..I wouldn't be shocked to see him at

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:10 PM


I was thinking the samething

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:21 PM

since he's from chicago

I like BB, but he has had more transfers than have ever seen***

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:09 PM

You must not follow basketball much then

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:10 PM

Every program has one or two transfer out every year.

Re: You must not follow basketball much then

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:30 PM

yep they sure do. real different world now w kids and PT

he's got to have them, to get in new/better talent***

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 6:48 PM

If she's a hollerer, she'll be a screamer.
If she's a screamer, she'll get you arrested.

Cliff Ellis installed a revolving door***

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:13 PM

shyatt's boys take down #5***

Posted: Apr 15, 2014 12:12 PM

300+ schools in NCAA championship consideration. What is the

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:16 PM

national average rate of basketball transfers, including those that were inherited by a new staff?

If you are certain of the, "more transfers than have ever seen" statement, then I honestly would like to see the data. Otherwise I'm going calling BS on that.

Re: 300+ schools in NCAA championship consideration. What is the

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:46 PM

between 30-40 % of all basketball players transfer at least once in their career. this is this years list.. and its still growing...

The 2014 transfer list
Tracking every transfer in college basketball for the 2014 offseason
Updated: April 13, 2014, 5:56 PM ET
By Jeff Goodman | ESPN Insider


For the past six or so years, I've compiled the Transfer List, and now I'm bringing it to ESPN.com.

The list itself is pretty simple: It accounts for every transfer in college basketball for the 2014 offseason, and is presented in alphabetical order, with the midseason transfers included at the bottom. We will update this periodically to reflect the latest changes.

ALL CAPS -- Player's new team
Italics -- Teams a player is considering

The Best of the Bunch

Jeff Goodman ranks the top 12 transfers available in the 2014 offseason, starting with West Virginia guard Eron Harris. Story

