Topic: Story with DJ's coach
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Story with DJ's coach

emoji_events [9]
Posted: Nov 23, 2020, 11:41 AM

I find it very interesting that DJ's high school coach and coach's family were allowed to come in straight from California and go spend hours in his former players apartment who is now on the team at FSU.

He then drove that player to the FSU team meeting on Friday evening.

Clemson made DJ spend time with his coach outdoors at the hotel instead of letting him come inside to relax.

The interesting part is this is all happening while FSU is pretending to be high and mighty about the "strict protocols" while they are bashing Clemson for not operating properly.

Re: Story with DJ's coach

Posted: Nov 23, 2020, 12:05 PM

Seems to be the old "It's okay if I do it but if you do, it's all wrong."

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Re: Story with DJ's coach

Posted: Nov 23, 2020, 12:18 PM

I agree.

They obviously know this is not the type of thing that would ever get any traction or run as a story, but it certainly brings to light the hypocrisy of of their "holier than thou" attitude toward us having a positive case in our program.

FSU's streak of no positive cases is pure luck at best with this sort of thing going on the night before games with players.

Replies: 2  
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