Topic: Looking Ahead-21 season
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Looking Ahead-21 season

Posted: Jan 19, 2021, 1:09 PM

This is the depth chart that I believe will bring us the most success assuming everyone remains healthy
QB:DJ, Taison
RB:Lyn j, Phil Mafah/Chez, Will shipley
Wr: Justyn Ross/EJ Williams/beaux Collins
Wr: Joseph Ngata/Frank Ladson/Dacari Collins/ Ajou Ajou
Wr: Brannon Spector/Will Shipley/Troy Stellato
O Line:
Tristan Leigh, Walker Parks, Cade Stewart, Will Putnam, Jordan McFadden
CB: Andrew Booth, Derion Kendrick
D Line: Myles Murphy, Bryan Bresee, Tre Williams/Tyler Davis, Kj Henry/Justin Foster
MLB: James Skalski/Vonta Bentley
SLB: Mike Jones Jr/
WLB: Trenton Simpson
FS: Nolan Turner/ Ray Thornton 111
SS: Barrett Carter/Joseph Charleston
This is a potentially lethal roster, my main concern is the offensive line. I think our secondary was young this year and beat up and will be talented coming off this offseason with BV gettin after them


Re: Looking Ahead-21 season

Posted: Jan 19, 2021, 1:27 PM

I appreciate you starting a conversation like this.

You and I differ in quite a few areas. I will start at the top and work down and like you will use the "everyone is healthy" assumption.

QB: Starter is all we know. I'm not sure TP is clear #2 yet.

RB: No clue who will come out on top or who will follow them, but including 2 true freshmen and not Kobe Pace is questionable.

WR group: My 3 starters are Ross, Ladson, & Ngata in the slot. Backups EJ, Spector, and who knows. Shipley will not be on the WR depth chart. He is a running back.

You omitted TE but I think it remains about the same as far as depth chart.

OL: Leigh won't be a starter in the first half of the season, and I would be shocked if he takes over at any point. I'm not sure Stewart returns and not sure he starts if he does return. I have Parks as a tackle, not guard. No clue what we do with the 3 inside, but that's where the question marks lie.

CB: I agree on starters. I am interested to see if Davis can push to a #2 spot here.

DE: Murphy and XT/Foster in front of Henry/Mascoll

DT: Bresee and Davis in front of the rest pretty clearly. Surprised you have Williams going from hurt to taking Tyler Davis' job.

LBs: starters are Skalski, Spector, Jones/Simpson Backups need to find someone to separate from the pack. I have no clue how you have removed our leading tackler in Spector from your depth chart.

Safety: Turner starts. Somehow you have taken Zanders off of your depth chart even though he was the starter and is returning. I'm guessing there will be competition at that spot, but I have no clue who will win it or who is the best option.


Re: Looking Ahead-21 season

Posted: Jan 19, 2021, 2:06 PM

Couldn't agree more about running back. I was very impressed by Pace when het got in. Tough runner.

I do have one question though. This isn't the first time I have seen someone mention Barrett Carter at safety... Isn't he a linebacker, or did I miss someone say they were gonna try him at safety?

Also... Where is Greene in all of this? I know he made some freshman mistakes but he was a mad man in the last 3-4 games of the season. I think we will see him a good bit too in a nickel type position.

I do think getting MJJ and TSimpson on the field at the same time, assuming Simpson puts on a little mass, could be a great combo!


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