Topic: SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)
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SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 7:29 PM

# SEC Records Win %
1 Alabama 807-316-43 70.9
2 Tennessee 773-327-53 69.4
3 Georgia 724-384-54 64.6
4 LSU 701-383-47 64.1
5 Auburn 681-395-47 63.0
6 Arkansas 647-440-39 58.9
7 Florida 643-373-40 62.7
8 Mississippi 605-464-35 56.4
9 Kentucky 560-552-44 50.3
10 Vanderbilt 554-547-50 50.3
11 South Carolina 532-530-44 50.09
12 Mississippi State 481-519-39 48.1

Suck it coots

Re: SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 7:45 PM

They'e within a few hundredths of a percent from catch Vandy, so they have that going for them.

Re: SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 7:48 PM

1106 games... that is crazy! Mediocrity for days.

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Re: SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 10:21 PM

Correction. The cooties have delusions of mediocrity. They have a way to go to become mediocre. Remember the all time record, just north of 500, comes from many years of playing in the conference they claim is such garbage, the ACC. Since they had to get all the way to the Spurlid years just to nudge them over 500, they spent a ton of time losing more than they won in the ACC. Not to mention, they fattened up such win total as they had on the Furmans and CItadels and the Woffords of the world, when they could manage to beat them. And for the most part their victories over the Southern Conference level teams merely offset the automatic losses to the Tennessees, Georgias and the like in the old SEC. And they are more likely than other teams in either the SEC or the ACC to lose to Southern Conference kind of teams.

They have the enviable distinction of the absolute most home losses to a chief rival of any team in college football. For roughly half of their history they played Clemson in Columbia every year. You'd think roughly half of those home games with the chief rival could be won at home if the team was credible. James Howell's tabulation misses some history in the 1890s and 1900s but of the years he records, between 1904 and 1960 when the the first Clemson Carolina game was played in Clemson, Clemson led the series 31-17, nearly double, having never played the game at Clemson a single time. In addition, look across the South, or in fact the whole nation, and see how many so called main research universities (Think "University of") have a sub 500 record against the "Tech" or "Ag" rival. Not Georgia. Not Alabama. Not Texas. Not Oklahoma. Not North Carolina. Not even Kansas where U. of Kansas still leads despite a 9 year Kansas State win streak. The only other example I can think of in which the "Tech" or "State" or "Ag" school has a lopsided lead in football over the "University of" is Virginia Tech and UVA. But the one thing that UVA did not have as an advantage in was home cooking for sixty years straight. Between those teams it is pretty even, and in fact they have played a number of true neutral sites playing in various towns around Virginia.

Scar is all alone on its island of football futility. They don't have the excuse of being academically exclusive or for being private and unable to afford the program. To the contrary, the politicians of Columbia have tended to be overwhelmingly alumniae of Scar and have fallen all over themselves providing resources. They've neer been to much less won a New Years Six type Bowl. Clemson has been to six of them since 2011, and 5 before then.

They are lucky enough this year to have a game with Tennessee when it is much worse than UT typically is. They'll probably beat UT and Chatt. Florida is a probable loss, Clemson a near certainty, Ole Miss at best a toss up. They will likely need to schedule a sacrifical lamb substitute for Marshall to get above 500 for this year.

Delusions of mediocrity.

Re: SEC win % - Contradiction in today's "The Blitz"

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 8:32 PM

From the front page of today's "The Blitz," published by Jim Gumm who has done extensive research on the AP Poll history and recently wrote a book on the SEC.

"When the 2017 season began, Tennessee had the 2nd best all-time winning percentage (behind Alabama) vs. SEC competition since the Southeastern Conference began football competition in 1933. Following an 0-8 conference record last season and 1-3 conference start in 2018, Tennessee has fallen to 4th place behind former SEC member Georgia Tech who now has the 2nd best winning percentage in SEC play and current rival Georgia who has risen to 3rd."

The original source is right about the Coots being awful, though.

Who would've thought Georgia Tech was 2nd. I guess they've struggled since agreeing to actually play AT Clemson every other year.

Re: SEC All time winning % (taken from UT msg board)

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 9:59 PM

That is their all time time record. What is their winning percentage since joining the SEC? What is their record against SEC teams?

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