Kale Abrahamson, 6-7, F, So., Northwestern
Dimitry Akanda-Coronel, 6-6, SG, So., Maine
Jordan Allen, 6-6, F, RS So., Hofstra (will graduate)
Tyler Alderman, 6-9, C, Soph., Jacksonville
Mark Alstork, 6-4, G, Fr., Ball State
Ryan Anderson, 6-8, PF, Jr., Boston College - Wash., SS State, Arizona, UNM, Iowa State, Indiana
Cory Arentsen, 6-5, G, Soph., G, Austin Peay
Rich Audu, 6-3, G, Soph., Siena
Alex Austin, 6-4, G, Soph., Eastern Illinois
Moses Ayegba, 6-9, PF, RS Jr., Georgetown (will graduate)
Daveon Balls, 6-0, G, Soph., Northern Illinois
Mike Balogun, 6-2, G, Jr., Southern Illinois
Nick Banyard, 6-8, F, Soph., New Mexico
Jimmy Barton, 5-10, G, Fr., Houston Baptist
Keith Belfield, 6-5, SG, RS So., Furman
Danny Berger, 6-6, F, Jr., Utah State -- BYU-HAWAII
Malcolm Bernard, 6-5, SF, Soph., Charleston Southern
Drick Bernstine, 6-8, F, Fr., Denver
Nolan Berry, 6-10, C, Fr., Butler
Taylor Bessick, 6-9, F, Soph., James Madison
Olivier-Paul Betu6-2, G, Soph., UC Davis
Jeff Beverly, 6-6, F, Fr., Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
Deverell Biggs, 6-0, G, Jr., Nebraska
Ty'Quan Bitting, 6-8, C, Fr., Charleston Southern
JC Bonny, 6-2, G, Jr., Troy
Sean Brennan, 6-2, G, Fr., North Florida
Craig Brown, 6-5, SG, Jr., Rutgers
D.J. Brown, 6-2, G, Jr., San Jose State (will graduate)
Josh Brown, 5-11, G, Fr., UTEP
John Burke, 6-3, G, Soph., UMKC
Langston Burnett, 6-5, G, Soph., Wagner
Monte Burney, 6-1, G, Fr., Eastern Kentucky
Johnathan Burroughs-Cook, 6-1, G, Fr., Charleston
D'Von Campbell, 5-11, G, Jr., Rutgers
John Cannon, 6-10, C, Jr., Georgia
Kareem Canty, 6-1, G, RS Fr., Marshall
Matt Carlino, 6-2, G, Jr., BYU (will graduate)
Nick Carlos, 6-7, SF, Fr., Central Michigan -- LINDENWOOD
Piers Carroll, 6-6, G, Fr., Nicholls State
Miguel Cartagena, 6-0, G, G, Fr., George Washington
Ben Carter, 6-8, F, Soph., Oregon
Devin Carter, 6-4, G, Soph., Kent State
Rene Castro, 6-2, G, Fr., Butler
Brandon Channer, 6-3, G, Fr., Rider
Julian Chiera, 6-5, SF, Jr., Southeastern Louisiana
Quinton Chievous, 6-6, G, Soph., Tennessee (will graduate)
Ian Chiles, 6-1, G, Sr., IUPUI (will graduate)
Kennedy Chukwuocha, 6-6, F, Soph., UMass-Lowell
Stevie Clark, 5-11, G, Fr., Oklahoma State
Julian Clarke, 6-3, G, Jr., Santa Clara -- UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
Shaquille Cleare, 6-9, C, Soph., Maryland
David Cohn, 6-2, G, Fr., Colorado State
Keith Coleman, 6-10, C, Jr., North Texas
Darell Combs, 6-2, G, Soph., Eastern Michigan
Charles Cook, 6-6, G, Soph., James Madison
Bakari Copeland, 6-5, SG, Fr., Charleston Southern
J.J. Cravatta, 6-1, G, Soph., Northern Illinois
Nolan Cressler, Cornell, 6-4, G, So., Cornell -- Vanderbilt and Dayton
Ismaila Daudaa, 6-10, C, Jr., Cleveland State
Lincoln Davis, 6-3, G, Fr., Fairfield
Marcel Davis, 6-2, G, Soph., Utah State
Kyle Davis, 6-7, F, So., Utah State
Bryce Dejean-Jones, 6-5, SG, Jr., UNLV (will graduate)
Ben Dickinson, 6-9, F, So., Loyola Marymount
Vincent Dillard, 6-5, F, Jr., UT Arlington
Manny Diressa, 6-4, G, So., Tennessee Tech
Stephen Domingo, 6-6, SG, Soph., Georgetown
Chad Donley, 6-2, G, Jr., Liberty (will graduate)
Athanee Doyle, 6-1, G, Fr., Chattanooga
