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Wild and crazy merit-based top 25

Posted: Sep 23, 2018 11:34 PM

Here’s my merit-based top 25. Results only, please. Heavy on strength of schedule, strength of record and “game management” (isn’t that just a fancy way of saying “eye test”?)

1. LSU 4-0 – A little sloppy closing out Louisiana Tech, but it was no Troy event (last year seems so long ago), and the Tigers’ two top-10 road wins are still far and away better than what anybody else has.

2. Stanford 4-0 – It was indeed a high-quality win, but there was much planetary alignment required for the Cardinal to emerge from what seemed to be a sure three touchdown whacking at Oregon. Still, three quality wins, two against ranked teams.

3. Alabama 4-0 – The best team in the universe still has just the second-best résumé in the SEC West, but the Tide gained ground this weekend on two fronts: the beatdown of the Aggies, of course, but Ole Miss is quietly 3-1 with a win over Texas Tech, which just won at previously No. 15 Oklahoma State.

4. Georgia 4-0 – Two conference road routs, and the win over USC is smelling a little better today. Hard to imagine the Dawgs not being 6-0 rolling into Baton Rouge.

5. Notre Dame 4-0 – The Michigan win looks way better. The Vanderbilt win looks way worse. But the dismantling of the Deacons on the road was stout, even though it may be more a reflection of ACC Atlantic weakness than Irish strength.

6. Ohio State 4-0 – Buckeyes aren’t doing much wrong, but they have three wins against nobodies, and Texas just dented their signature victory (“at” TCU). Check with me post-Penn State.

7. Clemson 4-0 – A little better showing by the Aggies in Tuscaloosa would have helped, especially since the road ahead offers no real chest-puffing opportunities. Resounding win over Tech may not have moved the meter much nationally, but those familiar with Tech and Clemson and Atlanta know how big a program statement win this was.

8. Auburn 3-1 – The win over Washington is holding up, and the Tigers have the best loss of anyone.

9. Washington 3-1 – A quality loss to Auburn and two solid wins at Utah and against Arizona State. BYU this week will be a good test for both.

10. Texas 3-1 – The Maryland game seems like forever ago. Back-to-back bigtime wins over ranked opponents seems more like Texas football.

11. Kentucky 4-0 – A convincing home win against a good Mississippi State team was enough to get the Wildcats ranked. But seeing Florida laughably trounce Tennessee gave that road win against the Gators some swag. Showing SEC bias here, but these guys may be undervalued.

12. BYU 3-1 – Ho-hum win this weekend, but the win at Wisconsin still may be the best of the year. A LOT of possibilities could open up if you can win at You-Dub this week. Scary possibilities.

13. Texas Tech 3-1 – Raiders’ lone loss is to 3-1 Ole Miss in Week 1. Holding No. 15 Oklahoma State to 17 points in a win at Stillwater is a feat.

14. Duke 4-0 – Two road wins against power five teams? A beatdown of the team that nearly beat Oklahoma? Why not overvalue the fightin’ Cuts? They’ve earned it.

15. Cal 3-0 – Maybe too far under the radar. The win at BYU looks to be a stock on the rise, and the Bears are catching Oregon at a pretty good time next weekend.

16. Michigan 3-1 – The Notre Dame loss is shaping up nicely. And I know Nebraska is bad, but to positively humiliate a power five team with that kind of tradition and pride showed me something is changing.

17. Wisconsin 3-1 – The BYU loss may be too much to overcome playoff wise, but rebounding to win at previously unbeaten and historically dangerous Iowa did my heart some good.

18. Oklahoma 4-0 – The Sooners’ four opponents have a combined five victories among them. None against power five teams. Army lost by three touchdowns at Duke. Suddenly, past the fabulous Kyler Murray, there’s not much to see here.

19. Penn State 4-0 – The Nitts are scoring a lot of points and seem to have a championship quarterback, but the biggest win they have may be the overtime win over App State. They were up just four points heading into the fourth quarter at pretty sorry Illinois.

20. West Virginia 3-0 – Many picked a Kansas State upset this weekend. Based on what? KSU beat South Dakota by three. Mountaineers have looked good in three games, but I’m not drinking the moonshine just yet. Win at Lubbock and I’m all in.

21. Oklahoma State 3-1 – The good home win against Boise State is largely undone by the collapse against Texas Tech, but it’s something.

22. Iowa 3-1 – Respectable loss to Wisconsin. One power five win. It’s not much, but it’s better than most.

23. Michigan State 2-1 – A win at 3-0 Indiana won’t make for a parade, but it was better than what you had before. Still not impressed, but not angry any more.

24. Ole Miss 3-1 – Being competitive against the Tide would have been nice, but it’s the only loss on a decent start to the season.

25. Mississippi State 3-1 – The Kansas State win looks not so good right now, and being humbled at Kentucky was not a good look.

Notably absent:

Central Florida 3-0 – The Knights are playing in a vacuum. Kudos for scheduling a pair of power five teams in Pitt and UNC (canceled), but even wins against those doormats will do nothing for your relevance.

Miami 3-1 – One quality loss in which they got manhandled, plus three gimmes, does not make for a good résumé.

Oregon 3-1 – Zero quality wins, and there has to be some accountability for blowing a quality win that was there for the taking. Nice quarterback, but when you needed him most, he disappeared.

Interesting read, tu and thanks for posting.

Posted: Sep 24, 2018 1:14 AM

Didn't realize OKs opponents totales 5 wins by 4 teams. Also, I'm no OhSt fan, but will NEVER pull for PennSt. Looks like PennSt may be in for a beatdown.

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