Topic: Our best recruiter: Dabo
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Our best recruiter: Dabo

Posted: Nov 8, 2012 12:10 AM

Unlike most people who don't care if RN decommitted or not, I think this is REALLY relevant.

I have frankly ALMOST NEVER seen a recruit decommit only to recommit to the same program.

I know Dabo can't come out and mention a recruit, but, at least in the published media and social media (i.e. AJC and Kipp Adams)...we've been VERY PASSIVE over the past few wks whereas Ole Miss has turned on the heat. Whether you believe he's still on Clemson's board or not, can't deny this.

Would REALLY like to see:

- Dabo/Jeff Scott/Venables/Hobby/Cheese....our top 5 recruiters get in their car and make the trip to Grayson for the season finale

- plant one of our assistants done there on a weekly schedule to visit. we have 3 commits down there and can "claim" different visits for different recruits, though the focus is on RN....OUTTA SIGHT, OUTTA MIND

- Dabo needs to start working Wayne G, David K, Mickey Conn, and N Schuster and THEIR PARENTS. Esp the QB transfer whom Nkemdiche lived with.

- Dabo has to work the mom. He knows this already. I'm sure he has a plan, but right now it looks like it's sitting on the sideline. I know this can't be true, but Dabo's philosophy has always been "just get em on campus, and we like our shots..." This is very true but Beverly has talked herself into going out of her way to NOT consider Clemson.

Not giving up yet on RN, but we NEED TO TAKE THE OFFENSIVE.

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