Caleb Dressler, 6-10, C, RS Fr., Hawaii -- CENTRAL WASHINGTON
Jeylani Dublin, 6-6, F, Jr., Longwood (will graduate)
Dominic Early, 6-5, SG, RS So., Furman
Julian Edmonson, 6-1, G, Jr., Abilene Christian
Wally Ellenson, 6-6, G, So., Minnesota
Austin Etherington, 6-6, F, RS So., Indiana (will graduate)
Chris Evans, 6-3, G, Jr., Sacred Heart (will not graduate)
Nick Faust, 6-6, SG, Jr., Maryland (may graduate)
Ahmad Fields, 6-5, G, Fr., Utah
Adonis Filer, 6-2, G, Soph., Clemson
Justin Foreman, 6-5, SG, Jr., Grand Canyon
Jake Fay, 6-6, G, Fr., Fordham
Jared Fay, 6-3, G, So., Fordham
Kordario Fleming, 6-6, F, Soph., Jacksonville
Jerome Frink, 6-6, F, So., Florida International
Josh Fuller, 6-6, F, Fr., Weber State
Alex Gavrilovic, 6-9, F, Jr., Dayton (will graduate)
Joey Getz, 6-0, G, Jr., UMBC
Percy Gibson, 6-9, C, Jr., Iowa State
Phabian Glasco, 6-7, F, Fr., Central Arkansas
Dajuan Graf, 6-0, G, Soph., Florida Gulf Coast
Derail Green, 6-7, F, Fr., Wichita State
Thomas Greer, 6-5, G, RS Jr., Austin Peay
Austin Grimes, 6-3, G, RS Fr., USC Upstate
Kris Gulley, 6-7, SF, Jr., Long Beach State (will graduate)
Austin Haldorson, 6-8, F, So., Wyoming
Dusty Hannahs, 6-4, SG, So., ARKANSAS
Donta Harper, 6-7, F, Jr., Gardner-Webb - WINSTON SALEM STATE
Eron Harris, 6-2, G, So., West Virginia
Nathan Hawkins, 6-5, G, Fr., Nebraska -- UT-ARLINGTON
Jarvis Haywood, 6-4, G, Soph., Jacksonville
Josh Heath, 6-2, G, Fr., South Florida
Max Heller, 5-9, G, RS So., Loyola Marymount
Hayden Hoerdemann, 6-3, G, Jr., Western Michigan
Jeremy Hollowell, 6-7, SF, So., Indiana
Marcus Holt, 6-10, F, Jr., Colorado State
Max Hooper, 6-6, SG, So., St. John's (will graduate and have 2 years left)
Marcus Hopper, 6-7, F, Jr., Siena -- QUEENS COLLEGE
Jon Horford, 6-10, PF, Jr., Michigan (will graduate)
Cole Huff, 6-8, F, Soph., Nevada
Sam Hunt, 6-2, G, Fr., Jacksonville
Ude Ifeanyichukwu, 6-10, F, Jr., Southern Mississippi
Denzel Ingram, 6-0, G, Soph., Charlotte
Jalen Jackson, 6-6, F, Fr., Central Arkansas
Justin Jenkins, 6-2, G, Soph., Fairfield
James Johnson, 6-10, F, Jr., San Diego (will graduate)
Cody Johnson, 6-10, C, So., Loyola-Chicago
T.J. Johnson, 6-2, G, Fr., South Alabama
Ronnie Johnson, 6-0, G, So., Purdue
Teven Jones, 6-0, G, Soph., Virginia
Cody Joyce, 6-8, F, Soph., Houston Baptist -- UMBC
Viktor Juricek, 6-11, F, So., South Alabama
Kaza Keane, 6-1, G, Soph., Illinois State
Brandan Kearney, 6-5, F, Jr., Arizona State (will graduate)
Raijon Kelly, 6-4, G, Jr., Samford
James Kennedy, 6-6, F, Jr., Boston University
Algie Key, 6-4, G, Jr., Alabama
Jeremy King, 6-10, C, Fr., Loyola-Chicago
Brice Kofane, 6-8, PF, Jr., Providence (will graduate)
Kyle Koszuta, 6-2, G, So., Louisiana-Monroe
Egor Koulechov, 6-5, G, Fr., Arizona State
Jeremiah Kreisberg, 6-10, F, Sr., Yale (will graduate)
Adam Lacey, 6-10, C, So., Manhattan
Stuart Lagerson, 7-0, C, Jr., UT Arlington
Jacob Lancaster, 6-10, F, Jr., Abilene Christian
Khris Lane, 6-6, F, Fr., Drexel
A.J. Lapray, 6-5, G, Fr., Oregon - PEPPERDINE
Anthony Lee, 6-9, F, Jr., Temple (will graduate) -- OHIO STATE
Britton Lee, 5-11, G, Fr., Robert Morris
Josh Lemons, 6-0, G, So., Toledo
Darius Leonard, 6-9, C, Jr., Campbell (will graduate)
