Topic: Question on East Beach Lot (Formerly Lot 13)
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Question on East Beach Lot (Formerly Lot 13)

Posted: Aug 16, 2018 10:02 AM

I used to park in Lot 13, but I haven't even seen it since they added the soccer/lacrosse/whatever fields. If you are familiar with the lot and parking situation on game days, can you answer a few questions for me?

1) Do all of the numbered spaces have adequate space to set up a 9x9 tailgate behind your vehicle?

2) Is there a dirt road that runs the perimeter of the lot with turn-ins to the spaces? Check out this map and you'll see a brown line with yellow dots: https://www.tigernet.com/view/ad-info.do?id=203303 I'm assuming that's a new dirt access road and the yellow dots are turn ins.



per the parking policy

Posted: Aug 16, 2018 10:13 AM

all place card lots are 23x9.

but you cannot block traffic. .

so a few 9x9 will fit provided that traffic cam flow. now if you stick out half way into the lane and the guy across from you does also, you'll have some issues.

just remember you are not the only tailgating and you are not the most important Persn on in the world.

if you wouldn't want some1 blocking your spsce, don't block some 1 elses.
if.you wouldn't want a 300 decibel generator 2 feet from your tailgate, don't put your 300 dB generator next to some1 elses.
if you don't like having to walk around some1 tailgate because they are blocking the. sidewalk, don't put your tailgate on the sidewalk.
if you don't want to Lis ten to some1 bad music at max volume, don't play your music at max volume.

I don't think jesus would like tailgating. .No1 follows the simplest of the so called Christian rules.

Re: per the parking policy

Posted: Aug 16, 2018 10:24 AM

Thank you for the 23x9 info!


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