Topic: QB Battle
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Replies: 9  

QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 2:01 PM

Trevor Lawrence is throwing rainbows downfield meanwhile Kelly Bryant is missing bubble screen throws. I'm not sure how anyone could say Bryant is better like this


STS thinks Lawrence is a future first round pick


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Posted: Sep 21, 2018 2:06 PM


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Re: Are you a donor on those sites too?***

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 2:12 PM

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Re: Are you a donor on those sites too?

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 3:45 PM

What do you mean donor?

Re: QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 4:16 PM


I too want TL to start. . . but for what KB has done(took our team to the CFP L>Y) he deserves some patience.
Bottom line so far this year is they have both had about the same amount of opportunity.

KB - 68.2% completion pct. - 30-44-1 - 405 yards!
TL - 61.9% completion pct. - 26-42-1 - 424 yards!

The separation - KB has 155 yards rushing to TL 23.

I think our offense has more explosiveness with a bit of a gun slinger @ QB. KB will tuck it and run instead of throwing it. DW4 had enough confidence to throw a guy open or run it with confidence. When it hits the fan; I want whoever is going to move the football down the field. And experience and another dimension to the offense(run game) is what's separting these two for the moment. I think TL with a bit more muscle will get more opportunities to run it(good athlete). I think they worry about his frame so not as many designed runs. The other part is; he has supreme arm confidence so he throws into tight windows - which is where KB misses the boat! With our WR group man put it in the same zip code and more often than not they come up with it.

All that said, KB in my opinion has not failed enough...............especially when you consider how he lead the team to a couple of big TD drives in the biggest game to date in Texas. If he doesn't move the football then give TL longer looks at QB. But, he does deserve the opportunity no doubt! To my frustration as well! But, the stats so far does not show this ( you got to be kidding me separation) gap most people seem to see! In fact, when you factor in rushing...........dare I say.

Re: QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 8:19 PM

Hard to argue with this.

Re: QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 8:53 PM

You forgot the 5 TDs that TL has thrown compared to 2 for KB. My only question for you is how many of those 26 runs by KB were designed runs and how many were him running instead of staying in the pocket and throwing the ball when he had time?


Re: QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 10:17 PM

And you forgot while yes; TL has more passing TD's; KB has a total of 4 TD's. How many other drives was he in the game for during critical times?

I'm with you about TL talent! His ceiling is much higher than KB's. In fact, not that he wanted to hear it; if pro aspirations were in his dreams; KB would have been better served to switch to TE. I think he would be Jordan Legget like(too late for that though). TL will be a high draft choice in the next couple years, period. So, this isn't me disagreeing or not recognizing TL talent. It's just me recognizing the fact; there is more than one way to get it done. Keep the chains moving enough and you eventually reach to endzone! Right now, I am not to the point where I say, "clearly he will move the offense more"!
Remember there is more to it than if you can spin it or not. Getting in and out of the right play depending on what the defense is doing. Both of them can get better recognizing blitz's.
I get it but if you are the coaching staff; you just can't make that move w/o more clear evidence of KB "not being good enough"! The fans want who they like the most; but the players are the crowd the coaches have to make sure they don't aggravate. KB is the leader until he can't get it done.. problem is despite him not getting it done in "high style" he does get it done.
And yeah right; when the team loses it's all on KB. When they win "it's a team effort"! Stop it. Just support the Tigers! The kid wins man. Nothing else to say; he wins. Can TL if he was the only QB: "I have no doubt"! Move just can't be made to appease fans man. The last thing you need is a locker room that is not harmonious!

KB is throwing the rainbows downfield while TL is...

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 4:57 PM

throwing frozen ropes 45 yards and hitting receivers in the hands while they are in a dead run.

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Re: QB Battle

Posted: Sep 21, 2018 9:24 PM

KB may not be the best passer but he is the reason Clemson won the A&M game. Great poise and leadership in that game to calm everyone down and get Clemson some much needed points.

TL has looked better imo in our 2 lesser games. I would say the competition is about even considering KB played better in the bigger game. This week may go a long way if there ever is going to be a clear cut starter this season

Replies: 9  


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