Tyler Lewis, 5-11, PG, So., NC State -- BUTLER
Aaron Liberman, 6-10, PF, Fr., Northwestern (walk-on)
Kievyn Lila-St. Rose, 6-6, G, Jr., Norfolk State
Spencer Llewellyn, 6-3, G, Pacific (will graduate)
Zach Lofton, 6-4, G, Soph., Illinois State
Chris Longoria, 6-4, G, So., Samford
Alex Majewski, 6-6, F, Fr., Texas-Pan American
Jonny Marlin, 5-10, G, RS So., Indiana (walk-on) -- INDIANA WESLEYAN
Kyprianos "Paris" Maragkos, 6-9, F, So., George Washington
Bruce Marshall, 6-10, C, So., Missouri State
Marquis Marshall, 6-5, G, Fr., Towson
Justin Martin, 6-8, F, RS Jr., Xavier (will graduate)
Paris Massey, 6-7, F, RS Jr., UMass Lowell (will graduate)
Tahjere McCall, 6-4, G, So., Niagara
Eric McClellan, 6-4, RS So., Vanderbilt
Eugene McCrory, 6-8, PF, Jr., Central Florida
James McDonnell, 6-11, C, Soph., UMass-Lowell
Gee McGhee, 6-4, G, So., Chattanooga
LJ McIntosh, 6-1, G, Fr., Texas-Pan American
Griffin McKenzie, 6-9, F, Jr., Denver (will graduate)
Eric McKnight, 6-9, F, Jr., Florida Gulf Coast (will graduate)
A.J. Metz, 6-5, F, Fr., Maryland (walk-on)
Kyle Meyer, 6-10, F, Fr., Iowa
Derrick Millinghaus, 5-10, G, Soph., Ole Miss
Connor Miller, 6-4, G, Jr., Samford
Austin Mills, 6-0, G, So., Pepperdine
Alexander Milosavljevic, 6-9, C, Jr., Abilene Christian
Jordan Montgomery, 6-5, G, Soph., Kennesaw State
Mario Moody, 6-7, F, Jr., Wagner
Demetrius Moore, 6-7, F, Jr., Indiana State
Jeremiah Moore, 6-4, G, Jr., Texas State
Devontae Morgan, 6-3, G, So., Butler
Jermaine Myers, 6-0, G, So., Fordham
Tim Myles, 6-6, F, Fr., New Mexico
Chris Nsenki, 6-2, G, Jr., Southern Utah
Chris Obekpa, 6-9, C, Soph., St. John's
Sean Obi, 6-9, F, Fr., Rice
Tyrone O'Garro, 6-5, F, Soph., Monmouth
Sommy Ogukwe, 6-7, F, Jr., Liberty (will graduate)
Anali Okoloji, 6-8, F, Jr., George Mason (will graduate)
Akachi Okugo, 6-1, G, Soph., Grand Canyon
Ryan Okwudibonye, 6-8, C, Jr., Sacramento State (will graduate)
Matt O'Leary, 6-8, F, Soph., Loyola (Ill.)
Nick Osborne, 6-8, F, Soph., Loyola (Ill.)
Tyrone Outlaw, 6-6, F, Fr., UNC Greensboro
Alex Overs, 6-4, G, Fr., Nicholls State
Tre Owens, 6-6, F, Soph., UC Riverside
Jalen Palm, 5-10, G, Soph., Monmouth
Darren Payen, 6-8, PF, Soph., Hofstra
Quinten Payne, 6-5, G, Fr., Ball State
James Pegues, 6-6, F, So., Abilene Christian
Roddy Peters, 6-3, PG, Fr., Maryland
Jordan Pickett, 6-0, G, Fr., Loyola-Chicago
Xavier Pollard, 6-3, G, Jr., Maine
Solomon Poole, 6-0, G, So., Georgia Tech
Jordan Potts, 5-11, G, Soph., UNC Greensboro
Zach Price, 6-10, C, Jr., Missouri
Roschon Prince, 6-6, F, Fr., USC -- LONG BEACH STATE
Tyler Ptacek, 6-3, G, Fr., Evansville
Robert Puleikis, 6-9, F, So., Drake
Case Rada, 6-3, G, Soph., Sacramento State
Damion Rashford, 6-5, G, Loyola (Md.)
Jacob Raspopovich, 6-1, G, Fr., Texas-Pan American
M.J. Rhett, 6-8, F, Jr., Tennessee State (will graduate) -- Oklahoma State, Tulane, ASU, Miami, Tennessee, Mississippi
Kamall Richards, 6-6, F, Fr., Xavier
Thaddeus Rideau, 6-4, G, Jr., UAB
Tom Rivard, 6-7, F, Fr, James Madison
Calaen Robinson, 6-2, G, Soph., Arizona State
Desmond Ross, 6-3, G, Fr., Long Beach State
Jalen Ross, 5-11, G, So., Eastern Michigan -- HARTFORD
K.C. Ross Miller, 6-1, G, Jr., New Mexico State (will graduate)
