Topic: The last time Clemson played....the P5
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The last time Clemson played....the P5

Posted: Apr 24, 2019 1:34 PM

The last time Clemson played the...

1) SEC Champion, won by 28 (Bama, 2018).
2) The best undefeated independent school, won by 27 (ND, 2018).
3) The best Big 10 school, won by 31 (OSU, 2016).
4) The best Big 12 school, won by 20 (OU, 2015).
5) Any team from the PAC 12, won by 9. (Colorado, 2005).

SInce the beginning of the 2014 season, Clemson is 15-3 vs the Power Five Schools and ND. During that time Clemson has had four starting QBs (Stoudt, Watson, Bryant, and Lawrence) all of which beat started and beat at least one P5 school.

Other Schools vs the P5(And ND) since 2014

1) LSU: 6-3
2) Auburn: 4-4
3) UGa: 9-3
4) South Carolina: 4-6
5) Bama: 10-3
6) Michigan: 4-6
7) OSU: 9-3
8) Penn State: 5-4
9) OU: 5-5
10) Texas: 4-8

As you can see, most other P5 schools only play 2 P5 schools a year, one during the season, and one in a bowl game. Clemson averages 3.6 games per season vs the P5 over the same time frame. So whatever the perception of the ACC might be, Dabo is still beating up on the competition regardless of conference.

So how do teams like Penn State, LSU, and Texas- who can't win their conference- genuinely believe they could compete? My best guess is that what fans do. We believe things about our team and other teams that aren't true because we are fanatics. The facts are real and independent of your fandom. Clemson has played and beaten with more regularity more P5 schools than anyone. Even if we remove the lowly 1969 ACC Champs, only Bama is our equal at 10-3.

To all the lurking trolls who's last grasp is "Clemson doesn't play anybody":

Re: The last time Clemson played....the P5

Posted: Apr 24, 2019 1:41 PM

Actually, the more telling thing is that we have played more OOC P5 teams than TWO teams combined (Ped State and Aweburn/LSU).

I am also willing to bet we have the highest combined end-of-the-year ranking of said opponents... but beating Bammy to many times might hurt us there.

Finally, the defensive ppg for the 4 top spots listed, was 9 points given up.... against top 4 opponents. 9.2 if you consider Colorado and TommyB's D.

Re: The last time Clemson played....the P5

Posted: Apr 24, 2019 3:03 PM

The photo you included is really sad. Addiction is a terrible affliction. How many drugs is Mr. "Yikes" on? Hope he makes it through rehab successfully. Sadly, it looks as though there has already been substantial brain damage.

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