Topic: Perhaps this pandemic can be used as an opportunity
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Perhaps this pandemic can be used as an opportunity

Posted: Aug 10, 2020 12:22 PM

to restructure college football.

I am of the belief that the power 5 should be its own division, with the FCS being a lower division.

But I'm also open to other structures, such as a shorter regular season (e.g., 10 games instead of 12) so that the playoffs can be 8-16 teams instead of just 4. I don't have a problem with 4, but am open to more.

I'd obviously like the restructuring to be used to benefit universities more as well. I want a return to the true college model of athletes being students first, rather than players who just use college to get to the NFL. My hope is that colleges will draw a line in the sand, and declare that players already get a huge benefit from being student-athletes and that they won't be paid.

If players just care about the NFL, then do it like baseball where they can either choose as a high school senior to go to a minor league system or go to college. It isn't ideal, but if it means preserving the spirit and intent of college football, I'm all for it.

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Re: Perhaps this pandemic can be used as an opportunity

Posted: Aug 10, 2020 1:30 PM

Just my take but;
Some FCS schools rely on playing the big boys for revenue.That hurts them,IMO.
Ten game schedule but make it 9 +1 so you can keep rivalry games like Clemson vs South Carolina,Georgia vs Tech,Florida vs FSU etc. Oh and Notre Dame has to join a conference.
If a school does not have an intra conference rival,then they could play an FCS school as a home game.
Eliminate divisions,and play a round robin conference format.
8 team playoff.16 is too many.But by having 8 you have 2 more games.Top 2 teams play,winner goes to CFP.Five teams + 3 with best records based on SOS or ranking.
Oh,and forget about the NFL,or minor league farm systems.

I agree, but I'm afraid we're way past ever getting back

Posted: Aug 10, 2020 2:46 PM

to the true "college athlete."

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