Marcelo Ruediger, 6-10, C, Fr., Monmouth
Matthias Runs, 7-0, PF, Soph., St. Bonaventure
Tevon Saddler, 6-4, G, Fr., UNC Greensboro
Dom Samac, 6-9, F, Soph., Denver
Tyler Scott, 6-5, G, Fr., Kent State
Jerome Seagears, 6-1, G, Jr., Rutgers
Howard Sellars, 6-1, G, Fr., St. Peter's
Dylen Setzekorn, 6-7, SF, So., Citadel
Kevin Shaw, 6-1, G, Jr., Georgia State
Nick Shepherd, 6-9, F, Jr., Long Beach State (will graduate)
Desmond Simmons, 6-7, SF, RS Jr., Washington (will graduate)
Jaaron Simmons, 6-1, G, Fr., Houston
K.K. Simmons, 6-3, G, Soph., Kent State
Marcel Simon, 6-4, G, Fr., Texas-Pan American
Michael Simpson, 6-6, SG, So., Missouri State
Tim Singleton, 6-2, G, Fr., Richmond
Naiel Smith, 6-5, G, Fr., Texas State
Shawn Smith, 6-4, G, Fr., Texas A&M
Terence Smith, 6-4, G, Jr., Tennessee-Martin (will graduate)
Zech Smith, 6-11, C, Jr., Cal State Bakersfield (will graduate)
Leke Solanke, 6-6, F, Soph., Stetson
Declan Soukup, 6-3, G, RS Fr., Bryant
Wayne Sparrow, 6-3, G Jr., Richmond (will graduate) -- UMBC
Darius Stokes, 6-7, F, RS Jr., Iowa
Jordan Stone, 6-10, C, Jr., Utah State -- BYU-HAWAII
Logan Stumpf, 6-6, F, Fr., Gardner-Webb - WEST CHESTER UNIV.
Hefeng Sun, 6-8, F, Soph., Norfolk State
Leo Svete, 6-5, G, Fr., Western Michigan - IUPUI
Jordan Swopshire, 6-6, G, Fr., Bradley
Harrison Taggart, 6-5, SG, Fr., Vermont
Carlos Taylor, 6-2, G, Soph., UMass-Lowell
Maurice Taylor, 6-7, F, Fr., North Carolina A&T
Clint Thomas, 6-1, G, Soph., Idaho State (walk-on)
Drake Thomas, 6-0, G, Soph., Southern Utah
Malik Thomas, 6-7, F, Jr., Boston University (will graduate)
Trevor Thompson, 7-0, C, Fr., Virginia Tech -- OHIO STATE
Jordan Tolbert, 6-7, F, Jr., Texas Tech -- SMU
Ty Toney, 6-2, G, Fr., Appalachian State
Jean Yves Toupane, 6-7, SF, Soph., St. Bonaventure
Markese Tucker, 6-6, F, Jr., St. Peter's
Daddy Ugbede, 6-6, F, Soph., Drake
Jeff Van Dyke, 6-2, G, Fr., Pepperdine
Keonta Vernon, 6-5, F, Fr., Wyoming -- NORTHERN ARIZONA
Sergej Vucetic, 7-1, C, Soph., Nebraska
DeQuavious Wagner, 5-10, G, Soph., Arkansas
Micah Walker, 6-5, G, Jr., New Orleans
Kevin Ware, 6-2, SG, Jr., Louisville -- GEORGIA STATE
Keith Washington, 6-1, G, So., Rice
Javion Watson, 6-2, G, Fr., Long Beach State
Maurice Watson, 5-10, G, Soph., Boston University - Creighton, Illinois, Purdue, Penn State, Xavier, Vanderbilt, Duquesne, Virginia Tech, Kansas
Juwan Wells, 6-7, SF, Soph., Radford
Christian White, 5-10, G, Soph., Monmouth
Tra'Vaughn White, 5-10, G, Jr., Duquesne
Chris Whitehead, 5-9, G, Jr., Fordham
Brandon Williams, 6-7, F, RS Soph., Northwestern State
Brian Williams, 6-5, SG, Jr., Oklahoma State (will graduate)
Derrick Williams, 6-6, F, Sr., Richmond
Royce Williams, 6-5, SG, Jr., Weber State
T.J. Williams, 6-8, F, Fr., Chattanooga
Russell Wilson, 5-11, G, Soph., Samford
Andre Winston, 6-1, G, Jr., Portland State
Lucas Woodhouse, 6-1, G, So., Longwood -- STONY BROOK
Graham Woodward, 6-0, G, Fr., Penn State
Mitchell Worcester, 6-3, G, Fr., Maine -- UMPI
Jeremiah Worthem, 6-6, F, Fr., Robert Morris
Stefan Zecevic, 6-6, G, Fr., Bradley
Nick Zeisloft, 6-4, G, Soph., Illinois State (will graduate and have 2 years)
Jake Zuilhof, 6-9, PF, So., Grand Canyon

