Topic: Shouldn’t we be better at Olympic Sports than we are?
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Shouldn’t we be better at Olympic Sports than we are?

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 11:06 AM

Let’s be honest here about many of these “below the radar” programs we have here at Clemson...and let’s start with:

-WTFreak are our real expectations with this program? Is DRad and IPTAY really that interested in ever being good at this worthless sport? I hope you all realize that this is a “Foundational” Sport meaning each scholarship is structured like a Men’s Football Mens Basketball scholly. Each young lady gets a complete full ride with all of the bells and whistles that go with it, not like many other sports where 30-35 kids have to divvy up 10-2-15 schollys amongst themselves. This recent admittance/scholarship scandal could fly completely under the frigging radar at Clemson because we are simply aweful at this sport historically.

-Women’s Crew
-Again, do we really intend to be good at this and win championships? Or, like Volleyball, we simply field a team, give a 4-5 year scholarship away valued at $160-$200 k just to comply with T-9.

-Cross Country
-I can’t remember the last time we ever won anything in this sport.

-Really? Rich kids getting full rides. I guess the Women have been a little better but, nothing like we used to be back when I was in school back in the 1980s. Also, if you were to have an alumni reunion, you would have to hold it in Europe or South America. How many of these kids are American kids who really love Clemson and intend to give back?

Bottom line is this...I’m glad Clemson got rid of Swimming and Diving because we were being intellectually honest with ourselves as to how successful we could be here. Yes, we had some individual successes back in the day, but as a program, we realized we could never consistently compete year in and year out at the ACC level, let alone with the Florida’s, Texas’, Stanford’s and UCLAs

Why do we continue to compete, and get our ##### beat year in and year out in programs that we will never be good? Where is our “in it to win it” attitude?

I agree with previous posters who state that these coaches should be on much shorter leashes and we need to figure out new ways and methods to keep athletes engaged so that they organize strong alumni groups to support their programs, raise $ where the scholarships can be endowed and self sustaining.

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