Here is the 2014 midseason Transfer List, which included players who left prior to the second semester:

Vic Adams, 6-3, G, Jr., St. Peter's

Preston Anderson, 6-6, F, Fr., Hartford -- TVCC
Chier Ajou, 7-2, C, Fr., Northwestern -- SETON HALL
Andre Applewhite, 6-5, G, RS Fr., Mississippi State -- TOLEDO
Jonathan Arledge, 6-9, F, Sr., George Mason
Brandon Austin, 6-6, SF, Fr., Providence -- OREGON
Jamal Aytes, 6-6, F, Fr., UNLV -- BYU
Ryan Bass, 5-9, G, Sr., Oakland
Chane Behanan, 6-6, PF, Jr., Louisville -- COLORADO STATE
Cameron Biedscheid, 6-7, F, So., Notre Dame -- MISSOURI TIGERS
K.J. Bluford, 6-1, G, Jr., Iowa State -- NORTHERN ARIZONA
Aaron Bright, 5-11, G, Sr., Stanford (will graduate) -- SAINT MARY'S GAELS
Devin Coleman, 6-2, G, So., Clemson -- TEMPLE
Chris Daniels, 6-5, SG, Fr., Georgia Southern -- SHORTER UNIVERSITY
Troy Davine, 6-3, G, So., Vermont (walk-on)
Jeremiah Davis, 6-3, G, So., Cincinnati -- BALL STATE
Cody Doolin, 6-2, G, Sr., San Francisco -- UNLV
Kameron Dunnican, 6-8, F, Jr., Georgia Southern -- NORTH GREENVILLE
Luke Fischer, 6-11, C, Fr., Indiana -- MARQUETTE
Keshaun Hamilton, 6-10, C, Jr., Oklahoma -- FLAGLER
Jerome Hairston, 6-3, G, So., Towson
Jordan Hare, 6-9, PF, So., Rhode Island
Hakeem Harris, 6-1, G, RS Jr., Seton Hall
Zay Jackson, 6-0, G, RS So., Murray State
Stefan Jankovic, 6-11, F, So., Missouri -- HAWAII
Chris Jenkins, 6-7, G/F, RS Fr., Colorado Buffaloes -- DETROIT
Stephan Jiggets, 6-1, G, Fr., Albany -- FAIRLEIGH
Kahlil Johnson, 6-7, F, So., California
Reggie Johnson Jr., 6-1, G, So., Miami (Ohio) -- HAMPTON
A.J. Jones, 6-4, G, Sr., Southeast Missouri State -- CONCORDIA
Jalen Jones, 6-7, F, Jr., Southern Methodist -- TEXAS A&M
Logan Kelley, 6-2, G, So., Rutgers -- NORTHEASTERN JC
Yasin Kolo, 6-10, C, So., Hartford -- UNC PEMBROKE
Danny Lawhorn, 5-10, G, Jr., Washington State -- PIKEVILLE
George Marshall, 5-11, PG, So., Wisconsin -- SOUTH DAKOTA STATE
Jameel McKay, 6-8, F, Jr., Marquette -- IOWA STATE
Joey Miller, 6-3, G, Jr., Illinois-Chicago
Isaiah Morton, 5-8, G, Jr., Marist
Stephon Mosley, 6-6, SF, So., St. Francis (Pa.)
Alex Murphy, 6-8, F, RS So., Duke -- FLORIDA
Tanner Plemmons, 6-2, G, So., Stetson
Mike Powell, 5-11, G, Jr., Rhode Island
Lamont Prosser, 6-8, C, Sr., Portland State
Marquis Rankin, 6-4, G, Jr., Virginia Tech
Kendrick Ray, 6-1, G, So., Quinnipiac -- KENNESAW STATE
J-Mychal Reese, 6-1, G, So., Texas A&M
Terrell Rogers, 5-8, PG, So., Delaware
Ronald Ross, 6-3, G, Jr., Middle Tennessee
Dewayne Russell, 5-11, G, So., Northern Arizona -- GRAND CANYON
Ryan Sawvell, 6-8, F, Jr., Evansville -- WOFFORD
Carson Shanks, 7-0, C, Fr., Utah State -- NORTH DAKOTA
Andrew Smeathers, 6-6, SF, Jr., Butler -- MOUNT SAINT MARY'S
Tre Smith, 6-3, G, Fr., Charleston Southern Buccaneers -- COFFEYVILLE CC RAVENS
Jalen Steele, 6-3, G, Jr., Mississippi State -- MIDDLE TENNESSEE
Hikeem Stewart, 6-2, G, Jr., Washington -- KENTUCKY WESLEYAN
Zane Stull, 6-1, G, Fr., Wyoming (walk-on)
Mike Turner, 6-8, F, RS So., Northwestern
Jordan Tyrance, 6-3, G, Jr., Nebraska (walk-on)
Greg Whittington, 6-8, F, Jr., Georgetown -- RUTGERS
Raeford Worsham, 6-5, SF, So., Arkansas State

Have you checked other teams You might

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:21 PM

see that it is commonplace.

Re: Have you checked other teams You might

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:45 PM

According to Jeff Goodman(ESPN)

425 last year or about 1.25 per school in d1

kentucky has far and away the most

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 10:40 PM

they just transfer to the nba

Re: I like BB, but he has had more transfers than have ever seen***

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 12:38 PM

Schyatt had a lot of transfers, did any player he recruited play as a senior?

Good luck Adonis wherever you transfer. Enjoyed seeing

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:23 PM

you play in the orange and white of Clemson.

Re: BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 7:55 PM

Hate to see Adonis leave the program. He's a lockdown defender who always gave 100%. He had some maturing to do offensively, but I thought he had shown good flashes of potential through the year. Good luck wherever he ends up.

Re: BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:41 PM

Hate to see him go. Thought he was one of toughest on ball defenders and could drive thru traffic.

Wanted him to avoid over-penetration and work on his shot esp within the 18 to 27 ft range.

Hope he is leaving bc he wants to.

Why would he not be leaving because he wants to?

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:46 PM

This isn't SCU. He wants to be a starter and he won't get that here next season and their is no guarantee for his senior year with Roper and a recruit or 2 at some point being brought in. Can't fault him for wanting that, and he certainly was a solid contributor here. Good luck to him. Their is no force out here

Re: BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:44 PM

Translation - CLEMSON BBALL still sucks.

IMO - I can't tell that Larry Shyatt isn't still coaching. I watch our teams and just shake my head. This team is NOT moving forward. I read all this crap and wonder - what in the #### do these guys see that I can't see.

Of course I'm the dumbazz that wanted to recruit Rick Petino extremely hard to come to CLEMSON when he left the Celtics. But he probably never did much at Louisville, so I guess what we have is better.

< still shaking head >

Hmm, not sure about the translation

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:46 PM

However, I'm not quite as good as translating things into stupid. So I guess I'm going to have to cede to your authority.

You were right in your reference to yourself***

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:47 PM

It's good to know this sort of person exists

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:49 PM

It makes me feel better about myself. If there were an entire colony of them, I could be their king!

Step one in fixing problem is always identifying it

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 8:56 PM


Re: BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 8:45 AM

This #### serious?

What a ####### moron.


Re: BKB Update: Adonis Filer to transfer

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 12:45 PM

If you think Brownell is like Shyatt then you are blind and a dumba$$!!

Brownell will have his 1st senior class next year... Shyatt dis nto recruit anyone that could stay at Clemson till their senior year! Shyatt did recruit some good players... but they never got better. Brownell recruited a nobody from Alabama and coached him up to be one of the most dominating palyers in Clemson history. You can debate KJ's ranking but he has to be in everyone's top 10, he is in my top 5.

Wow...Spelled Shyatt's name right but got Pitino's wrong...

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 3:54 PM

Tells me all I need to know...

When I first saw this I thought

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 10:36 AM

"Why in #### did we offer a 6'2 190 pound guy to play guard?" Then I realized it was referring to basketball and therefore I don't care.

Wishing MR. Filer the very best...& come back anytime Tiger!

Posted: Apr 14, 2014 2:37 PM

Thanks for helping your team & teammates play some overall good ball last two years at Clemson!


To All CLEMSON TiGERS..Sending you Bright Light from the Carolina Coast and hoping you get to witness a huge Orange sunset tonight. Go Tigers!

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